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  1. 8 points
    Most of us who have coached at any level have most likely been there at one point or another very light and funny comedian John Christ says what most struggling FB coaches are thinking Its been tossed all around social media if you haven't seen it take a min and watch pretty funny stuff!
  2. 3 points
    I can assure you that our staff is included in many aspects of our athletes lives outside of football. I will not go into the things each of us does to ensure that our players know we love and care about them, but I assure you they know. Each of us is very involved with our kids off the field as well as on. Again, when we say we are family here, it is not just a saying. I'm also not saying there is not a place for yelling and getting after it, but for anyone to say that because you get excited for your players and show emotion creates a "Bro" culture is just silly. Coaching for me is very personal, and I try to coach other peoples children as I want my sons coached. I want them pushed outside of their comfort zones constantly, physically and mentally so they can discover what their best is. (This is the essence of great coaching) I want them held accountable when their effort or focus is less then their potential. How often do we really get pushed in our daily endeavors to find out what we are truly capable of? However, I think we can challenge and prod a lot harder if kids know you care and love them. If you are going to get after them hard when they make mistakes, it only makes sense to celebrate when they do something extraordinary.
  3. 3 points
    On 5A South, Decatur Central flat out has athletes! They have been very solid all year they have 1 loss to Franklin Central in week 1 at FC, and the Flashes have shown to be a pretty darn good team (their only loss was 37-21 to Roncalli at Roncalli). Since that loss to FC the Decatur Central Hawks have been throwing up some points! Take away the Greenwood game where they only had 13 points and it has been: 41, 55, 54, 63, 63, and 49. I wouldn't be surprised to see them score 50+ against Franklin this Friday. Roncalli's loss says more about how good Decatur Central can be and doesn't mean Roncalli has been exposed as a real contender. I have been stating since the start when everyone wanted to say Cathedral would walk away with 5A since they moved down from 6A that it was an ignorant statement to say that. There are 2 teams in Cathedral's sectional that are very capable of competing with them and even beating them. Those 2 teams are Roncalli and Decatur Central. Plainfield has been inconsistent. Cathedral despite their 3-5 record which could be 3-6 or 4-5 after this Friday is still a very good football team and still a major contender. The combined records of the 5 teams they lost to are 32-3 which includes the #2 team in KY and #1 & #2 team in Ohio along with another top 10 team in Ohio. Cathedral is banged up and without a couple of players but they have 2 weeks for those players to get healthy prior to the Roncalli game. I wouldn't bank too much on getting a better perspective on Cathedral from the Center Grove game because who they have healthy in that game could be totally different than who they have healthy on Oct 27th, not to mention Center Grove is a young team that is still very good but still in a learning process. It will be interesting to see the Cathedral vs Center Grove game because Cathedral's defensive strength is without a doubt their run defense and they did an outstanding job against a terrific St. Edwards O-line and 2 headed RB's. Aside from the Irish Offense throwing some Int's that put their defense in very bad redzone spots they played one of their best games as a defense in some of the games I have seen. I haven't watched much of Columbus East, but I have no doubt the Olympians will be a contender. Looking at the North Laporte has a monster of a run game from their Tight T formation that will come in handy in these late games with weather. Michigan City is very capable too. Zionsville can score quickly and often, they just need to have more consistency from their Defense. That Pike victory looks better every week and the Eagles play some outstanding teams in the HCC. New Palestine is a group of fighters they will give any team from the North fits, I love what Coach Ralph has built at NP he is an outstanding coach.
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    This is much more interesting, and fun, thread than the playoff seeding thread. Good reading & history lessons....
  5. 2 points
    Any Given Friday... No certainties in life fellas...
  6. 2 points
    Patch, First, I've read "Lead for Gods Sake." It's a great book and learning lesson for young coaches. I loved it. But you're misreading what us 'old school' coaches are saying. Raising money for cancer, blood drives, college games, etc are all great things to do with your kids. No one is going to deny that. Seriously, those things are awesome! But that tells me nothing about blurring the line between coach and 'bro.' I'm not a fist bump or flying chest bump kind of guy. I think it's rather amateur. But a head coach giving those fist and chest bumps doesn't really show that you 'care' about a kid. To me, that's more of a 'bro' thing and a kid isn't going to gain more respect from you because of those things. I had coaches who screamed and yelled and were simply the "Do as a I say and not as I do" who I hated. I also had coaches who screamed and yelled but would talk to me afterward and do other little things that meant a lot to me as a player that really showed he cared about me. When players look back today, I don't believe they're going to say, "Man, that coached loved me because he gave me a flying hip bump after I scored all my TD's." It's those other little things that will make a difference to the kid.
