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  2. I think you might want to skip to 1A, the other extreme. Although 5A does has the least competitive sectional early rounds per Sagarin...
  3. 2017 Hoosiers

    In all fairness IU probably got hosed on a DPI on one possession that wasn't called on Michigan State a possession later. The call on Indiana kept a drive alive (MSU later went on to score a TD and take a 10-9 lead) and killed a drive for IU. But that's not why the lost. Poor and conservative play-calling took the game out of IU's hands. If IU goes for it on 4th and Goal from the 2 and gets it they are up 13-3 and not 9-3 with 10 minutes left.
  4. How realignment knocked Notre Dame off its pedestal

    It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll. Lot's of ball to play yet.
  5. CIC Sectional Week

    Heard there was an accident involving an Eastbrook player over the weekend. Hope all is well and the young man is able to play Friday.
  6. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    That depends on how severe the injury is. He returned last year in certain situations during the tournament. He looked fine the first couple of games. He was really laboring with it during the Chatard game. It is easy to get another injury. His injury may be less severe than last year but resting it was best. In the CG game it was obvious they were using him only when they had a shorter field so it wouldn't chance over exertion. You can see him stretching it throughout the game and even riding a stationary bike to keep it stretched.
  7. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    Honest question, how many "touches" of the ball has he actually had over the last 24 months?
  8. CIC Sectional Week

    I'm excited/happy for the Bruins even though I picked them to lose, post-season wins are huge when you're rebuilding a program! There were no other shocking scores or upsets from week 1 CIC sectional games, but I think the 2nd round has the potential to have some classics: Shenandoah @ Frankton Alex @ Lapel Brebeuf @ Blackford Marion @ Mississinewa Eastbrook @ Rensselaer
  9. If this is truly the Ohio system, then sign me up TOTALLY for the "All-In". After Ben Davis being ranked number 1, this thing doesn't even meet the "Stench" Test...let alone the "Smell" test. Those rankings are simply absurd following Ben Davis. No resemblance to CalPreps, Sagarin or that of an admittedly simple-minded fan. "No"....just "no". ...and I thought Ohio actually might know what they were doing.....
  10. Today
  11. I will never be mistaken for a ND fan by any means, but I watched them this past Saturday and that was very impressive football game. Those two OL on the left are pretty special and QB making all the right decisions with the ball/feet. Biggest takeaway, how fast and physical their defense played under this new DC from Wake. Win out I would support ND in final 4. EDIT: By suport I mean would understand their inclusion, not necessary be rah rah for the home team ya know. not to get confused here with my Domer friends here.
  12. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Doyle obliterated TY and Colts.
  13. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    Fire Fox Promote Fangio That is all.
  14. Sectional 36

    No real surprises in the first round other than maybe Winchester putting up a good fight against Lapel and the total combined points of the Elwood vs. Alex game (98). I did that Math without a calculator, pretty good for a Frankton Alum. Alex @ Lapel Shenandoah @ Frankton Here's my predictions for Friday's games: I'll be hoping and praying my Eagles can get it done, but the Raiders have about 3 athletes too many and beat FHS by 3 TDs 40-20 and this time there won't be any broken locker room windows after the game : ) Lapel recovers from sluggish play last Friday on the road and wins big at home 41-13, although deep down I'm rooting for the Tigers to pull off a huge upset.
  15. 2017 Hoosiers

    Didn’t intend to make any comment on the officiating in that game. Didn’t see it. Don’t care. That’s just the typical talk you hear from losers. It’s called an “excuse.”
  16. NIC Teams 2nd Round Games

    Other sports?
  17. 2017 Hoosiers

    Typical referring talk when they screw up, and try to rationalize bad calls. "it will all even up"LOL.
  18. I've brought this up many times. I'm not really happy with our strength of schedule. We came to the NIC being told that we'll be a mid-sized program with much tougher competition. We have lost a total of 3 conference games in the years since then. There has beeen no tougher competition. In a state where the regular season means nothing other than conference games, you might as well take a tough conference or just go independent and load your schedule with very good teams. I honestly think we would thrive as an independent school. I don't think we'll ever really fit perfectly in any conference. I view us a a good playoff team capable of making it to regionals and beyond. A tough schedule would allow us to dominate in the tournament.
  19. Thanks for your work. Very interesting. I wonder how a long established football state, Ohio, can seed their tourney and Indiana doesn’t seem to think it’ll work? Too many basketball first people still in positions of authority in the IHSAA.
  20. Congratulations from New Palestine Coach Gaddis.
  21. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    He's run track but hasn't since the injury, iirc.
  22. *Announcing* WINTER BREAK QB/WR camp December 27-29 @ Central High School Evansville, IN If you’re interested just message me on twitter @qbtrainer14 or call my cell 812-865-6067. We start registrations next week! ***ONLY 10 QB SPOTS LEFT***
  23. 6A seeding using Ohio's ranking formula

