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    I would like to appeal the the folks behind this wonderful message board to create a sub-forum to be moderated and lead by DrivenT. I think sometimes his hot takes get lost in the wash with other threads taking attention away. I would suggest that the sub-forum be titled "Hey kids, stay off my lawn" - with DrivenT.
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    Showing excitement by fist pumping and cheering on your players, is not a "Bro Culture". You can be a leader of Young men and Grown men by creating a culture in which kids and people want to be in. It does not mean that you treat them as peers. It means they understand that you care about them and can rejoice in a moment with them, you aren't afraid to celebrate their successes. I have found in my years of coaching that I am a much better coach when they know I care, rather then when we have dictitoral type of relationship. None of this means there is not discipline and order. You all would hate watching Westfield play. We celebrate with our kids all the time. We even celebrate a turnover and try to be enthusiastic as possible at all times. We have built a team dedicated to family, service and hard work. Our numbers continue to grow from the youth leagues up. Our mission statement is to "make playing football at Westfield one of the most incredible experiences of your life." We take kids to College game, to a haunted house, we host a Special Olympics football camp, we have won the Indiana Blood Drive 3 of the last year, we have raised almost $50.000 for cancer. Oh and by the way, we won a State Championship and were runner up once. We won 4 sectionals in a row, won two regionals, won 2 semi-states. We fist bumped and chest bumped and encouraged all the way in all of these endeavors! We are in the business of building young men who will be future leaders and what a great forum football is to do that. Building leaders doesn't have to be mean and uncaring. Read the book, " Lead for Gods sake". Read, " The Energy bus". People will follow those who they know care for them and root for them. The do as I say because I am coach days are over. I for one say " Thank GOD"!
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    Always my favorite threads of this time of year.......... Rinse Repeat
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    Who logs the time? Is it just time spent at practices? Man if I got paid $22 an hour for everything I did football wise, heck even $5 an hour if I was allowed to count Film, meetings, Staff meetings, at home film, JV games, evaluating Middle and Freshman games, post Friday night games where I am downloading film, stats, etc. I would blow out my current stipend which is VERY GOOD.
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    Most of us who have coached at any level have most likely been there at one point or another very light and funny comedian John Christ says what most struggling FB coaches are thinking Its been tossed all around social media if you haven't seen it take a min and watch pretty funny stuff!
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    That didn't take you long......what a week??? Lets see in a week you have managed to highlight the "poor' programs in the state, advocating removing football from schools, called for multiple head college coaches to be fired already or on the "hot seat' This place has not changed from the days of Coach Tim Adams as it pertains to coaches and their families. We allow what is reported, nothing more, nothing less. I know shall go in the shame corner for allowing myself to get *%#!?*ed into the DT vortex of ridiculousness
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    Of course you're not. I can claim that the earth is flat, but that doesn't make it the truth. Have a nice day.
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    Don't know. He was a track teammate in college...when I last talked to him a week or so ago he wasn't a Marxist.
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    this isn't just a coach/student relation problem, it's a parent/kid problem too....too many parents/coaches would rather be friends with their kids than the one that holds them accountable. But my statement stands, if everyone that thought this way were to sign up and coach, it would work wonders for changing this "bro" culture.
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    Indiana High School Athletic Association 9150 Meridian Street P.O. Box 40650 Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 (Phone) 317-846-6601 (Fax) 317-575-4244 If you call, they'll answer the phone. What is your point in general? I have several ailments that can probably be traced back to my playing days. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I wouldn't change a thing.
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    His girlfriend cheated on him in the mid 2000's for a boy from Eastbrook that had a bigger......Engine than he had.
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    Older generation blaming the younger generation....very original. Its always laughable to, because its the older generation who raised and taught the younger one.
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    Muda and DrivenT in same thread....*grabs popcorn*
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    I was actually going to hold off on my comments about last night's game until I saw you clowns whining about the way the game went. In my 25 years being around high school football I have never seen a bigger 180 in a program in one year than LCC. Not sure where to even begin. Just a brief history reminder, check out some of the LCC scores in recent years: http://pastfb.homestead.com/past149.htm I've been on this board over 10 years and have seen the success LCC has had, pretty sure I don't remember seeing Taylor, Lewis Cass, Attica, Clinton Prairie, Clinton Central or Indy Marshall fans whining about getting 70+ points hung on them. As as far as the series goes the numbers don't lie 2-5 over the last 7 years. Some of the best HS games I have watched, but that is the past and you guys love living in the past. Pretty sure the overall series record is something like 31-19 WL and will be interested in how it goes in the next few years as well. For the game last night I have not seen a head coach quit the way I saw last night. Down 35 at half and ask for a running clock, the punt on 3rd down in WL territory towards end the half was interesting as well. Pulling the varsity players half way thru the 3rd down 35. Coaches yelling across the field when WL put in their JV offense and a FRESHMAN caught a 30 yard pass from the SOPHOMORE QB. How dare WL not just run dive into the middle of the line and try not to score. When I was a middle school coach and our team was getting beat, I never yelled at the other coach or got mad when they passed or scored or left in their #1s. It wasn't their job to stop scoring or run something besides their offense against us. It was our job to stop them and figure something out. How does the proud LCC fan base react to the head coach rolling over the way he did last night? How does the LCC faithful react to the lesson the coach demonstrated to his team last night? Seems that LCC would not stand for something like that. Maybe more fish frys to raise money to lure coach O'Shea back?
