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  1. Frontier had a bye week for week 5 in 2015. As a coach I loved it, for many reasons. Our players were able to heal some of the mid-season bumps and bruises, etc. We were able to look at some different things scheme wise. It gave our coaches some time off to spend with their families. We practiced Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Head to head, would make the most sense, considering you play each team in your division.
  3. Congrats to Coach Koehler! Solid hire, he comes from a coaching family and grew up on the sidelines.
  4. 4.8 million is a lot of money. How big of a school corporation is North Knox?
  5. The new Hoosier Heartland Conference will have a Championship Week 9 starting in 2015 as well. I believe the old Olympic Conference did a Championship Week also, back in the late 90's/early 00's after the conference expanded by adding Harrison (WL) and McCutcheon.
  6. Is Lloyd Carr still working in the Department of Athletics at Michigan?
  7. A name to keep your eye on for the "Prime Time College Jobs" is Greg Schiano. Former Tampa Bay Bucs and RUTGERS head coach. Think about it....Schiano resurrected RUTGERS, went to 6 bowl games at RUTGERS.
  8. Kevin Wilson IU- How many coach's is IU still paying between hoops and football? They have to give a coach an opportunity to build a roster and culture. IMO - this program has been cursed since they fired Bill Mallory. Brian Kelly ND- BK will have a bounce back year in 2015. BK will leave for the NFL before he gets fired at ND. ND has given coaches that couldn't hold BK's jock more time. Darrell Hazell Purdue- Patience and time will be severely needed in this situation. Danny Hope's recruiting set the Boilers back years. Big 10 Brady Hoke Michigan- HE GONE. What's next....Les Miles - Dream on, Brett Bielema - he has been there done that in the B1G, Harbaugh's - Fantasy. Maybe they ought to look right down the road at M State - Pat Narduzzi. Kirk Ferentz Iowa- Ferentz is a fixture in Iowa City, they will make another surprising run in the near future. Kirk is the safest one on this list. Tim Beckham Illinois- Hottest seat at the table, needs to produce. Illinois set a precedent when they fired Turner and Zook after fairly successful runs in Champaign. Beckham hasn't come close to either of the previous two HC's performances. National Mark Richt Georgia- Richt always finds a way "to totally redeem himself! Frank Beamer Va Tech- Frank will go out on his own terms, he built Va Tech from nothing. Bret Bielema Arkansas- Bret has been there done that in the B1G, he is making progress doing it his way in the SEC. He stays as the Hogs will make even more progress in 2015. Just one man's opinion.
  9. One Man's Prediction: Pioneer routes South Adams. The ship game is Pioneer vs Indy Lutheran. Pioneer wins a tight game, maybe by a field goal or an extra point. The Panthers are also rooting for LCC to win vs RC. If LCC follows their trend, LCC wins the 2A tiltle, stays in 2A with the possibility of moving to 3A. Pioneer has an outstanding 8th grade class coming. This class could face the "success factor".
  10. I think it is great to see a prime time Indiana High School player stay in state instead of going south. Also, it is good to see Hazel keeping in-state talent in-state, Markell Jones may have not even been recruited by Danny Hope. I totally agree patience is needed in this situation, Hopefully the powers to be give Hazel the patience and time needed.
  11. Now that is funny...I don't care who you are
  12. I might now look the part, but I can straight up graze..... Oh, boy!!
  13. Saving myself for the Wagonmaster feast with you next Friday before "The Rematch".....