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    He's looking for someone to chest bump here. There were no millennials around to reciprocate.
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    I really think that Sweeney looks like a coach who understands his role and how to reach his players on a personal level. You certainly sound like a middle aged white man when you speak of the "brothers in the hood," considering there are white and black men in this picture who undoubtedly come from a multitude of different backgrounds. As a coach, you can be successful with a variety of different methods. It is our responsibility to develop meaningful relationships with the young men that we coach. Each relationship must have boundaries, which are clear and consistent. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer both have their methods as well. I am glad that you know more about being a successful Head Football coach more so than the man who just won the last national championship, and has the best odds to do it again this season.
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    You guys have a problem with celebrations but post pictures of a guy who's team made a music video before they won a super bowl.
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    It amazing how a topic can go from Will Porter resigning @ Clay to herding us into internment camps in California.
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    Sometimes.... we give 100%, work our hardest, and still don't succeed. Sometimes... the chips are stacked against us, and we still fight to do our best everyday. Sometimes... we find value in things besides winning and losing. I respect every single one of the kids that stuck it out for the Colonials this year... in any sport. It's easy to jump on a successful train. It takes determination, loyalty, and love for the game and your teammates to stick it out on a team that couldn't win a game if they executed their entire gameplan to perfection. That certainly isn't a "bro culture" thing. It's something meaningful, valuable, and should be commended. I have plenty of problems with the South Bend Tribune, but this article brought a tear to my eye. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/football/clay-seniors-keep-faith-during-another-winless-football-season/article_bdf13a36-7fc1-53dc-8eb3-383803c64481.html Here's hoping that Clay finds a man who doesn't what so many adults do to inner-city kids... promise to stay... and then leave.
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    Call me old school/old fool/whatever, but I don't think the "Bro" culture is all that appropriate. Although the right camaraderie and chemistry are needed between the coach and players, a system of discipline is essential as well.
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    Different strokes . . . but "bro culture" seems to be working out for some people
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    Flying chest bumps do not remove the respect between players and coaches. Are high five's ok? Are handshakes ok? Are pats on the head ok? People have different opinions on what is acceptable. These are a norm in society now. Are you just assuming that since they are doing this, they must be disrespecting coaches outside the lines? Are you assuming the coaches are just pandering to the players? I've watched you talk about Bro Culture for a while now, and like Veechy, I don't understand. If you were talking about coaches' relationships with players getting too friendly or "broing out" after practice, I would understand. But you keep referring to just the chest bump thing. Many find it refreshing to see coaches getting enthusiastic. I simply don't see the issue with it.
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    Congratulations to Shane Arnold for being named the new head coach at Tri-Central. We were all disappointed when coach Gilbert moved on but are very pleased that coach Arnold now gets his chance. https://tri-centraltrojans.com/2017/12/13/shane-arnold-named-head-football-coach/
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    At least he is in appropriate, professional attire for a football head coach. Not like this schlub:
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    More class and dignity. We Boomers are embedded with the double standard gene.
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    Sorry - my sarcasm doesn't translate to message boards! LOL Here's another example of coaches crossing the line with his bro's.
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    More horrific "bro culture" Just ridiculous. Where is the class? This crap trickles down from the NFL all the way down to the lowest levels. Great example our "pros", or "bros" are setting. As long as our adults keep enabling these overgrown millennial children, this activity will continue to permeate our great game.
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    Thank you for mentioning the spouses... we sacrifice time (especially when children are involved) for no stipend! Watching the state championship games, where everyone involved with the team gets a medal, including the bus drivers, I wondered where the coaches' wives medals were?
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    Thank you. And for the record I was not the one to originally compare Kip & JT. I don't like doing that on a public message board. These are still kids and pointing out flaws can be taken the wrong way. At the same time the ridiculous hype of the team in general needed to be checked. Acting like our bench was full of all SWIAC caliber players is crazy. I think Kip is a very good player and a great kid. Has a tremendous future. I believe he's good enough to be a #2 option on state championship level team in the future. Lincoln is a special talent at our level. He has a lot to prove over the next 4 years before I will say he belongs in the catagory of top SWIAC players this century. Guys like Brody, AJ, Charmichael, Rhemel, Yoho, Dess were nightmares for opposing coaches. They were all clutch and generally played their best in big games. Most importantly, they all made their teammates better. Lincoln hasn't gotten their yet. Dess didn't until he was a senior. The others did earlier in their career. We will see with Lincoln. He has a shot. On to our team... We have a skilled but soft team that needs Coach Hart's molding. Let him do so and let's see what happens. That is all.
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    speaking of which: Don't forget to donate if you have any holiday cash left over!!! http://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
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    Only on The GID my friend. Where else can you find this kind of low cost daily entertainment?
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    I like Sweeney. He has done a terrific job at Clemson and probably does not get the recognition he deserves. I doubt that he encourages the "bro culture" element that is evident on his team, but participates minimally to placate his players. He seems like a guy who knows where to draw the line between player and coach, and play both ends of the spectrum. That might help to explain his great success. Note that he learned under Saban. No doubt that had great influence on his approach, demeanor and style.
