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    I think it's probably just internet trolls driving coaches away.
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    He's looking for someone to chest bump here. There were no millennials around to reciprocate.
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    Something DT insists runs rampant in an occupation he's not a part of.
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    Long time reader, first time responder... 5) Participation decline Participation is at an all time high in our community with our youth league completely full. Numbers are so high for our middle school and varsity programs that we had to purchase more equipment. 7) Attendance declines We set a new gate record for the season nearly doubling the previous record which was set back in 2009 8) Officiating Shortage While this is a problem 3 of my students that graduated last year entered the ranks and said they were not alone with quite a few other young men going to the clinics and camps with them. As coaches we are encouraging our guys that don't go play college ball but want to stay in the game to give it a try. Despite what the media wants there is still a bright future for football...we just have to work together as a football community to continue to educate and promote safety.
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    US31 I have three kids as well. It was much easier playing man to man defense when we had two. This zone defense stuff is tough. Ha ha.
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    Time commitment is relative for a lot of reasons... Fresh out of college, new teacher young coach....I didn't give a lick about time commitment. I was at everything, worked as many summer camps as I could....early mornings, long nights....coached more than one sport....etc, etc. I loved it. Loved being around the team, the coaches. Coaches were my social circle. Fast forward (more than) a few years. I'm married. I have three kids, they are in their own sports, activities. Wife and I both work full time. Now I have commitments well beyond what I had as a single, young coach. Summers are a much busier time for football than they used to be (for better and worse). My wife understands, I was a coach when we met. She is a trooper and shoulders a lot of the burden all fall. But we are naive to think the time commitment today is the same as it was 15 years ago...maybe even less than 10 years ago. I (and my family) are very fortunate. A very understanding Head Coach, who prioritizes our ability to make time for our families, coach our kids teams, get to their games, etc. And a large staff that can spread the work load. The pressures for time, are MUCH greater on small/mid-sized staff's where they have less shoulders for that "burden".
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    Congratulations to Coach Kennedy on a fantastic coaching career. No doubt that those who were privileged to play for him learned many valuable life lessons. He held people accountable and had higher expectations for players and his staff than they had for themselves. I wish him the best of luck in retirement. His run from 2003 to 2009 is nothing short of impressive. Kirk Kennedy coaching record Season School Won Lost Championship 1994 Lowell 11 2 regional 1995 Lowell 7 3 1996 Lowell 6 3 1997 Lowell 8 3 1998 Lowell 2 8 1999 Lowell 12 2 regional 2000 Lowell 8 3 2001 Lowell 6 6 2002 Lowell 6 5 2003 Lowell 11 2 sectional 2004 Lowell 9 4 sectional 2005 Lowell 11 4 state 2006 Lowell 7 6 sectional 2007 Lowell 13 2 semistate 2008 Lowell 13 1 regional 2009 Lowell 13 2 semistate
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    We played in Illinois this year and 25 sec clock. GIVE ME 40 ALL DAY EVERYDAY and TWICE ON SUNDAYS
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    As a coach I like the 40 second clock. I think that it helps with rhythm offensively from a play calling stand point because you have a set amount of time that is constant between each play. In the past, you would have some crews who would be able to set the ball quickly or vice versa and as a coach you would have to adjust like-wise. Now, the spot of the ball is almost an after thought.
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    I really think that Sweeney looks like a coach who understands his role and how to reach his players on a personal level. You certainly sound like a middle aged white man when you speak of the "brothers in the hood," considering there are white and black men in this picture who undoubtedly come from a multitude of different backgrounds. As a coach, you can be successful with a variety of different methods. It is our responsibility to develop meaningful relationships with the young men that we coach. Each relationship must have boundaries, which are clear and consistent. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer both have their methods as well. I am glad that you know more about being a successful Head Football coach more so than the man who just won the last national championship, and has the best odds to do it again this season.
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    You guys have a problem with celebrations but post pictures of a guy who's team made a music video before they won a super bowl.
