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    I guess my original post should have included more info. We have a coach, Jason Seamen, that has saved countless lives through his heroic actions and yet there is a long diatribe about politics. I for one have encouraged civil political debate but this forum is not the place for it. As a whole, not everyone will agree on a particular political stance as everyone has a different opinion and that is a great thing about this country. Honestly, my opinion is that no matter who is in office, they can't do anything to stop this. The problem is not with the politicians, although they don't help matters any. The problem lies squarely on each of us as a society. The signs have been there for a long time. First, we take God out of the schools. I'm not advocating that every student has to participate in prayer or that everyone should follow one particular religion. But we have gotten away from God, what He stands for, and the peace and goodwill the bible teaches. Whether you believe in God or not, there is still a great foundation of hope, truth and goodwill people can learn from the Bible. Next we take authority to punish kids that misbehave in the classroom. Sure we have milder forms of discipline, but there really are no repercussions for bad behavior in school. Little Johnny's parents are right there to sue if the school system even thinks about holding him accountable for his actions. Then we take punishment away from the parents. Spank a kid in this day and age? Forget about it. Next thing you know, your children are taken away and you are being punished for "beating" your child. Next, we have everyone challenging authority. Everyone thinks that everybody else is out to get them. Cops are bad. Judges are bad. Lawyers are bad, well that one is true. Truth is you break the law and get caught, all of a sudden you are a victim. Sure, there are corrupt cops. How many? 1 out of 100?, 1000? more? Our society has taken accountability and thrown it out the window. Why pay for your crime when you can blame the cop, the schools, the President? It's easier to pass the blame than to accept the fact you have done something wrong. I'm not on a high horse, far from it. I am not perfect but I do own it when I make a mistake. I'm done ranting now. I never intended for this post to end up political. I guess it should be moved or closed/deleted. Back to football...
  2. 7 points
    I think you have mistaken yourself for someone else.
  3. 7 points
    At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  4. 7 points
    School shootings are happening waaaaaay too frequently (one is too many). As these cowards continue to attack innocent people at soft targets, I am amazed at the lack of vision and depth of the public/media responses. It is so easy to demand action from our government. It is also easy to state the obvious - our schools (students/teachers) need to be protected. In other words, the solution always lies elsewhere on someone else’s shoulders. Accountability needs to go back to where it all starts; the home. It was understood for years the family is the foundation of society. As goes the family, so goes society. Our society long ago shifted away from these fundamentals. Parents need to get back to being parents again; not being friends or enablers. The shooter being “bullied” is usually offered up as a convenient excuse. Kids now are being raised since birth with inflated self-importance, entitlement, and the expectation that everyone will always be kind and the world will treat them well. When adversity hits these snowflakes are not equipped to deal with it. Also, the typical kid these days is so buried in virtual reality from video games that they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. Parents - get involved in your child’s life. Ask them questions, hold them accountable, set curfews, sit down at the kitchen table and have a family meal - BE A PARENT! One last rant - I am so sick of seeing people on the news disrespect, taunt, and antagonize police officers. Are the police perfect? Certainly not. What ever happened to respecting the law and respecting authority? We need to do away with this divisive mindset that everyone is a victim and get back to individual responsibility.
  5. 7 points
    It's always the Presidents fault... Obama should have done more... Trump should do more. Fact is things are messed up at foundational level. Too many parents asleep at the wheel.
  6. 6 points
    Super Bowl 49 had zero players particiapte who were 5 star rated out of HS. And over 40 that were rated 3 stars on down.
  7. 6 points
    You all can take all that other stuff to the endless threads to discuss, I however would like to focus in on the the job of the Coach Jason Seaman, who was just released from Hospital a few hours ago. His actions looks to have potential saved lives . Incredible reaction to a horrific event that transpired right in front of him. All my positive love and vibes that way!!!
  8. 5 points
    I don’t pay much attention to the news. Have all of these school shooters been Trump supporters? Were there ever school shootings before Trump was President?
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    Im confused....where is the real Hoosier Conference thread ?