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    It will be very visible to you across the field according to the plans ... (but i know what you mean)
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    Congrats to HH. Can't help but think...almost $2mil and people not on the HH side won't even know it happened.
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    So in your world, only the wealthy kids would get an education and our economic inequality would grow. you would have loved to live in the Guilded age ( if you were lucky to be wealthy). I would argue that the best way to improve and grow the economy is by educating everyone. Only Kids with money should get to play sports, be in choir or band, art club, etc. I understand your fiscal conservatism, but your views would create a greater inequality in our country then already exists.
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    I'm not a school finance expert, but I can tell you that current law does not allow schools to move funds freely between all "departments" of their budget. Certain funds must stay in specific "departments". They have some leeway in specific instances, but the "Money is Money" argument is not founded in current law regarding school budgets. Not saying this is right or wrong, but that argument needs to be made to your representatives.
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    Not quite at the competitive level of the HCC, but still very solid. Franklin needs to significantly upgrade its football program, and Perry Meridian and Martinsville would be challenged in this new conference setup. With the right coaching and total program comittment, they can compete. I agree. Mooresville needs to look out longterm at their best interests. They dont want to be in the position that the Terre Haute schools find themselves in, looking over their shoulders every year wondering if they are wanted or not. Same thing happened with the Lafayette schools and their affiliation with the HCC. Griffith made an aggressive proactive move when they left the NCC for the smaller GSSC. Hobart did the same thing when they left the Duneland for the NCC/Lake Athletic. Both schools knew that their prior conferences had outgrown them. They didn't wait to get pushed out. Mooresville and Greenwood will be facing the same fate in the Mid State, sooner or later.
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    I understand your fiscally conservative nature, but aren't extra curricular activities an important part of a students education? Don't these things make a student more well rounded? Don't these things also benefit communities socially and instill pride. Think of what sports did for the University of Mississippi in 1962 and for the town of Philadelphia Mississippi when Marcus Dupree was there. Read about why Bear Bryant played USC in Alabama when he knew they were probably going to get beat. Plato, I believe also stated, that a sound body led to a sound mind and recommended a strenuous exercise regimen during his days as a "Teacher." I understand, that we should try to fund things without tax money whenever possible, but if there is extra money as seems to be the case here, why not use it to upgrade facilities and improve community and school pride. That money can typically only be used on capital improvements, so why not? If you do not use tax money, what do schools in poor area with no economic benefactors do?
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    Our senior class motivation hopefully they pass it down
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    I've heard this ridiculous explanation many times before. Money is Money. It doesn't matter where it comes from. If the school eventually closes due to financial problems, they won't be having a discussion that the "athletic budget" might have saved the entity from becoming insolvent. Bottom line, admins have a responsibility to allocate resources in the most fiscally responsible manner possible, and in a way that benefits students to the maximum level of effectiveness. If a division of your company is losing money every year, you either reinvest in that division to bring it back to profitability, or you shut it down. Clay is not and will not invest in its football program. They are letting the dying carcass rot from the inside out. That is a poor decision and not in the best interests of the student body, as a whole.
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    Your hero, the player-punching Woody Hayes, must be rolling in his grave.
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    Wow. It is called parity; lots of it in southern Indiana basketball. For a Miner fan you don't support your boys too much. Every year I watch the WVC... last year I sat back and watched Joey's team win 3 straight games at the WVC that they were predicted, by Harrell, to lose. They beat Cloverdale, Northview and THS. And starting with their sectional title victory over 2A #2 Sullivan in 2013, something like 10 of their next 12 postseason wins were "upsets" per Harrells predictions. Clay City's boys won a handful of postseason games they were expected to lose over the past 5 years, and Shakamak won a couple last year; Bloomfield did it regularly about 15 years ago... but honestly I've not seen anyone outplay their talent the way Linton has since 2012. I'm have no idea where you are getting "lose again in a clutch game." Hart has built a great program over there that rivals all 2A's in the state since '12.
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    So you are saying that Dabo has hurt the Clemson brand and football product as a whole?
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    Where is the line between Coach and 'bro drawn?