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    Realistically, as a head coach I can tell you that time commitment plays a big role in those decisions. For example, and this is without getting too personal, I have kids that do other stuff while I am in football season. So for me, I am going to miss dance classes, sports, and any other activity they may be involved in that doesn't fall on the weekend. I know this going in, and have accepted that. I think for a lot of guys, once they become head coaches, this plays a huge role in longevity. In addition, I think that the off-season demands play a huge role in longevity. This was a popular discussion among a lot of coaches at clinics this year. As a head coach, I do not feel particularly comfortable not being at every in-season and off-season activity. So for me personally, I am making sacrifices not only in-season but out of season as well. Just a few random thoughts. Obviously there are other factors, and each person's decision is unique to him. I can tell you that there are coaches that think the stipends are not where they need to be. I think everyone agrees with that, but we know that going in. Also, I wanted to add that you need a very understanding spouse to do what you love doing. If my wife wasn't as supportive as she is, being a head coach would be a recipe for divorce/marital difficulties. I love doing what I am doing, and I hope to coach forever. None of it is possible without her carting my kids everywhere and being supportive.
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    I was gonna go with ‘fame and glory’ but I want to change my answer to this.
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    The IndyStar does not select the winners of Mr. Football/Mr. Football Position Awards. They are selected by Coaches, specifically the IFCA ratings board. Each sectional across the state has a representative there to vote so that every area of the state is represented.
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    Disagree. There are plenty of "old dogs" still out there coaching with success. This comment is specific to your post and not a knock on Kennedy. I heartily congratulate him on a career full of making a difference for student athletes.
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    His last year at North Judson, in week 3 I think I remember seeing 20-23 some players in uniform 9-12th grade. His style wins if buy in happens. Lowell bought in. Bloomington South, Judson, and now FC seems like they didn't. Lowell still buys in.
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    It amazing how a topic can go from Will Porter resigning @ Clay to herding us into internment camps in California.
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    Best wishes to Patrick Parks in his retirement from Shelbyville football after 35 years service to our game. I got the privilege of coaching and rooming with Pat in the 2007 All- Star game and came away with an even greater respect and admiration for him. Pat is one of the "good guys" in our profession. He will be missed on the Grid Iron and in the coaching community. Pat is truly a good man who deserves the very best in retirement. Good Luck Bear!
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    Sometimes.... we give 100%, work our hardest, and still don't succeed. Sometimes... the chips are stacked against us, and we still fight to do our best everyday. Sometimes... we find value in things besides winning and losing. I respect every single one of the kids that stuck it out for the Colonials this year... in any sport. It's easy to jump on a successful train. It takes determination, loyalty, and love for the game and your teammates to stick it out on a team that couldn't win a game if they executed their entire gameplan to perfection. That certainly isn't a "bro culture" thing. It's something meaningful, valuable, and should be commended. I have plenty of problems with the South Bend Tribune, but this article brought a tear to my eye. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/football/clay-seniors-keep-faith-during-another-winless-football-season/article_bdf13a36-7fc1-53dc-8eb3-383803c64481.html Here's hoping that Clay finds a man who doesn't what so many adults do to inner-city kids... promise to stay... and then leave.
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    When grandparents are in town we go two deep, man under...that helps a lot.
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    So....when will Linton become a “solely Linton team” in basketball, baseball, or you name it? That’s a pretty rich statement to make!
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    As always, a great representation of Indy area players (with a sprinkle of northern IN)....
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    Call me old school/old fool/whatever, but I don't think the "Bro" culture is all that appropriate. Although the right camaraderie and chemistry are needed between the coach and players, a system of discipline is essential as well.
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    Different strokes . . . but "bro culture" seems to be working out for some people
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    Flying chest bumps do not remove the respect between players and coaches. Are high five's ok? Are handshakes ok? Are pats on the head ok? People have different opinions on what is acceptable. These are a norm in society now. Are you just assuming that since they are doing this, they must be disrespecting coaches outside the lines? Are you assuming the coaches are just pandering to the players? I've watched you talk about Bro Culture for a while now, and like Veechy, I don't understand. If you were talking about coaches' relationships with players getting too friendly or "broing out" after practice, I would understand. But you keep referring to just the chest bump thing. Many find it refreshing to see coaches getting enthusiastic. I simply don't see the issue with it.
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    Most of that costs nothing but time and effort. I was a head coach at one of those kind of schools before I came her. I mowed the field, stripped the field, done the fund raising, found people to donate food and we still did many of those things....
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    There is always an exodus of coaches from the game when they hit that 52-55 age range. I think the exodus is now occurring for many at an even younger age. The pace of change and the demands on time are accelerating. Some guys just cant or dont want to keep up.
