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  2. And no turf is not part of it. https://duboiscountyherald.com/b/heritage-hills-stadium-to-get-18m-facelift
  3. 40-Second Play Clock

    If I am not mistaken, we were told with the implementation of the 40 second play clock to have the ball spotted within 8-12 seconds of the play clock starting. I feel like eight seconds is plenty of time for hurry up offenses. The only thing that got in the way sometimes was when you had a slow box. The umpire is supposed to stay over the ball until we have the box. If you have a long run and an slow person on the box, that is what can get in the way... But I am with most officials.... Keep the 40
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  5. Mid State

    Nobody said they'd stop playing. His thought that separate conferences and sectionals would temper the rivalry which was all he wanted because at times it's a little over the top. Yes he's gone, but really neither the current or the former super had that much to do with moving conferences. That was on the current AD and like I said, done primarily because Conference Indiana doesn't have full schedules in all sports. Tournaments only in some. Mid state will provide a full conference schedule for all sports. The rivalry will still be there and they will definitely play in all sports. It's a big deal to the kids and I don't think conference affiliation will make a bit of difference.
  6. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    The Windy City Flyer officially hangs up the cleats. He will go down so far as the single greatest Chicago Bear that I ever got to witness live in person on multiple occasions. No disrespect to the Bears great defensive players: Urlacher, Mike Brown, Lance Briggs, Peppers and the list can go on and on, but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY was Devin Hester
  7. Linton at Barr Reeve

    Yes really! Overhyped Miners lose again on a clutch game. Whats new? Not in the 70's TS no way to win the State. #1 1A vs #3 2A. 2A loses by 20?
  8. Most of that costs nothing but time and effort. I was a head coach at one of those kind of schools before I came her. I mowed the field, stripped the field, done the fund raising, found people to donate food and we still did many of those things....
  9. I hardly see enthusiasm as "bro culture". Maybe our age differences change our viewpoints on this. To me "bro culture" has more to do with interaction outside the game and off of the field.
  10. Wow, great. Now, what about the schools well below the poverty line that have to fight tooth and nail just to get lines painted on the field...Let alone find parents with enough gas money to get players back and forth to practice.
  11. Its not hard to see Veechy63. Its all over TV at every level High school/college/pro https://www.google.com/search?q=flying+chest+bump&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=9QVM7xE0BY2sUM%3A%2C7Rb1JXEOVHY8SM%2C_&usg=__tp9xUkwTcrRWvxZ3MEwkfXP-zIQ%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi3-a33joXYAhVQkeAKHfScA8cQ9QEIKzAA#imgrc=yKSpcVDRLhIeFM:
  12. Great read, I'm happy for the Bruins, their basketball program was circling the drain the last few years.
  13. CIC Hoops Week 4

    Monday- Blackford beat up Muncie Burris 70-47 Tuesday- Alex @ Taylor and Eastbrook @ Norwell Friday- Alex @ Eastbrook; Elwood @ Blackford; Miss @ MG; OH @ Frankton Saturday- Northwestern @ Elwood; Tri-Central @ MG; Wapahani @ Alex The conference could easily be won and lost Friday night. I wish I was able to be in town for the OH @ Frankton matchup, it should be a wild atmosphere and a great game! Winners Friday= Alex, Blackford, Ole Miss, Frankton
  14. Mid State

    That is what I am thinking. From an AD perspective, they would be play each other every year and in every sport.
  15. Congrats Blair, Trexler

    Congrats to them. Outstanding football players and young men.
  16. Something DT insists runs rampant in an occupation he's not a part of.
  17. When grandparents are in town we go two deep, man under...that helps a lot.
  18. It's amazing, playing man-to-man with kids, how many things slip through the seams just like you are playing zone.
  19. What is “bro culture”?
  20. Mid State

    There’s no way Southport and Perry Meridian stop playing each other in all sports annually. If for no other reason than it’s easily their biggest gates in all sports. Also, that Superintendent is gone.
  21. Mid State

    Beech Grove is a 4A school playing in the ICC and they are by no means the Big Dogs I will however default to your judgement on the comparison I don't know anything about the GSSC, but the ICC does have some really really good 1A and 2A teams (Lutheran, Scecina, Monrovia, and Trition Central) these are typically top 15 ranked teams in their classes.
  22. Mid State

    Don’t disagree with any of that! And a second year in Moyer’s offense is a wild card for them. I was only offering an opinion as to where I thought they would be next year. The picture is likely brighter for Plainfield in 3 years when the 7th grader’s are contributing.
  23. Same here, my alma mater.. Roland did a fine job. Very respectable tenure at new Haven. We were the whippin’ boys when I went thru there, with coach Armstrong and coach Becker. Who ever takes over will have big shoes to fill.
  24. US31 I have three kids as well. It was much easier playing man to man defense when we had two. This zone defense stuff is tough. Ha ha.
  25. Mid State

    We play them in Middle School they have some talent 7 grade especially has a really solid squad, plus now that Derrick Moyers has taken over the offense I would imagine that they will stay competitive Coach Woodard is a GREAT guy and does a great job at Plainfield.
  26. Time commitment is relative for a lot of reasons... Fresh out of college, new teacher young coach....I didn't give a lick about time commitment. I was at everything, worked as many summer camps as I could....early mornings, long nights....coached more than one sport....etc, etc. I loved it. Loved being around the team, the coaches. Coaches were my social circle. Fast forward (more than) a few years. I'm married. I have three kids, they are in their own sports, activities. Wife and I both work full time. Now I have commitments well beyond what I had as a single, young coach. Summers are a much busier time for football than they used to be (for better and worse). My wife understands, I was a coach when we met. She is a trooper and shoulders a lot of the burden all fall. But we are naive to think the time commitment today is the same as it was 15 years ago...maybe even less than 10 years ago. I (and my family) are very fortunate. A very understanding Head Coach, who prioritizes our ability to make time for our families, coach our kids teams, get to their games, etc. And a large staff that can spread the work load. The pressures for time, are MUCH greater on small/mid-sized staff's where they have less shoulders for that "burden".
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