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    Don't know. He was a track teammate in college...when I last talked to him a week or so ago he wasn't a Marxist.
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    No, but there is trout almondine with rice pilaf offered on the school lunch menu called The Coach's Special on that day..
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    Maybe RDP can come in and teach LCC how to win with class.
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    While I respect the fact that DT and Muda like to throw mud on the wall to see what sticks/generate discussion. I feel pretty strongly that getting rid of a sport because of wins/losses is just plain asinine. As Blu mentioned, sounds like a broken record, repeating their same crap. Having worked in Law Enforcement/Corrections for 13+ years, I can 100% say that pulling the plug on many of these teams would be taking the only good thing in many of these kids lives away. Many of the teams DT mentions that should be cut are inner city, poor, minority, or otherwise crime ridden areas. Many of these kids have been in trouble with the law/school, and do not have a positive role model in their lives, or if they do, it's their single parent working 3 jobs to put food on the table. Take away the game/coaches from their lives and what do they have left? How many will turn to drugs/theft/even worse without the coaches in their lives and something to live for. I would say just the opposite, don't give up on these kids, they need good role models and to stay busy doing something positive....going 0-10 for 5 years in a row is still better than getting shot on the street corner while slinging dope.
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    Most of the time we just stand there and take it when getting berated by a coach. And that’s the way it should be. But every once in a while the opportunity to get in a zinger presents itself, and you just can’t resist. What’s your best comeback — delivered in a totally professional manner, of course? I took advantage of one such opportunity last night. After calling back the home team’s kickoff return TD for a block in the back while they were getting blown out: Me: “Coach, that was my man, and I watched him chase that kid for 30 yds., and when he caught up to him, he crushed him from behind.” Coach: “What are you talking about? There wasn’t even a [visiting team] player anywhere around there. Only my players.” Me: Coach, I know you’ve got an iPad over there. Go look at the play and you’ll see what I mean.” Coach: [after watching the video] “He had his head in front. That makes the block legal, right?” Me: “Had his head in front of who? I thought it was only your players there.”
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    Bombers won 66-0 Eastbrook has a very very nice team from what I saw when I visited vs Ole Miss. Can't wait to get into film over the weekend, probably be having some serious night terrors with #22 speed !!! Mercy he looked fast a few weeks back and his stats are video game numbers. Have a great week Panther folks: Hit me up with any questions about the way of the land in Jasper county. But if you come over and do not HAVE a wagonmaster, well thats on you!!!
