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  1. Coaches / Parents: Here is the Bishop Dullaghan 2017 Middle School Camp Schedule: OVERNIGHT CAMPS TAYLOR UNIVERSITY - June 26-27-28-29 DEPAUW UNIVERSITY - July 10-11-12-13 UNIVERSITY of INDIANAPOLIS - July 17-18-19-20 COMMUTER CAMPS REGION AREA CAMP - MERRILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL - June 26-27-28 EVANSVILLE AREA CAMP - F.J. REITZ HIGH SCHOOL - July 10-11-12 To Register Please Visit - www.bishopdullaghan.com/middle
  2. EC vs Roncalli

    BC's "worst team in MANY years" had an opportunity to beat Roncalli at home earlier in the season. Congrats to Roncalli for winning that game. Having seen both teams play I think Roncalli passing game is the difference in this one. Rebels win 28-14.
  3. Cue beat dead horse......but UE joins non-scholarship Pioneer League with BU/VU/UD......using very simple math......UE gets 100 players paying on average $35-45k per year (similar to Butler)........ Football budget of $750k....net to UE of $2.5 - $3.5.....and gets the coveted 100 additional male students. The only negative....it makes to much sense which is why it will never happen.
  4. Still can't believe Evansville dropped football......still shake my head at that move.
  5. Neligh to U of Indy

    UIndy has had a nice run of QB's....and for the most part local kids.... from Casey Gillin (Indian Creek) to Rob Doyle (Chatard) to Chris Mills (LCC) to Connor Barthel (Cathedral) to Jake Purichia (Ritter) to eventually Alex Neligh (New Pal) or Bryce Stancombe (Bloom. South) who they recruited last year. UIndy was/is a great fit for all those guys.
  6. New Palestine 84 Pendleton 17

    Every coach should have an opportunity to coach a team that didn't win a game or a team that struggles mightily. You become very knowledgeable on perspective and view a game like New Pal/Pendleton Heights through a different lens. Every coach, at any level, myself included has an ego. It's how you manage that ego whether your're up 40 or down 40 that the kids you coach pick up on. Having been on the wrong side of this on numerous occasions over the years, I was a better coach for having been through it. It gave me a much better perspective when I was on the good side of this equation. There have been many good points made in this thread. I happen to believe the quarter rule to be a joke....that being said its still a rule. Albeit it one where common sense should prevail. Leaving common sense up to coaches egos is where the line gets blurred...which is probably why they have the rule! While I'm not a fan of New Pal's scores, I respect what their program has done over the last several years and believe they're the real deal. Not having been at the game I'm guessing that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the arguments being made.
  7. Chatard and Roncalli

    Find it ironic that BC wins by 23 and the Irish win by 27.....and BC gets accused of running up the score.......makes perfect sense.
  8. Titan, I understand and you were coming off a huge comeback the week before. Coach Hart has GS primed for another run. I imagine if Chatard makes it that far GS won't just be satisfied with getting there. Would love to road trip down south again. Hope we're both that fortunate.
  9. Jwik......Gibson Southern has and continues to build a very strong program and will no doubt be a very tough opponent should Chatard be fortunate enough to make semi-state. To set the record straight, Heritage Hills and Evansville Memorial have either played Chatard very tough or beaten them on several occasions as I believe Memorial did two years in a row. Gibson Southern has only played Chatard once and that game wasn't close. It was 59-7....and if you were there.....it wasn't that close. Gibson Southern was still one of the coolest environments to watch a semi-state game I've attended. The folks there were awesome.
  10. Success Factor

    Hope Chatard stays in 4A.......
  11. Success Factor

    21IrishGuy19.....Finally.....a rational Cathedral person. It's a down cathedral team.....bit still good enough to win a very weak 5A
  12. Success Factor

    Should Chatard not win semi-state this year I hope we choose to stay in 4A. It's where belong in one guys opinion. Been there done that in 3A.
  13. Success Factor

    This is one Chatard fan who hopes we stay in 4A either by choice or by the Success Factor. We had a nice run in 3A, let's try and win a 4A title. I believe we can/will.
  14. "Brebeuf keeps athletics in perspective"??????? Gibson Southern by 35.
  15. Chatard at New Palestine

    I've done this every year for the last three years.....for the record.....my #'s could be off by maybe 1 player......but it's something like this: 2010 State Champs - 20/22 starters were North Deanery CYO kids. 2011 - 22/22 2012 - 21/22 I went so far one year to list the grade schools. If we are fortunate enough to get to the finals I'll confirm again the exact amount. Now 2-3 kids might go both ways but it's no more than 3, so that can skewer the #'s a bit. Check Chatard's roster. They list where the kids went to grade school. If we are out recruiting kids from outside the North Deanery....we aren't doing a very good job of it. Off top of my head I can think of two kids who didn't go to a CYO grade school who are starting on this years team. Estimated four year total including 2013 - 83/88 = 94%.
  16. Cathedral vs. Anderson

    Really?? Did you compare schedules between Zville and Anderson?? Not even in same zip code. Even Lou Holtz couldn't keep a straight face in this one....jeez.
  17. Cathedral vs. Anderson

    Irish by 50+. It's a 4-6 Anderson team for crying out loud........
  18. 3A Pre-Season Top 15

    I'm not ticked off at all. Actually excited for BC to be playing in 4A...whether we win it all or not. I'm a GS fan after last year....I hope they run the table and make it to LOS. I'll check back in 4-5 weeks and apologize to all the GS fans out there if you make it to LOS. Playing 5-2A teams makes that road a little more difficult is all I'm saying....understanding the conference affiliations make dictate that. Remember, BC has struggled in the past with the likes of Heritage Hills and Evansville Memorial, the respect on our end is there. Here's hoping you guys get to LOS and weren't a one trick pony. Good luck.
  19. 3A Pre-Season Top 15

    No offense to GS faithful.....but unless they have improved significantly from last years team I don't see how they get past any semi-state opponent. The Cal Preps predictor is great for message boards but I'll take strength of schedule as a predictor in projecting future outcomes. Gibson Southern had one of the best environments to play a semi state game, their fans and community were awesome, the talent on the field had significant room for improvement. Chalk it up to first time in a semi-state, deer in the headlights, just happy to be there....any one of those could have contributed to the final BC vs GS score.....but anyone that was there knew there was a significant differnce in talent. One could easily make the argument this years Chatard team is more talented than last year....and Brebeuf did beat BC in the first game this year......I'm taking Andrean to win it all, they've played Merrillvile, Hobart, Griffith, Lowell, & Munster.......strength of schedule........just sayin.
  20. Titans2016......are you by chance related to PHJIndy???
  21. Chatard v. Ritter

    Weather won't hurt the tailgating. Guru I hope to see you and all the St. Mikes boys around 5:00 or so. Look for Trojan Horse behind the scoreboard east of the stadium and north of the school. For the record, that fumble call was the worst call I've seen in a long, long time. Glad it went our way. See you in couple hours.