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    3 Point Game Penn vs Ben Davis 4 Point Games Pioneer vs Eastern Greene Kokomo vs Columbus East Woodlan vs Southridge 5 Point Games Lowell vs East Central Brebeuf Jesuit vs Evansville Memorial
  2. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    All I can say after last night is
  3. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    No comments, just the correct picks! 2 Point Games · Penn @ Carmel · Avon @ Ben Davis · Columbus East @ Indianapolis Cathedral · Brebeuf Jesuit @ Mishawaka Marian · Monroe Central @ Pioneer 3 Point Games · Lowell @ Fort Wayne Dwenger · Greenwood @ East Central · Woodlan @ Eastbrook · Eastern Greene @ Indianapolis Lutheran 4 Point Games · Michigan City @ Kokomo · Evansville Memorial @ Danville
  4. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    I think Durham's gotten recent delivery of Wagonmasters.
  5. Natural land mines. It's called homefield advantage.
  6. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    My understanding is that you'll be able to hear it here: http://max983.net/
  7. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    Sand works wonders for drainage and Bermuda weaving.
  8. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Regional Championships

    2 POINTS EACH Carmel @ Fort Wayne Snider – My kids like caramel on apples. The table is sticky for a whole week after that no matter how much soap and water is used. I’m making a stand here and going with Snider. Yeah, I know, different spelling … but dang it, I’m mad! Center Grove @ Avon – Calpreps says “Avon calling,” but I’m a Doobie Brothers fan, so I’m going with Center Grove. Michigan City @ Concord – Convincing win by Michigan City avenging an earlier season loss to LaPorte. Running with the wind in their sails and I’m sailing away. Kokomo @ Zionsville – Kokomo having its own bit of resurgence knocking off a pair of Lafayette teams that had beaten them earlier in the season by two or more TDs. Nonetheless, Zionsville will prove to be too much for the Komeback Kids. New Prairie @ Lowell – New Prairie looks stronger against common opponents and South Bend plays tougher than Gary. :-) Fort Wayne Dwenger @ Angola – Stats say Angola, but the faithful say Dwenger. Evansville Central @ East Central – Battle of the Centrals. Conventional wisdom says take the least generic. Mishawaka Marian @ Fort Wayne Luers – “We was too late... The Rev. Neuk saw the light.” – The Bishop Indianapolis Chatard @ Danville – Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a bishop in the post-season. Woodlan @ North Newton – IHSAA finally checks the map and sees that North Newton is actually in Illinois after all. Woodlan saves Cox the embarrassment of an inquest. Indianapolis Scecina @ Western Boone – Webo shocked Tipton a couple of weeks back. 1A transplant Scecina pulls off the win on the road. Indianapolis Lutheran @ Indianapolis Arlington – Not to be outdone with all of the bishops in the Mixer, Lutheran wrestles one from Arlington … but not by 95. Fountain Central @ Eastern Greene – Sorry PSV, but I think Eastern Greene fills the Linton void … at least for one more week. Southwood @ Monroe Central – Southwood wins and Pioneer tests the air raid sirens. West Lafayette @ Brebuf Jesuit – All those p/p haters looking for the Great West Hope. Repeat of the 2015 3A championship on the horizon?
  9. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    Played on that bad boy this season roughly 10 minutes after it rained. Grip with tennis shoes on the turf was just like being in cleats on a dry surface. My son, a kicker, had no problem at all with his plant foot. It plays like Field Turf ... fast with great cuts. Cushioned hitting the ground on it.
  10. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Championship

    @Coach Durham is over there snickering with his three Caddies.
  11. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Scecina elected to stay in 2A when their enrollment dropped ... I believe they had just come off winning 2A at that time ... early 2000s I believe? They eventually moved back down to 1A, but then went back to 2A due to Success Factor when they had a pair of back-to-back state final appearances against LCC. I believe they remained in 2A due to enrollment increases. i also believe that Mishawaka Marian petitioned up a couple of classes after they won 1A many, many years ago. Heartbreaking news. Great kid.
  12. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I knew you would have an.....ex....planation. Impressive display ... especially with no pass attempts. I'm not seeing anyone in the north that will be able to blunt Pioneer's attempt at LOS. Not sure, with maybe the exception of Lutheran, anyone in 1A that has a chance of slowing them down. Anyone familiar with any teams from the south enough to tell whether they have any hope at all?
  13. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    So that's how you define class in a team? If I had to take a guess, it was a message to LCC's players from their coach and in direct response to an action not taken by the previous coach. In the last game of the regular season, LCC had just given up a late TD which put Heights up by 13 points. With roughly a minute and a half left in the game, LCC had Heights pinned deep in their own territory ... if I recall correctly down around the 10 or so. Rather than use the timeouts to give LCC a shot at getting the ball back ... it was 3rd down ... he just let the clock run down. Former players, with blue rings, were in the stands questioning that call vigorously. That was the last game that he coached for the Knights. Again, I didn't see it ... was at a dance performance tonight for my daughter, but given what's happened this season, it would not surprise me if that's exactly why that event happened. The last action of this season and the first statement for next season ... something to build on.
  14. Sectional 44 Monroe Central 26 Sheridan 7
  15. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Calpreps has that game 3 points closer than LCC-Pioneer.
  16. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    That's because it's not history yet ...
  17. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Championship