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    By popular demand, I've once again compiled all the polls and computer rankings, BCS style, and am posting the results. The PCS (Postseason Championship Series) is for entertainment purposes only and could be used should the IHSAA ever decide to seed the postseason. 2017 PCS Rankings - FINAL.pdf 2017 PCS Rankings by Sectional - FINAL.pdf Potential seeded playoff matches using PCS rankings: Class 6A Sectional 1 #22 Crown Point (5-4) vs. #29 Lake Central (2-7) #23 Portage (4-5) vs. #28 Merrillville (1-8) Class 6A Sectional 2 #5 Penn (8-1) vs. #27 Warsaw (5-4) #6 Valparaiso (8-1) vs. #25 Chesterton (4-5) Class 6A Sectional 3 #2 Fort Wayne Snider (9-0) vs. #29 Fort Wayne Northrop (2-7) #10 Homestead (8-1) vs. #19 Carroll (Fort Wayne) (6-3) Class 6A Sectional 4 #8 Lafayette Jefferson (9-0) vs. #26 Noblesville (1-8) #9 Carmel (5-4) vs. #21 Westfield (4-5) Class 6A Sectional 5 #14 Pike (5-4) vs. #23 Hamilton Southeastern (3-6) #16 North Central (Indianapolis) (3-6) vs. #17 Fishers (5-4) Class 6A Sectional 6 #1 Ben Davis (9-0) vs. #18 Lawrence North (2-7) #3 Warren Central (6-3) vs. #7 Lawrence Central (6-3) Class 6A Sectional 7 #4 Avon (7-2) vs. #31 Perry Meridian (1-8) #11 Brownsburg (7-2) vs. #19 Southport (5-4) Class 6A Sectional 8 #12 Franklin Central (8-1) vs. #32 Jeffersonville (3-6) #13 Center Grove (4-5) vs. #15 Columbus North (8-1) Class 5A Sectional 9 #7 LaPorte (6-3) vs. #26 South Bend Adams (3-6) #8 Michigan City (6-3) vs. #26 Munster (4-5) Class 5A Sectional 10 First Round #33 Goshen (1-8) vs. #34 Elkhart Memorial (1-8) Semifinals #6 Concord (8-1) vs. winner Game 1 #29 Elkhart Central (4-5) vs. #32 Fort Wayne North (0-9) Class 5A Sectional 11 #9 McCutcheon (6-3) vs. #36 Huntington North (0-9) #11 Harrison (West Lafayette) (6-3) vs. #16 Kokomo (5-4) Class 5A Sectional 12 First Round #35 Muncie Central (1-8) vs. #36 Anderson (2-7) Semifinals #1 New Palestine (9-0) vs. winner Game 1 #12 Zionsville (4-5) vs. #29 Greenfield-Central (3-6) Class 5A Sectional 13 First Round #13 Plainfield (5-4) vs. #28 Indianapolis Tech (3-6) Semifinals #3 Indianapolis Cathedral (4-5) vs. winner Game 1 #4 Roncalli (8-1) vs. #5 Decatur Central (8-1) Class 5A Sectional 14 First Round #23 Franklin (1-8) vs. #24 Bloomington North (3-6) Semifinals #14 Bloomington South (4-5) vs. winner Game 1 #18 Martinsville (5-4) vs. #20 Whiteland (2-7) Class 5A Sectional 15 First Round #20 New Albany (5-4) vs. #24 Seymour (4-5) Semifinals #2 Columbus East (8-1) vs. winner Game 1 #10 Floyd Central (7-2) vs. #19 Bedford North Lawrence (6-3) Class 5A Sectional 16 #15 Castle (5-4) vs. #31 Evansville North (2-7) #17 Terre Haute North (4-5) vs. #22 Terre Haute South (2-7) Class 4A Sectional 17 #1 Lowell (9-0) vs. #61 Gary West (2-7) #40 Highland (3-6) vs. #51 Hammond Gavit (4-5) #10 Griffith (8-1) vs. #60 Hammond (3-6) #32 Hammond Morton (7-2) vs. #52 East Chicago Central (4-5) Class 4A Sectional 18 #6 New Prairie (8-1) vs. #63 South Bend Clay (0-9) #27 South Bend Riley (6-3) vs. #32 South Bend St. Joseph (3-6) #20 Mishawaka (5-4) vs. #47 South Bend Washington (3-6) #21 Hobart (6-3) vs. #43 Kankakee Valley (3-6) Class 4A Sectional 19 #4 Northridge (9-0) vs. #48 DeKalb (3-6) #13 NorthWood (6-3) vs. #14 East Noble (7-2) #5 Angola (9-0) vs. #39 Wawasee (3-6) #12 Culver Military Academy (8-1) vs. #16 Plymouth (6-3) Class 4A Sectional 20 #7 Fort Wayne Dwenger (6-3) vs. #49 Jay County (3-6) #23 Fort Wayne Wayne (3-6) vs. #36 Logansport (5-4) #8 New Haven (8-1) vs. #40 Columbia City (5-4) #17 Leo (7-2) vs. #37 Fort Wayne South (1-8) Class 4A Sectional 21 #18 Lebanon (7-2) vs. #59 Frankfort (1-8) #25 Mississinewa (7-2) vs. #29 Delta (5-4) #19 Marion (6-3) vs. #44 Yorktown (3-6) #23 Western (5-4) vs. #30 Pendleton Heights (6-3) Class 4A Sectional 22 #11 Greenwood (7-2) vs. #61 