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  1. Also a former Monrovia Bulldog , have a ton of great memories growing up in the early 2000s watching his Cathedral teams compete Congrats on a great career coach!!!! And thank for all you have done for Indiana High School Football ! You have definitely earned some time to enjoy family and friends !!!
  2. Game of the weekend?!?

    What about Woodlan and Southridge, I would think this was the game of the week seems like both schools can make impressive arguments Woodlan beat 13-0 Eastbrook and Southridge handled Secina who arguably plays the toughest schedule in 2A..... who is favored and why? I know many people (including myself) thought we might see Secina vs Eastbrook instead.
  3. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Solid Win last night and 70-53 over USF, now (2-2) not the best competition but we saw the best half of basketball from IU and Archie with his first tech officially and IU coach! LOL its amazing what this defense looks like when an opponent doesn't hit 3 pointers that would make Steph Curry envious really saw great things from Morgan and Johnson tonight. Durham played 31 min and had 0 turnovers my only complaint is still from Newkirk that kid needs to get it figured out but at least Archie has made the decision several times already this year to sit him for most of the 2nd half. Really do like what I see from Durham and Smith two solid freshman that are gonna be around for a while IU will finish this week with 2 more really winable games vs Arkansas State and Eastern Michigan before starting Murders Row: vs #1 Duke @ UM vs Iowa @ #18 U of L vs #13 ND @ BLFH Would hate to be (7-7) heading into conference play I think if IU can get 2 wins in that stretch of 5 games then that would put them at (9-5) with some confidence heading into Big10 season
  4. Well here we are 5 days out from the Archie Miller era getting going. Clear from the 2 exhibition wins that Archie is putting his style of play into a group used to playing the totally opposite way. There will without a doubt be some hiccups along the way but we know that the future is bright, I would argue so does the present. IU has some experience and Archie is determined to take away the things that crippled IU the last couple of seasons and that could result in some surprise wins from this IU team. Time will tell and I don't want expectations to be too high in a transition year but I firmly believe IU is not only a mid -level above Five hundred team and a winning record in the Big10 but an NCAA tourney team as well! Few notes to open with and keep an eye on. - Hoosier play a tough Non-Con schedule chance for quality wins and 19-20 wins might land them in the NCAA tourney - Looks like IU has a legitimate chance to sign top prospects Garland and Langford in the class of 2018 (Garland to commit sometime on Nov. and Langford said by spring) - Hoosier open Friday with In-State ISU and great way to start the season! sad that it is only on BTN-Plus instead of say FOX Sports Indiana, but hey people are just loving watching this Pacers team lose close games. - Notes from exhibition games: Turnovers seem to be down but Miller also classifies quick shot possessions with no basket to be turnovers as well (wow good thing Crean didn't have that same policy IU would have averaged 30 TO a game!) Devonte Green seems to be scoring option #1 like his mentality and ability going forward could have breakout year! Hatmans leadership will be Key to keeping this team level headed during the growing pains of going from Crean to Miller Freddie McSwain looks WAY more comfortable in Millers system than Creans, this could be huge down the road for IU in terms of depth. D-Davis weight loss does appear to be helping but Miller said he needs to be in game shape witch is 30 min a game. Can Juwan Morgan evolve into the consistent offensive threat the Hoosiers will need him to be going forward. Of all the Freshman Crean brought in that Miller retained I think that Miller seems to be the most high on Al Durham has been bringing him along slowly after an injury but really eager to work him in when he gets healthy. What will that also mean for CuJo moving forward as well? -
  5. I might be looking forward to this game more than any other of the weekend, I can remember playing Eastern Greene my senior year at Monrovia and we cruised to a 49-0 win and they even had a player quit in the middle of the Game! this was 7 years ago... but its really cool to see a program come so far many teams never get the opportunity in 20-30+ years as a program best of luck to both teams.
  6. Ben Davis vs Avon

    Sorry I should have clarified I wasn't talking about you at all just more of a general comment I agree 100% and if any fan of any team on here has the right to be arrogant it is you with how BD has played all season! Still you have been respectful of every opponent the Giants have faced ..... looking forward to watching them take on the kingsmen Saturday night best of luck!!!
  7. Ben Davis vs Avon