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    We have big sponsors too, Tim's sheep-shearing and Bob's Manure Hauling have agreed to mow and fertilize our field respectively
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  12. 4 points
    There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert Kennedy
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    IMO, the talent level of GS - EM was nearly equal in 2012, 2013, 2016 & 2017 (in 2013 and 2016 injured QBs had big impact). GS was clearly superior in 2014. That is a product of families that have to make huge financial sacrifices to send their kids there. The sacrifice breeds accountability. My kids know I'm not paying $6,000 for Cs (or Bs for that matter). The Castle comment is interesting. If you're a parent of a frosh swimmer, weigh your choices.....Castle is free and has a pool...Memorial is $6,000 (even more if you're not Catholic) and you have to drive across town to USI everyday for practice after school. Where is the advantage? Or, I'm a parent who realizes weight training is vital to athletic success. I look at Castle's weight room (or GS's...) and then Memorial's, which is about the size of a college wrestling mat. And, oh by the way, you have to take 8 semesters of Theology so your elective options for weight training class are limited to 2 semesters. That is no advantage... Or, my kid isn't Catholic and has to take 8 rigorous semesters of what? No advantage there. Memorial's enrollment has dropped by over 120 students in the last five years, mostly because many people simply can't (or won't) make the financial sacrifice when free options exist with more and better facilities and more academic diversity. Even with the athletic success of this year (11 of 19 varsity sports represented at state) we are not seeing a throng of non-feeder school kids wanting in. In fact, the enrollment was higher when we weren't having great athletic success in the major sports. If there was a huge advantage the place would be full. We had vouchers and all that back in 2012 and 2013 too.... One GS parent tweeted last winter that a parent from MD (I believe) said something to the effect of "GS has what we have, but we have to pay a lot of money for it." I disagree somewhat, because faith is a core value that can't be a part of academic instruction at a public school, but I get the point - Like MD and Memorial, GS has a rock solid community, great kids, coaches & teachers, plus top notch facilities. BUT, I can definitely understand how people on the outside might see things differently. It just depends on your perspective...
  14. 4 points
    Is this a joke? You are crediting Purdue's success this past year to the Success that LCC, WL have had. We wont even talk about Coach Fry because he has been having great success for a while and it doesn't look like its going to change. Coach Shanley has had 16 wins in his first 2 season. That started before Purdue was good. Coach Peebles also has a winning record at Harrison spanning before Purdue had success. McCutcheon has won 30 games the past 4 seasons. Thank Goodness Purdue winning a bowl game LAST YEAR can get the credit for the success of the greater Lafayette area.
  15. 4 points
    Seriously? So your response above to a post referencing a high school shooting is "Business as usual in TrumpWorld" and then you say in almost the same breathe - "I don't see anyone bashing Trump here". I didn't realize one could compact that much dishonesty in such a short form. I don't own a gun....never have. I have never shot a gun. I certainly don't "love" guns. I do, though, care just as much about the Second Amendment as the First. That apparently, makes me "amoral" according to your great logic or (through some sort of convoluted thinking) distantly responsible for HS shootings. Bear in mind, I also like the First Amendment and have no issue with you using it like a drunken 16 year old behind the wheel of a car.... as you have done above. Does tolerating outright and obvious dishonesty on the written page (per your scribblings above) in defense of the First Amendment also make me "amoral"? Does it make me a co-conspirator in your assault against logic and intellectual honesty?
  16. 4 points
    "Thanks to very brave Teacher & Hero Jason Seaman of Noblesville, Indiana, for his heroic act in saving so many precious young lives. His quick and automatic action is being talked about all over the world!" ya his response is horrible somehow I don't believe his "response" would be viewed as positive in today's culture no matter what he does or says
  17. 4 points
    Not sure about all the crazy shooters. The only one I know about definitively was the dude that shot up the Republican congressmen...he was a "Resistance" dude (Democrat). It just sounds so "Che Guevaraish" to say 'Resistance"....makes you one of the cool kids. Still, it's all Trump's fault...somehow. Its the upside down world we live in. Nonetheless, an awful thing. I understand the teacher who intervened was an-ex football player from Southern Illinois University.
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    GS might say the competition was there in 2014. Just a hunch ...
  19. 3 points
    http://gridirondigest.net/topic/53688-tim-adams-memorial-thread/ Thanks again Tim !!!
  20. 3 points
    If this were true, which it’s not it would apply nationwide and therefor be moot to this conversation. In reality coaching quality is what it’s been for decades. We often look at the past and think of better days and have rosey colored glasses thinking about a better time that never really existed. The truth is coaching is what it’s always been. There are some rockstars, some turds, and a whole lot of medicore coaches that really care about developing young men. It was that way in the 60s, it was that way in the 80s, and it’s that way in the 2010s.
  21. 3 points
    Jaylon Smith would beg to differ.
  22. 3 points
    I dont think thats a fair comparison. He got put in a bad situation with Trevor Lawrence, who is looking like his is going to be the next top NFL prospect we have seen in a while.