  7. 2 points
    Whats up with all the downvotes by XStar? Were you not loved enough as a child?
  8. 2 points
    Too many people are only familiar with our old cluster system and that's why they are unwilling to change. I think in a format that cuts the field in half using a rating system that calculated more than simply wins and losses could effectively keep conferences intact and scheduling up or down to either a) pad wins or b) improve your SOS wouldn't come into play like you think. Sure there would be controversy over a 4-5 team with a tougher SOS getting in over a 5-4 team playing a weaker SOS but it weeds out the majority of teams who have no business playing in a playoff game to begin with and it not only minimizes first round blowouts but also improves and makes for more exciting sectional play.
  9. 2 points
    I've chimed in on this debate numerous times over the years. @Footballking16, you will have to understand that for people who have not experienced the qualifier/seeded tournament, they do not understand and are fearful of such a change. I was the same way. I grew up and played and coached in Indiana until I got into teaching and took a job in Kentucky. Having experienced the Kentucky format, it was quite an adjustment when I came back to Indiana. I really like the setup over there and wish we could do the same. I believe it is the balance that people in this state are looking for. However, it will never happen. Here's why; conferences. They do not exist in Kentucky. They play in districts that are arranged by 1) enrollment and 2) location. It would essentially be our sectional alignments. If we were to do it, that'd be the clear solution. Split the sectionals in two to make 4 team districts. You are required to play the three opposing teams in your district and the rest of your schedule is open. The thing is, for most sectionals, they are primarily conference opponents any way. Scheduling flexibility is great, as you can schedule what your program needs. Trying to build? Schedule some wins. Taking the next step? Schedule some tough games. The playoffs are determined based on placement in your district. First place is a 1 seed, second is 2. In the first round, you match up with an opposing district. Seed 1 from district 1 plays seed 4 from district 2. It's all pretty cut and dry - there are no formulas. You finish where you finish. Nearly everyone in the state makes the playoffs. They have approximately 220 teams playing but there is no reason it wouldn't work with our current set up here. Like I said, people who haven't experienced it can't understand. We can talk about the regular season games meaning more. And they do. You have no idea how awesome the game was we played our cross county rival for the district title week 9. I've never experienced an atmosphere like that in 15 years in Indiana. It was significant because not only did you want to be district champs, but you also wanted the best draw in the tournament. Indiana does not have those incentives. And it does change the games. I assure you. Unfortunately, Indiana is far too traditional to make any large scale changes, especially when it impacts the concept of the conference. I am all in for the Kentucky format and will always be a proponent, while understanding the realities. In the mean time, we'll cheer on for high school football in Indiana, as regardless of how it is set up and played out, it is an awesome game.
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    Not that it has anything to do with Indiana stadiums, but before I got more active on the GID, I would browse Google Maps/Satellite for the fun of it while I had down time at work. Was browsing Barrow Alaska (3 miles south of the Northernmost point in the US) one day and discovered this gem on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. I am curious what Elkhart Schools are going to be doing in 2 or 3 years when Central/Memorial go back to 1 High School again....Memorial has a newer stadium, while Central has Rice Field
  11. 2 points
    @Coach Nowlin I actually meant the punt that got returned for TD! My first time visiting LaRocca Field - what a beautiful facility! The gentleman doing announcing was great as well! My Mom thought the Prayer was nice at the beginning too, I imagine all home LCC contests start with that?