    People trying to kill the last few hours at work by getting some last min pre-game drama going
  8. Indiana Crossroads Conference Semi State Championships

    Thanks it was intentional don't believe in picking games that I help coach and have too much of a biased in without a doubt hoping for an Oriole WIN !!!!!!!
  9. I have seen EC play twice the 2015 Semi-State game against Roncalli and the state game against FW Dwenger...... I agree with the idea that playing against EC is like getting in a bar fight I watched a ton of Roncalli and Cathedral games growing up in the early to mid 2000s and 2015 was the first time I ever watched the Rebels get absolutely smacked in the mouth and come back with no answer! EC had the QB with the Long Blonde Hair looked like Clay Matthews playing QB running QB power it was impressive. Then a week later in Lucas Oil the got taken to the woodshed by the Saints , I really thought the physicality they had would bother Dwenger looked like the bright lights and the crowd really through not only the EC player but coaches as well being the first trip in sometime. If EC can get back to Lucas and get another shot at Dwenger or anyone else I really hope they are able to leave the butterflys at home and bring that physical play for everyone to watch its really a sight to see! But the woodmen will be no easy task! This should be one of the many exciting games tonight and tomorrow no doubt whoever punches the ticket to Lucas Oil will have earned it!
  10. Taught at Danville Middle for 2 years before heading to Avon South...... for memorial fans parking at both the middle school and South elementary on the other side of Lincoln street is not a bad option its a really easy walk across the street to the FB field! Best of Luck to both teams!
  11. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Oh no doubt they are i don't disagree think they have enough talent thought to get to that 18 win mark which isn't terrible for Miller's first year with the new system and the recruiting class coming in they will be back to 22+ wins next year.
  12. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Just got wore down, Seton Hall got bailed out a lot in the second half and the hit free throws it was a 10 point game with 7 min to go had the under 8 media time out Hoosier were on a 6-0 run and SH hit a couple of tough 3's and it was just basket trading after that plus De'Ron Davis fouled out with 6 min to go? Desi Rodriguez and Delgado are the real deal WOW those dudes are tough . For IU Smith and Durham continued to play well while Johnson was OK at times but wow Newkirk and McSwain were terrible!!!! I really don't know how any coach could justify putting those 2 out on the court at any point in the game they were the cause of a good deal of IU's turnovers. Bright side Green played the way he is capable of and really showed he is an all around tough guard and Morgan seemed to be healthy and played extended solid min. The start to this season is reminding me a lot of 2 years ago, Yogi's senior year when IU went to Maui and got ran out going 1-2 almost 0-3 and went on the road to Duke and got destroyed. But took their lumps early and got it figured out with a good solid rotation and went on to win the Big10 and make the tourney. I'm not saying Iu will win the big 10 but I think they will get some easy wins over the next couple of weeks and may take some licks again in Dec but will surprise some tams in Late Dec, Jan and Feb still saying 18-19 wins
  13. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I agree 100% and so do most fans at IU but we are talking about game 3 , I have never been a big fan of Johnson or Newkirk but it seems like from the press conference this week Archie basically told the team if you don't plan on playing like a man tonight don't get on the plane. I hope for Miller's sake they play hard and compete tonight otherwise things are gonna get loud for Miller already which unfortunately for him comes with the job at IU but as I said before they will be close to a 20 win team this year I still firmly believe that.
  14. Romeo cuts list to 7

    I stand corrected congrats Etwaun is a role player by his 6th year vs this http://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/3431/eric-gordon must mean key component on the 2 best team in the West with the best chance to knock off the Warriors and make it to the NBA finals. (but again at least Etwaun will always have a state title)
  15. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Fair point I full expect IU to be a top tier Big 10 team by Miller's 3rd year but were talking about game 3 with a group that he had 0 involvement in recruiting.... again some guys can shaped to his system because they are still new. But I think with the upperclassman with 2-3+ years in a totally different system its unrealistic to not think their is going to be some transition issues. If they end up winning tomorrow I will stay with my original prediction of 21- 22 wins this season, if they don't but play hard I will still say 18 wins but will have momentum going into 2018
  16. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I really hope the Hoosier go and play tough at Seton Hall tomorrow for Archie, I think despite the rough weekend and start to the week he has the full support of the fans but sooooooo many media members (many of whom defended and still defend Tom Crean) are just laying into Archie two games into his start at IU , I guess after covering Crean's 1st 3 years they have lost patience sad would love to see the collective media hush if IU could knock off Seton Hall on the road!
  17. Romeo cuts list to 7

