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  1. Folks thanks for giving feedback about the schools the Dude pondered. This year the Dude would like to try something different. The Dude would like to get feedback on 812 sectionals. By the end of the season it'll be interesting to see just how much things have changed. Starting with Sectional 8. Columbus North - Based on conversations in the 5A thread it looks like this team will be solid and might be the toughest competition for CG? Any insight from folks in the area? New Albany - In the HHC thread, the Dude learned about some students transferring to a school across the river. Any insight from folks in the area? Jeffersonville - IO, thanks for the insight. Folks, post your personal opinions regarding your Sectional. The Dude appreciates your insight. Thanks.
  2. Give the Dude a front 5 or front 7 and the Dude feels pretty good about the Dude's chances. Especially in high school football. High profile is what it is!
  3. The Dude's not following you. Isn't that usually the case? It's not like a receiver just stands there. The Dude abides. It's a team game.
  4. Just a Dude opinion, 5 Offensive and 8 Defensive returning might compensate the void. Who was Snider's backup, did he play JV ball and how did they (JV) do last year?
  5. This might be a conversation to be had in the SIAC thread. But what you said in your initial post was Castle's offense only runs a variation of 4 routes and of the 4, when successfully completed, 3 are credited to the receiver and all/most of his passes are 10 yards or less. The Dude's main point was that receivers have to catch the ball, someone has to throw the ball to the receivers and some of those passes in the "highlight film" (meaning not all/most of his passes from last year's season) were 10+ yards. Receivers get open because of multiple reasons. In the Dude's opinion, having someone that can cause hesitation on the defensive part resulting in a breakdown of the defensive play and then throwing the ball for the receiver to catch the ball is a commodity that separates the above average/good from the average/bad. Regardless, it's a team game and it doesn't really matter what folks like you and Dude think. Just a Dude opinion.
  6. The Dude isn't saying you are wrong but the very first play of his 2015 Jr. Season Hudl highlights shows him executing a play action, pressured 15+ yard corner route. His second play shows him executing a busted play dropping a 30yd dime in the endzone. If you watch the video you'll see things like pump fakes, ball fakes, ball placement (over/behind the shoulder, etc. etc.), 2nd and 3rd reads, and so on, that certainly helps the receiving core get open. The Dude's not a coach or an expert on the matter but in the Dude's experience a receiver can only catch the ball that is thrown to them. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/2823533/5721d94c9a90ec5540a24e1a
  7. That "must" it.
  8. Former BS commit, Tri-West TE Peyton Hendershot commits to IU.
  9. Um, his name is Dan Feeny. #812FB
  10. What's the word with the following schools, how many returning, schedule, off season, etc. etc.? Bloomington South Columbus East East Central Brownstown Central Jasper Terre Haute North Seymour Jeffersonville #812FB
  11. Kokomo and Decatur Central could be in the mix. Kokomo returns 8 on the defensive side. DC returns 6 on both sides of the ball. The Dude's curious about the outcome of the New Pal v Whiteland week 1 match up playing in the Oil can. Whiteland then plays Center Grove the following week and then start a conference game against DC. Play Franklin in week 4 and then week 5 play Avon. Brutal first 1/2 of a schedule for this team but the Dude will be watching them nonetheless. They might be in the mix as well. But regardless, Snider is the team to beat this year and it's theirs to lose. -Just a Dude opinion #812FB #SIACFB
  12. Evansville Mater Dei High School

    Evansville Mater Dei High School 1300 Harmony Way Evansville IN 47720 Home field is Evansville Reitz High School
  13. Evansville Memorial High School

    Evansville Memorial High School 1500 Lincoln Ave Evansville IN 47714 Home field is played at Evansville Bosse High School
  14. Evansville Reitz High School

    Evansville Reitz High School 350 Dreier Blvd Evansville IN 47712
  15. Evansville Harrison High School

    Evansville Harrison High School 211 Fielding Rd Evansville IN 47715