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    As I have told my son all of his life "The fair comes to town once a year, and it ain't this week!"
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    I'd take a second to mention Linton's presence on the GID, but they'll be here shortly to remind you.
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    I hope Eastbrook/Scecnia play in tournament. I don't care who wins or by how much I'll just want to creep on the thread for a week and upvote all the funny parts and probably stir the pot with comments I don't even mean.
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    I finally found a picture of DrivenT and Muda together.
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    I can assure you that our staff is included in many aspects of our athletes lives outside of football. I will not go into the things each of us does to ensure that our players know we love and care about them, but I assure you they know. Each of us is very involved with our kids off the field as well as on. Again, when we say we are family here, it is not just a saying. I'm also not saying there is not a place for yelling and getting after it, but for anyone to say that because you get excited for your players and show emotion creates a "Bro" culture is just silly. Coaching for me is very personal, and I try to coach other peoples children as I want my sons coached. I want them pushed outside of their comfort zones constantly, physically and mentally so they can discover what their best is. (This is the essence of great coaching) I want them held accountable when their effort or focus is less then their potential. How often do we really get pushed in our daily endeavors to find out what we are truly capable of? However, I think we can challenge and prod a lot harder if kids know you care and love them. If you are going to get after them hard when they make mistakes, it only makes sense to celebrate when they do something extraordinary.
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    We have three knee replacements, a hip replacement, a three level spinal fusion, and a partial shoulder replacement on our crew......you need to sack up.
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    Pay may not be great, but it's not terrible. Actually for a college student you can make pretty good money. Work 4-5 youth games on a Saturday morning while your buddies are sleeping off their hangover and you'll get out of there with $200-$250 for 4-5 hours of work. That's pretty good running around money. You probably aren't studying or doing anything else productive at this time anyway. And if you find out you love it, you can pick up some sub-varsity stuff during the week and possibly varsity games on Friday night. Then when you graduate you have a head start on a great avocation. The Indiana Sports Corp will be hosting a clinic the day before the Big Ten Championship in December for high school and college students who are interested in learning more about officiating. I'll post details once they are finalized.
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    If there is one the thing the Baby Boomers have turned into an art form, it's blaming other generations for whatever they believe is a problem. Millennials are just the most recent target.
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    Yeah. The bikini wax didn't go as smoothly as usual.
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    No thanks. I didn't make the claim, you did. You do the legwork. Show us some proof.
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    Sure because so much gets accomplished here, with most of us just wasting time at work.
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    Tipton isn’t a bad “doormat” “mediocre” program...3 state runners up between 2 and 3a and 9 sectional titles. Smh
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    No, but there is trout almondine with rice pilaf offered on the school lunch menu called The Coach's Special on that day..
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    Maybe RDP can come in and teach LCC how to win with class.
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    I was at the Hilliard Bradley - Dublin Sciota game last week in Columbus, Ohio and endured the most annoying trend that is affecting this great game of high school football. Neither team utilized a huddle throughout the game. The linemen walk up to the line, drop into a semi squat position, and look over at the sidelines, along with the QB and the running backs, to get the play from the staff. Really slows down the game, as the teams feel the need to milk every second out of the play clock that they possibly can. Makes me really appreciate these great traditional rushing attacks that many Indiana schools are still using. These so called "offensive geniuses" have overly complicated a fairly simple game. Another reason why the current version of this game is much less fun and entertaining than its previous versions.
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    Soooooooooo a tie makes you a classy person? That is the measuring stick? Hitler wore a tie every day. Class guy.
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    Exactly right. I wish this was more widely publicized. Further, I assume there will be some PA announcers reading this. I’m also going to assume that PA announcers want to do a good job and provide the fans with accurate information. In that vein, two pet peeves of mine: There is no “offsides” penalty in high school football ... and hasn’t been for many, many years. If you see a flag and the referee gives signal 18 (both hands on hips), the proper announcement is “encroachment,” not “offsides.” Similarly, there is no penalty called “illegal procedure” in high school. If the referee gives signal 19 (rolling hands), it can be one of several things. If it’s a dead ball foul (which should be preceded by signal 7 - right arm extended straight up), it is a “false start.” If it’s a live ball foul, i.e., the play is allowed to proceed, it’s probably illegal formation. There are some other possibilities, but these two cover 99% of the instances when signal 19 is used.