  23. 3 points
    I don't know how good NP will be but I guarantee they unveil a formation or play no one has seen before during the season....lol I bet Coach Schenk was awesome in sandlot football games growing up!
  24. 3 points
    Zack Martin - Notre Dame - Dallas Cowboys Nick Martin - Notre Dame - Houston Texans Ryan Baker - Purdue - Miami Dolphins Matt McCann - Purdue Adam Solomon - Illinois Danny Godlevske - Miami OH (Rimington Watch List /2018) Jimmy Scheidler - Bowling Green Will Kellison - Miami OH How impressive is that? I used to live near Broad Ripple and enjoyed catching Chatard games during the Nick Martin era. Nasty, bruising, brutal. Thats how I would describe his approach, style and demeanor. Certainly there must be others. Please add to the list.
  25. 3 points
    This topic should have been called Tigers V. Titans with some Central love sprinkled in.
  26. 3 points
    Very well said, the sacrifice is real and I totally agree with that. I didn't say it was easy or cheap, however the net result is a MUCH higher percentage (per capita enrollment) of the type of kid that breeds success. It's apples and oranges to even to a school like GS. Based on athletes on the field, you guys end up, albeit via much financial burden and inconvenience in some cases, with a similar number of "that kind" of student athlete as a Castle. Net result - the battles you guys have with them for conference titles. A quality seed tends to sprout just about any place it is planted. Take away the kids at GS who have to attend because; a) They have a pulse b) the law says they have to be there, we end up a 2A school (and we have a "better" population that most). We beat the 2A state champ 55-14. That is at least a small glimpse into a world with GS as a private.
  27. 3 points
    Don't get Tango started on the recruiting thing...lol. I've discussed Memorial's recruiting in the past with him.
  28. 3 points
    Great Hire for the Marksmen! Aaron has worked as coordinator on our staff since 2011. He has been an integral part of the turn around at NCF and will be greatly missed! He will work very hard to get things moving in the right direction at TC. Congrats Coach Clements!
  29. 3 points
    I grew up around guns... I own guns. I am a hunter, but also enjoy the shooting at targets. My father never had his guns locked up. I could have grabbed any of them anytime I wanted but I never did. Why? Because I learned at a very early age what guns could do. I was taught you never point a gun at something you don't intend to kill... And if you kill it better have been threatening your life or you better eat it. I grew up with friends who were very much brought up the same way. Guns were around, Guns were prevalent, but we all knew what a gun could do to a human as well as an animal. We were taught to respect the power of the gun and we were taught to understand what a gun could do. Did we value life much more than some of the kids today? Kids were bullied back in my day probably more so than today... But I never once thought about killing/shooting that person. What has changed? Gun laws have tightened over the last 20 years, but school shootings have increased. So logic tells me more gun laws isn't going to combat this. I also don't agree with completely banning guns either (though I agree a 30 round mag for an AR isn't needed for civilians). Logically... What can be done?
  30. 3 points
    I like this plan. It cuts to the root core of the competitive balance issue. Not like the politically correct Indiana version of the plan. Kudos to the Alabama State High school athletic Association. They are clearly ready and willing to take on the PP legal horde that is sure to attack
  31. 2 points
    Sadly, I bantered (a bit aggressively) withTim just a few days before he passed (though I generally always agreed with him). I think he was at the last Center Grove 7 on 7 in 2010 that very weekend. I was there as well...my LAST Center Grove 7 on 7. I had no idea that it was this date....but then, with no kids playing anymore you kind of lose track. Still, may God Bless you Mr. Adams (admittedly a bit hypocritical coming from me). You have added so much for so many. Certainly you have for me.
  32. 2 points
    Exactly! I ran the high school radio station at Pendleton Heights for over 10 years. Started there with an income stream of $500/year school funding and my salary with 8 students. After developing a sponsorship program that included selling time on sports events and making ourselves known in the community, I had 16 seniors in my final year with over 10% of the school in one of my media classes that year (130+), winning National Radio School of the Year, and bringing in nearly $25,000 per year - including large deals with the Indianapolis Indians, Penske car dealerships, and a ton locally. Effort = success. Now I have a 5-time Emmy award winning sports documentary producer and many other successful former students. I bet A LOT of people said we were wasting money buying a $2,500 tent with our logo plastered all over it. It was from sponsorship and has produced many successful students that got interested in advertising and promotions industries. I absolutely can not stand people telling schools how to spend money - they know their students. That's one reason I don't teach anymore (that and salary and parents).