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    2014 Linton versus 2017 Linton... You can't really compare them because they play two different types of schedules. I would favor this years team simply because they are battle tested with improved schedules and two trips to Lucas Oil under their belt. The 2014 team played a 3A West Vigo team who went 2-8 and a 2A Sullivan 5-5 team, who Linton lost to 24-21. The rest of the teams were all 1A schools. They may have had Meurer but how much did he contribute as a sophomore? The 2017 team has played the likes of 1A Eastern 8-0 2A Southridge 7-1 3A Sullivan 7-1 3A Ritter 6-2 1A North Vermillion 5-3 and a 4-4 Providence team who would be 6-2/7-1 if they played teams in their own class.
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    No. But I like his style!
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    I'm sure everyone here is very impressed with the extra curricular activities you and your ballclub perform for the community at large. That's not the issue. Coaches need to draw the line between "coach" and "bro" with their players. That line has been breached. It's unprofessional behavior. All those with a modicum of maturity can see that.
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  17. 1 point
    5A South in my opinion will be Columbus East vs Cathedral/Roncalli/Decatur Central winner. I would be stunned if it was any different.
  18. 1 point
    Not sure why Kentucky even has a qualifier, 190 of 220 teams make it!!! Also just looking at last years scores it does not look like it did anything to limit the number of lopsided games, plenty of 40 plus point games
  19. 1 point
    I agree that Concord would match up better against a spread/passing offense such as that of Michigan City after seeing them firsthand against a very aggressive passing Northridge gameplan, than that of a ground and pound Laporte offense.
  20. 1 point
    Avon Junior RB Sampson James (1,053 yards, 13TDs) picked up offers from Cincinnati and Minnesota to go along with his IU offer over the weekend. Added Iowa yesterday to the list yesterday 10/12
  21. 1 point
    Hey that was Tom Crean's thing though don't get me wrong I'm glad to see IU guys succeeding in the NBA , but I would much rather have had a program known for being a consistent Big 10 title contender and a possible final 4 contender and had at least 1 trip in his 9 years (especially with the talent they had in 2011). Agree I am 100% bias and that makes watching them win THAT much better to quote Lil Wayne "This a'int a dis song .....I just love my team"
  22. 1 point
    And the problem with comparing Indiana with other States with qualifier playoffs is that other States have dramatically different needs than Indiana. The NIAA has members in California and Arizona. Two conference rivals in my part of the desert, Lincoln County and Needles, are 277 miles away from each other. One of the NIAA members, Spring Mountain, is a boarding school for youth criminals. Our needs aren't the same as Indiana. Hell, my school district's elevation range is more than all of Indiana's!
  23. 1 point
    You're reaching. The kid said nothing wrong.
  24. 1 point
    Fire Fox Promote Fangio that is all
  25. 1 point
    I LOVE ME SOME MIKE LEACH!!! I could listen to him all day everyday!! Though he may have gone a bit far at TT with this doozy
  26. 1 point
    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO math!!!!!!! We like football that's why us coaches became Social Studies and PE Teachers
  27. 1 point
    It hit our gunner's heel. He even deeked me and played it off real cool like not to bring attention to it. Issue was that the guy who I questioned didn't throw a bean bag on either punt "fumbles' The 1st one I thought was a miscall as the ground caused it when his elbow it, but supposedly a bean bag was thrown. Either way, got to PLAY WAY BETTER anyways which we did not but we did what we had to to finish the game and get the victory when not playing our best football. AGAIN: KUDDOS to LCC and their peeps. That field was IMMACULATE Thanks 8th grade team finished undefeated, I think they also were undefeated last year as 7th graders. They have a chance to do good things in H.S. but need to continue to commit to weight room and get a FULL UNDERSTANDING that their middle school schedule, has gotten better, but its not a "Hoosier Conference" schedule and they should be very proud of their accomplishments on a great year, but plenty more work to be had!!! You are so correct on WL defense, I think #45 Kidwell and #87 Stanton have had UNBELIEVABLE years!!!
  28. 1 point
    Thoughts on Western offense - QB runs the ball 40 times per game, often into the mouth of the defense. At some point does this become too much to ask of a hs kid who will most likely be a div 1 baseball guy if he doesn't get broken down in football? Granted, he's a tough kid and physically can hold his own. I just can't imagine asking a hs kid to do this week in and week out without being concerned about the physical toll it is taking on his body. This is not a slam on the Western staff by any means. They physically kicked our butts - we knew Knep was running the ball right at us and not a thing we could do about it. Has anyone else seen an offense where 1 player is featured so heavily, getting 40+ touches per game?
