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  1. Last Chance U

    I haven't watched the show. Is there any mention of TJ Jallow? He is a safety who transferred to Purdue from EMCC.
  2. HNAC Week 1

    Definitely Knox. They'll probably have their best team in decades. Coach Hendryx is the real deal.
  3. HNAC Week 1

    The 2018 class finished 6-1-1 in eighth grade with a loss to Logansport. I know that's not your son's class. Who did they tie?
  4. HNAC Week 1

    I predict that Pioneer and Knox will be head and shoulders above the rest of the conference. I think that Knox is the only HNAC team this season that has the talent and coaching staff to compete with Pioneer. I believe that Caston is going to really struggle this year, with low numbers and a late coaching hire playing a huge part in it. As I recall, Caston tied Jack Kiser's Pioneer team in Jr High, but Caston had such low numbers that their 7th and 8th grade teams were combined.
  5. HNAC Week 1

    The Pizza King in Winamac had quite a few games until last year and even had a free play GameCube for over a decade. Now most of the games are prize games for kids. When I was a kid in the 90s, Mike's Pizza in Royal Center, which was in the location that the Family Dollar is now, had a good sized arcade. It always had 5-10 arcade games. This isn't a pizza joint, but a good place worth checking out is Big Dog's BBQ in Cicero, North of Indy.
  6. Hoosier Conference Week 1 Pick 'Em

    Jeff, Rensy, Pioneer, Tipton, North Mont, Twin Lakes, NW, Western, Mount Vernon, WL
  7. HNAC Week 1

    For Pioneer, the buffets at Pizza Hut and Happy Burger have always been popular. Possibly the best pizza in Logansport is at Bruno's pizza. It's basically a little shack down the road from Happy Burger East in which you can watch your pizza be hand tossed. By the way, the picture that Nighthawk showed was of Hap's, or Happy Burger West. It's good, but it lacks the ice cream bar that the east side location has. In Winamac there are only two places, but they are good ones. Pizza King has been a mainstay for years. The arcade has been recently scaled back a bit, though. The other place is Tippy's. Tippy's is a gem with a young, hip vibe because the owner is a younger guy, around 27 or 28. They always have various experimental specialty pizzas. The bread sticks are huge. If you have a big appetite, try the forklift. It's a pizza that has a crust type covering over the top, kind of like a giant calzone. Like hot and spicy food? Try the "Fire Out the Hole" pizza.
  8. "football and school don't go together"

    Very sad, considering that Purdue is, first and foremost, an engineering school. I've always figured that Purdue has an advantage recruiting engineering recruits.
  9. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    http://www.pharostribune.com/indiana/sports/article_3ea95a4c-a0ed-5a96-91cb-d403995dfde5 WEST LAFAYETTE — Purdue added a kicker. On its face, that sentence is just about the most boring thing a college football fan can read. However, former Baylor kicker Spencer Evans’ decision Wednesday to join the Boilermakers tells you so much about new Purdue football coach Jeff Brohm and how he’s building his program. It speaks to Brohm’s aggressive strategy to find players who can compete immediately, it shows his ability to think outside the box and it underscores what first-year athletic director Mike Bobinski’s renewed financial commitment means to the program. To understand those points, you need to first get to know Evans. This isn’t your average kicker who stands at the end of the bench wearing a small shoe and a funny-looking facemask. Evans is rated by Kornblue Kicking as the No. 1 kicker in the class of 2017. As a walk-on kickoff specialist at Baylor, he recorded 16 touchbacks as a freshman in 2014 and 39 as a sophomore in 2015. More impressively, Evans nailed a 75-yard field goal that landed him on a number of prominent websites, including NFL.com. He followed it up with an 80-yard field goal that was featured on SportsCenter’s Twitter page. It remains to be seen if he’ll be used solely to kick off or if he’ll challenge incumbent kicker J.D. Dellinger for field goal duties. Either way, like I said before, this is not your average kicker. But what does it show about Brohm’s broader recruiting strategy? When Brohm took over the program, he inherited a team with several glaring holes and questions of depth across the board. The former Western Kentucky coach has aggressively targeted junior college transfers and graduate transfers as a means to find playmakers who can contribute immediately. “When I took the job, without question, I was worried about the roster,” Brohm said at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. “I was worried about the talent level. I knew at some point we were going to have to do something to improve that.” Including Evans, Brohm has received commitments from 11 players with college football experience — five graduate transfers and six junior college transfers. All should be eligible to play this season, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see many of them starting. More than just the sheer number of recruits, look at the specifics here. Take these three examples. That aggressive strategy I mentioned earlier, well, Brohm took it to an extreme in at least one case. He called defensive end Kai Higgins, offered him a scholarship sight unseen and gave him until the end of the day to commit. Brohm convinced Western Kentucky linebacker T.J. McCollum to follow him to West Lafayette, essentially adding the most productive Hilltopper over the last two years to the Boilermakers. And he plucked hard-hitting safety T.J. Jallow from East Mississippi Community College. The school was the subject of the Netflix documentary “Last Chance U” and has won three national championships since 2011, making it one of the best junior colleges in the nation. “No, the best,” Jallow corrected during spring football. The way Jallow corrected reporters when they didn’t give his former school enough credit and the way Jallow hasn’t been afraid to make some big-time hits at practice, that’s the kind of swagger and attitude Brohm is trying to add to the team, as well. He's one of the X-factor guys the former XFL coach has targeted. And this kicker (yes, a kicker) is another one. The Arlington, Texas, native plays the guitar and listens to heavy metal music. A sleeve of tattoos covers his right arm, including the grim reaper. He recently got inked with a Joker-themed tattoo on his left forearm. In his Twitter avatar, he’s wearing a backwards hat, the No. 13 jersey and rubbing his fingers together to mimick Johnny Manziel’s money sign That money sign, by the way, brings up the last point. Bobinski, the AD who is about to begin his second season at Purdue, hasn’t been shy about spending money. In addition to the $65-million shiny, new athletic facility that will open in August, Bobinski allotted about $3.5 million for Brohm’s assistant coaches. The approximately $1 million increase from last season was one of the factors that allowed Brohm to bring nearly his entire staff from Western Kentucky, including tight ends coach and special teams coordinator Tony Levine. The innovative special teams coordinator and tight ends coach helped kick returner Kylen Towner set an NCAA record with 40.3 yards per return at Western Kentucky and Tyron Carrier tie an NCAA record with seven returns for touchdowns at Houston. Essentially, Purdue didn’t even have a special teams coach under Darrell Hazell. This year, the Boilermakers have one of the nation’s best. You have to figure that Levine’s position on the staff played a role in Purdue landing a top-ranked kicker. Now just imagine what Levine will be able to do with one of the nation's best kickers and how much Brohm might get to use the kicker once his high-powered offense has the pieces it needs to truly hum.
  10. HNAC 2017

