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    Guys, can you please keep this going for the rest of the day? Also, is it ok to post pics of Michael Jackson since he ended up being white at the end of his life?
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    This a public service endorsement for the importance of getting an EKG for your child. The opportunity was recently provided to Bremen High School through the "Play for Jake" Foundation. (http://playforjake.org/) Jake was a student at La Porte and passed away suddenly during football practice on September 25, 2013 from an undetected heart condition, Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVD). ARVD is a disease that attacks the heart and cannot be diagnosed without proper screening and/or testing. Jake was a strong and healthy high school junior who participated in both the football and lacrosse programs and never showed any signs or symptoms of having a heart condition. This is why it is so important that we spread this awareness to help save precious lives. I encourage everyone to have your son/daughter tested. My son, who is also a junior, is a very active football and baseball player. Growing up, we always thought he had childhood asthma because when he got worked up, especially in the heat of summer travel ball, football workouts and even travel basketball, he'd sweat a ton, face turning red, couldn't breathe, etc... Simply diagnosed at the time as Asthma. He was given an inhaler and that seemed to be the fix. A couple months ago, the Play for Jake (P4J) Foundation came to Bremen and tested all. As a result of the testing, a blip was picked up on the EKG for my son. Long story short, he was diagnosed with WPW syndrome (Woolff Parkinson White Syndrome.) I'm not a doctor so I won't explain it all but basically the electrical system of his heart would short-circuit on occasion because of an extra blood vessel he was born with would allow the blood flow to the heart work against itself. Yesterday, he had a successful heart ablation to fix the situation in South Bend and after a short week, he'll be able to resume normal activity. Had it not been for P4J, we might not have ever known. As a parent, definitely relieved to know and very thankful for Jake's parents for starting the foundation to have high school kids tested. I'm not sure if EKG's are part of a normal HS sports physical but definitely should be checked. I encourage everyone to visit the Play for Jake website and have your child checked. Definitely could be a lifesaver! Again, HUGE thanks to the Jake's family for starting their foundations so it doesn't happen to anyone else.
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    We’re still here.... And not going to Canada unless it’s for fishing!
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    So. If, I read this correctly. The coach tackled the player who scored on the coach's son. He then hit him in the head and used bad language toward the player. The coach was suspended for 2 weeks. He was able to come back and coach the players. WOW! There is no way you would be able to keep your job in the workforce doing that to a customer. Besides, the idea of a lawsuit. He also is the head of the pastoral ministry. We as coaches have a code that we ask our players, parents and even fans. We MUST maintain the HIGHER GROUND. I am sorry. We do have to be the role models for our players. We need to be men of INTEGRITY!
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    When my older daughter was about 10, she looked at me and said “Dad, you’re a football referee and a lawyer. NOBODY likes you!” Out of the mouths of babes ...
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    Modest you forgot to add modest to your resume.
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    at this point when it becomes a grammar war its time to move on
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    When your team is having success under center running option and then switch out to a 2x2 set that clearly isn’t the teams bread and butter that’s coaching. When you see a team in a terrible defensive set for the opponent they are facing that’s coaching. When you hear kids getting screamed at and belittled on the sideline when things aren’t going your way that is coaching. None of those things are caused by community, parents, etc.
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    Thought the Dundies was usually at a Chili’s. Or did someone get too rowdy? Maybe fall off a stool?
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    Few weeks back I had an idea. Started a spreadsheet that shows the win-loss, win percentage, combined percentage, and total wins for every team that plays football and basketball. Thought others might enjoy it. Football Basketball Records.xlsx
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    This would be the first thing I would ever look for in a teacher's background. Touching a child in the course of your employment is never acceptable.
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    Jason Simmons will be highly effective at a school who, to be frank, needs his discipline. Will he win football games? I believe he will.. Will he produce quality young people who better their family trees and make generational changes? Undoubtedly. I would want my son to play for him and would be honored to coach on his staff. Mark my words, years from now people will reflect that Ben Davis was lucky to make such a quality hire.
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    Snyder kicks Kiser's butt in Fortnite
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    This is what I would like to hear more about compared to which individual throws a better ball...
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    Great news about your son! The Play for Jake organization has made an amazing impact already and hopefully their reach can keep growing. If you're ever at Kiwanis Field in LaPorte and you wonder why the home field 26 yard line hash marks are orange. That's for #26 - Jake West.
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    Been involved quite a bit over the years here in this state, but I would venture to say that this upcoming SR class may be one of, if not the best collection of HS Football Talent that this state has seen, at least in my 15 years in coaching.
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    Don't post often. Haven't in 13 years but I just thought I'd stand by a friend. I have no knowledge of the EC situation I was just defending 7979's credentials.