    I'm trying to work on getting 5A finished... but it's time consuming because I'm not quite a Microsoft Excel pro lol. And with each new team sometimes comes 5, 6, 7 new schools I have to figure out Level 1 scores for for them to get Level 2 scores.
  24. Contrary to what I originally saw, Brandon Wertz fell on the blocked punt for the touchdown.
  25. I expect that young Mr. Schoonveld is happy that CP isn't throwing in the towel.
  26. I've only seen GS once in person, that night I thought the GS oline and dline could be among the best I've ever seen in small school Indiana football! They are big, they are strong, and they move well. GS's Linebackers get downhill in a hurry, and their WRs are big and get open. I have only seen VL in a summer scrimmage, the have some good looking athletes. They have obviously been impressive this year but I don't know how they match up with GSs line play. I believe that VL will be the best team GS has played this year and will present new challenges early on. I suspect (from my limited knowledge of these teams) that GS will dominate along the lines and put together a bunch of dominating offensive and defensive series at some point in the game, that will result in an easy win. GS 49 VL 21
  27. While it's been entertaining to rehash the qualification/seeding conversation yet again this year, I "think" I was able to create Class 6A rankings based on the Ohio formula. (FWIW: I am a proponent of the "All-In" tournament, however, I would like to see classes/sectionals SEEDED) I really like this version for at least seeding purposes (not sure I'd be a HUGE fan of it for qualification purposes). My reasoning for liking it over, say, using Sagarin Ratings is it really emphasizes WINNING games and rewards teams even more for GOOD WINS (because of the Level 2 points). How our neighbors to the east qualify and rank their teams is multi-level. The gist: Level 1: Points earned from YOUR wins. I altered this from Ohio's formula as follows : 6A win = 6 points, 5A win = 5.5 points, 4A win = 5 points, 3A win = 4.5 points, 2A win = 4 points and 1A win = 3.5 points. Level 1 points then get divided by the number of in-state games your team has played Level 2: Points earned from YOUR OPPONENTS who YOU'VE BEATEN. So you add up the Level 1 scores from the teams YOU'VE BEATEN, then divide that by the number of in-state (Indiana) games ALL YOUR OPPONENTS have played (ex. if your high school has played 9 games against all Indiana high schools, and those schools have only played Indiana high schools, your Divisor is 81). Divisors can be less for those teams who've played out-of-state opponents themselves, or have opponents who've played out-of-state competition. Level 2 points then get multiplied by 10 in order to move the decimal point higher to compare to past years. The two levels are then added together for the final average (ranking). To read more on Ohio's computer rankings: http://www.ohsaa.org/sports/football/computerrankingsinfo Here is 6A top to bottom, including Sagarin Ratings for comparison sake: Sagarin "Ohio" 6A Level 1 Level 2 Divisor Total 1 1 Ben Davis (9-0) 53.5 30.0000 78 35.9444 19 2 Valparaiso (8-1) 46.0 25.2632 76 30.3743 12 3 Franklin Central (8-1) 45.5 23.9506 81 29.0062 10 4 FW Snider (9-0) 47.5 23.3333 81 28.6111 14 5 Lafayette Jefferson (9-0) 45.5 22.2840 81 27.3395 8 6 Columbus North (8-1) 45.0 19.0123 81 24.0123 13 7 Homestead (8-1) 41.5 18.2099 81 22.8210 2 8 Warren Central (6-3) 30.0 18.3065 62 22.5922 3 9 Avon (7-2) 40.5 17.7778 81 22.2778 9 10 Brownsburg (7-2) 40.5 17.0370 81 21.5370 6 11 Lawrence Central (6-3) 34.0 17.2667 75 21.0444 23 12 Crown Point (5-4) 28.5 16.3291 79 19.4958 20 13 Penn (8-1) 32.0 14.3220 59 18.8935 5 14 Pike (5-4) 30.0 15.0000 78 18.3333 7 15 Carmel (5-4) 30.0 14.0714 70 17.8214 16 16 Fishers (5-4) 29.5 13.3333 81 16.6111 22 17 FW Carroll (6-3) 31.0 10.9877 81 14.4321 18 18 Westfield (4-5) 23.0 10.5556 81 13.1111 17 19 Southport (5-4) 28.0 9.5679 81 12.6790 28 20 Warsaw (5-4) 26.0 9.6296 81 12.5185 4 21 Center Grove (4-5) 23.5 9.7917 72 12.4028 25 22 Portage (4-5) 24.0 8.7821 78 11.4487 27 23 Chesterton (4-5) 22.5 8.5443 79 11.0443 11 24 North Central (3-6) 18.0 7.5641 78 9.5641 21 25 Hamilton Southeastern (3-6) 17.5 6.5432 81 8.4877 30 26 Jeffersonville (3-6) 15.5 5.2308 65 7.1683 15 27 Lawrence North (2-7) 12.0 5.7692 78 7.1026 32 28 Lake Central (2-7) 11.5 3.6620 71 5.0995 31 29 Merrillville (1-8) 6.0 3.7013 77 4.3680 26 30 Perry Meridian (1-8) 5.5 2.5926 81 3.2037 29 31 FW Northrop (2-7) 10.5 0.6790 81 1.8457 24 32 Noblesville (1-8) 4.5 1.0000 80 1.5000 So, just for fun, a North/South, 4-regional (combine sectionals 1 & 2, 3 & 4, etc.) bracket would look like: #8 Merrillville @ #1 Valparaiso #5 Portage @ #4 Warsaw #6 Chesterton @ #3 Penn #7 Lake Central @ #2 Crown Point #8 Noblesville @ #1 FW Snider #5 FW Carroll @ #4 Carmel #6 Westfield @ #3 Homestead #7 FW Northrop @ #2 Lafayette Jefferson -------------------------------------------------------------------- #8 Lawrence North @ #1 Ben Davis #5 Fishers @ #4 Pike #6 North Central @ #3 Lawrence Central #7 Hamilton SE @ #2 Warren Central #8 Perry Meridian @ #1 Franklin Central #5 Southport @ #4 Brownsburg #6 Center Grove @ #3 Avon #7 Jeffersonville @ #2 Columbus North
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