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  1. I think it depends on a given situation regardless of class. Obviously 1A schools don't have the enrollment for freshmen teams and more than likely many 2A schools won't either. I would tend to think there are several larger schools who don't have successful programs that have little to no interest for football but maybe get great numbers for other sports (since you mentioned basketball and baseball). To my knowledge, Linton has never had a freshman team in football. So to say that not having a freshman teams indicates "a likely decline" in the program, doesn't fit with them (and add in LCC and Pioneer). Linton has had really good football success over the past 20 years in spite of not having a freshman team. So maybe in their case, having freshmen play at the JV/Varsity level benefits their program. I attended a high school in Ohio that had around 1200 students. We always had a freshman team. The really good players (freshmen) got to dress for JV games but rarely saw the field. The really good JV players got to dress for Varsity on Friday nights but rarely got to see the field. It was an "honor" just to be selected to dress at the next level let alone play. If you got in the game at all it was usually near the end and it was a HUGE deal to be on the field. It was weird (for me) to see freshmen starting games for football in Indiana (moved here in 1995). I wasn't used to that, but then again, it's about numbers whether you have a small enrollment or whether there is a lack of interest in the sport at the larger schools. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Yes he is a tough runner. Not a ton of break away speed but he hits the hole really hard and is a good receiver out of the backfield. Coleman, Howard, and now Redding. I just hope that Allen can keep the offense going with the Hoosiers. I expect that Wilson will be giddy as the OC at Ohio State now. He'll be working with 4 and 5 star recruits instead of 2's and 3's. Could very well see Ohio State set a couple of school records on offense this year.
  3. Duly noted. I don't know how many players other teams are losing to graduation in sectional 40. It will make for interesting reading when the 2017 Digest comes out. I only know that Linton is losing a TON of great players and leadership. Coach Oliver is going to have his work cut out for him this season. One thing is certain: Coach Oliver is a great head coach who has a great staff. I am really happy (as a fan) to see Linton beefing up their schedule. They play three 3A schools (Sullivan, Monrovia, and Ritter), three 2A schools (Southridge, North Knox, and Providence) and three 1A schools. Their schedule used to be mostly 1A schools. I'm not overly concerned about them not going undefeated or not. I'm really glad to see Ritter on the schedule. They have a classy program and great fans. We had a couple of great semi-state games with them in 1A a few years back. This will be the third year in a row that Linton will play a defending class champion (North Vermillion in 2015, and Monrovia in 2016). It was also great to start playing Monrovia again this past season. Another great program and great fans.
  4. So......Linton gets bumped to 2A and is now in sectional 40. Mater Dei, Southridge, and South Spencer look to be the immediate competition for the sectional title. I also noticed that Linton opens the season with Southridge and in week 7 plays North Knox which is also a sectional 40 member. They will also play 2A champion Ritter and former 2A champion Monrovia, both of which have moved up to 3A. There are several tough games for the Miners this season. For several years we have heard the Miners are rebuilding, but I am thinking this will be the year it will actually be true. Lots of starters are graduating from last year's state title team. Should be an interesting season for Miner Nation. Sectional 40: Evansville Mater Dei, Forrest Park, North Knox, Linton, North Posey, South Spencer, Southridge, and Tell City.
  5. IU running back Devine Redding has signed (UFDA) with the Kansas City Chiefs. I knew he would get signed by someone. Smallish (5'8", 208 lbs) but runs with power. Not a break away threat but a good steady back and is a good passing target. If he makes their roster, I would imagine he'll get used in the same way that the Colts use Turbin.
  6. No doubt Mack does have that big play capability. However, he seems to be looking to break every carry to the outside and in some of the vids I saw it seemed he missed some cut back lanes. I hope he isn't like Richardson in that regard (Please, no!). If he is like Richardson, then I have my doubts he'll stay a Colt for very long. I don't mind a Frank Gore type runner. His career has held up very well. I expect he'll have another 1,000 yard season this year especially if the line is improved and he stays healthy. This could be a good turn around year for the Colts. Was really glad they re-signed Turbin. I like most of the FA signings and most of the draft picks. Curious to see how many of the LB's work out. Also interested to see if they still might go after an EDGE rusher. Time will tell I guess. Signing Hankins was a great addition to the D line and should help improve the rushing defense. It's been a long time since the Colts had that guy in the middle who could consistently disrupt another team's run blocking scheme. The fact that he is only 25 and already a 4 year veteran is a plus. With an easy schedule this year, I would expect the Colts to win a couple more games. Maybe they won't, but given that some of the dead weight has been cut, I would expect it. And from the drafts the other teams had, it would appear the AFC South could be on the rise.