  29. 1 point
    Also sectional teams have changed, Dwenger was in the same as Northridge for years.... not sure who else changed
  30. 1 point
    So now you are moving on to a third argument to support your idea, since the other two aren't holding water. It's not to make the season more important. It's not to eliminate blowouts. Now it's to get closer games as you move on in the playoffs. :-) So you would suggest that Knox, who is a 3A team in an otherwise 1A conference, should be rewarded for winning their conference by being seeded #1 in their 3A sectional?
  31. 1 point
    Well, as you and others have stated, the current system renders the entire regular season irrelevant, but I would argue that most players, coaches, parents, and others closely involved in football on a daily basis find the regular season anything but meaningless. I was just wondering where the meaning is for you.
  32. 1 point
    Thank you. If your argument is more regular season excitement due to qualifying, then you must apply it to all sports, regardless of the type of sport or effect of one or two players. If your argument is elimination of blowout games, it is a totally different discussion. I haven't been able to tell exactly what your bottom line reason is. If it's eliminating blowouts, I offer this: Pioneer (#1 team in 1A) has already beaten the numbers 20, 21, 22 & 25 teams in 1A by a combined score of 219-15. That's an average 51 point margin. So what do you suppose the score will be if Pioneer plays the #32 team in the first round. I suspect a blowout. If your goal is to eliminate blowouts, then maybe we should just narrow the field to the top 8 teams and go from there.
  33. 1 point
    I'm curious more than anything--in your view, what is the purpose of high school football for the 320-some teams playing in Indiana this year?
  34. 1 point
    Interesting that you acknowledge Indiana as a nationally recognized basketball state. Don't we use the same tournament format for Indiana high school basketball that we do for football? How then is a change in the football format required for increasing national recognition in that sport? I challenge you to go to an Indiana high school basketball discussion forum in February and suggest limiting the state tournament field in order to increase fan interest in the regular season! Really! Do it! I'd like to see how that goes over.
  35. 1 point
    Love the irony in this thread. The last time the IHSAA ran a limited football tournament (cluster system)--Brebeuf, Cathedral, Chatard, Ritter, and Scecina filed suit against the IHSAA on religious discrimination grounds because they were all put in the same sectional. 35 years later, a completely different format, and they're still griping.
  36. 1 point
    Show me evidence that college coaches are avoiding Indiana as a result of our system?
  37. 1 point
    I don't care for national exposure, lot of greed and corruption comes from chasing national exposure. I am not sacrificing 160 teams in order to get a few national votes for the largest of large schools. National exposure doesn't mean crap to 99% of the state teams.
  38. 1 point
    Why is this important for high school football?
  39. 1 point
    The flip side of teams 3-2 and 2-3 battling for their playoff lives is teams that are 0-3 0-4 have nothing to play for and have no incentive to try and improve if their season is over half way thru. Also if you have locked up a top 2 seed, what is to prevent you from losing on purpose to hurt someones else's SOS to keep them out of the tourney? I think it can lead to teams trying to manipulate the system to help/hurt teams they would like to play/avoid later on. We are at a spot size wise where we can easily run an all in format and be done on Thanksgiving. If we get to the point there are to many schools and we would have to add a week to the tourney, then we can discuss a qualifying system, until then, why limit teams and kids opportunities if we do not have to
  40. 1 point
    I don't believe that Indiana lacks any recognition or exposure because we fail to exclude schools from the playoffs. In fact our format seems to be unique and fits us OK. There are some, like you, that believe that exclusion is cool and makes for a stronger playoff. I believe that the cream rises in the current format just fine. I'm not pleased with the blind draw but I can live with it versus excluding schools, No shame in giving all school a fresh start.
  41. 1 point
    Again, you asked, I provided. I will never say that those kids were not afforded that opportunity. There is nothing more to say on it. Again, I am in favor of seeding top 2 teams, in some capacity. I am dead set against anything from an all in format. I am for seeding entire 6a and 5a I do not want computers to dictate what schools get into any sort of qualifying tournament format. Nothing else to say other than I wish everyone a great and hopefully dry Friday Night of H.S. Football Action and all come away clean and healthy.