Richmond (0-9) #35 Beech Grove (4-5) vs. #38 Mount Vernon (Fortville) (3-6) #25 Shelbyville (7-2) vs. #53 Connersville (4-5) #31 New Castle (5-4) vs. #45 Mooresville (1-8) Class 4A Sectional 23 #9 East Central (6-3) vs. #64 Edgewood (3-6) #49 Jennings County (2-7) vs. #54 South Dearborn (2-7) #22 Silver Creek (7-2) vs. #58 Scottsburg (3-6) #28 Franklin County (5-4) vs. #55 Madison (1-8) Class 4A Sectional 24 #2 Evansville Central (8-1) vs. #57 Owen Valley (3-6) #34 Northview (7-2) vs. #40 Boonville (5-4) #3 Evansville Reitz (8-1) vs. #55 Evansville Bosse (1-8) #15 Jasper (7-2) vs. #45 Evansville Harrison (2-7) Class 3A Sectional 25 #1 West Lafayette (8-1) vs. #62 Hammond Clark (1-8) #32 Hanover Central (5-4) vs. #42 Wheeler (4-5) #14 Andrean (6-3) vs. #55 Calumet (3-6) #31 Twin Lakes (4-5) vs. #46 Benton Central (2-7) Class 3A Sectional 26 #9 Brebeuf Jesuit (5-4) vs. #58 Crawfordsville (0-9) #33 Hamilton Heights (2-7) vs. #37 Northwestern (4-5) #15 Guerin Catholic (6-3) vs. #55 Blackford (4-5) #27 Southmont (5-4) vs. #39 North Montgomery (3-6) Class 3A Sectional 27 #17 Knox (8-1) vs. #53 Tippecanoe Valley (2-7) #35 John Glenn (3-6) vs. #45 Peru (4-5) #21 Mishawaka Marian (5-4) vs. #49 Maconaquah (3-6) #22 Jimtown (4-5) vs. #46 Fairfield (1-8) Class 3A Sectional 28 #10 Fort Wayne Concordia (5-4) vs. #57 Heritage (1-8) #29 West Noble (4-5) vs. #40 Lakeland (4-5) #13 Fort Wayne Luers (5-4) vs. #51 Norwell (2-7) #25 Garrett (6-3) vs. #41 Bellmont (2-7) Class 3A Sectional 29 #6 Indianapolis Chatard (4-5) receives a BYE #49 Rushville (0-9) vs. #52 Indianapolis Manual (5-4) #7 Indianapolis Ritter (7-2) vs. #63 Indianapolis Broad Ripple (0-9) #27 Indian Creek (6-3) vs. #60 Indianapolis Northwest (3-5) Class 3A Sectional 30 #3 Danville (9-0) vs. #61 Brown County (4-5) #20 Monrovia (4-5) vs. #26 South Vermillion (7-2) #16 Sullivan (8-1) vs. #38 Greencastle (5-4) #18 Tri-West (4-5) vs. #36 West Vigo (5-4) Class 3A Sectional 31 #5 Lawrenceburg (8-1) vs. #59 Corydon Central (1-8) #19 Batesville (6-3) vs. #23 Salem (6-3) #8 North Harrison (9-0) vs. #44 Charlestown (4-5) #11 Brownstown Central (8-1) vs. #30 Greensburg (3-6) Class 3A Sectional 32 #2 Gibson Southern (9-0) vs. #54 Mount Vernon (1-8) #23 Heritage Hills (5-4) vs. #34 Princeton (3-6) #4 Evansville Memorial (8-1) vs. #48 Pike Central (2-7) #12 Vincennes Lincoln (8-1) vs. #42 Washington (3-6) Class 2A Sectional 33 #20 Whiting (7-2) vs. #35 Gary Roosevelt (6-2) #40 River Forest (4-5) vs. #23 Boone Grove (6-3) #61 Hammond Noll (0-9) vs. #27 North Newton (5-4) #55 Lake Station (2-7) vs. #18 Bremen (4-5) Class 2A Sectional 34 #6 Woodlan (7-2) receives a BYE #44 Manchester (4-5) vs. #49 Prairie Heights (1-8) #21 Central Noble (6-3) vs. #59 Whitko (0-9) #30 Bluffton (4-5) vs. #54 Wabash (2-7) Class 2A Sectional 35 #1 Eastbrook (9-0) vs. #55 Taylor (2-7) #28 Rochester (7-2) vs. #35 Eastern (Greentown) (6-3) #7 Rensselaer Central (7-2) vs. #49 Oak Hill (2-7) #14 Lewis Cass (5-4) vs. #41 Delphi (4-5) Class 2A Sectional 36 #9 Shenandoah (7-2) vs. #62 Madison-Grant (0-9) #39 Frankton (5-4) vs. #41 Alexandria (6-3) #16 Lapel (6-3) vs. #53 Elwood (2-7) #31 Northeastern (5-4) vs. #51 Winchester (1-8) Class 2A Sectional 37 #2 Indianapolis Scecina (8-1) vs. #34 Knightstown (4-5) #17 Centerville (7-2) vs. #19 Heritage Christian (6-3) #8 Milan (8-1) vs. #32 Union County (5-4) #13 Triton Central (6-3) vs. #25 Eastern Hancock (5-4) Class 2A Sectional 38 #3 Tipton (8-1) vs. #63 Indianapolis Washington (0-9) #28 North Putnam (4-5) vs. #33 Park Tudor (2-7) #10 Western Boone (6-3) vs. #48 Cloverdale (4-5) #26 Speedway (3-6) vs. #45 Cascade (3-6) Class 2A Sectional 39 #12 Paoli (7-2) vs. #59 Clarksville (0-9) #47 Eastern (Pekin) (2-7) vs. #51 Perry Central (3-6) #22 Providence (4-5) vs. #58 Crawford County (2-7) #24 Mitchell (6-3) vs. #55 Switzerland County (3-5) Class 2A Sectional 40 #4 Evansville Mater Dei (5-4) vs. #45 Tell City (2-7) #15 North Posey (7-2) vs. #37 North Knox (4-5) #5 Southridge (7-2) vs. #43 Forest Park (3-6) #11 Linton-Stockton (6-3) vs. #37 South Spencer (3-6) Class 1A Sectional 41 #20 Triton (6-3) vs. #52 West Central (0-9) #25 Winamac (4-5) vs. #28 South Central (Union Mills) (4-5) #21 LaVille (5-4) vs. #43 Caston (1-8) #24 Culver (5-4) vs. #37 North Judson (2-7) Class 1A Sectional 42 #1 Pioneer (9-0) vs. #58 South Newton (0-9) #18 Tri-County (8-1) vs. #22 North Miami (6-3) #6 Carroll (Flora) (8-1) vs. #54 North White (1-7) #14 Lafayette Central Catholic (2-7) vs. #38 Frontier (5-4) Class 1A Sectional 43 #4 Churubusco (8-1) vs. #59 Fremont (0-9) #13 Eastside (6-3) vs. #16 South Adams (7-2) #9 Adams Central (7-2) vs. #44 Southern Wells (1-8) #11 Southwood (8-1) vs. #17 Northfield (6-3) Class 1A Sectional 44 #5 Monroe Central (8-1) vs. #62 Anderson Prep Academy (0-9) #28 Tri-Central (4-5) vs. #35 Wes-Del (4-5) #7 Sheridan (7-2) vs. #51 Clinton Central (0-9) #27 Clinton Prairie (4-5) vs. #40 Union City (3-6) Class 1A Sectional 45 #19 Indianapolis Arlington (7-2) receives a BYE #44 Indianapolis Howe (0-9) vs. #46 Indianapolis Shortridge (4-4) #32 Indianapolis Tindley (6-3) vs. #52 Indiana Deaf (5-4) #34 Covenant Christian (7-2) vs. #49 South Putnam (1-8) Class 1A Sectional 46 #2 Indianapolis Lutheran (7-2) vs. #60 Edinburgh (0-9) #33 Tri (4-5) vs. #38 South Decatur (4-5) #10 Hagerstown (8-1) vs. #55 Oldenburg Academy (2-7) #26 North Decatur (5-4) vs. #47 Cambridge City Lincoln (1-8) Class 1A Sectional 47 #8 Fountain Central (8-1) vs. #57 Rockville (0-9) #36 Covington (4-5) vs. #41 Riverton Parke (3-6) #15 Attica (7-2) vs. #56 Turkey Run (2-7) #23 North Vermillion (6-3) vs. #42 Seeger (3-6) Class 1A Sectional 48 #3 Eastern Greene (9-0) receives a BYE #31 Springs Valley (5-4) vs. #48 Tecumseh (3-6) #12 North Central (Farmersburg) (8-1) vs. #60 Wood Memorial (0-6) #28 West Washington (5-4) vs. #50 North Daviess (1-8) Thanks and enjoy! Dan
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    Just for clarity, St. Joseph's College closed, the football program did not shut down. The closure of the college had absolutely zero to do with the football program. The story is concerning, but I feel they should really take a long look at 8-man football at the high school level and give them a separate class. But this is Indiana, where they are very slow to change.
  11. 4 points
    I've always hated showboating or other unsportsmanlike conduct in games. Whenever I get a sack/force a fumble/whatever, I just jog back to the line and hand the ball to the official if I have to. One major appeal of football is the modesty involved. The lack of individuality works in the sport's favor. Uniforms where it's hard to see the player's face work. Players feel more like a team instead of feeling like they are individuals. Teamwork is not as prominent in any sport as football. Victory requires 100% cooperation from each and every player. What would you do without a line or DBs? Modesty is important in football. You play the game, you win. That's how you show off, not a 10 minute touchdown dance.
  12. 4 points
