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  2. Jesus Christ dude, you said Cathedral by 35 last week...
  3. Just to be picky, didn't Linton keep them under 21? ;)
  4. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Is that a gut feeling?
  5. LoL. I heard, because I was there and not watching on TV, that in our game one announcer said “if Danville is down 14-7 going into the 4th quarter I like their chances to win..”. Interesting analysis based on how the game was playing out in the second half. Needless to say, there is always a pro-Indy bias. Take it to ‘em Raiders! Or is it Rangers? Or Rovers?
  6. Today
  7. While logical on its face, you can have as many athletes on offense as you want but if they don't have the ball - due to L-O-N-G D-R-I-V-E-S by SR - they will have difficulty scoring. Not a huge fan of Single Wing/Wing T/ or whatever SR calls its offense (no offense : - ) but when they are clicking, they are very difficult to stop. Teams that don't see this kind of offense during the year are in for an education - and if they are not fast learners, game over. Key for Woodlan would be to get 2 up scores and make SR play catch-up, the achiles heal of such offenses. However, SR has an added wrinkle this year in that the QB can truly throw the ball well and not just fling the ball downfield as is sometimes the case with single wing QBs. Really think SR will take this one, possibly by 2TDs or more.
  8. Yeah, I watched the live-stream of the game and the one announcer was a complete doofus, referring to the Raiders as "Southmont?", "Southport" and even "Southern blah blah?" ending in something I could not even make out. You'd think perhaps as a semi-professional, he would have taken the time to actually learn the name of the BOTH schools involved in the game. Oddly enough, he did not seem to have a problem with Scecina or any of their player's names...go figure.
  9. Rooting for Woodlan to win for our ACAC teams and NE IN. Plus we beat them finally for the conference this year and can say we beat a state championship team
  10. So time got by me a bit. I never would have guessed that was 14 years ago! If Penn wins in controversial ending, my feelings won't be hurt :). Nothing against Ben Davis, they are a class program.
  11. Southridge put up 38 points AT Mater Dei and put up 24 points AT Scecina. I don't see Woodlan (or any team in 2A) keeping them under 21 on a neutral field.
  12. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    More than a few years. 2003 i think. Great game the end was controversial . I still remember watching this one
  13. Yesterday
  14. Wow Anderson missed the extra point?!?!? And thanks for the history never would have known Morten went to high school in Indiana! If only he knew then what his football career would turn out to be!
  15. Game of the weekend?!?

    Woodlan vs Southridge will be the closet game of the weekend but doesn't mean it will be the best...if you like defensive games then the Lowell East Central game will please you..but I think the most entertaining game will be the Brebuef Memorial game will be you choice...and if you wanna see lots of scoring look at Pioneer to put points on the board at will same for Ben Davis
  16. An ABSOLUTELY class act!! And I know we throw that term around a lot. But I personally would like to thank him for helping make me a better official in the brief times we have met, both ON and OFF the field! I hopefully I will see him soon, and I will pass along this sentiment. Thank you for your helping move HS Football in Indiana forward Rick!
  17. Ben Davis Columbus East Lowell And Ben Davis being the best out of all of them and would win the overall title of best team in the state of Indiana!!
  18. What are some of his accolades and accomplishments? What kind of success have they had under him? And congratulations.
  19. Ever since their week one loss to Valpo, Penn has been on an uphill climb to gain back respect from the rest of the state. It seems as if they still haven't achieved the level of respect they deserve as the northern champs. Penn is the underdog for sure. But with a defense like theirs, a state title wouldn't shock me. It kind of reminds of when no one gave Ohio State a chance against Miami a few years back. I think it could be an interesting game. Go Kingsmen!
  20. Best of Luck to the Raiders!
  21. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    Attica was going to light fireworks in the sectional final game but never got a chance to use them after the pregame introductions! They were on private property.
  22. Seeding was in our plan 6 years ago. It was shot down.
  23. State Title Games

    If Im not mistaken there were only 2 last year too in Roncalli and Ritter. Only 2 Indy area schools this year though in Ben Davis and Brebeuf.
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