    Is Debb Stevens still the AD? Having met her, she is probably the biggest comet fan and the last thing she would ever want to do is cancel any sport program at Caston.
  11. HNAC 2017

    http://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_7143ddcc-797a-11e7-8520-a3e6b444c42a.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter ROYAL CENTER — Pioneer football standout Jack Kiser is just halfway through his high school career but has already picked up five Division-I offers. Kiser so far has offers from Big Ten schools Indiana, Iowa and Purdue and from Missouri Valley schools Illinois State and Indiana State. “It’s pretty incredible,” Pioneer coach Adam Berry said. “It’s been a fun offseason for him, getting some recognition from a small school. He didn’t even know it was going to happen this soon, he thought there was a chance it could. But it’s been pretty neat.” Kiser’s latest offer is from Purdue, and he comes from a Purdue family. His father, Aaron Kiser, competed in track and field for the Boilermakers in the early ’90s and recorded two second-place and a third-place finish in the discus and a second-place finish in the shot put at the Big Ten Championships in his career. Kiser’s uncle Brian Kiser was a six-time Big Ten champion and All-American thrower at Purdue, although Aaron threw at further distances. “It’s neat to have to have that Purdue background and then have an opportunity to where I could potentially go to Purdue and be a part of athletics,” Kiser said. “That’s really neat. But my family is going to support me no matter where I go. That’s nice too. “My family would travel, it wouldn’t be a problem. Maddie is going to Louisville [for track] and there is no big issue about that. We’re grateful for her to get that opportunity at Louisville. No matter where I go they’ll be traveling to see me.” Kiser said when he got the Indiana offer that his family would fully support him if he decided to attend there as well. Iowa was the first school to offer last spring. Kiser’s older brother Bryce Kiser was a defensive end at Illinois State where he played for former Purdue defensive coordinator Brock Spack. Kiser’s cousin Jake Kitchell played basketball at Indiana State. Kiser is being recruited as a linebacker. He’s 6-foot-2, 205 pounds now as a 16-year-old and has two full years until he enrolls at a college. “I’m a linebacker,” he said. “Some people like me as a hybrid, so a little bit of a bigger safety coming into the box a little, guard the big tight ends. But I can still grow, put some more weight on. You never know really.” Kiser also visited Stanford this summer. “I went out to Stanford and it’s a beautiful campus. I went to camp there. I thought I had a really good camp,” he said. “September 1st is the big day where they can start sending me mail and texting me. They said I’ll be hearing from them September 1st.” He could be hearing from a lot of schools on Friday, Sept. 1, which is Week 3 of the Indiana high school season. Pioneer opens its season in two weeks on Aug. 18 against Lewis Cass at the Pit. Kiser plays quarterback and safety for the Panthers and is coming off a sophomore season when he rushed for over 1,600 yards and 35 touchdowns and passed for over 1,300 yards and 25 more scores for a Panthers team that went 14-1 and finished runner-up in Class A. On defense he led the Panthers in tackles (99) and interceptions (5). He was a big reason why Pioneer was able to knock off Class A behemoth Lafayette Central Catholic in regional play but he noted it takes all 11 players on the field to knock off a program like the Knights have. “Last year’s group was special to get it done here at the Pit against LCC. That was just a great game. We really had to grind it out,” he said. “You can see on that fourth-and-goal, our linemen got a push off. And that’s something I’ll always remember. “Yeah, it was a team effort. Our defensive line at the very end stepped up. It was huge. It was just a great team win.” Pioneer has an enrollment of 275 as a public school in northwest Cass County but has a football program that has enjoyed an incredible amount of success in the last 20 years ever since the state championship season of 1997. The Panthers have reached the state finals in two of the last three years and Kiser’s