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  1. If we win Friday, regardless of who wins the other game, the sectional championship game will be away for us. Perry has already played one away game, and NC is playing an away game this Friday. Host team will be the team who has played the most away games.
  2. 9:17 left in 2nd quarter BNL 10 FC 6
  3. Which jerseys are the Warriors bringing this year?
  4. Exactly. EG will have its day. Not this year, but its coming.
  5. We appreciate the vote of confidence.
  6. Considering there are sectional, regional, and semi state games still to be played, we'd have to make it there first....skippy.
  7. Eastern Greene is getting better, but this game is over in the 2nd.
  8. Longtime reader....first time poster..... Since back in the days when Roncalli seemed to be the most hated school in the Forum...
  9. I'm just happy the track will be open.
  10. That first hour felt like 6...already the longest day ever...I just want to watch some football...
  11. Just don't request Country....that's where he draws the line...
  12. Sickening, Horrid, Inept, Terrible Rumor is they will be parking people...currently there are no lines. So it might not be a bad thing.
  13. Head down to Bloomington, hang a right, go about 15 miles. Or...20 minutes east of Linton.
  14. MP...I've received numerous texts from numerous people with NSFW language about the GCSN commentators. They're no match for the double D's.
  15. Parking will be more of an issue for you than the bleachers. They're better than most single A schools, but nowhere near as impressive as Speedways. But its always good to show up extra early!