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  1. You got butt hurt over a coach saying LCC hasn't seen a team like Linton.....when in fact, they've never played Linton....so, it was an accurate statement...
  2. When puff's thinking about something other than food....sheisse is serious.... Don't set your expectations so high... Don't set your expectations so high...
  3. There you go with your generalizations again....
  4. GK06's posts cover both the "sentiments" and "numerous" parts of my statement.
  5. You mean if an LCC fan would've said, "Linton's never seen a team like us"..... I believe those sentiments have been stated numerous times in this thread alone....
  6. What did he REALLY say again? I forgot...
  7. I'm still waiting on the explanation. How do you get from point A (never seeing a team like us)....to point B (we have nothing to worry about)?
  8. How does that equate to "coasting" or "nothing to worry about"?
  9. [quote name="foxbat" post="158034" timestamp=" "Just mixing them up." We're well aware
  10. Was waiting on that.... And the '09 thing...
  11. Sources....yeah, I couldn't find any either...Truth is....there's a short list of teams I want to see Linton play....Knights happen to be at the top of that list. Partially because I knew where that game would have to occur, 1A Championship game....this team knows exactly who they are facing....there will be no "deer in the headlights"...and they won't back down...it's not in their nature...
  12. Agreed...only because the packers sweater drained him of his power...
  13. Please cite that source...I wish to tell them to stop....
  14. What are we going up against Friday? I may just not quite understand....