    2 Point Games · Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook – Cass had a nice resurgence at the end of the season, but I think Eastbrook is too strong for that to continue through this game. Eastbrook makes the least mistakes in this game and wins by two TDs. · Lafayette Central Catholic @ Pioneer – LCC has a chance to be the toughest team that Pioneer has played this season if they keep the Pioneer spread to under 21. Tough going for the Knights, Gonna pull a Durham here and go with the Panthers. · Western @ Mississinewa – This one is going to be decided by a field goal or less. In that situation, I’ll take the home team. Plus it looks like the majority is going with Western, so a tight chance to pick up a little ground. · Andrean @ West Lafayette – Seriously? This is the equivalent of the “What class is this?” bonus question on an exam. Everyone should get points for it and those that struggle with the question probably shouldn’t be in the class/Mixer to begin with. J · Kokomo @ McCutcheon – Sat next to a kid yesterday at a faculty mentor luncheon who was from McCutcheon. He didn’t seem sold on McCutcheon moving forward. Then again, I’m not sure he knew they were playing Kokomo. Tippecanoe County was shocked last week when Harrison let Kokomo steal one. Hopefully McCutcheon will be a bit more vigilant tonight otherwise the Lafayette area might be down to one lone representative after tonight. · Terre Haute North @ Terre Haute South – Now I see how Fballfan15 has been hanging close … confusing Durham and NMSUAggie with those non-picks. OK, I did it too … FBF15 was just copying me. Take off, eh? Great White North in this one. Another tip of the hat to PSV. · Angola @ Culver Academy – CMA escapes from Angola … those from Louisiana get the pun. · Jimtown @ Mishawaka Marian – Jimtown’s still playing? I kid, I kid. Still, taking Marian in this game. · North Newton @ Boone Grove – North Netwon’s still playing? I kid, I kid. BG in a close one. · Triton @ LaVille – LaVille is still playing? Sorry, about that. Dang vinyl. Time to get a new needle. Actually, come to think of it, I’ll take Laville. · Fountain Central @ Attica – I’ll spare you guys another prison reference. FC by two TDs against the Ramblers. · Eastern Greene @ North Central – With Linton trolling 2A, Greene County’s other favorite son gets the nod in this one. 3 Point Game · Monroe Central @ Sheridan – Still plenty of tricks down in the bottom of Coach Wright’s bag. Sheridan. Teams beginning with “Sh” are problematic for MC. The Blackhawks will give MC an early start on getting ready for next season. · LaPorte @ Michigan City – MC gets revenge and the series goes 1-1. Unfortunately for LaPorte, it’s win or go home at this time of the season. MC advances.
  18. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    And the guy with 38 catches has 5 TDs to #83's 6. Hudson with his 37 catches also has a the same number of TDs as #83. Pick your poison.
  19. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    TC picked up 58 yards on their last possession of the game with some LCC subs in on D ... Justice also had a 63-yard run for a TD in the first quarter for the first score. As for turnovers, LCC took the ball from TC on the first play from scrimmage at the TC 27, but missed a field goal attempt. The second one was an interception around mid-filed that resulted in an LCC go-ahead TD at the end of the 3rd quarter.
  20. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Seriously? It's the two games since the coaching change and the two games in the tourney and the two games with the new offensive scheme and the most recent two games and half of LCC's wins and 67% of LCC's wins over teams with winning records. It's a small sampling, but it's also the most relevant at this point. But fine, let's do it your way. For the whole season, #83 has gotten 28% of the receptions across all of the games. 1% absolute off from my "small sampling" and 32% absolute off from yours. Or, in more specific terms, my "small sampling" was "off" by 3.5% ... yours was off 114%.
  21. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Probably depends when they played them ... tourney or regular season. LCC gave up a last-minute TD in TC's final drive of the night in the last minute of the game ... but that ended being a two-score game at the end. Prior to that, I believe that LCC might have held TC to roughly 9 plays across the 3rd/4th quarters excluding the last drive of the night. It was similar in the North Miami game ... in all but the first three minutes of the 3rd quarter, LCC held North Miami to 3 first downs and zero points in the 2nd half. If LCC can find a way to play on Friday for the whole game the way that they've played the second half of both tourney games, they might be able to keep the game tight.
  22. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Off by a bit in the tourney ... 27%. Comes in 3rd on yardage too in both of the last two games.
  23. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    LCC's kind of hit and miss with the pass rush play. Velasquez is probably more dangerous than other LCC QBs have been when he's on the run, but I think he tends to be about 50-50. He's had some flat out eye-popping throws when on the run, but also some head scratchers. The good thing about him being flushed out of the pocket is it makes it harder to determine who he's going to throw to than when he's in the pocket.
  24. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I will be quite disappointed if WL does not come back to the Twin Cities with a blue ring this season.
  25. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Is that like a bigfoot sighting ... I saw something, but I'm not really sure what I saw?