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  2. Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    Lol. See what ya did there. Big hornet.
  3. True. It won't change anything. I just don't want to see it happen to another team.
  4. RT @CoachBrianKelly: Truly an honor to be introducing Terry at the 525 Foundation benefit. He's shining a light on prescription drug misu…

  5. Yesterday
  6. I forgot they call it the Prime 25 now. Very prestigious honor for all these young men.
  7. Anyone willing to add/attach high schools and positions to these players?
  8. PAC Conference 2018

    Heritage Hills 12 North Harrison 5, Patriots improve to 7-2.
  9. Easy there Rudy.... we get it...Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose.
  10. If you don't move so well up and down bleachers and you let the younger parents clear out of the stands first you would have seen a great show after the game at the burg last year! Tempers were flying when the EC students stormed the field! I don't know what those kids said to some of STC's friends but 2 of them were checking to see if each other's mouthwash was still working. It looked like 2 over the hill WWE wrestlers getting ready to go at it, until mean gene came and broke them up! Next years game can't live up that moment!!!
  11. IMO Old Lineman and Gamecock are both wrong the best part of the 2017 EC football team was the heart, desire and Trojan Pride that came out in every position group throughout the year. There were games that some position groups struggled and in other games they shined. You guys did not even mention the young secondary or defensive line that kept the linebackers clean the All-State Running Back the big tight end not to mention the great QB. It was a group effort including both the OC and Young DC who made the calls.
  12. Last years game at Lawrenceburg was unbelievable. Knigga flipping out at halftime was classic. I hope we get that action in St.leon this year.
  13. My old fellow linemen did improve over the year but they were NOT the best part of this team! Not by a long shot. Were you at the State Championship game? The RB was held in check the whole game. Take away Maxwell's big run down to the 8 yard line and his stat line would be subpar! The passing game saved EC in the Championship! The defense bent but didnt break when it mattered most! Best part of this team would be the Linebackers, 4 Seniors I believe! Yes, and if JR (thanks STC) would have punted the dang ball in the 4th quarter it would have only given up 14 points. If you recall back to that game, by the 4th quarter the QB had apparently broken his thumb and we had to do nothing but run the ball. Your OL coudn't push their way out of a wet paperbag hence the stupid JR call of a fake punt which didn't fake anyone out! Yes, because of the their passing game came through in huge moments! I know EC is a run first team but they won that game with their passing game in clutch situations. Go back and watch the game! Really? Even I know from the stands who was running the defense! There may have been a DC listed in the program but JR ran that defense. Yes they did and if you guys could have tackled in the secondary it might have stayed 14-3! Again, that was when our OL didn't make the trip down to the burg, not one of Behlmers finer moments! I think our QB's soul may have been implanted around midfield early in the 1st half, thank god he got up after that! Our defense kept us in the game that whole night until the smell of Seagrams got to our D and eventually they got tired! Again, the passing game saved us that night, and I heard from one of 7979's sources that EC was going to run the ball with 6 minutes left until the QB audibled to those pass plays! Good thing our QB is smarter than all the coaches, but again I'll have to check with one 7979's sources to make sure that is right!
  14. Kinda like wasp spray to a big hornet
  15. Since we have been locked out twice today, it has only been EIAC members. Has the outside world gone running scared. What say you 7979/Hank/Kiss ect Cant hang with the Clown and the *Deleted*
  16. The Tigers made it to state 2 years ago and only two losses last year were to State Champions . . . I think they'll be alright.
  17. Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    This discussion has brought more people out of the woodwork than any discussion I've ever seen. First Hank and now this guy lol.
  18. As I sit here at the ballet taking my lunch break some of the girls told me that my ec south crews best chance in getting their state title would be by moving back north. Can’t say I blame them we are going to be rebuilding in the burg and lost our best class we have had since I was a minnow.
  19. Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    One of the best defenses around . . . gives up a large 4th quarter lead? Try the offensive line, by far. Doubt it. Didn't they just win state . . . ? Ok, was just checking. Think their run game won the state game . . . just like it did every game East Central has played . . . ever.
  20. Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    Old Lineman..... You must be getting old. Maybe you should have checked how to spell the "team" you follow head coaches name...if not...just refer to him as JR! My boys in ReD & BlAcK tell me no, he was not the DC! Passing game, fine when needed....however that double chicken wing was "outstanding" Also, don't forget, the Stink Town Tigers had the Bad Boyz down 14-3 with 6 to play. Dang.....then same story...EC wins again! Dang Stink Town!
  21. What defense were you watching this year? From my point of view on the top of the bleachers this was one of the best defenses around (minus the Harrison 4th quarter)! The Franklin Co game looks bad but the offense and special teams spotted the Wildcats at least 21, maybe more? I thought the defense was the best part of the team this past year? Does Rhoden leaving mean they will change their defense? He was the DC, right? Do they pass more now? EC needs to develop and have a better pass game to win deep into the playoffs. Despite not having a passing game all year, you can thank their passing game for winning them the State Championship.
  22. my guess would be that if Columbus East moves up to 6A and EC moves up to 5A the Trojans would slide into Sectional 15... Bedford North, Floyd Central, New Albany, and Seymour would be the other schools in that sectional.
  23. He could have been good.https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/local/2018/04/19/former-spartan-auston-robertson-has-bond-revoked-after-robbery-arrest-kansas/531818002
  24. Nobody has won anything in 2018, first things first find someone to man the controls it's getting late.
  25. Hopefully JR leaving will add a little fire in their belly this year. Defense was a little soft in the regular season.
  26. Community Schools of Frankfort currently has an opening for a math position at the high school starting next fall. We also an opening on our varsity staff which includes a coordinator position for the right candidate. You can apply online at https://www.frankfortschools.org under the employment tab. You can also contact Eric Davis at daviser@frankfort.k12.in.us for more information. Thanks.
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