    I think with the attention that Romeo has been getting since very early in his career he wants to be the crowning jewel of wherever he commits. i think that is why he never really considered UNC or UK and why he will pick IU over Vandy and Kansas. I don't think he is as close with Garland as people think or say........ I think that was more IU and Vandy fans trying to convenience themselves they would get both if one of the two committed. Time will tell but he is now the sole focus of Archie and his staff in terms of recruiting and Vandy is still chasing other top recruits as well as Kansas that will help!
  18. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I guess anything is possible until you hear the official word from Garland, but lets remember IU has a 12th ranked 2018 class without Garland or Langford the future is bright these are kids Miller got them for HIS system with the strong things we've seen from the Freshman and sophomore classes this year without Langford I firmly believe IU could be a 25 win team in 2018
  19. Romeo cuts list to 7

    Clearly Biancardi is worried he might be one of the next 100+ people laid off by ESPN needs the viewership to plead his case coming at the expense of a 17 year old kid special day
  20. Romeo cuts list to 7

    Find it odd that Garland would tell ESPN 3 hours before he was suppose to announce, even if he did think its pretty low of Paul Bicardi to worry more about his Journalism job and not let this kid tell the nation himself and take away from HIS day. He had the rest of the day to write his 330 word half- A** article over it come on man.
  21. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Anytime you get a new coach their is going to be a transition period IU only lost 3 player (Blackmon Jr. , OG, Ananoby, and Thomas Bryant all to the NBA also were the top 3 scores from last year) IU does have seniors in Rob Johnson, Josh Newkirk, and Colin Hartman. Hartman is hurt yet again and begs the question should he really even try anymore? Johnson and Newkirk seem to be having trouble adjusting to Millers new system not a good recipe when they are also suppose to be the leaders. Juwan Morgan was injured last night again and could miss significant time, he would have made it more difficult on Howard inside defensively last night. The bright spots are Soph De'ron Davis 14 vs ISU and 17 vs Howard if he can give us 30+ min a game and stay out of foul trouble things are bright he could be 2nd team all Big10 guy. Freshman Al Durham and Josh Smith seem to be flourishing early in the Archie Miller system as said by many media guy.... they don't have Tom Crean coaching to unlearn (like Johnson and Newkirk). Another thing really hurting IU is Devonte Green lack of confidence he is in a full blown Soph Slump right now and he has the potential to be a great all around guard he he and pick it up and IU gets more contribution from Curtis Jones as well IU will be fine this year. The Howard game looked closer then it was because they honestly hit some ridiculous 3 threes late in the 2nd half the lead was as high as 18 for IU in the second half. The ISU game was a combination of many things from what I read but ISU shot 65% from three which they wont do again maybe ever in program history some you can blame of defense some you can blame on dumb luck. Think about really good 3 point teams usually hit around 40% for the game if ISU had shot that then they would have had 7 less 3's so that's minus 21 points the difference in scoring....... But thats still not an excuse despite making shots IU should have risen to the challenge Finally again transition year it happens IU has the 12th ranked recruiting class nationally for 2018 (guys Archie recruited) four 4-star and a really high 3-star and stand a real chance to sign 1 maybe 2 5-stars which (Garland or Langford might make that a top 3 class). This team has talent and they will improve trust me when I says they will win more games in Archie's first year than Tom Crean did in his first 3 years 6,10,12,
  22. Romeo cuts list to 7

    Down to 3 IU, Kansas, and Vanderbilt surprised UNC did not make it ... Darius Garlands commitment Monday could give us some clues , Also home Friday's loss doesn't hurt this recruiting momentum
  23. Romeo cuts list to 7

    Darius Garland will Announce on Wednesday at his school Brentwood Academy at 5:30 officially its between IU, Duke, Kansas, Vandy, UCLA, and UK. Most experts are thinking its IU or Vandy and a good portion of those people think Vandy we shall see fingers crossed kid has a bright career no matter where he chooses!!!!!