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  1. Coaches / Parents: Here is the Bishop Dullaghan 2017 Middle School Camp Schedule: OVERNIGHT CAMPS TAYLOR UNIVERSITY - June 26-27-28-29 DEPAUW UNIVERSITY - July 10-11-12-13 UNIVERSITY of INDIANAPOLIS - July 17-18-19-20 COMMUTER CAMPS REGION AREA CAMP - MERRILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL - June 26-27-28 EVANSVILLE AREA CAMP - F.J. REITZ HIGH SCHOOL - July 10-11-12 To Register Please Visit - www.bishopdullaghan.com/middle
  2. EC vs Roncalli

    BC's "worst team in MANY years" had an opportunity to beat Roncalli at home earlier in the season. Congrats to Roncalli for winning that game. Having seen both teams play I think Roncalli passing game is the difference in this one. Rebels win 28-14.
  3. Thought I'd post on main board since some folks don't make it over to youth forum. For those with middle school football players an update on Bishop Dullaghan Middle School Camps registration: TAYLOR UNIV. - Registration Closed. MILLIKIN UNIV. - Registration Closed. CHATARD - Commuter Camp - July 5 - July 7 - Registration Open - 9 practice opportunities over 3 days. UINDY - Overnight Camp - SOLD OUT. DEPAUW UNIV. - Last Overnight Camp - July 18 - July 21 - Registration Open. - our largest camp with almost 200 campers registered so far, spots are limited. VISIT: www.bishopdullaghan.com for additional information or to register. Thanks to all of you who have supported our camps for over 40 years!
  4. UPDATE: CHATARD COMMUTER CAMP REGISTRATION CLOSES @ 5:00 p.m. TODAY! Spots available. Camp starts tomorrow July 5th and ends on Thursday July 7th, nine (9) opportunities over 3 days. UINDY Overnight Camp - Registration Closed - Camp Sold Out! DEPAUW OVERNIGHG CAMP - July 18 - July 21 - Registration Open - over 200 campers signed up. To register visit:. www.bishopdullaghan.com
  5. Please note the dates of our 2016 Middle School Football Camps TAYLOR U. - June 27 - June 30 - (Overnight) MILLIKIN U. - June 27 - June 30 - (Overnight) CHATARD HS - July 5 - July 7 - (Commuter) UINDY - July 11 - July 14 - (Overnight) **** SOLD OUT**** DEPAUW - July 18 - July 21 - (Overnight) Also please note our commuter camp at Chatard HS. Same great instruction you get at our overnights camps in a commuter format with 9 practice opportunities over 3 days. TO REGISTER: please visit www.bishopdullaghan.com
  6. BISHOP DULLAGHAN MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP UPDATE: Taylor Camp - Registration now closed. Millikin Camps - Registration now closed. UIndy Camp - SOLD OUT - Registration closed. Commuter Camp @ Chatard High School - Registration Open - spots still available. Overnight Camp @ DePauw Univ. - Registration Open - spots still available.
  7. Cue beat dead horse......but UE joins non-scholarship Pioneer League with BU/VU/UD......using very simple math......UE gets 100 players paying on average $35-45k per year (similar to Butler)........ Football budget of $750k....net to UE of $2.5 - $3.5.....and gets the coveted 100 additional male students. The only negative....it makes to much sense which is why it will never happen.
  8. Still can't believe Evansville dropped football......still shake my head at that move.
  9. Neligh to U of Indy

    UIndy has had a nice run of QB's....and for the most part local kids.... from Casey Gillin (Indian Creek) to Rob Doyle (Chatard) to Chris Mills (LCC) to Connor Barthel (Cathedral) to Jake Purichia (Ritter) to eventually Alex Neligh (New Pal) or Bryce Stancombe (Bloom. South) who they recruited last year. UIndy was/is a great fit for all those guys.
  10. Parents / Commissioners / Youth Football Coaches: Bishop Dullaghan Football Camps is entering our 16th year providing Middle School Camps to grade school football players in Indiana. Led by Indiana Hall of Fame Football Coach Dick Dullaghan these camps provide top notch instruction from Indiana high school and college coaches. You can visit our website for a list of past coaches and campers who have gone on to have high school, college and NFL careers. These camps have been very well received in the past and provide a total football experience with special emphasis on the following: Bishop Dullaghan fully supports and is a sponsor of USA Football's "Heads Up" Campaign. Bishop Dullghan provides on-site training staff at all times during the camp for the safety of our campers. These Camps are an overnight camp with room and board included in the fee. The overnight Camps are for 6th, 7th & 8th grade players. Campers are required to bring their own helmet and shoulder pads. Coach/Player ratio is 1:10. There will be ten (10) scheduled practice opportunities for each of the four camps. The scheduled camp locations and times are as follows: TAYLOR UNIVERSITY - Session 1 - June 4 - June 7. ANDERSON UNIVERSITY - Session 2 - June 28 - July 1. MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY - Session 3 - July 6 - July 9. DEPAUW UNIVERSITY - Session 4 - July 13 - July 16. For additional information or to register for one of our camps, please visit our website at www.bishopdullaghan.com or contact Dick Dullaghan at 317-670-9848 or via email at rldhc@comcast.net or contact Paul Page at 317-916-5859 or via email at ppage@pittmanpage.com Bring your son, some of his teammates, or bring your team for 4 days of football filled instruction and fun. Please note: Due to the interest we have received in providing a commuter football camp in the Indianapolis area for 3-4-5th grade players, we will be posting additional information on the Gridiron Digest and our website about an upcoming camp for the younger kids. Thank You. Bishop Dullaghan Camp Staff
  11. Parents / Commissioners / Youth Football Coaches; Bishop Dullaghan is pleased to offer the following Middle School Camps for 6, 7, & 8th grade football players this summer. For additional information and to register, please visit our website at www.bishopdullaghan.com or contact Dick Dullaghan at 317-670-9848 or via email at rldhc@comcast.net or Paul Page at 317-916-5859 or ppage@pittmanpage.com. The camp includes the following: 10 (ten) scheduled practice opportunities. Three nights room and board. Coach/player ratio of 1:10. Camp staffer with various Indiana high school and college coaches. Each camper is required to bring a helmet and shoulder pads. Bishop Dullaghan fully supports and teaches the USA Football "Heads Up" program. Below are scheduled camp dates for Indiana. TAYLOR UNIVERSITY - Session 1 - June 4 - June 7. ANDERSON UNIVERSITY - Session 2 - June 28 - July 1. DEPAUW UNIVERSITY - Session 3 - July 13 - July 16. This is a great opportunity for your son to get better with the help of an experienced high school and college coaching staff. Register now.
  12. For updated camp information, follow us on Twitter @BDFootballCamps
  13. "Brebeuf keeps athletics in perspective"??????? Gibson Southern by 35.
  14. Carlson is out as Valpo coach

