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      Frankton: Randy England  Bobby Ryan Promoted  Franklin Community:  Adam Reese  Chris Coll hired from Tri-West Martinsville: Brad Rose  Carter Whitson Hired  Lake Central: Brett St. Germain Tony Bartolomeo Promoted South Bend Clay: Craig Redman  Will Porter Hired from South Vermilion  Boone Grove:  Tony Tinkel   Dan Kukulski Promoted  Mooresville:  Chad Dockery Mike Gillin hired from Indian Creek Wood Memorial:  Caleb Cherry/Archer  Bret Kramer Hired Tippecanoe Valley:  Shriver/Norris   Stephen Moriarty  Hired Corydon Central:  Andrew Smith    Aaron Humphrey Hired Calumet New Tech:  Rik Richards  Rick Good Hired  Winamac:  Tim Roth Craig Barr Hired   Tri-West: Chris Coll Tyler Bruce Promoted North Central (Indy): Kevin Kreinhagen Kevin O'Shea hired from Lafayette Central Catholic Indy Chatard:  Vince Lorenzano Rob Doyle Promoted Paoli: Brian Balsmeyer Jeremy Lowery Promoted Mt. Vernon (Fortville): Doug Armstrong  Neil Kazmierczak  Hired from Lebanon  Bluffton: Randy Hudgins Brett Kunkel Hired Indian Creek: Mike Gillin Brett Cooper Hired Vincennes Lincoln:  Jon Heiden  Levi Salters Promoted  Frankfort:  Joel Sienicki Eric Davis Hired from Tri-County South Vermillion:  Will Porter  Greg Barrett hired from North Putnam Riverton Parke:  Jake Weber Brad Sanders Promoted Elkhart Central:  Levon Johnson Josh Shattuck hired from Seymour Mt. Vernon (Posey) Paul Meirer Cory Brunson hired from Evansville Harrison Richmond:  Matt Holeva  Abe Tawfeek hired from Indy Northwest Lebanon:    Neil Kazmierczak Jeff Smock Hired North White:  Jim Davis Kirk Quasebarth Promoted  North Posey:   Paul Rynkiewich  Waylon Schenk hired from Princeton  Pike Central:  Dustin Powell   Erik Mattingly Hired  John Glenn:  Damon Groves Austin Faust Promoted North Putnam:  Greg Barrett Sam Carnes Hired  Lafayette Central Catholic: Kevin O'Shea Don Coller Promoted  Evansville Harrison: Cory Brunson Lane Oxley Hired Indianapolis Roncalli:  Bruce Scifres Scott Marsh Promoted  Anderson Prep Academy: Jeffrey Dorman Randy Albano Hired Princeton:   Waylon Schenk   Jared Maners Hired Ft. Wayne North:  Mike Cochran Michael Brevard Hired Turkey Run:  Steve Stewart Bruce Scaggs Hired Indianapolis Northwest:   Abe Tawfeek Jonas Williams Promoted Tri-County:  Eric Davis  Sam Zachary Hired Carroll Community:  Mark Brown Kevin Sayler Promoted  Oldenburg Academy:  Wes Gillman  Union County:  Rusty Hensley Joel Hofmann promoted Edgewood: Jerry Bland Brian Rosenburg Hired Seymour:  Josh Shattuck  Michael Kelly Hired Wawasee:  Josh Ekovich Michael Eshbach hired from Eastside Muncie Central:  Adam Morris Scott Pethtel Hired Benton Central:  Ed Roberson  Mike Hammons  Promoted  Western:  Ron Jankovich Alex Stewart Hired New Castle:  Will Ragle  Kyle York Hired Sullivan:  Trent Olson Blaine Powell promoted Northwestern:  Alex Stewart Steve Disler hired  Clinton Central:  Isaac Sturgis Justin Gardiner Hired North Miami:  Mark Lefebvre  Joe Grant Hired from Rochester Spring Valley Justin Scheller Mark Hammond Hired  Edinburgh:  Derrick Ball  Jason Burton Hired Eastside: Michael Eshbach Steve Cooley promoted Rochester: Joe Grant Brian Hooker Hired Cloverdale: Tony Meyer Tom Winder Promoted Hammond Clark: Eric Schreiber  Hammond Noll:  Colin McCullough  Wayne Racine hired Lake Station:  Adam Hudak   South Central:  Eric Stephens Buzz Schoff Hired  Caston:  Brady Jones  Tony Slocum Promoted  