    Let me say this about LCC if there are any haters out there glad to see them down. I had three sons play varsity football against those guys every year. In those years, we were a building program, and we lost badly most of the time (although, also made some good plays - just sayin). But all three of them said that the most sportsmanlike team they ever played against was LCC. Says a lot about the class of the program. I hope we beat them every time, but they will be back, sooner than some might wish, and I wish them well. They do it the right way, I think.
  13. 4 points
    I have no faith in the sagarin identifying the 2 best teams for each class.
  14. 4 points
    This is like the guys at the barber shop, you know the ones who have all the answers to the world's problems, unfortunately no one knows because they're just a bunch of guys loafing at the barbershop.
  15. 4 points
    http://pastfb.homestead.com/past322.htm Read this Tell me again why folks want to "shut down programs" and All In tournament is not good for our state? 12 years ago this was posted
  16. 4 points
    What do you expect DT? I thought this was the purpose of everyone crying about seeding. A bad team will get knocked out by a good team. Pike Central still gets an opportunity to pull of the biggest upset ever...or much much more likely play a near perfect game and keep the game in the realm of 49-22 or something to help build momentum over into next season. Can we just accept the tournament field as is, since it CANNOT be changed this year. Have this discussion in the off-season. Too much whining about who should be allowed in or out, teams getting cheated because they did well in the regular season but they have a hard opening game. Tough...that'd the system we abide by. Personally yes I believe changes are in order and should be in order. But I think all players deserve to play at least 10 games...period. The blind draw is a goofy concept these days but honestly I love the anxiety and excitement of the draw and they did their best job yet this year streaming the draw. If I made any change anytime soon I could live with seeding the top two teams and blind out the rest. I hear you constantly railing against the atrocity of teams having successful regular seasons and winning nothing but the conference championship like that's some kind of back-handed reward. My 10-12 years at KV I played on a team that had no conference affiliation. You know how badly we wanted a chance to play in a league and attempt to win a conference championship? I know students from coast to coast who have won conference titles and they proudly display their patch on the honor jacket, they love the banners they earned that will hang in their school gym or somewhere near the football field. Conference titles mean a lot to kids, coaches, parents, fans, so I don't know what your aversion is to having a second season where teams can start over. Maybe injuries, suspensions, whatever the case may be kept their team from being full strength and competing for a conference title...but they get right by playoff time and throw out the records. All teams get in and if you are worthy you will make noise in the postseason regardless of your draw. Point being...let it go man. We get it, you don't care for the rules. Gibson Southern and Pike Central could care less. They have a game to play Friday and it'd be nice to focus on the stats and accomplishments that got them this far. Not trying to rail against you...just feel like this belly-aching about the playoffs needs to cool off. It is what it is in the 2017 IHSAA playoffs. Lets just enjoy them.