  33. 2 points
    It fits into their mission statement because that mission is to outdo Carmel whenever possible.
  34. 2 points
    I wonder the same thing, it's not like they have a easy go of it in the ICC, all smaller school's then Beech Grove and recent state champ's in the ICC and deep tournament teams pretty much year in and out. Seems to me they have it pretty tough where they are, at least till they start dominating the ICC which they haven't as of yet.
  35. 2 points
    There is a lot of positive buzz coming out of Northwestern football right now. Chicago radio stations are heavily promoting the tremendous 2018 home schedule and offering nice ticket packages. Johnson made the right move. Only misery and losing awaits in Bloomington. DATE OPPONENT LOCATION TIME/RESULT DETAILS 8/30/2018 Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. 7 p.m. Details 9/8/2018 Duke Evanston, Ill. 11 a.m. Details 9/15/2018 Akron Evanston, Ill. 6:30 p.m. Details 9/29/2018 Michigan Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 10/6/2018 Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. 11 a.m. Details 10/13/2018 Nebraska (Homecoming) Evanston, Ill. 11 a.m. Details 10/20/2018 Rutgers Piscataway, N.J. 11 a.m. Details 10/27/2018 Wisconsin (Family Weekend) Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 11/3/2018 Notre Dame Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 11/10/2018 Iowa Iowa City, Ia. TBD Details 11/17/2018 Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. TBD Details 11/24/2018 Illinois Evanston, Ill. TBD Details
  36. 2 points
    The head injury issue obviously comes into play, there's no denying that. I don't think we can lay all the blame on that doorstep. I think there are other factors involved. Football is hard, there's work involved, there's discipline involved, as our society becomes less and less rigid when it comes to behaviors, adherence to rules/laws, the "it's all about me" attitude in general, that's not real conducive to Football. I "think" (my opinion) societal changes in general are more of a factor than anything else. The concussion data merely makes for a convenient excuse. I think the NF as well as the NFCA have done a great job of getting out in front of some of these issues. For the kids who are opting out, it's their loss, the game will ultimately survive, at least in the foreseeable future.
  37. 2 points
    It’s ironic that kids are being held out of football at a time when the sport is safer than it has ever been. There is a lot of work being done now to attempt to quantify risks, and to assess the effect that rules changes, contact restrictions in practice, and new coaching techniques have on those risks. But that’s going to take some time. I’m confident that 10-15 yrs. down the road, the pendulum will swing back the other way.
  38. 2 points
    I think it's more likely that he sees the cup as refillable.
  39. 2 points
    Unfortunately, there was a lot of hype surrounding them, but most are starting to come back down to Earth as they understand what the research concepts are grounded in.
  40. 2 points
    Congrats! https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Notre-Dame-Fighting-Irish-recruiting-gets-commitment-from-Jack-Kiser-118802096
  41. 2 points
    In general yes, but Purdue's success in 2017 wouldn't be seen in the local schools until AFTER the 2017 season. So Jeff's recent success has nothing to do with Purdue did in the 2017 season. Also, the Greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area has done well over the past decade while Purdue hasn't. 2008 - Purdue goes 4-8. West Lafayette goes 11-1 dropping a sectional championship to Yorktown. LCC goes 9-2 dropping a 6-point decision to eventual state runner-up Sheridan. 2009 - Purdue goes 5-7. West Lafayette goes 15-0 en route to a blue ring. LCC goes 14-0 en route to a blue ring and the start of a 4-peat run. 2010 - Purdue goes 4-8. West Lafayette goes 10-4 with a regional loss. LCC goes undefeated en route to another blue ring. 2011 - Purdue puts up a winning season, 7-6 and wins the Little Caesar's Bowl beating perennial power Western Michigan. West Lafayette goes 11-2 losing in semi-state to red ring St. Joe SB. LCC finishes its third consecutive season undefeated en route to another blue ring. 2012 - Purdue returns to losing seasons 6-7 and blown out in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. West Lafayette struggles at 6-4 while LCC posts a 14-1 season en route to completing its four-peat run at LaRocca South. 2013 - Purdue goes 1-11. LCC enters 2A play going 9-2 and losing a sectional to eventual 2A runner-up Tipton. West Lafayette goes 12-2 dropping semi-state to Andrean. 2014 - Purdue goes 3-9. West Lafayette goes 7-3 while LCC goes 10-4 in 2A dropping a pair to eventual 2A state champ RCHS. 2015 - Purdue goes 2-10. West Lafayette (13-2) and LCC (15-0) share a bus down to LOS. LCC returns with blue rings and WL returns with red. 2016 - Purdue goes 3-9. West Lafayette goes 10-3 with a regional loss. LCC goes 12-1 dropping a 1-point decision to eventual state runner-up Pioneer. 