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    Why don't you go troll somewhere else and leave this thread to the grownups. You seem to be suffering from a bad case of cranial rectal inversion. Here's a novel idea: why don't you actually do some work while you're in your office. I'm sure your boss would appreciate it for a change.
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    Castle in a bad mood, slight nod over MD. Harrison at full strength and Central a toss up Memorial QB may be too much for Reitz North by as many as they want.
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    Maybe he is well-acquainted with drug culture and/or metrosexual lingo. Lol
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    Did you steal "slaps" from FBking16? Muda had never heard of it and now 2 threads using it.. Either coincidence or you know comedy my friend!
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    Welcome back LCCFan09er...........
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    The Hoosiers will need to play a complete game on Saturday for 60 minutes. Can't be peeking ahead to Sparty coming to town on the 1st.
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    That was ridiculous and will never be allowed here.
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    Other options are clearly Circle City Conference, North Central conference, or go Independent. What would 21 Banners do as School AD/Leader for LCC? Especially since those involved within the youth programs are saying that the current middle school group is struggling.
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    Castle has never had "speed" like Central, Harrison & other SIAC schools. Higginson (28), McLean (87) & Wilkinson (81) made it to state in the 4x400 relay, maybe that's why someone thought we had speed this year? No question Stewart has speed & the Frosh RB Evans. Should be a fast game this week with Harrison on turf! No clue why we didn't throw more, it's usually what we do? Our soph RB Taylor has been looking really good, didn't play the 2nd half for some reason, guessing he got banged up? It's been said by many Castle fans, Higginson should be slot/WR & Taylor the RB.
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    Again, no link to where the comment was made from a Columbus North coach. Also, funny you talk about being "relevant" again, coming from a program that has had 1 semi state appearance since 2000. I see, as you being an Ex-Player it must be tough never having any success in football and always being the 3rd to 4th best team in and around the Evansville area. Can't wait to receive a very intelligent and insightful post back considering what you have already contributed to this thread.
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    I doubt that many people in the LCC organization are concerned about what a sports reporter in a meddling market like Terre Haute said about them. They have heard it all before and I'm sure they are focused enough on the task at hand to not let this be a bother. I don't see it being used as bulletin board material or anything like that. Let the uninformed remain uninformed. LCC's strength of schedule will only go up from here. Playing Indy Marshall and Eastern in the first 5 weeks would drop anybody's schedule but LCC had to due to circumstances. Saying the switch to the HC has not paid off is as unintelligent and naïve as saying LCC can't compete in 2A and contradicts everything that LCC supporters have been saying on here for years regarding their schedule...
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    Yes it was a huge problem. Which surprises me because in another thread someone had said this Castle team has lots of speed. Maybe the more then any other castle team. They do have a nice weapon in their place kicker. I also think they should throw the ball much more. One of the RB's, #28, maybe looked to quit running.
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    This will not stand...man. This aggression of the 317 into the 812 will not stand. Did Woo do this?
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    HAHAHA, stop... Where did a Columbus North coach call East soft and laugh? Ironic because East was leading until about 2 minutes left in the 3rd. I watched some of the highlights of the Castle - NA game, looks like Castle had all they could handle on the lines... Pretty weak in my opinion. As for BHSS, I won't comment because I didn't see them play. All I know is we were pretty equal with New Pal, and Castle had a cakewalk only to be way overpowered by a New Pal team. Again, congrats on your big win over New Albany, truly a dominating team you have. Let them whine, they have a few problems down in "Paradise"
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    Muledriver New to the forum. I wanted to respond to your Aug 6 remark on Mrtvl Artesian 2016 football prospectus. Losing to Franklin was one of our only shots this season. I thought we might have a chance against Mooresville until they tied with Greenwood a couple weeks ago, and as you know, Greenwood put it to us. This year is a total rebuild year with almost half the varsity being sophomores. My son is a sophomore whose grade won the conference in eight grade and beat Southport in a travel tournament with the freshman class also at the top of the conference the last two years. The current sophomore class and freshman class have a ton of potential coming up provided the football program can retain the players until their junior and senior years. The program is having a tough time retaining seniors for multiple reasons. These last two varsity seasons have been devastating and demoralizing to players, parents and the community. We have a relatively new coach staff and a new AD at MHS with minimum senior player participation. This has to be rectified. I'm not sure if it is just a cycle or goes deeper. I can't speak for last year but this season we have a lot of 15-16 yr old competing with 17-18 yr olds. That is tough any program let alone 5A. The concern from the parents at freshman and sophomore level is extremely high given some of the talent coming up. We have a great opportunity in the next two years if the program can function in the best interest of the team/program and not in the best interest of individuals. On another note, the players no longer run up the hill at Jimmy Nash park...........
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    I can't speak for all Castle fans, but I left early Sat morning & drove to Fishers for Coach Lidy's Memorial Service, didn't return until late. I never get on here on weekends, I don't have it on my phone & would rather enjoy family/friends. Coach Lidy used to always say "it's never as good as it seems & it's never as bad as it seems". I was disappointed Friday night but still think Castle will be fine by playoffs. Castle came out flat for some reason, Central won, Castle had it's chances. Personally I'm not going to spend a lot of time worrying about last week, we have a tough game at Mater Dei, never easy to win at the Bowl & especially against a Goebel coached team.
