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    Please add the University of Louisville to this list. What they did to Florida State was straight dirty!
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    Not sure if this is reference to EMD , HH or both but this is just one fans prospective on the HH equation. Prior to 1996 we won our share of games but couldn't get past Memorial in sectional and sort of like Gibson did we started the tackle football youth program and made other changes then we won back-to-back sectional and a regional but those seasons we lost close games to State Champions losing to Zionsville by a point on overtime and losing by 3 points to Bishop Chatard in a odd regional matchup with Chatard then in 2000 we reached the hard work and dedication to continued improvement from the coaches and paid off with a state title . 98 and 99 we lost in sectional but the 1998 season was a start of a special run for Heritage Hills that included 59 straight regular season wins, 11 straight PAC titles, 6 straight sectional titles, 6 straight regional titles , 2 semi state titles and that 15-0 season, For a 3A public school that's a special run at one time we were the only 3A school to beat Chatard and Roncalli in the tourney and it was a special time. after a run like that its hard to not decline somewhat but still from 2006-2015 we have 4 conference titles, 4 sectional titles and 2 regionals the last coming as recently as 2014 and a majority of the teams in the state would be thrilled to have done what we have the last decade even if it was a big decline from the previous decade. To go from worst record in school history to semi state in a year you have to have tradition and pride in your program and all Patriots are proud of the tradition and 2014 told the critics that we wont fall off the face of the earth after coach Clayton like so many on here predicted and that's part of what was so sweet about 2014 after all the we told you so's after 2013. The past might not mean anything as far as wins and losses for the current season but programs that have TRADITION are proud of that tradition. Gibson is building their own tradition now and if it continues 5-10 years down the road I'm sure you guys will be just as proud of these past 5 years that formed that winning tradition..
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    Why don't you go troll somewhere else and leave this thread to the grownups. You seem to be suffering from a bad case of cranial rectal inversion. Here's a novel idea: why don't you actually do some work while you're in your office. I'm sure your boss would appreciate it for a change.
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    I thought you were telling us all how the PAC was trash. Now you wanna jump on the HH bandwagon. Quite honestly I'm much more impressed with HH than Memorial. They only get to pull from little ole Spencer County, and have put several players in the league. You however have got to pull kids from Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson, and those teams in the 80's and early 90's prospered when you had all the Robbie Kent booster money.
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    Castle in a bad mood, slight nod over MD. Harrison at full strength and Central a toss up Memorial QB may be too much for Reitz North by as many as they want.
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    What a suck up LOL! P. S. Just got a note from the castle guys thanking us for keeping ATTC off the SIAC thread!
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    But it doesn’t mean squat in 2016!!!
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    I would like to add my input as well........like gowesdel said above, as a whole I think the PAC is a better conference top to bottom this year. But I also think the SIAC top to bottom is better as well. Which I would hope means a better class of football with games not so lopsided. As to the reference of this so called "terrible" Jasper team. I think we must put it in perspective........Jasper had owned Memorial for a long time, therefore I think they went into game one thinking the status quo..........we all know that output. Fast forward to week two and week four, those opponents to Jasper are close in proximity and highlighted every year as "want to win at all cost" games. Consequently they are played with great effort and energy. Yes SR and HH won close games, but they were hard fought games as well. Please keep one thing in perspective ATTC, there are some Titan fans that think football didn't exist until 2012 and anything before that was folly. Furthermore any team that they play is unbelievably talented. But in the end they (GS) are just THAT good. Like Princeton for example last week.......all week long the talk was GS in a blow out.......... but the next morning after a close halftime score......the GS faithful were claiming that the Tigers were so amazingly athletic blah blah. blah. In the end I think these two sectionals, 31 and 32, could be very competitive with some "can't miss" kind of games. It will be fun to see who meets up in the regional finals. PS Don't be a fool
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    1994 - Urbania Giants 27 -21 over the Urbania Cowboys. Giants win by scoring on the game's final play using a trick play called "The Annexation of Puerto Rico".