  17. 4 points
    I believe the majority of the trams that have played Coach A and Eastbrook do have respect for them. You obviously have issues with them for some reason which you're entitled to..... but no one else can figure out why you're the only 1 to have an issue
  18. 3 points
    seems like a lot of wasted space to say something that has already been sayed a million times... I say take a few weeks off then...then you be happy !
  19. 3 points
    West Lafayette's George Karlaftis announced after WL's win that he will stay in West Lafayette and become a Boiler. Rensselaer up 66-0 after 3
  20. 3 points
    State law....swear to god! https://img00.deviantart.net/d773/i/2009/285/e/a/my_wolf_shirt_from_sydney_by_bloodwolf_xx.jpg
  21. 3 points
    4 made it (both Vermilion's, Atitca, and Fountain Central). None of the other teams were above .500, what's your point?
  22. 3 points
    Who do you think will advance out of this sectional?? I believe Eastbrook will win this sectional!
  23. 3 points
    Can't speak for Dan Jones on this (despite the fact I consider him one of the most astute observers of HS football around here)...but his comments, admittedly, weren't related to evaluations, etc. That said, I do find it painful to see coaches get ripped on publicly - particularly in a year where those in the know realize a team is going to be down a bit. I appreciate that certain cultures have high expectations and those expectations often lead to great results...even in down years.....but there ARE down years...and it just seems hugely inappropriate to rip a coach in that circumstance. Lest there be any doubt, LCC has arguably been the best program in the State pound for pound the majority of the last 10 years. Knowing some few people from there, I wouldn't expect them, the coaches and the kids to be anything less than classy on and off the field. To rip into a coach like I have seen on this thread seems the antithesis of that.
  24. 3 points
    He must not follow high school basketball. Based on Sagarin Ratings, 09er's team will be ranked number 1 in the state for class 2A. They play Cathedral, Lawrence Central and Broad Ripple in the first two weeks. If they win just one of those games and keep the final score close in all three, their Sagarin Rating will be so far ahead of any other 2A team in the state that they'll remain the top ranked 2A team for the entire season. 09er believes his team can win all three of those games.
  25. 3 points
    You know he's the head basketball coach at Howe right? Team that went to State two years ago and has most of its team back from last year. Would not be shocked in the slightest to see them win. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2017/07/18/howe-names-kristof-kendrick-new-boys-basketball-coach/489662001/
  26. 3 points
    Wouldn’t matter either way to me. Frankly, I never paid any attention to the ratings I got from coaches for two reasons: I don’t consider coaches competent to rate officiating performance. I never met a coach that knows the rules even half as well as I do, and they know even less about mechanics and philosophy. A simple numerical rating, given without any standards by which to rate the officials, is useless. Immediate feedback after a game, when you have the video to watch, could be helpful. But a simple number, which might be the product of several experiences over the years, provides no useful information. Now, what would - and did - bother me was when we’d see a coach 3 times in 5 seasons and he couldn’t be bothered to vote for us. That happens frequently, and is one of the major reasons the rating system is a farce.
