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    Outside of 4A what class has really been affected as regards P&Ps? 1A-3A have the same teams. Frankly, 5A is simply the old 4A. Cathedral and Roncalli play in the first round of Sectional. The winner plays Columbus East (occasionally East Central or Reitz who remain in 4A). The winner of that game usually wins State. Columbus East was the better team this year and should win. The story would have been the same if they all were still in 4A. At this point, if P&Ps aren't winning it has nothing to do with the success factor. They simply are getting beat by better teams. If people want to magically attribute that to the success factor then you are simply disrespecting the quality of teams like Columbus East and Pioneer.
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    Thanks for this. I had not been able to put my finger on why Coach Streiff decided to retire. Clearly, it's the success factor. Must have been what ran Coach Scifres off, too. It's all coming together now.
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    Or the “work harder” phrase the public teams were told.
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    That isn't the issue. NOBODY wants to see two 9 - 0 teams playing each other in the first round of ANY sectional. THAT, is what nobody wants, Mr. Commish.
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    I think it's probably just internet trolls driving coaches away.
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    He's looking for someone to chest bump here. There were no millennials around to reciprocate.
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    Something DT insists runs rampant in an occupation he's not a part of.
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    Long time reader, first time responder... 5) Participation decline Participation is at an all time high in our community with our youth league completely full. Numbers are so high for our middle school and varsity programs that we had to purchase more equipment. 7) Attendance declines We set a new gate record for the season nearly doubling the previous record which was set back in 2009 8) Officiating Shortage While this is a problem 3 of my students that graduated last year entered the ranks and said they were not alone with quite a few other young men going to the clinics and camps with them. As coaches we are encouraging our guys that don't go play college ball but want to stay in the game to give it a try. Despite what the media wants there is still a bright future for football...we just have to work together as a football community to continue to educate and promote safety.
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    Will you please make up your mind? In one of your threads you are insinuating that: 1. PP Coaching Jobs Major exodus over the past few seasons, including both retirements and PP coaches leaving for Public jobs. Is it the perceived bias of the Success Factor? Low pay? Declining numbers? Poor facilities? Diocesen financial woes? A combination of all? Not a good trend for the future of PP high school football. 5. PP Hegemony Only 1 state champ in 2017. Coaches leaving by the bundle. Numbers declining. Bobby Cox's Success Factor has put a governor on the PP engine. Are the PP Glory Days over in Indiana? And now, Cathedral is the "easy" state championship? State championships are accomplishments in and of themselves no matter where they come from. That's why there's only one in each class each year. Coach Peebles doesn't even have his first at Cathedral and you've already taken to seeing if you can make it less of an accomplishment than it would be. As for maintaining legacy, my guess is that PLENTY of the Cathedral coaches will tell you that maintaining Cathedral's legacy is no cakewalk, so I don't see Peebles as "hiding" or "vacationing" at Cathedral. Good luck Coach Peebles!
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    Wow! Haven’t had a chance to comment on the game. Proud of Raider Nation....couple of thoughts about 2A this year. 1.) Mater Dei was very good. 2.) Linton and North Posey were much better than people probably gave them credit for in 2A. 3.). Woodlan was the most athletic team we played this year. 4.). Jayce Harter’s shoulder is fine. Nothing more than a nervous habit. Did you see the Woodlan DB’s we were going up against? They were tremendous. 5.). Raider defense was HUGE! 6.). Our coaches prepared our kids to win this game and they executed. Legendary? Mission accomplished. Way to go Raiders!
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    Same thing could be said for 62 other 2A teams. You Lost, Tough Luck, Better Luck next year. Congrats to Southridge, you earned this championship!
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    The Old Milwaukee with an "assist" is flowing freely here. Kids home. A new Pit Bull with one of them. We're tearing it up here. What are your plans this weekend? Mine are still fluid (perhaps not the best choice of words in my case).
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    I like that Shotgun Wing T stuff, I hear it works out pretty well.
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    Ditto on your own post? Meaning that you still agree with yourself? Or did you #1 have to convince you #2 and now both of you are on the same page?
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    US31 I have three kids as well. It was much easier playing man to man defense when we had two. This zone defense stuff is tough. Ha ha.
