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  1. SIAC potential Sectionals: 5A: Castle, New Albany, Floyd Central, Evansville North, BNL, Reitz, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Central 4A: Jasper, Boonville, Owen Valley, Bosse, Corydon, Vincennes, Evansville Memorial 3A: Mt. Vernon, Gibson Southern, Heritage Hills, Princeton, Pike Central, Southridge, Mater Dei That's some entertainment right there.
  2. Yeah, the Dude abides. Regardless, schools outside the MIC are going to have to get better.
  3. Yeah, the swing from 1 and 2 in 6A is 638. The top 16 swing is 2500. If you take the largest out of the equation the 32 school swing drops to 2416 and the 16 swing drops to 1893. Also half of the top 10 enrollments aren't MIC schools. And 62.5% of the top 16 schools do not represent the MIC. So the Dude isn't sure that's really gonna address anything. Facts of the matter is MIC has the best football schools in the state. Enrollment might help but based on the stats above it's not the only reason why MIC schools are dominating 6A.
  4. Thanks for sharing. The Dude read that. The Dude wasn't sure if that building was on the same campus of the three other classes. Looks like it is.
  5. Thanks for sharing. With that kind of enrollment, it's fascinating of how successful the school is academically. It kind of make sense that there are only 3 middle schools, because of the enrollment size of the high school. You're looking at an average of 1600 students per middle school. Is the Freshman Center building on the same campus? Also, does anybody know if there ever was a proposal to build a 2nd high school?
  6. The Dude hears ya. The Dude's just wondering about the town of Carmel's public school system/policy. That's a lot of students under one umbrella. The enrollment size is comparable to places like Los Angeles. Without the population of course.
  7. Thanks for sharing. The Dude certainly understands the political aspect of it. Considering the town, is cost really an issue? What is the student-teacher ratio?
  8. This might not be the place to ask this question but why does the town of Carmel only have one public high school? Carmel has an estimated population of about 85-86k. In the Dude's neck of the woods Evansville has roughly an estimated population of 120k and there are 5 public schools here.
  9. The Dude looks at all those 'Rats' answering the door when someone knocked. Two HC jobs and one NFL OC job. You really can't blame them. That's the life of a coach. Shoot, someone could argue it makes Saban look like a coach that knows how to hire the right folks.
  10. Houston offensive line coach Darren Hiller will join the Indiana staff, according to Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman. Hiller spent 2016 at USF and previously at Cincinnati. He and Tom Allen worked together at Arkansas State in 2011. A source tells CoachingSearch that Central Michigan running backs coach Nick Sheridan will join the Indiana staff as quarterbacks coach. Sheridan spent the last three years as a graduate assistant at Tennessee and had recently joined CMU. At Tennessee, he spent two years with new Indiana offensive coordinator Mike DeBord. He also played under DeBord at Michigan. http://coachingsearch.com/coaching-search-ticker
  11. Frey, not Frye. IU will more than likely have a new identity from top to bottom. Not sure if that's a blow or to the program, only time will tell.
  12. Yeah, Coach Frey had a big impact as well. He will be missed. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/footballpreps/indiana-tampa-bay-recruiting-pipeline-outperforms-state-schools/2310660
  13. Frey, not Frye. Although there's been an internet opinion push for Coach Justin Frye to replace Coach Frey.
  14. Best of luck to Coach Frey and his endeavors. He will be missed and he had an impact with recruiting in the Tampa Bay area. http://www.crimsonquarry.com/2017/1/25/14382616/greg-frey-leaving-indiana-football-hired-by-michigan
  15. So far 4 new commits this month. Among that list the Dude doesn't know how it happen but Tom Allen actually flipped a USC recruit. Juwan Burgess - 247, ESPN, Rivals Whop Philyor - 247, ESPN, Rivals Tyrese Fryfogle - 247, ESPN, Rivals Craig Nelson - 247, ESPN, Rivals Nick Tronti - 247, ESPN, Rivals