  27. 3 points
    I am still waiting for a player to mimic Curly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2iZPRif2i4
  28. 3 points
    does LCC use white smoke when announcing a new coach ?
  29. 3 points
    My dad, Henry S. Easter, Jr., was a Continental through and through. He was proud of going to "Warshington". My immediate family are all Westsiders. My brother & I went to Ben Davis. Mom went to Pike. My dad and aunt to Washington. My pop got a lot from his education. He went on to scrape by at Indiana Central where he starred in baseball, football, wrestling, and golf. Then, he got hired to continue to build the football, wrestling, and boys golf programs at Avon. After that, he went into IPS as a teacher at School 75 and then into counseling. He got into administration where he was at Howe as the dean of boys and then was Vice Principal at Broad Ripple for 18 years to close out his career. He would never talk much about the games he played, but he passed the lessons he learned from his coaches like Frank Luzar and Bill Bless and others on to me. If not for my dad and his experiences at Washington, I might not be a teacher. You know, dad got a shot at the principalship of Washington HIgh School right before it closed the first time in 1995, and he was disappointed he didn't get it. In retrospect, I'm glad he didn't because it would have killed him to close that building.
  30. 3 points
    Welcome back 09er! Good luck this season!
  31. 3 points
    There is plenty of talent on this year's team to win games in the tournament.
  32. 3 points
    Brought in KC Woods, got the mojo going and been trending better since, even after Coach Woods departed to Danville. fixed that for ya
  33. 3 points
    Mississinewa @ Frankfort Mississinewa beats up on Frankfort. Game over by half. Ole Miss 54-7 Blackford @ Northwestern At the beginning, I would have said Blackford but they have dropped a little to far down for me. Northwestern wins 27-7. Eastbrook @ Eastern This one will be close for the first 8 minutes and then Eastbrook unloads. Eastbrook 48-14 (come on XStar, go ahead and down vote me) Oak Hill @ Delphi After watching Oak Hill play Frankton, I don't think this will be much of a game. O.H.'s offense is brutal. Delphi 21-7 Alexandria @ Elwood Elwood does not care enough to win this game. I think they potential could if the team was still fully together but it not going to happen. Alex 34-14 Frankton @ Madison Grant Frankton big. The question is when do they pull the starters? McGuire could score 60 on his own but not sure the extra hits are worth it. I am going modest and saying Frankton 48-0.
  34. 3 points
    I'm not speaking for the entire fan base of Pike Central but who really cares if we get stomped. The kids get an opportunity to play one of the best 3A teams in the state. Again. We will come out an give everything we have and still lose. But no business playing a first round game? Come on.. it's high school athletics. We just play. Different sport comparisons but what about PC basketball in 2002 1-22 record upsets Vincennes Lincoln then Princeton and goes to the Championship. Gibson Southern swim team in the early to mid 2000's. They had 6 swimmers and NO POOL and still placed 3rd at the conference meet while forfeiting 1/2 of the events with not enough swimmers for each event. Placed 3rd! Should these teams not have been able to compete? Im sure no one in Fort Branch will be discussing how this is a waste of a game and PC should just drop the football program and save money. Again it's high school athletics..it keeps kids active and out of trouble on these fall Friday nights.
