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  1. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. The Dude's been pretty clear about what kind of direction the Dude wants the program to go. The Dude's also said Wilson is a mediocre coach at best. As his record aka body of work aka resume clearly indicates. Never has the Dude despised him. In fact, the Dude has been pretty vocal about gladly eating crow. Your reading comprehension needs work.
  2. There's a 99.9% chance that you don't know the percentages. It really doesn't matter what or how in the grand scheme of things. He's gone. It's actually a good thing for the program. You can either get on this train or not. Either way, the Dude doesn't care what you do.
  3. The Dude's looking forward to a new chapter at IUFB. Best of luck to Coach Wilson on his future endeavors.
  4. ^THIS! Well, you do the math if it doesn't add up. It's quite possible Fred Glass had him on a short leash this season. It's what most folks in the real world do when an employee isn't performing to expectation.
  5. Careful there, don't count your chickens...
  6. Game(s) of the Week 812 schools playing for a state championship! 1A - Linton 3A - Lawrenceburg 5A - Columbus East Represent! #812FB
  7. While the Dude likes to see commits from the state of Indiana stay home the Dude does not agree the class is 'extremely strong' comparatively speaking to other East division schools. Have you looked at Maryland and Rutgers commits? On 247sports, Indiana is ranked dead last in the 2017 East Division recruiting class and 11th overall in the conference. Not that any of that matters though. Coaches recruit their guys. And good coaches coach their guys to win. The Dude just wouldn't call it 'extremely strong'. That's all.
  8. That's not what the Dude asked. If the season ends 5-7 what's your opinion?
  9. Game(s) of the Week All 812 schools still playing!
  10. Gentlemen, if the season ends 5-7 what's your opinion?
  11. The Dude believes that's Eastern.