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    Time commitment is relative for a lot of reasons... Fresh out of college, new teacher young coach....I didn't give a lick about time commitment. I was at everything, worked as many summer camps as I could....early mornings, long nights....coached more than one sport....etc, etc. I loved it. Loved being around the team, the coaches. Coaches were my social circle. Fast forward (more than) a few years. I'm married. I have three kids, they are in their own sports, activities. Wife and I both work full time. Now I have commitments well beyond what I had as a single, young coach. Summers are a much busier time for football than they used to be (for better and worse). My wife understands, I was a coach when we met. She is a trooper and shoulders a lot of the burden all fall. But we are naive to think the time commitment today is the same as it was 15 years ago...maybe even less than 10 years ago. I (and my family) are very fortunate. A very understanding Head Coach, who prioritizes our ability to make time for our families, coach our kids teams, get to their games, etc. And a large staff that can spread the work load. The pressures for time, are MUCH greater on small/mid-sized staff's where they have less shoulders for that "burden".
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    Congratulations to Coach Kennedy on a fantastic coaching career. No doubt that those who were privileged to play for him learned many valuable life lessons. He held people accountable and had higher expectations for players and his staff than they had for themselves. I wish him the best of luck in retirement. His run from 2003 to 2009 is nothing short of impressive. Kirk Kennedy coaching record Season School Won Lost Championship 1994 Lowell 11 2 regional 1995 Lowell 7 3 1996 Lowell 6 3 1997 Lowell 8 3 1998 Lowell 2 8 1999 Lowell 12 2 regional 2000 Lowell 8 3 2001 Lowell 6 6 2002 Lowell 6 5 2003 Lowell 11 2 sectional 2004 Lowell 9 4 sectional 2005 Lowell 11 4 state 2006 Lowell 7 6 sectional 2007 Lowell 13 2 semistate 2008 Lowell 13 1 regional 2009 Lowell 13 2 semistate
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    We played in Illinois this year and 25 sec clock. GIVE ME 40 ALL DAY EVERYDAY and TWICE ON SUNDAYS
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    As a coach I like the 40 second clock. I think that it helps with rhythm offensively from a play calling stand point because you have a set amount of time that is constant between each play. In the past, you would have some crews who would be able to set the ball quickly or vice versa and as a coach you would have to adjust like-wise. Now, the spot of the ball is almost an after thought.
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    As a media member you must shoot video and not write much
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    Coach Peebles would have been my first choice, so I'm quite happy. I went to school with his dad and the Peebles legacy at Cathedral is immense. I'm glad it didn't take long to name a successor to Rick Streiff. Is it August yet!!!!!
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    I'm going to say, that these were probable the best, officiated state games I have watched, as a collective group. The officials were almost invisible, but kept the games legit. I may be in dream land here, but I don't think it could get any better than how the games were called.
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    I saw that and told my son that Cam was at the State finals today. Too awesome!
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    They should make Southridge play in their own tourney.
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    I had no dog in this fight, but after reading 5+ pages of comments, I have one question, has the line for the crow burgers started forming yet?
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    This is funny , When we lose to an MIC team , it's because our schedule is weak, we're not used to playing good teams . When we beat an MIC team it's because our schedule is weak, we have an easy road in the Playoffs . I would Bet Penn's Sectional opponent (Valporaiso)is better than Noblesville and just as good as Lafeyette Jeff , Carmel's 1st two playoff opponents .
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3... Late response I know but I was recovering! It was a good time down in the Ville, & STC will be the first to admit, those blue & white Tigers are for real! STC would love to go to Danville this week...but the crew and I are not allowed back there after last year when we destroyed their Tepee! Stink will go on the record and say, the crew and I will take the Memorial Tigers all the way! If you all should make it to the Oil Can, know this....we will hook up and party hand in hand! For this weeks game: Blue Tigers Forever - Warriors & Tepees NEVER!!!!
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    There are parts of this thread that are, I think, not in the best interests of the kids playing. Just the opposite. And let's be clear, I think we have to be sensitive to what's in the best interests of the kids and coaches who are actually involved. It IS after all about them. I've never been keen to lots of talk about kids who are injured (or the nature of those injuries) not so much because it provides unneeded information to their opponents (which it does) but even more because it might jeopardize a kid who has a scholarship on the line. I don't get it....never have. The same could be said as regards certain comments above regarding dissatisfaction or a possible transfer. It serves no one well. Whether true or not it harms the kid and does nothing except generate internal friction. Many of us over the years here have "known" things - it doesn't mean we have to say it. Particularly when it only serves to harm. Clearly there is an agenda here. An agenda that only serves the person pushing it. It certainly doesn't serve the kid discussed (ESPECIALLY if he actually does plan to transfer). It sure as heck doesn't support the coaches. Whatever the case might be, I will never understand someone like that.
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    I really think that Sweeney looks like a coach who understands his role and how to reach his players on a personal level. You certainly sound like a middle aged white man when you speak of the "brothers in the hood," considering there are white and black men in this picture who undoubtedly come from a multitude of different backgrounds. As a coach, you can be successful with a variety of different methods. It is our responsibility to develop meaningful relationships with the young men that we coach. Each relationship must have boundaries, which are clear and consistent. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer both have their methods as well. I am glad that you know more about being a successful Head Football coach more so than the man who just won the last national championship, and has the best odds to do it again this season.