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  3. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 7

    West Lafayette Pioneer Rensselaer Central Twin Lakes Lapel Western Tipton McCutcheon
  4. Indiana Crossroads Conference Week 7

    Ritter Monrovia Scecina Speedway
  5. Conference Indiana week 7

    Franklin Central Columbus North Bloomington South Southport
  6. HNAC Week 7

    Winamac vs West Central. Winamac continues to improve and it sounds like they got some players back either from injury or being ineligible. No challenge here as they roll on past WC. Pioneer vs Knox. Knox has not had a statement game this year. And I know that I have taken some heat for this since I started, but I think it is time to put the respect game on the side. The game against Laville for them should have been the statement game. This week is a little different with them playing Pioneer. I think the Redskins will stick around for a bit, but their offense will collapse and Pioneer will roll on . Triton vs NJSP. I think Triton's run and pass game will be too much to defend for the Jays. The numbers game will get to them and Triton will be putting up 54 points making this game for Cam. Culver vs Caston. Not much to say on this game. Caston is still showing grittiness and probably some bitterness right now and showing that they have nothing to lose. Culver will be too much for them and won' be able to move the ball very well. LaVille vs John Glenn. Old NSC foes at it. LaVille needs a statement game and I think that this could be it. Glenn's defense is their strong suit, but their offense is struggling using multiple looks out of the shotgun. LaVille definitely has the talent on defense to create some turnovers and I think that it is up in their air. They say defense wins ball games and this game will definitely show who the better defense is. Good luck to all the teams this week.
  7. 7 Man Crews in the Playoffs?