  7. I have a gut feeling Hooker and Wilson will both be starting week one. Wilson's press coverage is his strength and that will mirror Davis on the opposite corner. I can see Geathers and Hooker being the starting safeties unless Green takes a huge leap in training camp. This secondary has a chance at becoming scary good. And as you said, bring Butler in for the nickel. I wasn't too thrilled with the pick of Mack if they were looking for a future running back. I have a feeling he won't even be on the team within the next 2 - 3 years. I hope I'm wrong, but he didn't impress me like some of the other backs did and were still on the board when the Colts selected. He has a few issues (fumbling and doesn't have a good vision of the field - T Richardson??) Perine was just one that I thought would be a better selection. Overall it was a good draft. Basham could see situational time at EDGE. He wasn't the MAC defensive player of the year just from perfect attendance. He had 11 1/2 sacks last season and 29 1/2 in his career. After watching some videos on him, he reminds me of a combination Freeney and Mathais. Whoa! The LB they took out of Northwestern is a very intelligent player. Saw some of his vids and also saw him play a couple of games last year for Northwestern. He looks very promising. With the FA signings and the draft, it appears the Colts are already about 10 spots better defensively than last season. That would be a good start. I don't think Ballard is done yet and I'm sure he'll be looking to pick up a few more players through UDFA's and maybe a trade or two. If nothing else, I like a lot of the one year, prove it contracts he has done and the fact he is sending the message of competition to his players. Competition is something that has been sorely lacking on this Colts team the past several years. It seems Ballard is saying, "there is no free ride". You either prove it or you are gone. He is definitely changing the culture. However, as with all teams, the players still have to play together. I would be interested to see what Ballard's thoughts are on the offensive line. He has mostly talked about the defense in most press conferences. I am thinking he will go with the same lineup that ended last season (3 rookies starting). Oh and I absolutely LOVED the Hankins FA signing! The AFC South? Everyone in that division had good drafts. I hated that the Jags got Fournette. I believe he will put several safeties on the IR during his career. For a man who weighs 240 pounds and can run a 4.5 forty, I wouldn't want to step in front of him once he breaks past the line of scrimmage in open space. He is like a runaway freight train. Yikes! Sorry if I sound redundant about Fournette, but he is such a BEAST!
  8. And thousands of Colts fans thought it was stupid too of the Colts allowing Grigson to come back just for those 3 picks.
  9. Well, well, well. The Colts take a safety with the 15th pick. I felt sure they'd take Conley (CB) but then again, there is that accusation against him the day JUST before the draft. I smell a possible set up. At any rate, Hooker was projected to be taken in the top 5 picks so getting him at 15 was a steal. I've heard complaining that he is too raw (only 1 year playing experience) and that he can't tackle very well. He only had 7 picks (3 for TD's) in that one year's experience and was selected unanimous All-American. And tackling? The Colts are going to pay him to get interceptions. Tackling isn't going to matter all that much. Ballard has preached he wanted impact players and Hooker is all of that. His closing speed is off the charts. I can hardly wait to see what these next rounds bring us tonight. There are still a TON of good players available on offense and defense. Was kinda hoping the Colts would trade up and get Fournette. That cat is going to put some DB's on the injured reserve list. It's insane to think that a man who weighs 240 pounds can run a 4.5 forty time. Some of his highlights showed him destroying db's and a couple of lb's who tried to tackle him. He just crushed some of them. Like swatting flies. I despise the Jags. LOL
  10. I would tend to agree about getting a CB at pick 15. Conley out of Ohio State would be a really good get. I thought they (the Colts) may take a shot at Sherman. However, he is getting older but would be an instant upgrade and they wouldn't need to use a draft pick for a corner.
