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  1. So we had the I-69 Bowl in week 4, now the W-57 Bowl in week 9. Both Hart & Hurley currently have 56 wins.
  2. GS 7th grade defeats South Spencer 28-0. GS 7th grade finishes 9-0 and undefeated PAC champs. Outscored opponents 346 to 18. GS 8th grade beat South Spencer 36-6. 8th grade finishes 8-1 and undefeated PAC champs as well.
  3. Why did Memorial cancel the JV game with Castle tonight? Lots of injuries?
  4. Are they really the Princeton Tigers? The Princeton KFC closes and Kentucky Buckets are formed. Coincidence? You be the judge....
  5. Not necessarily.....but I would love to see South Spencer playing at their best in a possible sectional final vs. MD.
  6. Going to be interested to see which South Spencer team shows up in the Jungle. Very athletic team that needs to find consistency before the postseason.
  7. GS 7th grade over Heritage Hills 40-0. GS 8th grade over Heritage Hills 46-8. Running clock in the 2nd half of both games.
  8. The good thing is only 4 of them are seniors. Those are positions where there are very capable Juniors, Sophomores, and even a couple Freshmen that will all by vying for next year. It should be even more stout next fall.
  9. Wow you changed your tune! At the end of August you, Patriot 74, and PacFan were all telling us how much improved Tell City was after they played HH close. But now since they haven't won a game since you all told us this, it's because HH hurt Kessinger. LOL! I'm glad HH played Southridge first, they won't be the same team next week when they come to GS. Thanks Patriots! Any chance you guys could swing by Enlow and scrimmage Memorial before we play em?
  10. Registration for the 2016 Titan Clash is now open! Please go to http://www.tyfl.us/titanclash to register your team.
  11. I'd say they would give 2 out. A sledgehammer and painted 2x4 are not that expensive in southern Indiana.
  12. No because I've seen all of them play.
  13. I personally would have Memorial above Southridge. And rate HH and Princeton about even. But I like GS's draw.
  14. Out of the 9 times GS & Memorial have squared off, only 2 have been at GS. GS is 2-0 in those games. Memorial leads the series 5-4. Hopefully we'll be all tied up in a couple of weeks.