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  2. Hamilton Heights Open?

    yes Coach Street informed his team this morning
  3. Kirschner Resigns from BD

    even so, we have always honored the process for each the Coach and the School. We are not in the rumor game or the breaking news game.
  4. Titans QB pass play

    Doesn't matter. An ineligible receiver can not bat, muff, or catch a legal forward pass unless first touched by B.
  5. Hamilton Heights is open?
  6. Kirschner Resigns from BD

    The speculation that I added involved a coach who both already resigned his position and a school that has no head coach. My bad.
  7. Columbus north

    What is going on is Coach Bless is the HC of Columbus North.
  8. Kirschner Resigns from BD

    For the 100000000000 millionth time around here: IE: SEE THE PINNED POST ON TOP We do not name schools or jobs attached to any particular school. http://gridirondigest.net/topic/9050-coaching-changesannual-reminder/
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  10. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Hamilton Heights will have a new coach in 2018 as Coach Mitch Street has informed his players this morning that he has resigned.
  11. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    My 10 year old and I will be surrounded in a sea of green, but that's just fine with me. I really like the direction this Hoosiers team is going, especially in light of the huge loss of Davis.
  12. Titans QB pass play

    Ball does not cross the line of scrimmage on the pass...or does it matter?
  13. I played in the TRC in the late 90's so I can't claim there was any major demolition, but there is one play that I got hit so hard that I can't believe I got up afterward. I was a relatively athletic offensive lineman so I got to stay on for punt team. Everything started normal. Snap. Kick. Pursuit. As I am running down I realize I have a chance to make a tackle so I get laser focus on the return man. It all played out in slow motion. When I am two steps away, the returner and I make eye contact. I know I have the tackle, he knows he has a blocker. Simultaneously, from an angle just outside of my peripheral but just within the rules one of the Norsemen laid a nasty block on me. I am not saying it happened, but it felt like I must have flown 10-12 feet. I hit the ground, got up, wandered around a little bit and then went and lined up to play defensive end. I knew it was a pretty solid hit from the experience, but my coached confirmed it at film when he played it back at least a dozen times in amazement during film the following Monday.
  14. Titans QB pass play

    It is in scenario #2 where A55 then catches the pass.
  15. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Hoosiers not only winners of 3 straight in the Big 10 but finally get a dominating win with a 66-46 win over Northwestern, the run for the Hoosiers have started with the defensive intensity that Archie is known for and wants out of his teams. Hopefully a trend that not only continues for the rest of the season but for future teams as well. However will be very hard to extend it to 4 straight as the Hoosiers will travel to East Lansing and the Breslin Center Friday to take on the Spartans who have a sour taste in their mouths after rival Michigan came in a nabbed a victory. I don't expect IU to come away with a victory Friday the last time they did they needed the number 1 team in the country to win by 4......I do however hope for a hard fought game to prove that the Hoosiers even on the road deserve to be considered a top 5 team in the Big 10 which I believe they are even if that doesn't mean much this year! PS enjoy the trip to East Lansing @NRRaider2001 hopefully the Hoosiers show up as well!
  16. Titans QB pass play

    Getting hit in the back of head is not bat, muff or catch in that senerio so no it wouldn't be a foul, although that was called in the state title game???
  17. CIC weekly-ish thread

    Half the conference in action tonight. Alex will be too much for Elwood as they try for the 3rd time to get this one in. I'd think Madison-Grant vs. Daleville might be a real go game to watch. It could be a real shootout. I read where Jared May will most likely return in a very limited fashion tonight as Mississnewa hosts Wabash. Just his presence should be a boost to the Indians whom seem to be getting things together. Good Luck to all the conference teams tonight.
  18. Titans QB pass play

    Are you sure its illegal touching if the ball just hits the back of the lineman's head?
  19. Kirschner Resigns from BD

    Any updated on Coach Kirschner's future endeavors?
  20. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Mr. McDaniels helping the Colt's offense as an O.C. and being a head coach are two different things. And I don't believe he can be successful at doing both at the same time.
  21. I know that I got going on the whole media aspect of this topic. I have some personal interest and insight into this whole thing. Everyone has their opinion on the media and how things are handled on either side. It is what it is. I get it. Let's move on. Personally, as I said before, I think this is a great move for Marian. Coach Glon has done great things at Marian and for football, in general, across the entire Michiana area. It is great that he is going to stay on at Marian for a couple of more years to mentor his replacement. Coach Davidson is going to do a great job and I for one am very excited to see where he leads this program in the future.
  22. Again, not trying to stir....but come on. Folks complain....rightfully so, in may cases....that the coverage of local, high schools sports is fading. In particular, compared to where things were, 10-15 years ago. So the Trib gets a notification, of a press conference. This easily could have been handled by a press release.....it's a HS coaching gig. Not the NFL. Obviously, Marian wants to make a big splash. So, the Trib plays along. They write an article, getting folks interest up. Of course they were speculating the Coach Glon was stepping down. It's a big deal. What other reason would a high school have for calling a press conference?? To announce a uniform change? And "fake news?" Everything they speculated, came true..... Sounds like folks are either a) upset a surprise got "spoiled" or b) looking for a reason to be mad at the Trib.
  23. Marian Football rumors

    The student-athletes not being notified is not the Tribune's fault. The rumor was running rampant Friday night before the basketball game. And just because it was confirmed through Coach Glon doesn't mean it wasn't confirmed. The problem is if you announce a Tuesday press conference on a Friday, it lends itself to trying to find out why there would be a press conference. High schools don't typically call press conferences. So there's going to have to be a pretty good reason. Didn't take much to connect the dots.
  24. Marian Football rumors

    Makes me think, schools trying to be professional and polite by announcing this meeting this am and it "blows up". Might have ruined a good thing for the "media". Schools might not be so willing to extend such invitations in the future.
  25. The problem is that the Tribune speculated on what was taking place without confirming anything. This was not national breaking news, but it does have an impact on the people involved in the program. The Student Athletes had not been informed to what changes were taking place. The issue I had was that Coach Glon's request to wait until the announcement was made was not respected byt this reporter who really does nothing for high school sports anyways. He covers High School sports to fill in time between ND basketball coverage. Matt Kopsea or Bill Beck NEVER would have done this. That being said, this is a great move for the Marian Football Program. Coach Glon has served and will continue to serve the Marian Community for 24+ years. He is a great mentor to not only the student athletes he has worked with, but also to many adults who have coached with him and for him. I am forever indebted to him for what he did for me. Mike Davidson is an outstanding coach and teacher. I know for a fact that he has the backing and support of a very large number, if not all, of former players. He will be a great leader and mentor for the current Knights and all future Knights. As an Alumnus, former player and former coach, I am very happy and pleased with this new path the Knights will be taking. Congratulations to Reggie Glon and Congratulations to Mike Davidson. Once a Knight, Always a Knight! https://marianhsathletics.org/2018/01/16/michael-davidson-named-head-football-coach-at-marian/
  26. Marian Football rumors

    For all the bashing of the Tribune going on here...the only thing missing from the article is that Coach Glon is staying on as an assistant. The article was right in that he will no longer be the head coach.
  27. Any game I was a part of when Avon played Zionsville from 2001-04. Good GREAT mini-rivalry for that span.
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