  11. TA used to say he loved the passion of the 1A fans. I'll take a stab here and toss in another possible reason why there isn't as much discussion. I can recall many heated debates about LCC's 1A dominance and how Linton had such a terrible schedule and could never win a semi-state. For anyone who has been on this site for 5+ years or longer, it should be a given that the LCC and Linton posters could really lay down some posts (not to mention Miner Pride's awesome write-ups). It also got a number of other people involved in the discussions regardless of class. It seems to me that there are less LCC posters on here now (for whatever reasons) and it would appear that it is the same way from the Linton posters. How many times were other posters from other schools influenced or motivated to post just because of reading about those two 1A schools? In reality, you can look back at the archives and it will show that 1A posters were more dominant on this board than most of the other 5 classes. LCC was moved up to 2A for a couple of years. That took them from the 1A threads. Now they are back but not quite as dominant as they were when they moved up. With Linton winning last year's 1A state championship, I would imagine the same thing will happen this season. Oh you may see some banter between LCC and Pioneer in 1A, but it will be nothing like it was when Linton was loveable losers. I am wondering how many people will still get on here and post about Linton in their quest to take on 2A? Their schedule has been changed again with many less 1A teams on it so it will be challenging. If they lose a game or two in the early season, will people stop posting because of that? These are just a couple of thoughts. As I said, just taking a stab about this. And you could probably add in Sheridan not being in the limelight lately as well contributing to less posting/traffic.
  12. At this point, it's hard to say. You look at the mock drafts and they are all over the place. A couple have the Colts drafting an offensive lineman (although 2 different ones) with their first pick, another one has them drafting a cornerback, another has them drafting a defensive lineman, another has them drafting a linebacker, while another one has them drafting a running back. The talking heads that do these mocks, are just like we fans: they all have their opinion(s) about what is needed. There are a few holes to fill even after the free agency signings so I would think at least one of these guys will get it right and be able to puff out their chest and brag about how they were right. LOL I'm okay with whomever the Colts draft as long as it fills a need. Edge rusher, cornerback, offensive lineman, and running back (for the future) are all needs that must be met. However, I would consider this a 2 year process so they probably won't get everything they need this year. Ballard has been pretty smart with what he's done so far. Since he has years of scouting experience, it appears he's very good at evaluating talent and skills (way better than (Grigson). I'm really anxious to see what he "attacks" first in the draft. It's been obvious he has been doing what he can in free agency to shore up the defense. With 6 picks in the first four rounds and a deep draft, I'm hoping he hits a couple of grand slams in those first 4 rounds. The Patriots and the Steelers have been very good at picking up players who know one else has heard of yet they turn out to be Pro Bowlers (some of them). Harrison for the Steelers wasn't even drafted. I always hated that about them but after thinking about it, I had to give props to their scouts for finding players like that. Ballard seems to fit into that mold. Only time will tell, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.
  13. The Colts have signed 11 free agents from other teams (7 on the defensive side). You could argue whether this will make them better than last year, but the draft is going to be quite interesting now. They could still use a beast edge rusher and a cornerback. I'd also like to see them grab another inside linebacker, if possible. Other than WR, I'm good with any other positions they draft. There are a LOT of holes to fill on both sides of the ball. I don't think the younger running back they have now is their "future", so I look for them to take a running back this year. Now with Grigson gone, I do hope they get off of that "Best Player Available" crap. However, if it is BPA and fills a need, then I'm okay with that. But to take the BPA just because, is stupid. So far, Ballard is doing a good job with the cutting of the fat and with his FA signings. I hope he kills it in the draft too. If the Colts can improve by just 25%, then they should be in the playoff picture again. If they don't make it, then I would expect them to be there next season. He hasn't addressed the offensive line much but I think he likes how the Colts finished the season last year. The last 3 games, Luck was sacked the least amount of times during the season. There were 3 rookies starting on the Oline at that time. Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.
  14. If he's half as good of a coach as he was a running back, the Hoosiers have no worries then.
  15. Okay hold on a minute. Is that pass rush or puss rush (your post not mine)? Was it a typo on your part or are you making fun of the Colts signings in a subtle kind of way? I had to ask. If it is a typo, I did laugh when I read it. LOL