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    Agreed, never doubted 7979 credentials, just thought his need to tell everyone how great a coach he is is a little off putting to say the least. Still don't see how any of that gives him the authority to speak on something he has no clue about except for what he's heard around the water cooler. 7979 what about your boy? I get a clinic invite but no more love, that's cold.
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    #fakenews again......your last post was 38 min ago..... No-one...I repeat...no-one takes a 38 min nap!! Come on...with 35 years coaching and all those acolades, best offensive line coach Indiana has ever had...you were out back, Z to the knee working on footwork.
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    Ha love it....Now we got "Hank".......1 post and now he is defending his buddy..... Let me tell you something....If STC had all the credentials 7979 has or accomplishments he thinks he has....I would be under my real name so STC could give him some street cred...but he is not. So until then, #fakenews. Now I must go get this oil change done in the shop....but I am telling you...7979 - Not all cracked up to be who he thinks he is.
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    7979......This is not college. The Administration just cant hand out money to coaches & teachers. There is this thing called a "contract".....Even STC knows that and I am already 3 deep..... Lysander....... Come on down...STC will meet you! My advice.....park at the school (in the back parking lot) walk through the tunnel under US 50...and boom, right there across the street from the gas station......Let me be honest Lysander......you need to be at least 10 deep before entering that place. Thursday Night is usually okay....They bring in some Natti chicks on Thursday for the STC Crew and the Coaches Show.
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    Muda is on the money here. When there is real money on the line, then it is time to get every call right. Missed calls are part of the game. Let the kids play and we can teach them the lesson that is associated with something not going their way once in a while!
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    Clearly my beleaguered, non paying of debts Tigers fan, Coach G, is alluding to is that many around these parts want to claim P/P/Catholic schools get all the great transfers, recruiting etc, where this is one of many examples of public to public school transfers. I believe the term is being facetious assuming folks read the article, classic family move, wishing young man great final years, watched him on film a few times and love his running style!!
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    I know it has been awhile, but Coach White does have a blue ring from his days at Griffith. Is the problem questionable coaching or something else?
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    I'm fine with Luers and Dwenger being down for awhile. Helps the rest of NE Indiana out.
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    It sounds like it was SWEPT under the table again by the Catholics! It is NOT resolved. An attack on a child is never resolved! How do you trust the whole staff!
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    Additionally, some of us just like grass. Invest the money in the weight room.
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    Well played sir. Maybe we should have an NCC challenge? Kokomo v Munster Lafayette Jeff vs Lowell Harrison vs Andrean Muncie Central vs KV McCutcheon vs Hobart Logansport vs Highland Games on Saturday to allow for appropriate travel
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    Like i’ve never been there. 99% of high school QBs are mechanically awful. I was trained classically as a QB by a great coach. Many years ago, but the fundamentals haven’t changed. Lead foot pointed at the target, stand tall, drive with the back foot, elbow up, press the ball into your throwing hand, when moving be sure to square your shoulders to the target, no false steps ... It’s still the same. I might see one QB a year who does it right.
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    Sounds good to me. The Ridge was ranked lower than that last year and we took out your 9,4,3 and #1 on the way to collecting that giant wooden plaque.
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    Congrats to Coach Simmons. Simmons has some strong ties to BD. Former assistant there, former assistant AD, understands all that comes with working at BD. Has head coaching experience, has school admin experience, and leadership experience in the state coaching association. Checks a lot of boxes.
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    Not everyone has the same system, but I can say that I believe that all but 1 of the DAC teams have real time sideline replay systems in place now. They have different ways of storing and distributing the video, but all of the realtime systems are obviously solid state. Some are newer than others. Some are run by a couple players who aren't dressed for the game and others are run by volunteers or members of the coaching staff. My guess is that most of the larger schools have the systems in place and more are getting them every season. Honestly, I only really know the capabilities of 1 system, but it's pretty impressive. As I said before, the replays are available within a couple seconds after the filming stops for a particular play. The video can be slowed down and zoomed. No, there isn't 10 camera angles like the NFL or college games. Here's the problem I see, there are many different systems out there and there would really be no way for an official to know how to use every one. If there were to be an occasion to use replay they would have to rely on whoever is operating the system, or one of the coaches who has an iPad or similar device to show the replay to them. If the team has 2 angles of the play they may choose to only show one angle that shows (or doesn't show) what the official needs to see. So there are hurdles of availability of the technology and honestly the integrity of the system. I would be interested to see the system tested in some sort of a pilot program. For example, if the DAC (or any other conference) wanted to try it for a season the system could be used for a single season only for conference games. Both schools would agree to meet with the officials prior to the game to disclose how many cameras they have available for replay and identify them to the officials. This way the officials know how many views they should get to see for any replay. Each team would designate their "replay representative" who would show the replays to the officials. The replay representatives would be only allowed to show the replays to the officials, but never under any circumstances advocate for any call. Any interference by the replay representative would result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Replay would only be allowed for turnovers and scoring plays. Each team is allowed a single challenge in the game. That's it. It's far from a perfect system. Sometimes the systems lock up, or a camera goes down for a few plays. You my just lose a camera for the one play you need it. How does that go over with an official who really wants to see the endzone angle you should have, but you don't because the freshman you had running the camera forgot to follow the play on a sweep? Maybe try it out for scrimmages first so officials and teams could just test out the idea first. I'm not sure we're ready for it yet, but the technology is there for a number of teams to make this work. In short, as of right now I'd be a no, but I would love to have a chance to try it out for a game or two just to see what would happen.
