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  1. 4 points
    Semistate games need to be played on a neutral field.
  2. 3 points
    No dog in this fight but, full disclosure, my mother was a Memorial grad so perhaps not completely un-biased on this one... For the past couple of weeks, I have read endless GID comments that "the team that is the most physical will win". Obviously there is a certain amount of "physicality" in football, as Kirk Herbstreet likes to say on College Football broadcasts, but IMO once you get to the Semi-State round, every team is physical or they wouldn't be there. Every line can bock or, conversely, fend off blocks and thus the potential game changing difference may well be in the skill positions. I just don't see one team dominating the other physically in this game. But, I've been wrong before, just ask my wife. : - ) I think the advantage in this game will be the team whose athletes are able to step up and affect the game by making plays downfield, beyond the LOS. Can Danville's LB's & DB's cover Memorial receivers long-enough for D Line to get pressure on Lindauer or will the Tigers simply dink & dunk their way down the field with their short, precise passing attack? Will the Tigers be able to do the same to the Danville skill position players? I would not be surprised at all if line play cancels each other out in this one and the skill players have to step up and put their stamp on the game. It could well come down to a punt or kick-off return that swings the game one way or the other. Best of luck to both teams for a well-played, injury free game and may all fans get to & home from the game safely. Bring it home Tigers!
  3. 3 points
    I'm just shocked that he posts something besides Ben Davis 2017 State Champs .
  4. 3 points
    Wow. Carmel moves on. And so should this thread.
  5. 3 points
  6. 3 points
    Speculating on a transfer of a 16 year old HS kid is dumb and negligent, especially when there’s no merit to it. He could potentially be ruled ineligible to play varsity next year as a transfer would clearly be for “athletic” purposes and sitting out a year could be damning to his recruitment. Cathedral also graduates a D1 RB and a D1 and AA lineman this year so wouldn’t be surprised at all if Cathedral opens up the playbook. Stop throwing out outlandish statements and hoping they stick.
  7. 2 points
    Rooting for the Franklin Grizzlies!! Former Bomber standout transferred thier after SJC closed, Austin Fleming. http://franklingrizzlies.com/sports/fball/2017-18/players/austinflemingf552?view=profile
  8. 2 points
    What are you talking about? Transferring from school A to school B because school A doesn't throw the ball and school B has a D1 WR is about as clear as an athletic transfer as there can be, especially when the player in question doesn't live in the school district to which he's transferring too. That's grounds for being ineligible at the varsity level for one calendar year because the IHSAA prohibits transfers solely for athletics. A kid with D1 aspirations really can't afford to sit out his junior year can he? Warren Central also returns Jayden George next year and there is no guarantee that the player you're talking about would start even if the IHSAA rules him eligible. All I'm asking you is to think before you post, you don't do that. Even if the player you are talking about does transfer why talk about it the week before he plays in a game to go to the state title? It's not fair to the kid, it's not fair to his coaches, it's not fair to his team whom I sure all read this.
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    Back in 1966 I believe Michigan City won the Boy's State Championship in basketball. When they arrived on the outskirts of town the over 3 mile route was lined with red and white clad fans. Talk about a "Hoosiers" scene. They estimated 40,000 people welcomed them home. The old Ames Field was pack with fans. They literally drove the fire turck into the stadium with the team on it. City is begging for a winner. I hope they get it. Would be awesome for the community
  11. 2 points
    I don't see Pioneer in a game closer than 30 points in their next 17 games. As long as Kiser is at Pioneer they will roll big time.
  12. 2 points
    MD did indeed play @ Danville in 2000 Semi-State. I can tell you from that experience, you will not find a better bunch of fans & hosts. Everyone we met was a class act and went out of their way to be friendly and helpful from the ticket takers to the concessions folks. Mater Dei was fortunate to come away with the win and at the end of the game, the entire Danville team formed two lines and made an exit for the Mater Dei team. Danville held their helmets up while MD players walked by and they congratulated the entire team. I have never seen a classier display of sportsmanship on a football field and will never forget it. Best of luck to the Tigers next week. Wish I could be there but it will have to be in spirit only. Hopefully this game will be streamed online as well. Anyone with info, pls post.
  13. 2 points
    A bunch of fans with a chip on their shoulder.
  14. 2 points
    I got a Michigan City, Indiana Howdy Do from Johnny Cash:
  15. 2 points
    73 year old Michigan City assistant coach Ken Bye hoisting the regional championship face plate to go with the sectional championship trophy.