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    Some of the reasons listed seem unreasonable if a person is quitting coaching because of them. Your stipend is what it is. You know that going into it. You know as a coach of the time commitment in-season and out of season. As a parent and a coach, I'm glad there are safety precautions put in place when dealing with concussions. I'm not going quit because of that. Poor attendance or good attendance, I couldn't tell you how many is there during a game. Officiating shortages may affect A.D.'s but not coaches. Definitely not to the point I'd quitting because of lack of officials. Our equipment and facilities aren't great. Others in the area are definitely better/newer but I knew what they were like going into it. It hasn't changed. I've never understood your Bro Culture. If I did, it might make me want to quit. But I like the kids and most seem to like me. Not having support of the administration would be frustrating I'm sure and might make a coach want to look around if it were really bad. I get that one if it were an issue. I had noticed that many coaches who have stepped down this year have been coaching a long time. Maybe it was just their time to step away and enjoy other aspects of their life.
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    @Coach Nowlin you forgot to highlight which openings were a result of The Success Factor.
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    Really wish the Colts would have kept Matt Overton this season, guy is a Pro Bowl caliber Long Snapper and still very active in the Indy area. He was vocal in his support of Evansville Memorial this year in their State Championship run. Here is my twitter exchange with him from this morning:
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    We've got some real smart asses on this board. I miss the old days.
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    Like Coach Nowlin said - many of the Evansville schools played in Kentucky week 2. It was noticeably different in a bad way. Close games, blowouts, high scoring, low scoring, you name it. The game is more consistent, has a better flow, and it makes figuring out end of game scenarios much safer and easier to figure out (unless your Southridge... lol). I would HATE for Indiana to go away from a 40 second clock. We may not be able to figure out a playoff system, but at least we can get the game clock management right.
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    How do we know this is the reason? He has been coaching a long time. He has had success in many seasons. Maybe he just wanted to call it a career and do/be something besides a football coach. Just because someone doesnt coach until they die does not mean they are unable to adapt with the kids along the way.
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    I don't see how adapting to the culture and kids you are coaching is a bad thing? Obviously there is a line between player and coach, but just because it isn't the same as it was in the "old school" days doesn't mean it isn't successful or productive.
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    Great list, but I am willing to bet that some of the names on that list are already in ideal situations, and are not interested in moving anywhere.
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    If I'm the athletic director at Lawrence Central, I can see that my football program is on the crest of breaking thru to elite status in Class 6A. I am in my principal's office and pushing hard for the resources to recruit and sign the strongest possible candidate I can find to take my program to the next level. I am focusing my in state efforts on the following group of high quality, accomplished coaches, in no particular order : Kyle Ralph / 60-4 at New Palestine - 5A is nice, but 6A is King. Nick Hart / 67-9 at Gibson Southern - ready for his first shot with the big dogs. Phil Mason / 16-8 at Michigan City - 129 - 69 overall - Region guy gets his shot in Indy Kyle Enright / 17-5 at Decatur Central - Nice program. Develops athletes/players. I want to talk to him. Shane Fry / 53-12 at West Lafayette - Tremendous success at the small school level. Can he translate his success with the big schools? Scott Marsh / 8-2 at Roncalli - I want to talk to a PP to get a different POV. Jake Gilbert / 50-33 at Westfield - solid program builder. Hangs tough against bigger schools. That's important in The MIC. What do I (LC) have to offer : * Deep roster with some Big Ten quality talent * Great size and speed, as good as any in the state * Excellent facilities * Deep staff resources * Administrative support - they want a winner! * Excellent ties to college recruiting If I can get one of the guys on the above list, my program will be positioned to push forward towards its ultimate goal.
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    Congratulations to Shane Arnold for being named the new head coach at Tri-Central. We were all disappointed when coach Gilbert moved on but are very pleased that coach Arnold now gets his chance. https://tri-centraltrojans.com/2017/12/13/shane-arnold-named-head-football-coach/
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    Sorry - my sarcasm doesn't translate to message boards! LOL Here's another example of coaches crossing the line with his bro's.
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    I know as a head coach you get a list of all the crews in the state for the rating of crews. Would it be possible for the HC to get just a list of the crews who worked their games from the IFOA for the ratings of crews? This way the IFOA knows who is voting and the coaches can't vote on any other crews? I know this would probably make it a logistical nightmare but just wanted to propose the idea.
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    IU OLINE 6'5" 305 6'3" 310 6'3" 305 6'4" 305 6'5" 305 Ave. 6'4" 306 ------------ CLEMSON 6'5" 295 6'5" 325 6'4" 315 6'3" 290 6'2" 340 AVE: 6'3 3/4 313
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