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    Overhyped Miners lose clutch game again? Yeah, I’ll give you that. On this occasion. FWIW, I never thought the Miners were a Top-10 2A team to begin with. Too many questions (which were answered). For instance, coming into this season I knew the personnel they had coming in and I knew they’d likely struggle to guard (anyone good anyway). Overhyped? We all know what rankings are based on, especially early in the season. Rankings are basically worthless. But typical Miner BB stuff over the years? Can’t take ‘em serious? That’s where you and I will have to agree to disagree my friend. The 2014 team overachieved. They came within a busted inbounds play in the final seconds of repeating as regional champions. This was a ragtag bunch that didn’t even win the Greene County tourney or the SWIAC. Yet they won a sectional I didn’t figure they’d win. Beat South Knox who pounded them at Linton during the regular season. The 2015 team went back to the semistate. Beat Mater Dei by a dozen in the regional after Mater Dei beat them by 15 in the regular season. 2016, yes they laid an egg against Providence in the regional. So maybe that’s “Typical Miner BB stuff.” But they did win their fourth sectional in a row - something that had never been done before at Linton. And winning “that” sectional is in itself an accomplishment. Last year? I knew they’d struggle against Barr-Reeve in the sectional. But they did beat Terre Haute South in the Wabash Valley. Which only fueled the “hype” I guess. You’re right. Losing by 20 to #1 1A is no way to win the State. But this team is not a state title contender. Maybe they will be by March, maybe they won’t. I think not, it’s a flawed team. But do they have to win a state title to be taken seriously????
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    There’s no way Southport and Perry Meridian stop playing each other in all sports annually. If for no other reason than it’s easily their biggest gates in all sports. Also, that Superintendent is gone.
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    Beech Grove is a 4A school playing in the ICC and they are by no means the Big Dogs I will however default to your judgement on the comparison I don't know anything about the GSSC, but the ICC does have some really really good 1A and 2A teams (Lutheran, Scecina, Monrovia, and Trition Central) these are typically top 15 ranked teams in their classes.
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    Realistically, as a head coach I can tell you that time commitment plays a big role in those decisions. For example, and this is without getting too personal, I have kids that do other stuff while I am in football season. So for me, I am going to miss dance classes, sports, and any other activity they may be involved in that doesn't fall on the weekend. I know this going in, and have accepted that. I think for a lot of guys, once they become head coaches, this plays a huge role in longevity. In addition, I think that the off-season demands play a huge role in longevity. This was a popular discussion among a lot of coaches at clinics this year. As a head coach, I do not feel particularly comfortable not being at every in-season and off-season activity. So for me personally, I am making sacrifices not only in-season but out of season as well. Just a few random thoughts. Obviously there are other factors, and each person's decision is unique to him. I can tell you that there are coaches that think the stipends are not where they need to be. I think everyone agrees with that, but we know that going in. Also, I wanted to add that you need a very understanding spouse to do what you love doing. If my wife wasn't as supportive as she is, being a head coach would be a recipe for divorce/marital difficulties. I love doing what I am doing, and I hope to coach forever. None of it is possible without her carting my kids everywhere and being supportive.
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    There is always an exodus of coaches from the game when they hit that 52-55 age range. I think the exodus is now occurring for many at an even younger age. The pace of change and the demands on time are accelerating. Some guys just cant or dont want to keep up.
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    North Central was considered the worst team in the state last year, losing every game with several teams scoring 100+ on them. Ironically, North Central (Indy) was considered the best, although they lost in the regional. If it weren’t for them being in our conference, we probably would’ve dropped them already. (I’ve stated before that I wouldn’t mind dropping our conference and joining another, or just not being in a conference). We will find out today (GCI draw) if we have to play them twice like last year. Luckily, I think they’re a little better this year. I *think* they were ahead of WRV most of their game, but ended up losing. Could be wrong about that.
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    Has the Colts done this previous years? Great Surprise indeed and well deserved. Hope its a tradition that continues
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    If I'm the athletic director at Lawrence Central, I can see that my football program is on the crest of breaking thru to elite status in Class 6A. I am in my principal's office and pushing hard for the resources to recruit and sign the strongest possible candidate I can find to take my program to the next level. I am focusing my in state efforts on the following group of high quality, accomplished coaches, in no particular order : Kyle Ralph / 60-4 at New Palestine - 5A is nice, but 6A is King. Nick Hart / 67-9 at Gibson Southern - ready for his first shot with the big dogs. Phil Mason / 16-8 at Michigan City - 129 - 69 overall - Region guy gets his shot in Indy Kyle Enright / 17-5 at Decatur Central - Nice program. Develops athletes/players. I want to talk to him. Shane Fry / 53-12 at West Lafayette - Tremendous success at the small school level. Can he translate his success with the big schools? Scott Marsh / 8-2 at Roncalli - I want to talk to a PP to get a different POV. Jake Gilbert / 50-33 at Westfield - solid program builder. Hangs tough against bigger schools. That's important in The MIC. What do I (LC) have to offer : * Deep roster with some Big Ten quality talent * Great size and speed, as good as any in the state * Excellent facilities * Deep staff resources * Administrative support - they want a winner! * Excellent ties to college recruiting If I can get one of the guys on the above list, my program will be positioned to push forward towards its ultimate goal.
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    If I remember correctly, a name a lot of people threw around a lot during the previous opening was Emil Ekiyor (Sr.). I am not sure anything about him except for his son and that he coached at Tech, but now that Emil Jr. is done at Cathedral I could see that being a possibility. I would also guess they'd go after some of the smaller schools hot candidates like Kyle Ralph and Nick Hart. No matter what though, I hope that is a great hire.
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