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  1. Agreed we are losing a terrific member of our staff , but NP gained a good one best of luck to Coach Carnes and the Cougars this season!
  2. Tough kid, from a powerhouse program in Cincy Elder could play a role similar to what Zander had last year then be handed the reins next year that gives 3 years as a starter and security at a very important position that IU can continue to recruit the athletes to put around him. I think this kid could have a bright future for the Hoosiers.
  3. New broke last night that all 3 of IUs Signee's inn the class of 2017 will stay with the Hoosiers a win for Archie considering Cliff Moore will give some more depth at PF especially if Bryant does stay in the NBA so people have mentioned they think its a bad spot in terms of spots on the roster especially with Archies top recruit from Dayton back on the board (personally I think we will stay closer to home now and play for Pitino at Minn) will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  4. I agree I don't think it is a big jump from Freshman to JV anyway so if you can keep a group of kids together that have been playing with each other since youth league (if your a small town school) or Begin to develop some chemistry with all of your kids coming from different middle schools (if your a 5 or 6A program) is going to pay dividends in the long run and you still get the same development on the field. IMO the only time you bring up a Freshman is if he is good enough to play Varsity which does happen at 4,5,6 A schools but not often its better to keep them with their classmates than play JV, plus its more playing time for your 10th and 11th graders that might not see Varsity action.
  5. Agreed even if they don't land Langford which may be tough considering the proximity of his hometown to U of L , I would have to think priority number 1a would now be Kevin Easley Jr. from LN decommitted from VCU because of the coaching change... I have a sneaking suspicion hes going head south for college but Bloomington is a lot closer than Baton Rouge where VCU's coach ended up. I think when its all said an done Archie will end up with an Indiana Heavy 2018 that could include Easley, Jallow, and Phinisee, if that were to happen I would be ok with not landing Langford
  6. Osterman wrote a joke of an article ( and I usually enjoy his coverage of the Hoosiers) saying OG declaring for the draft was "Archie's first loss" as Indiana head coach smh. And people wonder why things are they way they are at Indiana. This guy is 2 weeks in and 6 months away from even an exhibition game and still has a roster with some recruiting to get figured out and we are giving him a loss? I LOVE the mentality and approach thus far on Miller and he has the fan support 100% right now I believe, but its early April, guys are going to come, guys are going to leave. Hes going to win games hes going to lose games lets get to next fall/winter before we start handing him losses Mr. Osterman.
  7. Also trying to stick to the topic of football on a football forum.... who will be the head coach of the new school? I know Turkey Run currently doesn't not have a head coach and Rockville's Batty is entering his 2nd year will he be automatically granted the head coaching position or will they open it up to prospective coaches? Seems like the job would be a little more attractive with the added athletes even if only a few of the returning players from TR are good enough to start for Rockville or vice versa I don't know which school is currently better I know Rockville has had much success in football in recent years. It would also be interesting to see how this will work out for all sports, especially if the two schools have successful programs each in the same sport.
  8. a little bias but my old man delivered a speech to the 09 bulldogs before the regional with Ritter that still gives goosebumps, I know the Dawgs and Raiders have a ton more respect for each other these days now that they are conference opponents , but a lot of the material was provided by the GID lol attached is only about half of the speech. Then the next week before the Semi-State vs Paoli, former Ritter head coach and former Monrovia Principal Duffy Hagist gave a pretty inspirational and emotional pre game speech as well. All great memories
  9. Not to give a spoiler but When Jon Snow is crowded the king in North at the end of the last season was pretty intense set off my Lyanna Mormont
  10. I think 3A-6A HAVE to have a freshmen team in order to be a successful program they have the numbers of total kids in the school so if you don't have the numbers to field a Freshmen that would mean your program is lacking appeal for students in your school (can't win if large numbers your best athletes aren't playing football). 1A and 2A school can survive without but it certainly is a nice luxury to have if you have it at that level. My Jr year at Monrovia we maybe had 20ish kids on jv and 20ish kids that played Varsity only about 47 kids total and were 14-1
  11. http://eaglecountryonline.com/local-article/msj-lions-football-coach-rod-huber-retiring-after-27-seasons/ Congrats to Coach Huber on an amazing career at MSJ was honored to play for him, there was only one way to describe coach and that was "if you were walking in a crowed mall in the middle of the day and caught a glimpse of coach Huber you would know right away that guy is a football coach!" On another note congrats to Tyler Hopperton who will serve as interim head coach, Hopp was a senior my freshman year and joined the staff right after graduation he loves and is truly committed to the program!
