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  2. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2019/all-teams/football Up to #17, sounds like another verbal this afternoon forthcoming. Purdue staff throwing darts at Harbaugh this week was one of the greatest I have seen in the twitter world when it comes to recruiting. It was fantastic Will need a couple of these 4 star guys Purdue is in top 5 of to hit to stay in the Top 15-20 range as the ranking is more volume of 3 stars verballing ( I think 8 or 9 last 10 days or so) than more marque names. I think the DB from Detroit and GK are close to getting bumped to 5 stars.. Incredible buzz for Coach Brohm and the Boilers
  3. SW Indiana football 2018

    GS might say the competition was there in 2014. Just a hunch ...
  4. i dont know as much about GS this year but I’m sure I will as the season goes on. I know they have been as good as any 3A program in the state over the past several years. I believe sectional 32 champion has held its own while trying to get to Lucas. Unfortunately good teams go home every year without a state title. I think weather played huge role in giving Chatard a chance in one of those games. But I also know weather is part of it. Memorial could not rely on big pass plays vs Danville in worst weather imaginable but still found away for their athletes to pop Danville on the road. I think Memorial has proved it can play with and beat Chatard. 08, 09, and would have sparked them in 17. JMO. Memorial has plenty of athletes to beat Evans/Princeton football and I’m guessing you are very much aware of that.
  5. School Fight Songs

    Madison Grants Is Mighty Oregon. Wish we could get some of that NIKE sponsorship money.
  6. SW Indiana football 2018

    I am just confused.. 10’ - GS no show in semi state . 11’- no show in semi 12’ Chatard beat GS 13- lost to Brebuf 14’ Both a no show 15’ Chatard beat GS 16’ both did not play each other 17- memorial wins it all! I know all about HH in the 2000s. Tough teams who ran into BC. This is the thing that I think is striking a nerve. In recent years like the last 5 you can not tell the competition level has even been close to GS in their conference. Please be honest. Please be honest and rank who’s plays tougher competition. BC,GS, Memorial. you question my football knowledge, but I have literally be scouting for years and have seen a lot of Southern Indiana football. Just please tell me where I am off so I can understand better where you’re coming from. Just so I can reevaluate how I scout the area if I am off. I follow Indy, the region, and southern Indiana. Kinda have to to get paid.. That’s fair
  7. Easier job... Pioneer Punt team coach. Pioneer only punted like 4 times all last season.
  8. Lots of choices for Jack it will be interesting to see if Panthers open up the attack. Their aerial assault could be mind-blowing this year if they wanted to. Easiest job in Indiana high school football this year....Pioneer offensive coordinator
  9. SW Indiana football 2018

    Greyhound 3175, you do realize in the Hart era that is 6 years - either the team that beat GS or the team that beat the team that beat GS has won the state championship in 5 of those years. And who do you really follow? And my understanding is that #12 Witte will be the backup this year for the Titans. Also look for Andrew Smith to play a role in the offense in key situations. And for possibility of having 3 kids that could play QB on the field at the same time, not sure really how that would make the offense more dangerous. Can't do a double pass or halfback pass every series...lol.
  10. It's June 22

    It was a sad day...
  11. SW Indiana football 2018

    Doesn’t the Evans RB have to sit a game anyways no matter where he goes in Indiana for his ejection from the regional?
  12. Yeah, the schedule thing is a dead horse.
  13. The ND recruiting coordinator mentioned that some states have rules that only allow them to play teams from their own state or from a neighboring state. He said that made it very difficult to schedule. Additionally, it appears the shift in timing of the early signing period has sped up the entire recruiting process, and thus some of big time kids on those far away 7v7 teams have already visited or camped at ND prior to this later date and thus reduced their interest of coming as part of their 7v7 team. (aka Official visits started April 1st for then Juniors)
  14. Nobody wants to play the Warriors it seems like. Is Warren Central not looking hard enough?
  15. You should probably ask Chatard and Memorial about the level of play that comes from GS the past 7 years or so despite being in a “weak” conference, or anyone in 2A about Southridge, or maybe talk to folks about Heritage Hils in the 2000’s. I had some respect for your Football insight until today. You obviously know little to nothing about Football here in Southwest Indiana. And, as much as it pains me to say this, WhoDat is spot on about the Evans kids.
  16. It's June 22