    There was a state final game a couple years ago where a team was driving in the last minutes of the game. A pass was thrown to a receiver deep toward the sideline. The receiver made a diving catch for the ball. The line judge and back judge had make a ruling based on what they saw and they ruled a catch. Replays clearly showed the ball hit the ground. If there had been a deep wing, he would have clearly seen it. The back judge and line judge were in the correct position but didn't have an angle to see the ball hit the ground. That team went on to win the game. I have no idea if getting that call correct would have changed the outcome of the game, but as an official we want to get that call correct. Having 7 officials on the field greatly improves our chance to get it right. As a fan or coach you should want the same thing. Any play that is snapped outside the 10 or 15 yard line that ultimately involves a play at the pylon will not have an official there to cover the pylon. It has to be covered by a wing official and back judge trying to make the best decision possibly putting information together. As the stakes get higher later in the playoffs we should at least want to have the best coverage. The issues Bob mentioned I do think have some merit, and it will take time to work through them if this ever does happen. But several others states already do it. Some have 6 or 7-man crews in the regular season as well. That would be very difficult with our shortages.
  8. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    I totally agree with you. My wife is an alum so I feel for the both of you. I just wish more people down here cared. The ones that do care have no pull.
  9. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Week 6 Article for WW per Times-Mail (Bedford) Senators cruise past Braves: Senators 40, Braves 6 At Campbellsburg, West Washington bounced back from last week’s loss a Paoli with a big win over Tecumseh. “We had our best week practice leading up to this game, so I’m proud of how the kids responded and bounced back,” said WW coach Phillip Bowsman. “We had out best opening drive of the season and we won every single quarter tonight.” Jacob Farris carried the football 24 times for WW for 134 yards and two touchdowns, while Tanner Packwood had 13 carries for 92 yards and a score. Senators’ quarterback Nick Marrs was 8 for 14 passing for 95 yards. Packwood had 5 catches for 59 yards, Holden Bowsman 2 for 19, and Bobby Stevens 1 for 17. WW (4-2) is travels to Perry Central (2-3) next Friday night.
  10. I felt the same for the freshman female kicker Baker.... I had such visions of when Dyllanne Deischer came out as a freshman to kick. I know Loressa makes some in prax.. but under the big lites she was prolly very nervous. I had her with 6 attempts... then Egenolf got two shots but one was a snap issue and Egenolf tried to run it in... the last attempt had Brayman Lannan set to kick.. but again a snap/.hold issue... and Goodman tried to run in. I will say that on Baker's attempts...there were white jerseys closing in on all of them.... I hope it gets better at some point..because while we've been pretty successful in 2 point plays.. I have us at 11 of 18... I know down the road things like having a solid PAT kicker..not to mention having someone who can hit a FG from 20 in... comes in mighty handy...!! Also.. I was so waiting to a play with Chase and Cash Howard and Wings.. and Chance Howard at RB.... that would have to have to have been a first... I can only think of 3 brothers on a team a couple of times.... The Weavers....but 2 of those guys were linemen.. and good they were... Erik and Dennis.. while Geoff was a WR.... but the Stockrahm's. I recall Dan, Dave and Tim....all on the field at once!! Would have also been unique to see Lance and Trevor Dyer both at Wingback for a series!!
  11. Lawrence North can hold the football for long periods of time, and they can chew up some yards. I don't think they can stop Bell or George's arm. BD had four long TD passes. One was a great play by Johnny Adams, but the other three were long throws over the top by Taylor. The last TD pass was a short one. BD also had a TD run from Delbert Mimms. LN is a good team outside of the MIC, but they are young and that doesn't do well in the MIC.
  12. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    Seriously? 1st Go around Z walked in to a talented group, did ok with them but developed nothing then won 7 games in 5 years..... 2nd go around he walked into a talented group, won 6 games over 6 sub .500 teams, developed nothing, then had his 4 winless regular season. The only real development program seems to be waiting every 5-7 years for a group of talent and hope for a .500 season. I don't know much about fixing a car but I know when it's not working correctly. Accepting mediocrity because it's been that way for 50 years is complete bullsnot.
  13. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    I wasn' by the way poking fun of the rural way of life. Almost everywhere in america can be great just cause it is 'merica . Kuddos to Jennings county for being what they are. I like it and yeah i come to columbus from time to time as well. Garden City 4H building has HPW pro wrestling which me and my buds find quiet comical in a rural society sort of way i guess....... Also Columbus has the two remaining Noble Romans so that is a two thumbs up for columbus.
  14. #1 BD 1st group #2 BD 2nd group #3-Whatever the rest of 6A BD was expected to dominate but this level of dominance is purely history in the making.
  15. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    They strongly considered a conference change but they decided to remain in the HHC. The fact that the HHC will be moving to a 6 game conference schedule in two years is probably what kept them and Madison from leaving. If people down here want entertainment they usually make the drive to Columbus. Other than that, the only thing they have to do is what you hear in today's country music. Twin Cities Speedway is ok but the majority don't go.
  16. The one team up north that I want to see play is Busco. They had a good win over Eastside a few weeks back. They could be a sleeper type team but their sectional is loaded. Sheridan can give Pioneer some issues if the passing game improves. I was really impressed by Adams Central this past Friday, but again I question if they have the passing game to beat Pioneer. Monroe Central is a team I don't know much about. They lost 15-17 seniors off of last year's team and yet they are still undefeated. Its so hard to score on Pioneer, and then trying to contain Kiser and the running game is going to be an uphill battle for anyone. I like Lutheran a lot. Their two losses were to two excellent teams. Both games the saints had the halftime lead. I really like Fountain Central but one of their best lineman is out with a serious injury which is key because Lutheran's line play is terrific. I'm still not sold on NCF at this point. I'm curious about Eastern Greene. I'm going to see them play in a few weeks. At this point I still have Lutheran and Pioneer as the two best teams in class A.
  17. Not so fast my friend. Not a fan of those 6'7 300 lb linemen the Devils have. They'd eat peanuts off our heads. Not to mention the Greek Freak no thanks, don't envy the Knights. Probably gonna be some frustration released this Friday
  18. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    I think the answer to the JC questions are plainly that the community does not care. Therefore the school board does not care. Given the size of their school they are probably in a conference of like sized schools. I do not follow the hhc in other sports besides football and basketball. But in some forgotten communities of america and indiana major sports are of no importance to the communities or school boards. Jennings County is in the middle of nowhere. Im not sure what is there i didnt even know where it was till i googled it today . I thought it was further Southeast. What is there? THe old Muskatatuk State mental hospital? I have been living in the city or near one all my life , maybe there is a dirt track speeway near or something for the folks to do. Which i like to do here in bloomington from time to time. Maybe someday high school football will gain traction there and it will be the communities heartbeat. But till then it is just quiet rural america.
  19. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    boilerfan87 Interesting post. Knowing theses things, why does JC remain in the HHC? If 50 years isn't enough proof they can't compete in a conference, is remaining fair to their athletes and the community? What is the school board trying to prove?
  20. Pike shocks the world and wins by 3 TDs. If this comes true my $2 bet at Caesars Palace on this game will make me the owner of the free world and all I survey.
  21. But Coach 2A is so much weaker this year with Ritter in 3A. Tic
  22. Game kicks off at 6:30 cst per coach
  23. Oh my ... this will be interesting!
  24. Maybe LCC and Pioneer should switch games this week. Pioneer should play West Lafayette and LCC can play Knox. Knox will not compete with Pioneer and LCC will not compete with WL. I don't think Pioneer could beat WL but they would do a lot better against them than LCC.
  25. HNAC Week 7