  12. I did the HCAC tour while being recruited ended up at Mt St Joe (actually closer from Indy than Manchester just a straight shot down 74 and on the west side of Cincy), I would encourage you to look at all of them all have good things about their programs both academically and from a football stand point.
  13. I think the situation is a little different in OKC than Donovan thought it was going to be..... Durant leaves for a WC rival that makes them almost impossible to get past, They get rid of Ibaka as well and left with Westbrook and a very young core. Yes this is good on paper and they are still a "playoff" team but its very similar to the issue the Pacers are in. Now you faced with the possibility of losing Westbrook this year or next and I don't think a rebuilding job is what Donvoan had in mind when he decided to leave for the NBA (hints is 1 day as the Magic head coach). Also IU is not what i would call a rebuilding job, might be down next year, but a good recruiting class can bring you right back to a Big10 title contender. With all that said I'm not convinced he will either, I just don't think it would be out of the relm of possible. Plus take a look at his recent quotes on the situation "i'm committed while I'm here"......... Not excatly the words I would want to hear from my franchise coach. But I will admit these are just fan boy hopes, however I do think Jay Wright would be an Amazing hire!!!!!!!!
  14. the Crimson Quarry Blog which has thrown a big fit about Crean's departure which has almost made the blog unreadable did bring up a fair point. This all seems very similar to when IU hired Sampson. As in the media and fan base have a bunch of names that seem like the direction IU will likely go with wild rumors and then the admin comes completely out of left field and hires a person no one thought of cause they have a pretty good job already like Sampson had with (OU). Some of the names thrown out by CQ were (Frank Martin, Shakia Smart and Jay Wright) would not be surprised to see them do this I would add Mark Few as well maybe your right he likes being King Of the Hill and doesn't want to be on the mountain and under the microscope at IU , but there has been mutual interest in the past. IU would never be this stupid but don't think for a min Bruce Pearl hasn't been lobbying for this job as well. Personally I hoping for Donovan, thinking it will be Alford and am growing on the idea of Fife.
  15. HCC with have 8 with FC so that will mean they will still have 2 weeks for non conference opponents in the 9 week regular season this would apply if they decided to add a 9th member
  16. SOS implemented a 7 on 7 segment into last years camps I would imagine that they are going to do the same this year as well. Good way to get skills and drills and 7 on 7 work this spring before summer fully kicks off.
  17. Link here http://www.bannergraphic.com/story/2388371.html Best of luck to Coach! He and my dad have gotten to know each other when they were old WCC foes, hes a class guy and will have success no matter where he goes!
  18. Nathan Conley (DB) State Quailifier at 138LB and Gunnar Larson (DE- Committed to West Point for wrestling) Semi-State Champ at 220LB for the Orioles
  19. With a coach closing in on 350 wins ( 1 losing season in 18 years) and possibly the 3rd straight 20 win season I would hesitate to call Danville a football school Their basketball success is a a bit more established then what you elude to, even after an unexpected sectional championship this past fall. While the community was very excited and rallied around the run the team had I would still say basketball holds the top spot in warrior land. I don't see why both programs can't thrive together and hope they continue to do so, but again I think Danville is and still remains for now a basketball school.
  20. Unless you know something the rest is don't Mooresville is 4A and has been since the 80s so no chance to meet in the post season if that's what you we're insinuating I couldn't imagine enrollment is down enough to move them to 3A
  21. I didn't know this either id have to ask my dad he would know for sure but I know He coached in Florida for a while before coming to be the head coach at Monrovia in the early 90s took for when Jim Kaiser went to Avon. He still teaches at Monrovia today
  22. Just from the eye test seems like Friday (2,4,6) could produce some blowouts , but I feel like the 2A game has a shot to be a good game ..... But Saturday I really feel will produce a smash mouth 1A game and then high scoring shootouts in 3A and 5A either way looking forward to a huge weekend of football as always !
  23. Congrats to the Dawgs should be a great game as always I've said it numerous times this has turned into a solid rivalry game This will be the most equally matched playoff meeting between these two teams since 09 regional. Monrovia beat another solid Mater Dei team and Ritter took care of a Milan team I thought would give them more of a challenge both these teams playing their best ball the right time of the year Good Luck to both teams stay healthy !!!!!
  24. Beech Grove Monrovia Speedway Scecina
  25. Scecina Beech Grove South Decatur Speedway TC