  35. 3 points
    Unofficial All Sports Standings following the fall seasons. Please let me know if I made a mistake anywhere: ... BOYS SO FB TE CC TOTAL Concord 12 14 16 14 56 *TE Champs Northridge 6 16 10 12 44 *FB Champs Warsaw 10 10 8 16 44 *CC Champs Goshen 16 4 12 8 40 *SO Champs NorthWood 4 10 14 4 32 Plymouth 14 10 6 2 32 Wawasee 2 6 4 10 22 Elkhart Memorial 8 2 2 6 18 ... GIRLS SO VB GO CC TOTAL Northridge 16 6 14 16 52 *SO, CC Champs NorthWood 10 15 16 10 51 *GO Champs, VB Co-Champs Warsaw 14 11 12 14 51 Concord 8 15 10 12 45 *VB Co-Champs Plymouth 6 11 6 2 25 Elkhart Memorial 4 8 4 8 24 Goshen 12 4 2 4 22 Wawasee 2 2 8 6 18 ... All Sports 101 - Concord 96 - Northridge 95 - Warsaw 83 - NorthWood 62 - Goshen 57 - Plymouth 42 - Elkhart Memorial 40 - Wawasee
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    You are the only one who has mentioned Bishop Noll as a candidate for contraction: Am I missing some other reference from an actual news source that states otherwise? Hammond Noll Board Bits? Gary Diocese press release? ANYTHING from the actual school or newspaper? I know the answer to all those questions I have asked. Your opinion and conjecture from the sidelines in this particular case is harmful as you are presenting it in a tone of FACT with this statement here: ONLY YOU have made this statement: Just YOU, and you have ZERO skin in the Hammond Noll football program. Just want our readers to be clear that his is not factual information, just 1 posters conjecture.
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    Going to need you to help me clean up the coffee from my desk
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    Conference Championship patch for letter jacket. Bragging rights for a year Lifetime of pride Year on Conference Championship Banner $10.00 T-Shirt that you have to buy. Conference Championship Metal
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    I have been to many hs football games and heard of many more. A coach getting flagged is a fairly rare occurance. Bragging about not getting a flag is like bragging about never contracting a serious venereal disease.
  42. 3 points
    This is always a ridiculous argument. Players aren't going to feel any better or worse if they get beat 42-0 or 56-0. I think some "adults" get much more bent out of shape over this topic then the actual players and coaches do. I seriously doubt many 16 year old high school kids are going to cry themselves to sleep because another team beats them by 56 instead of 42. Most of them can't remember the score of the game 45 minutes after the game ends anyway. Play the game. You only get 10 guaranteed games a year. This isn't little league. And remember there is a paying public to think about. People who pay money to watch their child play, whether they are a starter or a backup who actually gets to play in a varsity game during blowouts. And also with the 5 quarter rule and some programs being short on numbers to begin with, its not like you can start putting JV players in so early in games anyway. Let the coaches of the actual teams run their teams like they see fit and manage the game as they see fit. And if the opposing coach has an issue with how another coach manages his team, take it up with him after the game or in another manner in the offseason. Part of being a head coach.
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    That’s the head coaches job and his assistants to contain those emotions and first and foremost to make respectable young men and women out of their young student athletes. All ball clubs have players with troubled homes, broken families, poverty and etc. Without the discipline you end up with nothing. Coach has to control his own emotions before he can control his team. If this is the example and precedents EVSC wants for the future of our youth, very sad !.
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    That’s probably a more fitting penalty. He doesn’t deserve to be fired.
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    Too bad they could not use the growth only option that "other schools" were allowed to use, huh?
  46. 2 points
    If Cathedral, or any school for that matter, used an ineligible player then they automatically become ineligible for postseason play on that technicality, not W-L record.
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    Can't afford it, don't do it. I want to take a trip around the world, you don't mind paying for it do you? Or should I not say that? Don't want to offend anyone...
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    I have been announcing football and basketball for 13 years I do not do any of the "rah rah stuff" it's annoying when I go to other schools so I sure as heck don't do it, I will announce what happened on the play who had the Carry, Who made the catch etc. and who made the play on defense no matter which team it is, equal for both teams, worst thing I did this year was call Lapel, Shenandoah by mistake, I cannot apologize to Lapel enough for that insult. I do say offsides instead of encroachment, I don't need 15 football moms texting me asking me what that is.
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    In 1951, in a game on a very cold night at Marshall, IL, Linton was leading 50 - 0 at the half. Marshall received the ball at the start of the second half, didn't move the ball and punted. The Linton deep back took the punt and punted it back to Marshall. This continued the entire second half. Linton ran no offensive plays the second half. :-). Yes, I was there.
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