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  1. Disregard....
  2. What about the size of the Pioneer line?
  3. It's actually a little less than 2300...my reliable source typed it in wrong.... There will be a big showing of Miner support though...
  4. Speaking of pickled eggs...last time I had one was in Indy...Flat 12 Brewery...
  5. Over 2300 have been sold so far....
  6. I'd be more concerned with 3,000-4,000 of us roaming freely in the big city...
  7. Which side of the ball does the Gregorich loss impact the most? All we've heard so far is offensive impact, but losing your MLB...
  8. Especially in 1A...everybody's banged up after Regionals....
  9. The next hour and 45 minutes until I leave is going to be brutal...
  10. Big football or little football? ....and I can only think of one thing...
  11. It's football....rain, sleet, snow, mud, blood.....weather only a factor to the team that allows it to be.
  12. Monrovia didn't score 35 on us....no way you do either
  13. Are they slow though?
  14. On paper, I'd say about the smallest line we've faced....
  15. Nah....well, there could be a few, but for the most part....it's just home field advantage