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    How dare you be negative after a football Saturday where Purdue didn't lose! We need to soak this week up with positivity. We haven't lost in 10 days!
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    It is just his opinion. He doesn't have to have a reason. Relax, everyone knows FC is good this year.
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    I respect you @MuleDriver We keep close tabs on your team as well. But you also piled on, agreeing that the BHSS beating last year must have been some kind of fluke. I know you were at that game, and you know that it wasn't.
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    Thanks. The Dude wasn't sure what he meant. Why does it matter? Or a better question, what's your point? The Dude suspects they'd be competing in Sectional 8. Hey man, why the hate? The Dude doesn't understand why you're so focused on a school you'll probably never see and or visit.
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    I don't have to "see Castles score against New Pal." I sat there in the snow. I watched the game, so I don't need you coming to rub my nose in it again on two different threads... in relation to the performance of a completely different team. Shady. By the way, what was your score in last year's semi-state? Oh, that's right. Hater. Oh, and hey... congrats on your big win. We're all very proud of you.
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    Pirate and Panther JH played some good competitive ball last night. CC 7th grade won 20-6 CTown 8th grade won 16-0
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    Find some meds dude, you're OUT THERE!
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    I disagree. I liken the club level to the move to privatize education. The "choices" are only available for a select few, and those who cannot compete or keep up are simply dismissed. If sports were completely privatized, the number of participants would drop significantly. Scruggs father has spent a good deal of money in choosing this path. Even 10 years ago, to play on a competitive travel team, a parent would spend upwards of $5,000 a year. MOST kids simply want to be part of a team. There are a number of kids who need to be a part of something to avoid getting into trouble, and would not be able to afford to be part of a club team. The other issue I have with this is that recruiting for the college level is already out of control. A number of top recruits act as primadonnas in the programs they are in now because of the attention they are getting. With clubs at the high school level, that type of recruiting would be occurring at even younger ages. A high number of players on club teams, or their parents, view being on a club team as a logical step to being a D-1 recruit, with little to no understanding of what it actually takes. In my mind, the whole club scene is out of control. And in my mind, this article highlights what is wrong with sports today. People want to blame the IHSAA in creating class basketball as the reason for the downfall in popularity of the high school game. The fact is the club scene is THE culprit. And now, it has gone so far that a previously cherished honor, and honor some of the biggest names in the game have held, is no longer popular.
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    Any arties care to share the prospectus for the 2016 Artesian football team?
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    Paoli 21 Corydon 20 Mitchell 56 Rock Creek 12 Springs Valley 7 Crawford Co 6 West Washington 48 Tecumseh 6 Charlestown 46 Salem 17 Silver Creek 65 Clarksville 0 North Harrison 44 Eastern Pekin 7 Seymour 45 Brownstown 44 Scottsburg 30 Oldenburg 20
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    You're a clown & just bitter because you'll be "Sectional Runner-Up" again. Keep thumping your chest, it will be basketball season there soon enough again. Not sure why you're so giddy to play Castle, it will not happen because you can't win your Sectional. Maybe New Pal will move up & you can be relevant again. If Castle plays Bloomington South in Regionals again, you should come see it, you'll be free that weekend.
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    LCC's win over Eastern was the Knights 43rd straight win over a Class A opponent. That is a 1A record, smashing Sheridans 27 straight from 05-08 and also a record for any school vs. any school in its class. Eastern had a nice team. Wish them well. We all know Pioneer played LCC tough last year, looks like that will happen again. The Linton-Eastern game will be interesting as well. Last year Linton was a well coached team, which let the margin from getting completely out of hand, but simply just not good enough to stay on the field with LCC. I believe this year they may be able to give the Knights a decent game. Rick Semmler spreading lies and stereotypes against LCC is unprofessional and disappointing. Hopefully he apologizes to the appropriate parties. I know LCC people are not happy about him undermining the program so many worked hard into seeing it get to this point. LCC strength of schedule at 211 is a big disappointment. The switch to the HC 5 years ago perhaps has not paid off as much as we originally thought. The SOS is right on par with what it was when the Knights were in the HHC.
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    Would you like to see my State Champion ring & medal? I never lost an SIAC game in high school, period. And the CN told me directly you guys were "soft". Which again doesn't matter because you will be in basketball season early again. GO NEW PAL!! Tell me again why you're on the SIAC thread & what you have contributed except trolling on Castle?
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    I understand you are that 40-50 year old guy up in the stands wanting to show off your ring, while your child with no talent is down there getting shoved around on the field. Must have been a soft spot to say your son is used to being a loser. As for my playing days, I played 3 years, Soph, Jr. And Senior year. Ah, yes the glory days. You would think for as arrogant as "some" Castle fans are you would be somewhat relevant in the sport. Coming from a team that actually got bumped due to the success factor (something Castle will never know anything about) . Keep them coming, I can sit on this computer all day and enjoy this entertainment from my office..
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