  42. 1 point
    You've completely missed the point. You said bad teams don't get excited about playing sectional games. YOU ARE WRONG. In addition, playing those two games propelled our team to a winning season this year! They played their best football in those games, gained confidence and decided during the summer that they wanted to be good. Would not have happened without an all in, blind draw playoff. Based on your support of Cathedral, I surmise that you have no clue what it is like out here in rural 1A Indiana. The state is more than powerhouse Indy area schools! We like to play football out here in the boonies too! You're concerned about your potential college athletes getting to play one more game before losing to the state champ. Out here in the boonies we have other things to worry about.
  43. 1 point
    Showing excitement by fist pumping and cheering on your players, is not a "Bro Culture". You can be a leader of Young men and Grown men by creating a culture in which kids and people want to be in. It does not mean that you treat them as peers. It means they understand that you care about them and can rejoice in a moment with them, you aren't afraid to celebrate their successes. I have found in my years of coaching that I am a much better coach when they know I care, rather then when we have dictitoral type of relationship. None of this means there is not discipline and order. You all would hate watching Westfield play. We celebrate with our kids all the time. We even celebrate a turnover and try to be enthusiastic as possible at all times. We have built a team dedicated to family, service and hard work. Our numbers continue to grow from the youth leagues up. Our mission statement is to "make playing football at Westfield one of the most incredible experiences of your life." We take kids to College game, to a haunted house, we host a Special Olympics football camp, we have won the Indiana Blood Drive 3 of the last year, we have raised almost $50.000 for cancer. Oh and by the way, we won a State Championship and were runner up once. We won 4 sectionals in a row, won two regionals, won 2 semi-states. We fist bumped and chest bumped and encouraged all the way in all of these endeavors! We are in the business of building young men who will be future leaders and what a great forum football is to do that. Building leaders doesn't have to be mean and uncaring. Read the book, " Lead for Gods sake". Read, " The Energy bus". People will follow those who they know care for them and root for them. The do as I say because I am coach days are over. I for one say " Thank GOD"!
  44. 1 point
    Come now, you have to admit this looks classy and professional:
  45. 1 point
    this isn't just a coach/student relation problem, it's a parent/kid problem too....too many parents/coaches would rather be friends with their kids than the one that holds them accountable. But my statement stands, if everyone that thought this way were to sign up and coach, it would work wonders for changing this "bro" culture.
  46. 1 point
    So what you're saying is that in week 10, two teams play with one team advancing and the other team's season is over. Hmm. Sounds familiar.
  47. 1 point
    "I remain optimistic that, despite attitudes like yours, we can learn from other states and not need to reinvent the wheel. Will it be perfect? Probably not. Will it satisfy everyone? Don’t be silly. But will it be a vast improvement? " We had it, it *%#!?*ed, going to the all in was better than the cluster system when you had to qualify. Have not heard of one person who liked the old system in this state better than the new one. Can see no reason to change, many of the other states you mention also have a lot more High Schools as well meaning a longer tourney if all were in. Also be week 4 or 5 if you have been eliminated from playoff contention, and do not have a conference to play in, can not see a lot of intensity in those games either, so you can half many teams playing for nothing and their season basically being over by week 5
  48. 1 point
    Look at the conference that LCC plays in. Compare that to other 1A teams. Oh wait, there is no comparison to other 1A teams. By your explanation LCC could practically go winless and make the tournament every year. So how many Hoosier like conferences are going to accept 1A teams as members? Let's be a little realistic and admit this points system still won't work. Undefeated teams get left out of the Ohio tournament. Of course (like the media) we don't want people to know that do we? How would you like to go 20 - 0 over 2 seasons and get left out? Do you just casually blame it on their "weak schedule"? Blame it on the conference they play in? Sorry I'm not buying that bunk.
  49. 1 point
    in 8 games this year that pitted a team from each conference against on another the MIC won the series 8-1 and the only will for the HCC was a 1 point win for Zionsville over Pike in week 1. So to say they are on their heels is a bit of a stretch if i say my self.
  50. 1 point
    I have a suggestion for what to do with the former Brickie Bowl. Regrettably, decorum precludes me from describing it in detail here.
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