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  1. Against everyone not named Wisconsin. LOL The Buckeyes know this week if they want "style points" for the BCS thing-a-muh-bob, they cannot let IU score. Do they go 2 straight weeks without a TD? I don't think so. At this point in the season, Wisky is playing better defense than OSU.
  2. The Colts just signed Chris Rainey. I'm so hoping the media just leaves this alone. I can imagine how they will want to see it as a "desparate" move for the Colts to help their running game. The article stated he will mostly be returning kickoffs for now. Thank goodness they finally wised up and will sit Reed. He could fill up a "worst top ten" all by himself. Terrible decision making.
  3. LOL Ya think? That was a total team loss. Offense, defense, AND special teams all totally stunk it up today. I'm wondering if that is the worst game the Colts have played since Pagano look over as head coach? The Rams showed up and the Colts apparently stayed in the locker room. Horrible football.
  4. 21 - 0 to the freakin' Rams?!? The Colts look like a team full of wide eyed rookies today. Unbelievable.
  5. Taking back the Bucket would give IU 5 wins. Losing to Navy and to Minnesota killed their bowl chances. You can be optimistic and hopeful all day long but there is no way they win in Madison or Columbus. If they gave up 63 to Michigan, the Badgers and the Buckeyes should score close to 100. As good as IU's offense is, I can't see them scoring 40 on either of those defenses. And IF, they do, they'll give up a LOT more than 40 (see the Michigan comment).
  6. Tha's probably close to the mark. Their offense is non-existent.
  7. Isn't that some type of a recruiting ploy? "Come play for us. You'll be on Sportscenter regularly if you play for us". Kids have grown up watching ESPN since they were little. The very thought they could be ON it, would be like "dangling that carrot". At least you would think that.
  8. Haven't seen that one yet. I recorded the game and went to bed before halftime. I'll watch the rest when I get home from work this afternoon. I had just about written them off. Then I get up this morning and find out they.....TA DAH!....won. I totally agree about the Colts had much more to overcome than Houston. Like I said, I'll watch that second half so I can give a better assessment tomorrow. LOL I also agree about the South being the Colts to lose. As far as the Colts losing 2 of those 3 games you mentioned, I've given up on that. I felt they'd lose to San Francisco, Seattle, and maybe Denver. They win those and lose to San Diego and Miami. Go figure. NOW I hope the Chiefs are undefeated when we play them. One more "Giant" for the Colts to knock off. They won't lose to the Jags. Not this year. Captain Comeback won't let them. LOL Well, that makes 2 of us. Now we only have about 1,000,000 other fans to get on the bus with us. LOL
  9. Luck finds a way: 3 td passes to Hilton in the second half. The first half (for the Colts) was just about as bad as you can play in all three phases of the game. The roughing the kicker that wasn't called, the blocked field goal, the failure to convert on third downs and giving up a ton of receiving yards to Johnson. Even though I can't stand the Texans, I like Keenum's attitude. I hope he keeps the starting job for them. He reminds me a lot of Jim Kelly when he played: "gunslinger". He'll sell a lot of tickets for them being a "hometown guy". The Houston crowd last night seemed like being at a college game instead of an NFL game at least in that first half. Lots of "energy" from their fans. Note to Shane: I noticed play action on the Colts first series. Maybe they read our posts. LOL Question: is it time yet to start calling Luck, "Captain Comeback"?
  10. That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen you post.
  11. Whether it is in public or in someone's home is irrelevant, isn't the current law written that it is illegal to use, possess, obtain marijuana? You can call me narrow minded all day long. It is obvious that some people do not have any respect for the law when they condone others breaking it.
  12. No apology necessary.
  13. I have nothing to "lighten up" over. You didn't answer the question. How is breaking the law responsible? So you are "enlightening" us, how? That you, personally know people that can "handle it"? You personally know people who have never been caught is really what you are saying. Disappointing.
  14. Believe it or not that is a total crock! Explain to me how breaking the law is responsible? Using pot is illegal. As I posted earlier, it doesn't matter which side of the debate you are on, at the present time..... it IS against the law. Adding a "qualifier" (socially) to the word marijuana only is someone's way of watering down the offense. It doesn't matter what WE think about whether or not it should be legalized. It is......illegal.