    Culver 32 Caston 6 The Cavs are coming off a nice win against an ever improving Winamac and they will pick up another this week. Caston has only put up 35 points in conference play with 22 of those against North Judson. Pioneer 47 Knox 13 The Panthers are simply too athletic for the Redskins to compete against. Hats off to Knox on a fine season, but they are a 3A school in a 1A conference. LaVille 14 John Glenn 7 The Lancers have played solid defense all season only giving up an average of 15.7 points a game and John Glenn is only scoring 10.7 points a game. This will most likely be the best game of the week to watch as a fan. Triton 35 North Judson 14 The Trojans will get back on track after an emotional week and look to continue going undefeated against sectional foes. As for the Jays, I am not sure what is going on in North Judson. Winamac 42 West Central 6 The Warriors will roll in this one. West Central gave North Judson all they could handle last Friday, but that magic won't continue this week.
  26. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    Then be sure to put your name in the hat. Apparently you have all the answers to what it takes to be successful there and you might be the only one interested, so you should get it. Coach Z got the job last time when there were no teaching positions. It is highly unlikely there were any more applicants as qualified as he was. The history of football in JC is so poor that there is no magic pill or solution to its success, other than to move conferences. That also makes it difficult to attract a high profile coach (whatever that really means). JC has 6 winning seasons since 1968. SIX. Six wins happened 5 times and 7 happened once (when they were in the EIAC and tied for the conference title and one of the 6 win seasons did too). They have been .500 six times as well. Coach Z has two 5 win seasons and a 6 win season. He is far and away the winningest all-time coach in school history. So in 50 years, they have been .500 or above just 11 times and Coach Z owns 3 of those. I will also remind you again that he was a successful HC at Seeger before becoming an assistant before taking the JC job. Hopefully it is clear that the COACH is not the reason, nor the answer to the issues.
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