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  1. Well, one thing is certain, next week the SIAC will lose at least one school. The Dude hope's to see five survive and seven playing next week. Best of luck to SIACFB. Represent!
  2. If there's anything the Dude's learned over the years, picking high school games is like playing the lottery. Strikes and Gutters, man. Strikes and Gutters.
  3. The Dude abides. Apologist will still make excuses for it too.
  4. Game(s) of the Week Sectional 14 812FB #7 Columbus East [8-1] at New Palestine [9-0] Sectional 23 812FB #8 East Central [7-2] at Shelbyville [7-2] Sectional 31 812FB #12 Southridge [8-1] at 812FB #17 Heritage Hills [7-2] Sectional 32 812FB #9 Evansville Memorial [6-3] at 812FB #6 Gibson Southern [9-0] 812FB #15 Sullivan [8-1] at 812FB #20 Princeton [5-3] East, represent 812FB! Best of luck to all 812 schools!
  5. Yeah that beat down against Central and Reitz really didn't help either, right? They seem to be going backwards are they not? This aggression will not stand, man.
  6. The Dude's 812 Football Final Top 20 Bloomington South Columbus North Evansville Central Evansville Reitz Linton-Stockton Gibson Southern Columbus East East Central Evansville Memorial Castle Lawrenceburg Southridge Brownstown Central Seymour Sullivan Floyd Central Heritage Hills Evansville Mater Dei Jasper Princeton
  7. He's got emotional problems man.
  8. Yeah, that loss hurt. Defense and Special Teams showed up to play and Lagow's effin' pick 6 was the difference in the game. Was it just the Dude or did you think Wilson should have tried to kick a FG instead of going for it late in the 3rd? Defense and Special Teams ultimately bailed him out on that decision. But for the Dude, that's exactly the type of decision making the Dude means when Wilson makes stubborn decisions that put the team in a hole. He does it every year. Just a Dude opinion.
  9. @Impartial_Observer Put the piece away, man, they're calling the cops.
  10. Oh for eff sake, get this post out the Dude's dojo! The Dude would ban you for the rest of the season just on principle alone. [Insert stupid smile face thingy] #812FB #EightOneTwo #812 #Dudes812FootballThreadOnly
  11. https://twitter.com/JeffLebowski812/status/786966932717203456
  12. You're not wrong. The Dude does the usual, the Dude bowls, drives around and has the occasional acid flashback.
  13. Right now, today, Central is better then Reitz. The beat down MD took from Central made a statement. Just like the Dude thinks, right now, today, Reitz is better then Castle. Regardless, if they (Central and Reitz) meet in the sectional that will all be settled. Just a Dude opinion.
  14. The Dude's 812 Football Top 20 Bloomington South Columbus North East Central Evansville Central & Gibson Southern Linton-Stockton Columbus East Evansville Reitz Castle Lawrenceburg Brownstown Central Mater Dei Evansville Memorial Southridge Charlestown Sullivan Seymour Heritage Hills Floyd Central New Albany