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    Maybe he is well-acquainted with drug culture and/or metrosexual lingo. Lol
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    Did you steal "slaps" from FBking16? Muda had never heard of it and now 2 threads using it.. Either coincidence or you know comedy my friend!
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    I did not state anything about being dumb....must have been someone else? I only concurred with you...and about being underdogs....we are..GS has won the last 3-4 sectionals and regionals...the chart was only to show that GS is the hottest team in Southern Indiana right now....and I truly meant it will take a nearly flawless/perfect game on our part to upend the Titans...It is winnable...we know we have what it takes....but GS has it too....unfortunately we meet again at 5-0...somebody will win somebody will lose....and in the end, I hope this game makes both teams better....tired of INDY Chatard year and year out winning the 3A title....I think HH and Eville Memorial are the only Southern schools to beat Chatard in the playoffs and it isn't that often...
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    Welcome back LCCFan09er...........
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    You are right none of this does until Thanksgiving weekend!! That when a champion is crowned. Some of us on here know exactly what that feels like, and what it feels like to lose that one too. Even though it was before 2012.......I think we should refer to that from now on as football BG!! Ya know like BC is "before christ", this will be in football terms BG, "Before Gibson"!!!
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    Sorry Don but you are wrong. I bet I could go back to years previous to 2012 and there was nothing but silence from the GS faithful. Now suddenly GS is the epicenter of southern Indiana football, the mecca of all things pigskin!! Maybe teams play HH so competitively, ie TC and MV or whoever, is because there have been decades (plural) of dominance!! Keep striving Don........someday.......maybe. As for the farm, there was a 24 hour claim clause in very tinny print.
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    The bartender at Bernies told me that he heard from the waitress,who heard from the local farmer, who heard from the cow, who heard from the chicken, who heard from the great granddaughter of Charlotte from Charlotte's web, that only one player got a P.F. and only one player was ejected. But I could be wrong.
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    Off topic but as far as Jasper they are real young and their first 5 games were against teams with a combined record of 20-4 so the Cats could possibly be better then some people think.
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    Captain Obvious here - but I think we'll know a whole lot more about the relative strength of the top 3 Sagarin teams in 32 this week. HH @ GS Jasper @ Princeton Reitz @ Memorial I could see 3-0 just as much as I could see 0-3.
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    I remember just a few years ago that the 2nd place PAC team beat the 1st place SIAC team in the Sectional Championship so easy there big fella.......
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    Man, I've just been sitting back with popcorn reading this thread.....it's getting good and we ain't even to Tuesday yet.
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    Seriously,HH is a well coached determined team with plenty of community backing. Always a recipe for success. Something we have worked hard to mimic for the last decade. I believe our boys are well coached and determined as well. This game seems pretty simple to me. HH will most likely try to control time of possession, force GS into errors in the passing game, and salt in an unforeseen play of some kind. GS needs to take care of the ball and get the HH offens off the field. Whomever enforces their will on the other has the best chance.
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    You know it is a shame that the PAC is pretty weak once you get past the top three teams. I don't think you can find many people from Gibson Southern that don't wish we had a schedule more similar to yours. I think that's why we try to pick up Evansville teams when we have a chance with our younger groups. Fact is pretty sure we would have been much more competitive than you in your conference the last 3 years, and we don't expect that to change much in the future.
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    Only 7 teams from siac would be 5-0 playing the teams GS has played. All 7 would most likely finish 9-0. You have no clue!! Your schedule is cupcake city except for the team that owns you and Southridge. Both of whom struggled vs Jasper.
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    I actually heard it from a Frankton parent in a face to face conversation....... who may or may not work at Bernie's......I wasnt at the game so i took his word....why would he bend the truth about his son's team......He told me the game got pretty heated....He said 2 players were ejected and they had 5 personal fouls when they played Lapel the 2nd game of the season which was played at Frankton on a Saturday because it stormed Friday night. Lapel won 60-30. Are there any Frankton fans that can give us a 2nd opinion on the matter?
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    Yes that is who i meant. Could not remember if his last name ended with an E or an A. thanks. I have corrected it in my post.
