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  1. Penn would have probably been a 5 or 6 seed in North section behind: Snider , Lafayette Jeff, Valpo and Carmel and maybe Homestead?
  2. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    I doubt DB has seen a D as good as Penn's this year. Being a Snider follower, you never underestimate "the wild bunch" D
  3. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Looking at his highlights mostly all running, can he throw the ball?
  4. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Not belng looked, ND has offered. Well, great, IU should be getting good QB, I hope.
  5. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Looks no bigger than 5 foot 7
  6. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    By large margin you mean 20 or 40? I think Penn will give BD better game then most expect. Prediction to come later after I see the line in Vegas.
  7. Penn/Carmel

    I think Penn is in same boat, really hope Snider can be in mix next year, may be tough for Panthers though.
  8. Penn/Carmel

    And, what does that mean to this thread?
  9. Penn/Carmel

    All I'm saying is one man doesn't make a team.
  10. Penn/Carmel

    Where is BDR? Will he/she be able to "man" up and give Penn the congrats they deserve??
  11. Penn/Carmel

    A 5 foot 9 receiver is one man on a team. I think they need other players to help the cause.
  12. Penn/Carmel

    Would have been lightning delay as well
  13. Penn/Carmel

    Yes, But I tell you what, Penn is all around good. I've been watching most of game and don't think I have seen them get flagged for any penalties. That is killer for Snider year in and year out, they are not disciplined enough.
  14. Penn/Carmel

    I not sure Snider could have hung with Kingsmen tonight.
  15. Penn/Carmel

    Now game is over
  16. Penn/Carmel

    Game not over yet
  17. Penn/Carmel

    I think that is a big difference when comparing a school like Snider (1800 kids) vs a Penn (3900) or other Indy big schools. You have a harder time reloading year in and year out Pick 6 Penn
  18. Penn/Carmel

    Snider will be in rebuild mode in 2018, be better in 2019. Unless, the get some (cough cough) transfers
  19. Penn/Carmel

    No, Warren Central is the winner in 2018 per the Ben Davis head coach, maybe 2019 Penn can do it.
  20. Penn/Carmel

    is there any internet feed for the game?
  21. Penn/Carmel

    Well then, if the Ben Davis coach said it, then it's good as gold.
  22. Penn/Carmel

    Some people in Indy say Warren Central will win next year, so Penn may have chance in 2019, 2018 is already locked up with Warren Central