teams are 26-2 the first two years of his career, with the only losses coming to Central Catholic in regional play in 2015 and to Linton-Stockton in last year’s state championship game. “Since youth league we’re learning our spots, we’re learning our offense, we’re learning our defensive scheme,” Kiser said. “By the time we get to varsity, everybody should be able to play. Because if one man goes down like last year, then the next man has to step up. I think we’re very fortunate to be able to have a guy step up and not lose a step.” The next step for the Panthers is to win another state title and they have several starters returning on both sides of the ball. “You can just see it and our team believes it,” Kiser said. “Our team genuinely believes it. Last year at Lucas Oil we died in the second half. You can see we’re out here running and we’re building every day, we’re building up 40s. And in practice we’re running two drills, we’re hurrying on plays. We just don’t want to sit back and relax and be like ‘all right, we’ve got this year.’ No, we have to work for it. Linton-Stockton is not going to be in the class but we still have to work. LCC is going to be in our sectional this year, we’ve got to beat them. Winamac is back down in Class A, we’ve got to beat them. So you just never know and we’ve got to work for it.” Berry said the Panthers have improved depth going into this season and Kiser agrees. “Our skill guys we have a lot of depth. With the [Lewellen] twins coming up, it gives us more depth and we have confidence in them,” Kiser said. “Our offensive line, we’re junior and senior heavy which is a good thing. If the guy is a backup guard, he’s also a backup tackle, he knows every position, that’s something to be said about our offensive line, I think.” Kiser reached the state podium in track and field in two events as a sophomore last spring, placing seventh in the discus and eighth in the shot put. He said right now track is more of a backup option in college as he will probably focus on football. “You never know. Maybe something happens when I’m playing football and I can’t really play at the top notch then I could always go throw. Bryce was thinking about that when he hurt his shoulders, he was thinking he could go throw but it didn’t happen but it was an option. You can never close that, but we’ll see,” he said. Kiser said he probably won’t set a timetable for his college decision until next year. “I don’t know, honestly. A lot of people are committing now. Some of my friends committed just recently,” he said. “I’m going to take things slow. I want to see every college on an official visit. I want to go to a game everywhere. We’ll start talking about that maybe next spring, next summer.”
  12. 2017 Hoosiers

    We can say "harsh" if he commits to Purdue or ND, especially Purdue.
  13. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Yeah, Google Maps puts the drive at approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, one way, without stops. It's gonna be a tough opening two weeks for the Kings.
  14. Hoosier Conference 2017

    I just noticed on John Harrell's site that in week 2, Cass will travel to Coldwater, MI, to play the Coldwater Cardinals. Does anyone have a backstory to why these two schools are playing one another? I did a bit of research on Coldwater here. http://michigan-football.com/f/cwater.htm It appears that Coldwater was perennially a weaker program until the past four years, featuring a record of 33-11, including an appearance in the semi-state two seasons ago. Enrollment wise, Coldwater has an enrollment of 933, making them the equivalent of an Indiana 4A school.
  15. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Purdue is currently putting together a great recruiting class by their standards. They are currently at 14 commits and are ranked 41st by rivals and 42nd by 247sports. I expect that number to settle to around 50 once other established programs fill out their classes. With being said, it looks like Brohm's first true class is going to be ranked higher than all of Darrell Hazell's classes. Hazell's were normally ranked in the 60s and 70s and he normally didn't have 10-12 recruits until around December. The best part of this class is that there are currently four offensive linemen in it.