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    Yes it is exactly how teams scout. They watch tons of film. The coaches go watch teams live if possible. They contact coaches. They develop game plans. They practice. They watch more film. They even go as far as putting motivational messages on bulletin boards and lockers. Sometimes even circle calendar dates! AND yes you never said that GS would beat HH, that is correct. But where you are misinformed is the fact that you would make a comment about athletes from different schools, publicly, online based solely on video. Again I ask you 1. Were there kids hurt you didn't see on video? 2. Was there inclimate weather to affect the athleticism of said players. 3. Was someone ill? 4. Before the video did the athletes line up and run timed 40s, or bench press 225 lbs as many times as possible, etc. for a more conclusive answer Therefore I consider it a dumb statement. Better yet, comparison. AND I don't need to see Princeton play this year, I didn't make the statement. PS I learned my lesson from Titan20 this year. Crow tastes awful
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    I'm pretty sure we are about the next team to move up due to enrollment. If I'm not mistaken, we were very close last time. Yeah we still have this year to finish and another semi-state win would push Linton to 2A through the success factor. Health is a big deal especially for the smaller programs. Just ask North Vermillion and Springs Valley. Both of those teams have had a TON of injuries this year (knock on wood). I always hate to see the kids get hurt. It is really sad when it is a senior. They don't get another year. Underclassmen can always come back next year. I can't speak for everyone, but I feel most Linton fans are knowledgeable about football and are good sports at least the ones on the GID. We like a little banter here and there too. Makes things more fun.
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    Mikey Kidwell : He absolutely should be involved in the conversation without hesitation. Indy Star had him on the pre season watch list for reason. Opened up week 1 vs Tri West 30-54 575 7 tds. got his 8th on the ground. This past week, we had him for 20-30, 296 I think and a couple of TDs. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/mikey-kidwell/qvOyyxWCEeOZ5AAmVebBJg/gendersport/football-stats.htm Also is one whale of a PUNTER as well
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    Other options are clearly Circle City Conference, North Central conference, or go Independent. What would 21 Banners do as School AD/Leader for LCC? Especially since those involved within the youth programs are saying that the current middle school group is struggling.
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    Again, no link to where the comment was made from a Columbus North coach. Also, funny you talk about being "relevant" again, coming from a program that has had 1 semi state appearance since 2000. I see, as you being an Ex-Player it must be tough never having any success in football and always being the 3rd to 4th best team in and around the Evansville area. Can't wait to receive a very intelligent and insightful post back considering what you have already contributed to this thread.
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    I doubt that many people in the LCC organization are concerned about what a sports reporter in a meddling market like Terre Haute said about them. They have heard it all before and I'm sure they are focused enough on the task at hand to not let this be a bother. I don't see it being used as bulletin board material or anything like that. Let the uninformed remain uninformed. LCC's strength of schedule will only go up from here. Playing Indy Marshall and Eastern in the first 5 weeks would drop anybody's schedule but LCC had to due to circumstances. Saying the switch to the HC has not paid off is as unintelligent and naïve as saying LCC can't compete in 2A and contradicts everything that LCC supporters have been saying on here for years regarding their schedule...
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    Yes it was a huge problem. Which surprises me because in another thread someone had said this Castle team has lots of speed. Maybe the more then any other castle team. They do have a nice weapon in their place kicker. I also think they should throw the ball much more. One of the RB's, #28, maybe looked to quit running.
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    Since Marshall County was perfect last week, my picks are the same as his.
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    Muledriver New to the forum. I wanted to respond to your Aug 6 remark on Mrtvl Artesian 2016 football prospectus. Losing to Franklin was one of our only shots this season. I thought we might have a chance against Mooresville until they tied with Greenwood a couple weeks ago, and as you know, Greenwood put it to us. This year is a total rebuild year with almost half the varsity being sophomores. My son is a sophomore whose grade won the conference in eight grade and beat Southport in a travel tournament with the freshman class also at the top of the conference the last two years. The current sophomore class and freshman class have a ton of potential coming up provided the football program can retain the players until their junior and senior years. The program is having a tough time retaining seniors for multiple reasons. These last two varsity seasons have been devastating and demoralizing to players, parents and the community. We have a relatively new coach staff and a new AD at MHS with minimum senior player participation. This has to be rectified. I'm not sure if it is just a cycle or goes deeper. I can't speak for last year but this season we have a lot of 15-16 yr old competing with 17-18 yr olds. That is tough any program let alone 5A. The concern from the parents at freshman and sophomore level is extremely high given some of the talent coming up. We have a great opportunity in the next two years if the program can function in the best interest of the team/program and not in the best interest of individuals. On another note, the players no longer run up the hill at Jimmy Nash park...........