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    You guys have a problem with celebrations but post pictures of a guy who's team made a music video before they won a super bowl.
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    Realistically, as a head coach I can tell you that time commitment plays a big role in those decisions. For example, and this is without getting too personal, I have kids that do other stuff while I am in football season. So for me, I am going to miss dance classes, sports, and any other activity they may be involved in that doesn't fall on the weekend. I know this going in, and have accepted that. I think for a lot of guys, once they become head coaches, this plays a huge role in longevity. In addition, I think that the off-season demands play a huge role in longevity. This was a popular discussion among a lot of coaches at clinics this year. As a head coach, I do not feel particularly comfortable not being at every in-season and off-season activity. So for me personally, I am making sacrifices not only in-season but out of season as well. Just a few random thoughts. Obviously there are other factors, and each person's decision is unique to him. I can tell you that there are coaches that think the stipends are not where they need to be. I think everyone agrees with that, but we know that going in. Also, I wanted to add that you need a very understanding spouse to do what you love doing. If my wife wasn't as supportive as she is, being a head coach would be a recipe for divorce/marital difficulties. I love doing what I am doing, and I hope to coach forever. None of it is possible without her carting my kids everywhere and being supportive.
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    I was gonna go with ‘fame and glory’ but I want to change my answer to this.
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    The IndyStar does not select the winners of Mr. Football/Mr. Football Position Awards. They are selected by Coaches, specifically the IFCA ratings board. Each sectional across the state has a representative there to vote so that every area of the state is represented.
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    Disagree. There are plenty of "old dogs" still out there coaching with success. This comment is specific to your post and not a knock on Kennedy. I heartily congratulate him on a career full of making a difference for student athletes.
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    Oh wait....so a forum is NOT a place to bring something that was noticed up? hmmm, yeah, ok.
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    Start naming programs that have young head coaches that have allowed themselves to be ran by the players and the bro culture? I just don't buy this in any way shape or form. Some will point to KV this past 2 years, but those issues were ongoing with a seasoned guy in Coach Stewart. Danville? Lafayette Jeff? A couple young 30 somes doing some good work there. Sam Zachary, last year at this time was a College student at SJC, currently in his 1st off season as HC at Tri County at age 22 or 23 . Was his success this past year because his "bro culture" ?? How young is young in these comments ? 30s? 40s? 20s? Do not misinterpret excitement for bro culture Example: PU/IU game right before kickoff, these are 18-21 year olds mostly and both sidelines are up and after it EXCITED for the game. I see this in HS level too. Is that meaning those teams that are excited fall under the category of Bro Culture? Again, not buying this in any form.
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    I respect his long and distinguished career (including the 500). And being an Indianapolis broadcaster, I would expect him to have more knowledge about those teams than ones outside the area. However, in my opinion, his state championship broadcasting has frequently been significantly slanted towards the local teams.
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    Congrats to one of the best I have had the pleasure to learn from and Coach against! Enjoy my friend! Coach West WC Football
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    Ben Davis is so untouchable that they were trailing at the half twice in the tourney ultimately pulling away to win semi comfortably vs LC and eeked one out vs 7-4 warren central. Also winning by 18 vs their 'rival' Carmel at home the same team that penn just trounced at carmel. Of course mic teams with the losses that warren ( trinity+ mic schedule) and lc and carmel( trinity+ mic schedule) had were excusable because of the strength of their conference which i sort of agree with . But strength of schedule of your opponent isnt always indicative of how good your team is . Columbus east doesnt exactly play too rough of a schedule and they won comfortably over the irish. O forget it .... .. . ...Penn just turn in your pads don't show up you can't win , you won't win ...... the season is over.
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    Actually, stick Penn in the MIC, and they get better--maybe they don't win conference or state every year, but UNDOUBTEDLY, they would be better off.....Chris Geesman knew that playing Ben Davis would make Penn better--and, after the first BD-Penn regular season meeting, PENN won state Now, Penn doesn't see a MIC team until late in the tournament...and 14 of the last 16 big school titles(since Penn last won state) were won by MIC members--Fishers and Lawrence Central are the exceptions, and LC has since joined the MIC. Coincidence that MIC schools playing each other has aligned with the run of state titles?....or just Indy mentality?.......
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    I feel like my sarcasm went unappreciated there.
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    I'm just shocked that he posts something besides Ben Davis 2017 State Champs .
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    Semistate games need to be played on a neutral field.
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