2017 - Purdue goes 7-6 with a win in the Foster Farms Bowl over Arizona. West Lafayette goes 12-2 with a regional loss while LCC is knee-capped at 4-8. LCC and West Lafayette combine for seven trips to LOS during the decade with six blue rings. For comparison to Purdue, the other three Lafayette schools posted W/L/T records of: Jeff - 4 winning, 6 losing. Best finish was making it to second sectional. Harrison - 3 winning, 6 losing, 1 tie. Best finish was making it to third game of sections. McCutcheon - 4 winning, 6 losing. Best finish was making it to third game of sections. In essence, all of the Lafayette schools have had a better winning/losing season records than Purdue ... 2-8 ... has over the past decade. Yes, having a winning Purdue program certainly can add to the success of the local teams, but the last decade shows that the Lafayette-area schools have done OK without that rising tide floating the boats. And, even if the rising tide contributes, again, the EARLIEST that Purdue's newly-found winning ways would be seen in influence MIGHT be the 2018 season. Time zone probably wouldn't be much of an issue. RCHS and @Coach Nowlin handle it without any problem in the Hoosier Conference. Speaking of RCHS and the HC, I think you'd be hard-pressed to convince RCHS to bolt the HC. They've had pretty good success and a nice mix of teams to play to get them ready for post season.
  42. 2 points
    Happy to see Coach Lambert and Howard back in fold. Good Stuff in Blue Jay land Congrats to Jack Kiser on his verbal. Very impressive player!!
  43. 2 points
    What Warren Central should do is phone Chatard and tell them that they could save on travel costs and travel time, and to have them drop BHSS and instead play WC.
  44. 2 points
    It’s hard to compare one year’s team against another year’s team. Mainly because the competition changes from year to year. You could have the best team that you have ever had and get beat in the sectional. Or you can have a pretty good team and make it far in the tournament. The only thing that really matters is your team is better than the other team on the night you play them.
  45. 2 points
    Heritage hills should be loaded at the skills positions but must get stronger up front if they wish to contend with GS and SR. We had 6 Seniors last season and 3 were lineman and a 4th lineman Buse transferred to Tecumseh so the one area we need to make the biggest stride will be where we have the least experience. Return most of the skilled players but 2 of the ones we lose are Keller who was top DB-WR-KR and PR and Yeager who was our top LB and RB. Hoping the schools new conditioning coach who had been at the school around a year now will make a difference said we had over 100 kids at the first day of summer strength training but that's all sports male and female so have no clue percentage of football players. Most of l the PAC school should have a new QB as heritage Hills and Tell City were the only 2 that started a under classmen in 2017.
  46. 2 points
    Naw....Princeton?? Lol. They did for the 2008-2009 basketball state champs. A couple of them are actually serving time right now.
  47. 2 points
    I think I heard that when Nick Sellers graduated as well. GS has three solid QB options. That's not the area of concern for me. The area of concern for me would be the line. We lost some very good linemen. If the new linemen step up like they have in the past there will be no concerns.
  48. 2 points
    Madison won the 3A state baseball title in 1999. Won't happen. 1a. Madison has to make the decision to leave 1b. The HHC has to make the decision to invite Silver Creek to take Madison's place OR invite them as a ninth member 2. Silver Creek has to make the decision to accept. Guys, we've gone over this crap time and time again. We've mentioned Columbus East, Jennings County, Madison, Seymour and/or BNL all leaving the conference and we've all mentioned Silver Creek and the like as replacement members. It's time to let these hopes and wishes die. We've beat this dead horse as well. Let's just let things play out. They'll happen if they're meant to be. "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."
  49. 2 points
    Three PAC teams playing for two regional championships this weekend. Tecumseh in 1A and Southridge and North Posey in 2A.
  50. 2 points
    Again that was not the intent. My motivation and others was to end the potential for a 1.5 multiplier. I was strongly against any plan that targeted certain types of schools. A class system is designed to put like schools together. That is exactly what our plan does (in an improved manner than before). New Pal and Cathedral were treated exactly the same in this plan. Didn't matter who their players were, where they came from, how much they paid, etc. I and many others are quite proud of this forward thinking, proactive plan. The drama has died without targeting a group. I know the reduced drama has decreased the attention your posts have received, so I understand your desire to try to find a way to stoke that fire when you get a chance.
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