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    I'm having a hard time with this Pioneer / LaVille game. I can't decide who I'm going to pick! I know a few weeks back I said LaVille was better, but now I'm not so sure. I don't think LaVille's defense will be able to stop Pioneer, so the only way the Lancers win is to outscore them. I think that's possible, but I'm not sure it's very likely. I wish we could have seen Pioneer play someone a little better. That would help. Pioneer's opponents' combined record is 3-22, and Triton held them to their lowest first half scoring total of 29 points. So you know they haven't been tested at all! If LaVille can score early, it just might be a game. And that could happen. Kertai is a threat any time he touches the ball. Should be exciting! I can't imagine a blowout like last year's game.
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    Frankton got the measles this week or something?
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    That 2010 game is another example of how comparing scores often fails that Gibson Southern team only won 2 conference games beating last place Pike Central and 1st place Heritage Hills, Patriots were 6-0 and Titans 1-5 VS. common opponents yet Titans won the head to head.
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    That's fine 16er, you can call me whatever you want, just don't call me late to dinner. I'll add 'slap' to my metrosexual slang dictionary.
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    Agreed, especially the people that try to state their case.. Love those people. Always something to laugh at.
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    Thanks. The Dude wasn't sure what he meant. Why does it matter? Or a better question, what's your point? The Dude suspects they'd be competing in Sectional 8. Hey man, why the hate? The Dude doesn't understand why you're so focused on a school you'll probably never see and or visit.
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    I don't have to "see Castles score against New Pal." I sat there in the snow. I watched the game, so I don't need you coming to rub my nose in it again on two different threads... in relation to the performance of a completely different team. Shady. By the way, what was your score in last year's semi-state? Oh, that's right. Hater. Oh, and hey... congrats on your big win. We're all very proud of you.
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    Not surprising given the game was at Tri-West. They seem to have a hard time finding decent officials, no matter what the sport. Also not surprised this game was this close. Western Boone is well coached on both sides of the ball and Tri-West seems to talk a big game every year, but doesn't seem to have the discipline to dispose of the Sagamore like their talent suggests they should. Yep, I think Tri-West should try to outscore the Chatard's of the world...definitely the answer. C-ville scored 28 against Webo yet Tri-West musters up only 21? Discipline is a word not yet defined in Northwest Hendricks County!
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    Find some meds dude, you're OUT THERE!
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    I disagree. I liken the club level to the move to privatize education. The "choices" are only available for a select few, and those who cannot compete or keep up are simply dismissed. If sports were completely privatized, the number of participants would drop significantly. Scruggs father has spent a good deal of money in choosing this path. Even 10 years ago, to play on a competitive travel team, a parent would spend upwards of $5,000 a year. MOST kids simply want to be part of a team. There are a number of kids who need to be a part of something to avoid getting into trouble, and would not be able to afford to be part of a club team. The other issue I have with this is that recruiting for the college level is already out of control. A number of top recruits act as primadonnas in the programs they are in now because of the attention they are getting. With clubs at the high school level, that type of recruiting would be occurring at even younger ages. A high number of players on club teams, or their parents, view being on a club team as a logical step to being a D-1 recruit, with little to no understanding of what it actually takes. In my mind, the whole club scene is out of control. And in my mind, this article highlights what is wrong with sports today. People want to blame the IHSAA in creating class basketball as the reason for the downfall in popularity of the high school game. The fact is the club scene is THE culprit. And now, it has gone so far that a previously cherished honor, and honor some of the biggest names in the game have held, is no longer popular.
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