    As a follow up to my previous post......these are the amounts the following FCS schools spent as part of their football budget.....including scholarship money......in 2012.......Butler gets a lot of bang for their buck as their head coach does a very good job with limited financial resources. Valpo spends 230k more than Butler.....they may want to spend their money more wisely. Butler is at the bottom of the FCS schools by the way. #1 Montana State MT $8,777,441 110 University of San Diego CA $1,269,465 111 Campbell University NC $1,143,155 112 Jacksonville University FL $1,126,146 113 Mississippi Valley State University MS $1,088,097 114 University of Dayton OH $975,237 115 Morehead State University KY $928,306 116 Valparaiso University IN $879,762 117 Drake University IA $876,039 118 Marist College NY $870,416 119 Davidson College NC $790,295 120 Butler University IN $648,837
  15. Chatard at New Palestine

    I've done this every year for the last three years.....for the record.....my #'s could be off by maybe 1 player......but it's something like this: 2010 State Champs - 20/22 starters were North Deanery CYO kids. 2011 - 22/22 2012 - 21/22 I went so far one year to list the grade schools. If we are fortunate enough to get to the finals I'll confirm again the exact amount. Now 2-3 kids might go both ways but it's no more than 3, so that can skewer the #'s a bit. Check Chatard's roster. They list where the kids went to grade school. If we are out recruiting kids from outside the North Deanery....we aren't doing a very good job of it. Off top of my head I can think of two kids who didn't go to a CYO grade school who are starting on this years team. Estimated four year total including 2013 - 83/88 = 94%.
  16. University of Indianapolis Ranked 19th in D2

    Hounds now up to 11th in latest poll, their highest ranking in school history.
  17. Carlson is out as Valpo coach

    It's simple math.......most schools in Pioneer League (non-scholarship) will knock 10-15k off the tuition in the form of some type of grant. Take Butler, 48k tuition and fees.....discount it to say 35-40k (x) 100 players = 3.5-4.0 million dollars. Subtract a football budget of 550-750k and the University makes money. In addition they get 100 male students which are often needed at liberal arts schools. I believe Butler caps their roster at a 100, some schools don't. They make money. Without football very few of those 100 attend that school would be my guess. No way Valpo eliminates football, the team probably makes of 8-10% of their male enrollment.
  18. Cathedral vs. Anderson

    Really?? Did you compare schedules between Zville and Anderson?? Not even in same zip code. Even Lou Holtz couldn't keep a straight face in this one....jeez.
  19. Cathedral vs. Anderson

    Irish by 50+. It's a 4-6 Anderson team for crying out loud........
  20. 3A Pre-Season Top 15

    I'm not ticked off at all. Actually excited for BC to be playing in 4A...whether we win it all or not. I'm a GS fan after last year....I hope they run the table and make it to LOS. I'll check back in 4-5 weeks and apologize to all the GS fans out there if you make it to LOS. Playing 5-2A teams makes that road a little more difficult is all I'm saying....understanding the conference affiliations make dictate that. Remember, BC has struggled in the past with the likes of Heritage Hills and Evansville Memorial, the respect on our end is there. Here's hoping you guys get to LOS and weren't a one trick pony. Good luck.
  21. 3A Pre-Season Top 15

    No offense to GS faithful.....but unless they have improved significantly from last years team I don't see how they get past any semi-state opponent. The Cal Preps predictor is great for message boards but I'll take strength of schedule as a predictor in projecting future outcomes. Gibson Southern had one of the best environments to play a semi state game, their fans and community were awesome, the talent on the field had significant room for improvement. Chalk it up to first time in a semi-state, deer in the headlights, just happy to be there....any one of those could have contributed to the final BC vs GS score.....but anyone that was there knew there was a significant differnce in talent. One could easily make the argument this years Chatard team is more talented than last year....and Brebeuf did beat BC in the first game this year......I'm taking Andrean to win it all, they've played Merrillvile, Hobart, Griffith, Lowell, & Munster.......strength of schedule........just sayin.