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    This thread is easily the best off-season thread of the year
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    I need clarity, did someone on here say there was no celebration party after the State Championship? What do you call the Fire Dept & Police escort welcoming back the team when they arrived back in St Leon or the over crowded parking lot at EC full of parents, students, fans, teachers and administrators? OHHHH wait people would not of known about any of that if they did not return with the team and stayed in Indy that night.
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    Ok, now it's obvious you don't coach O Line.
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    I can drive! This place you say you're looking for That's a place I used to know Don't know the number of the road But I can tell you how to go James McMurtry @7979 I haven't read this entire thread, but I think you're a little blinded by your own glowing resume. Belhmer is an animal, he coaches his :p off. I'm not sure why you'd take a shot at a fellow coach that you seemingly don't even know.
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    LOL. . . I was thinking the same thing, Lysander. Kirk received a raw deal at FC and we settled for our hometown boy. Sometimes life isn't fair, but in a cruel twist of fate I can't imagine that Kennedy isn't licking his chops thinking about this especially since the FC fan base and their kids are patting themselves on the back for hiring the "bro coach", Coach Gilly.
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    Don't post as often as I used to...plus..its out of season but I wish Coach Roden the best. Outside of my kids having played for Chatard, I am a Southeast Indiana guy. I revel in EC showing up and kicking some backsides (and Lawrenceburg as often as not) - that part of the State gets NO (NADA) respect. Also my intention is to ramble and...okay...pontificate a bit. Firstly (not sure that is a word) my beloved Chatard played Noblesville a couple of years straight quite recently and won both years. Yes, I saw some prior post regarding Noblesville playing Carmel and Cathedral as just insurmountable foes outside of conference...but they NEVER beat little ole' 3A Chatard. Just wanted to point that out as you guys take a knee and praise hosseana's (sp?) to those schools (particularly Cathedral...what is it with some of you guys here?)....which you all most always do. As I meander, East Central never beat Chatard the last 2 years....which tells me just how tough 3A was last year (Chatard won somewhat handily over EC the last game of the regular season last year despite being a clear "also run:" in 3A). Though I don't like to get into these discussions, 3A was MUCH better than 4A last year. And.....for the record....the 3A State Championship was won when Memorial beat Gibson Southern last year. Ironically, Gibson Southern seems to be the test everyone has to cross.to win State. Sometime soon, I hope they get their their Blue Rings. Let's talk about EC going forward (don't care much about Noblesville one way or the other). I am sure there are other coaches ready to step up at EC but has anyone considered Kirk Kennedy? Yes, I know he was likely forced out by the pantywaists at Brookville (they don't like anybody outside of Brookville....generally HATE everybody outside of the town limits....including kids....but hey....they hired in town again..they are no doubt ecstatic about that). Brookville being irrelevant (as they always are excepting people who unfortunately live there), has East Central reached out at all to Kennedy? Clearly, he was too tough for the marshmallows at Brookville (I heard they left the team in droves) he would seem the perfect match at EC (tough kids). By the way...just how ironic would it be for Kennedy to be coaching against Lowell in a State game? EC and Kennedy seems to be a perfect match. Edit...I saw somewhere where my old Coach Kim Simonson was either the new principal or Superintendant at EC- if he is either can he reach out to Kennedy?
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    According to this tweet the weight room is taken care of as well. Zollman Strength‏ @ZollmanStrength Mar 26 More Great school board meeting tonight. The weight room got approved for more equipment! Love the total corporation buy in. Much appreciated.
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    Sounds like it’s been resolved for quite some time now.
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    So in your world, only the wealthy kids would get an education and our economic inequality would grow. you would have loved to live in the Guilded age ( if you were lucky to be wealthy). I would argue that the best way to improve and grow the economy is by educating everyone. Only Kids with money should get to play sports, be in choir or band, art club, etc. I understand your fiscal conservatism, but your views would create a greater inequality in our country then already exists.
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