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    I absolutely wear a shirt on the sideline every week. Going shirtless would absolutely be unprofessional. Never do I wear a tie. The norm today is to wear a coaching polo sans tie. Not sure what a tie has to do with coaching ability (NICK SABAN). I do always wear slacks though, never shorts. But I do not care if others wear shorts, just not my deal. Some traditions have just changed. Most people don't dress for church anymore either. Not sure it lessons their commitment to worshiping though.
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    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO math!!!!!!! We like football that's why us coaches became Social Studies and PE Teachers
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    Plenty of us "entitled" millenials coaching rather than complaining to a forum doing nothing to help the game. Wonder what we will be blamed for next...
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    That tagline isn't going to help your recruiting efforts.
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    Boy, ain't that the truth. I feel like the line between coach and player is becoming more blurry every year. Some will argue, "That's just a way to get kids motivated these days." But you can hear kids cussing with their coaches from the stands in some games. I've been around the game a long time and I just don't get it. Maybe these kids just need to get off my lawn, but I've always felt coaches are so afraid of disciplining kids to the point where they'll just ignore things that have gone on just so they don't upset the kid. It's sad to see.
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    https://twitter.com/The_Wrath_Of/status/915005780683902976 Tom Petty was reported dead then not dead. Which makes sense because you can stand him up at the gates of hell but he won’t back down.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if we had a tournament with only 160 teams, so these next two weeks would be filled with compelling late season games that have post season berths on the line. This would eliminate the need for seeding, because all the 0-9, 1-8 and 2-7 teams would be turning in their gear and getting ready for basketball season. Of course, this is the way its done in almost every other state in the union. But Indiana wants and needs to be different and "unique." And please, don't bring up Northwood. I've heard it a million times. Enough already.
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    Slick Hair Power Rankings Week 6: 1. Northridge- I have to admit this may have started out as a joke, similar to when Drago fought Creed in Rocky IV. Raiders seem to be for real. Maybe Slahbach will come out of hiding now that I have thrown a compliment his way. 2. Plymouth- Should be emotionally charged with nothing to lose at home Friday night. I would expect them to give Concord their best shot. Will they be Clubber Lang 1st fight and knock out Concord or the second fight??? 3. Concord- Minutemen are back in a familiar spot. This year's schedule with the rankings of opponents didn't fall in the best order for them. HUGE two weeks ahead. Along with Northridge, the only team that completely control their destiny. As for my rocky reference for the Minutemen, Rocky Balboa seems to make sense. Took some beatings last year, but right now looks to be taking on their old form. Especially with the comparisons of the Top Two rankings I have above. Anything can happen tonight! 4. NorthWood- Special Teams matter!!! Always amazing how smart we look when we win and how criticized we are when we lost. My comparison is Apollo. It takes a lot of arrogance to go for two and when it works we call it swagger and when it doesn't we call it stupidity. 2016 NorthWood--> 2017 NorthWood--> 5. Warsaw- One of these bottom 4 teams needs to be #5. Warsaw Continues to be the anomoly in high school football. I'll compare them to Thunderlips. He looks absolutely fantastic in his uniform, but just can't seem to figure out the sport.... 6. Goshen- Rocky V is still a Rocky movie, just not very good....Kind of like Goshen being in the NLC.... 7. Memorial- Paulie- never fought, but at least scared Rock when he had a bat. The lamp will never be the same. 8. Wawasee- Spider Rico.
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    Who's trash talking? I haven't seen any of the Indian faithful this year trash talk anyone. Perhaps you are just trying to stir up the pot. I remember a few years ago when things got chippy here on the CIC forums.....good times. Nobody has tried to belittle a young inexperienced team. Yes, we may have stated the obvious that M-G is basically playing a JV team at the varsity level because of the number of Sophomores and Freshman. Wasn't done to belittle anyone, but rather to explain why the scores have been so lopsided. I commend the Madison-Grant players for hanging tough. Sure they will take their lumps this year and perhaps some next year, but they will be much better for it in the future. In a previous post, I did say that Ole Miss would have to settle for 2nd place (or 1st place loser as you like to call it). I did so not to gloat, but rather to acknowledge that this year Eastbrook is the best team in the CIC and that Mississinewa is the 2nd best team. If anything, YOUR post borders on reckless. Nope, no self entitlement here. Myself or other Indian fans on here don't consider 2nd place a major accomplishment. Perhaps it would have been prior to Coach Funk's arrival, but now winning the CIC and Sectionals are major goals. P.S. We prefer to be called Indians. Rats seems so 1980's-ish.
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    Is it fair that one team's coaches go to top flight clinics? Has better practice facilities? A bigger weight room? A full-time training staff? Etc. Inequalities abound. But unequal doesn't mean unfair.
  49. 5 points
    I would be perfectly happy to go 15-0 and be known as the worst state champs in history
  50. 5 points
    An adjustment like the whole state moving to Central time (as it should be)?
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