  17. Our 1st time at ND many years ago for their 7 on 7 event was much larger than 38 with teams from 7 different states, as far as Arizona and Alabama. This was probably 2010 or so. Interesting it has shrunk so much, I wonder why? New NCAA rules??
  18. There are more than a few teams, even in the sectional, that will prove that they can stop the 4 brothers. I don’t believe Princeton has the talent around the brothers to win a Big 8 title or sectional. One of the biggest reasons Central was so successful last year was because of the multiple playmakers they had on both sides of the ball, not just the brothers. The loss of almost every playmaker from last years’ team is a big reason why IMO the Bears won’t be able to make deep tournament run this year.
  19. SW Indiana football 2018

    Trust me know disrespect taken! You love your school etc I expect you to always want them on top. The biggest mystery is if they stay!! Like you said we will soon fine out!! : evil grin:
  20. SW Indiana football 2018

    Possibly if all four are on the field at once. I know very little about them to be honest just what I've been told from a Central Bear supporter. One of the boys played last year in the St. Louis area I believe. This all hinges on if they stay at Princeton. We will soon find out. I apoligize for the weed comment if wasn't personal just trying to be funny. I meant no disrespect. Griffin Scheller was a difference maker on both sides of the ball for GS a few years ago. Sometimes we forget the some details. lol
  21. SW Indiana football 2018

    Just to make sure I am clear on this. We were talking straight football. I 100% agree that the community of Gibson is amazing. When I would come down to scout GS I always have a good time. No is questioning the integrity of the family structure down there. You unplied that I smoke weed because I’m honest enough to give my opinion about GS. While smoking that weed as you say, it’s importantant that I am honest in my assessments of teams around the area. I’ve read some much of these threads that GS fans literally think GS is all that! Yes you are when when your closes game in the conference is who? And you still win by 30 pts. My point memorial plays far better competition than GS every yr period! If memorial and GS switched conference they would go unbeaten every yr. So back to the original discussion GS can not contain 4 elite athletes on the field together at one time. Again from a personnel standpoint of the athletes at GS. Is that fair to say?
  22. SW Indiana football 2018

    To be quite honest my expections for GS this year isn't as high as you think. We will take our lumps but our future is very bright. Our conference does have some weak teams but it also has the 2017 2A State Champs in it too. We live in a great community that is much more than just football. Strong family values and outstanding students that will move on a be differance makers in this world.
  23. SW Indiana football 2018

    I respectfully have to disagree. But I will continue to let me believe the AIS story. You have the wrong brother it was not the stud RB. stop thinking the RB is the one you have to watch. When there are 4 brothers who are very similar at skill positions you honestly can not tell me a team in that conference or sectional can make up with them. I’m not believing it from a personnel stand point . If this was college sure you’ll have athletes to match. This is high school. There is not a single team that can match those 4 brothers on the field at one time. Please let’s just at least agree on that. From a pure football standpoint no if’s just those facts I think you give GS far more credit than they need. You think GS is this unstoppable monster. Until they meet someone that plays great competition I.e memorial or Chatard. It’s easy to feel good when you play in a quite frankly weak conference. Just saying i guess that that weed has open my eyes to the lack of competition in GS conference. Maybe I should put it down to help your case some
  24. SW Indiana football 2018

    Greyhound, I think you been smoking some pretty potent weed 3 meals a day. Just saying.
  25. ND confirmed yesterday that 38 teams are competing on Saturday, so down almost half from last year if there was over 70. Pioneer 7v7 group impressed beyond expected in their outing Wednesday vs Logansport. Panthers only had 4 balls hit the ground the entire night. Panthers speed on deep routes and the QB strength to throw the deep ball made for some quick strike TDs. It will be interesting to see if Coach Berry changes his run/pass percentage this coming season.
  26. My initial guess was that if you were looking for the widest range of success/failure between football/basketball, Chatard might provide that Grand Canyonesque type gap...though they won a State Basketball Championship in 2003 and Record 13th State Football Championship in 2013. That said...as a Franklin County guy....it seemed unfair to even consider Chatard in the same sentence in Franklin County who has always been irrelevant in Basketball (which they take GREAT pride in their non-existent success in) and many years ago competitive in Football.
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