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    Most teams don't cut any players... This would change that very quickly, which is not the goal of the IHSAA
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    Let me start off by acknowledging I enjoy a good trolling and am often sarcastic. The following post is stone serious. When the IHSAA inevitably moves from a 2-year to 4-year cycle for the success factor, it is time for its expansion into addressing those teams who consistently fail in their assigned classes. The creation of the success factor is an admission that grouping schools purely by enrollment fails to produce a "level" playing field. We all agree there are factors which allow some teams and communities to excel more easily than others their size. The poster-child for this has always been the private and parochial schools, but it goes beyond that. @crimsonace1 has often spoke of the importance of considering socio-economic factors; I agree. If you can tell me how many kids came out for football, what percentage of students are living below the poverty line, their families' median incomes, and the percentage of two-parent households for any two teams, I can probably give you an accurate point spread with all other sights unseen. That said, using these indicators would be messy and possibly problematic in many situations. Obviously, it will never come to fruition. The "success factor" can handle this much more easily. My proposal (based on minimal research) would be the following: - Use two different point systems, keep the "success points" exactly as they are (1 for each championship won) but add in a wholly separate Sectional point system (1 for each Sectional game won) - Success Factor points for bumping would mirror the original IFCA proposal (I don't recall the exact details) with the exception of changing the rules as to the points needed to remain in an elevated class - see Sectional Points - Any team failing to gain 3 Sectional points in a four year period would be bumped down one class. This would be the case regardless of if a team were in its "natural class" or had been moved up or down during the period prior. The current relegation system is borderline nonsense. On the one hand, if a team wins a regional and state championship in the correct two consecutive years, they are deemed too potent to remain in their natural class. Okay, if we move to the 4-year plan, I can understand and support this line of thinking. On the other hand, if a teams wins 2 sectionals but 0 regionals in their new class, they are viewed as not being competitive enough and allowed to move back down? Am I taking crazy pills? What about the teams who fail to win 2 games in their sectionals in those two years? Are they somehow more competitive than teams mentioned earlier? This proposal goes a long way towards addressing that. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's a conversation which needs to be had. The placement of teams into classes would be handled exactly as it currently is. The schools would be listed by enrollment with the proper lines being drawn for each class. The "success factor bumps" would then occur. The "Sectional factor bumps" would occur next. From there, the classes would be adjusted as need be. Think of it like this: we list out what the classes would be if there were no success factors/sectional points. We then create a new list on another sheet of paper. The teams who are being bumped up or down would be written on the new board in their new classes. Once completed, the remaining teams from the first list would fill out the openings on the second. It would not be hard to follow or implement, honestly. It would also go much further towards making a truly competitive tournament. Thoughts? edit - replaced a word
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    Congratulations to Triton Central and the entire Fairland community. The Northwest Cons. School District has done a tremendous job in taking care of their students and athletes. I will leave the money situation up to the people who are assigned that responsibility. Enjoy the new carpet fellas!!
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    I've known many of students who would not have graduated high school if they didn't participate in extracurricular activities. It's what kept them going. They may have only gotten C's but at least they graduated. However you want to spin-it bobref, take away funding for those activities and facilities, which leads to these activities being abolished, and see what happens.......the "core academic mission" the school is charged with providing will take a step backward.......
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    An example of confusing the concepts of correlation and causation.
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    Did you know that it's a proven fact that kids that participate in extracurricular activities get better grades than those who don't? Why wouldn't tax payer money be used to promote all facilities that make up the educational process or at least help it? Whether it be the library, weight room, auditorium, band room, gym, or football field?
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    That would skew hard against smaller schools. A school with 200 students has to have 15% of its male population come out, assuming 50/50 male/female, just to field a skeleton crew for football ... 15 players. Conversely, a school of 4,000 would need 300 to show up for football to match that same 15%.
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    I like the idea, but I don't think you'll ever see it pass muster. It's one thing to point out that someone needs to be moved up, but I can't imagine you'll get much support for any indication, real or perceived, that someone needs to move BELOW their traditional classification based on enrollment numbers; especially if there's anything to indicate socio-economic issues. Most folks are happy to point out someone else's silver spoon, but will be mad as heck if you point out a wooden bowl.
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    That guy that is 86 inches tall needs to dunk it only !!!! Dakota is the guy that needs to shoot 3-pointers only,layups and floaters scare me.Biggie MUST stay out of foul trouble..Mathias and Vince will have to attempt to hold down there point guard from dealing and soring in gobs.
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    I don't think the MIC would add Southport without someone else leaving. Back when they added Pike and Lawrence Central, they showed the Terre Haute schools the door so they could add Pike and LC without having more than 8 schools.
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    That's what I asked you at the start. You want government oversight it seems, you just want to be able to dictate it. You either believe in local control or government oversight...it's clear you don't trust locals to make the best decisions. Don't you support the voice of the people in the district handling this if they have complaints?
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    I understand the draw of Alford. However, the purpose for firing Crean was to get an established coach with a proven track record of deep runs in the tourney. That's the piece IU wants to fix. So how do you hire someone with zero final fours, let alone not having multiple final four trips. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth then. If you want an Indiana guy because that's the missing piece then say that. The mantra has been deep playoff runs are needed.
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    So not really then. You believe in government oversight.
  14. 1 point
    Again spin-doctor.......all of those things are key......not just turf on a football field and certainly some are more important than others.
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    This is where we disagree. I believe taxpayer monies funding these activities and facilities is key to the academic mission. I could care less about the people watching the game. Now if you tell me millions are to be spent on chair back cushioned seats and a new concession stand that serves 15 different flavors of slurpies on the backs of taxpayers, then I see your point....
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    I don't think there's any way Southport wants to join the MIC. But that said, does the MIC go to nine members? someone leaves to make it eight? someone else goes in making the MIC a ten school conference?
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    TW I suggested a reverse success factor during the process. It was DOA. Nowhere near enough support from the coaches, the IHSAA won't want to touch that.
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    As far as I know, there has only been 2 schools that volunteered to play up a class. Mishawaka last cycle, and Scecina in the early 90's. So I really cannot fault Cathedral for choosing not to do so. Doesn't really matter if we all THINK they should. TBH, noone else has either. LCC never volunteered to move up(they did have to at one point), Sheridan back in the day tore through 1A on a yearly basis, noone asked them to move up either. Luers in 2A, not one mention of them volunteering to play up(though they ended up with enrollment anyways). Before Cathedral, Roncalli was tearing up 4A consistently(noone said a word) And Chatard in 3A, pretty much dominated that class. These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.
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    Yea, nope, not the tone of the response, the tone was the fact you knew Saturday Night because of the nature of the connection, nothing less, nothing more, I knew he was going to make the team as soon as I saw Region 2 list. Calm down my friend.
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    Man I love me some misinterpretation. Perhaps the poster was suggesting that it helped your son find out he made the team on Saturday night instead of having to wait until the rosters were announced?
  21. -1 points
    Helps that your coaches' son is the HC of the North Really???? So you are saying that he wouldn't have made it otherwise? Pretty shallow comment degrading what a HS kid has done in his career. Maybe you should check with the teams on our schedule and talk to those coaches...(Barron, Jensen, Campbell etc.) and see if they approve!
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