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  1. Set is set, once you move, you're not set. I've been thru this several times, in most cases I'm able to count one thousand one after their hands are set. Per NLC focusing purely on the OL. Annnnddddd they're pretty good.
  2. I had a similar situation several years back with a bone team. D coach complained about it, I felt like they were stopped. Was it :00.9 or :01? I explained to him in my opinion they were stopped and I wasn't splitting hairs. Some teams definitely push the envelop. In this case I didn't feel like they were gaining an advantage. Just out of curiosity, in the OP's opinion, does the quick snap count cause the D line to get blown off the ball like they are in several plays?
  3. Best of luck to Coach Cooley, good guy who was in a really tough spot at his last gig.
  4. "If I don't get out of town, I'll be dead tomorrow", sounds kind of ominous. It does pique one's interest.
  5. This thread should be pinned.
  6. Just like every other sport....East and Madison being the outliers.
  7. Daughter was on a flight this morning with Krishawn Hogan headed to PHX, best of luck Krishawn. And good luck to the Knights Softball team headed to Costa Mesa for their regional in the national tournament.
  8. FYI, the DD had her first In-N-Out this afternoon at the one in North Hollywood near Radford..........Camrose.
  9. Seymour's new HC will address the team at Noon today.
  10. Won't stop me from rooting like hell for these homegrown kids, no matter how many there are.
  11. Krishawn Hogan, Warren Central, undrafted signed with Phoenix.
  12. Poor wording on my part, they've become a little more than controlled in my opinion.
  13. I would agree with this. The scrimmages have turned into basically a controlled scrimmage. As the R it's impossible for me to do much of anything with coaches in the way. I'm sure the BJ's are in the same boat. And from what I can see, the coaches largely just want to get the scrimmage over with. There are exceptions to that rule, but that's kind of what I see.
  14. Who remembers the jamborees of the 90's......c'mon man, the jamborees predate the 90's by a longshot.
  15. We've all been there, I had the same thing happen to me in Softball. Unfortunately for some of the yahoos working Softball in southern Indiana, I was the coach who knew the rules.
  16. i agree, we were already past such pleasantries. He left the field to go get the iPad.
  17. Already dealt with it. I told coach if you step on this field with that iPad this situation is going to get worse. We are not looking at it.
  18. I think Northview is very happy to be the big fish in a small pond.
  19. Great use of caps, bold, and the underline feature.
  20. How are coaching/teaching positions filled in a situation like this? Elkhart Memorial and Elkhart Central are set to consolidate by 2022. My source has stated the time line is 2-4 years and thinks it's closer to two than four.
  21. Been catching some of their spring practices, expecting big things from the Knights this fall.
  22. That is correct, I've know for several days but was hesitant to say anything, due to the Elkhart situation. The Elkhart Truth just announced it last night. http://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/josh-shattuck-expected-to-be-named-elkhart-central-football-coach/article_ccf7b0bc-b797-5ac1-ae34-22948525f5d2.html