  16. 2 points
    how do you like that....no mention of the Hip Hugger
  17. 2 points
    Here Here!!! Thanks for posting
  18. 1 point
    I was reported in the Greene County daily world last week during the Southwest conference banquet at Eastern Greene High School. EG head coach/AD Joey Paridaen made the announcement. I wanted to add my thanks to Scotty for always taking the time to deal with my requests for interviews, stats, starters and just general football talk before and after games... Cougar Valley is never a great place to be got as Miner Broadcaster... hanging out in their booth in the midst of their fans.. lol.. but SCotty always went out of his way to make sure that I was taken care of!!! Congrats to you Scotty Helms! Paridaen announced that Scott Helms is retiring after coaching high school football for 37 years, including the last 23 at North Daviess. He said he played under Helms once as defensive captain of an all-star. “He's one of the better ones in the game,” Paridaen said. “Coaching young people is a blessing,” Helms said. “It's great to do it for 37 years and its been a blessing. When you follow God's will it's a blessing.” Helms pointed out he visited an Eastern school board meeting in the early Aughts when the school was trying to start a football program. He said he knew it would be established because of the determination of the Eastern boosters and parents. “I just want to say I wish I had had nothing to do with it because it was bound to beat us,” Helms joked. “You've got a tremendous program, tremendous fans, a tremendous community.” He said he plans to visit future conference games and yell advice to the coaches. http://www.gcdailyworld.com/story/2458925.html
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    As the season moves toward its climactic weekends, the officials are coming under more scrutiny (if that's even possible). Calls and no-calls get magnified by the importance of the games. The stakes are very high. So, if you're one of those guys who sits at a game and hollers at the officials about holding ... or if you have the misfortune to be sitting in front of or next to that guy ... this is for you. Holding: The Most Misunderstood Foul Holding is, without a doubt, the foul that is most misunderstood by players, coaches, fans, media … and yes, sad to say, by officials, too. The barrier to our more complete understanding of the holding foul is our desire for simplicity, clarity, and consistency. The complex nature of the holding foul is unlikely to satisfy that desire. Recognizing and calling the holding foul requires a disciplined “mental checklist.” The first item that must be checked off is “illegal technique.” The blocking rules are fairly complex, when applied to 7 or 8 blocks on each play, many of them occurring simultaneously. A thorough knowledge of what is permitted and what is not is essential for properly calling this foul. Notably, the rules do not distinguish between holding that occurs inside the shoulder pads and holding that has the hands outside the pads, although the latter is much easier to detect. The second essential element of holding is a “restriction” imposed on the movement of the player being held. This includes the concepts of “disengagement” and “superior legs.” It is never enough to simply hold an opponent. There must be restriction of movement to consider a foul. If a player is content to merely maintain his position while the opponent has a handful of his jersey, and never attempts to disengage from the hold, there’s no foul. Similarly, if an offensive lineman has a grip on an opponent’s jersey, but is simply driving him away from the point of attack through superior leg position and drive, the fact that he is holding the opponent’s jersey becomes irrelevant. The third item on the checklist is “effect on the play.” Location is key. To be called a holding foul, the contact must normally include not only all the preceding elements, but also be located at or near the point of attack. Keep in mind, there can be several distinct points of attack in a single play. I once spent an entire playoff game watching the visiting team’s right tackle, who was badly overmatched by the home team’s all-state defensive end, hold on virtually every pass play. I never threw the flag once. The reason, the shotgun QB never held the ball for more than 2 seconds. It was strictly a rhythm passing game. When he wasn’t doing that, he was rolling away from that side. There’s no way the defensive end could have gotten anywhere near the QB before the ball was long gone, even if his rush had been unopposed. Therefore, since the fact that he was held had no effect on the play, no foul. I hope I have more luck explaining this concept to you than I did telling it to the all-state defensive end and his coach that night. Since each of these elements involves a degree of judgment on the part of the covering official, with so many judgments to make on a single potential foul, it is no wonder that consistency is a concern. A few guidelines can help officials call this foul more consistently: Call holding well away from or behind the play only when absolutely necessary and then, only with reluctance. What do you do when two guys get locked up well away from the play and one just obviously takes the other down, right out there in front of everybody? Do you lose credibility if you pass on such an obvious foul? You can help the situation by using “preventive officiating,” talking loudly to the players as they lock up and encouraging them to disengage. You can also term this “unnecessary roughness,” since it’s well away from the play, and make it a personal foul, instead of holding. But you’re probably going to need a takedown to sell that calla. If at all possible, the situation should be handled with a “talk to” instead of a flag. Ditto for calling holding on a double team block. The theory here is that the offense is committing two players to a single opponent and, therefore, any advantage gained by the holding is negated by the fact that there is another player unblocked. This is only a guideline, and defensive players have been known to defeat a double team on occasion. So questionable contact on a double team simply requires an extra pause to more carefully scrutinize the action to determine if the criteria are met. Make It Be There. As an official, you always get in more trouble for calling the foul that wasn’t there, compared to missing one that was. If you’re going to throw the flag for a holding penalty, remember: we’re fishing for whales, not minnows. There is so much hand contact in blocking that if you get nitpicky about holding, you are only opening yourself up to claims of inconsistency. So when you call a hold, make sure it’s one that will jump out at you on the video. Because of both the nature and the number of judgments needed, calling holding penalties will never be free from controversy. I hope this helps explain why.
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    will we score more? They less? Indulge me. Actually, if weather is a factor, Lowell could score less while blanking FWBD.
  21. 1 point
    I have seen both teams play this year. And I think it will be whoever D can stop the scoring early will win. Woodlan has more speed than anyone the Panthers have seen all year. I do believe that Rensselaer is just as good as woodlan which helps the Panthers. Woodlan also has an easy conference and I went to AC game which they lost. I think Eastbrook with Ole Miss and Rensselaer has had more competition. Woodlan had a hard time stopping the run and breaking news Eastbrook will run at them over and over and over and over. Woodlan better be ready to hit a lot on Friday. Should be be a great game! It is suppose to rain which might help Eastbrook and stopping the throwing attack. I believe this game is a touchdown game. If I had to pick I say Eastbrook by 6.
  22. 1 point
    http://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/eastbrook-panthers-(marion,in)/football/stats_by_game.htm We held them to statistically their worse ypc of the season 51 carries for 5.4 yards per. Gave up an 82 yarder on 3rd down in the 4th spiked it to that final 275. EB had players make the plays, we did not. Hence why they are playing semi state . We were close, I don't think Woodlan can keep up but never know.... Eastbrook does play very confidently at home from what I saw. Place will be raucous
  23. 1 point
    That is false. I wouldn't give Dave a nickel out of my pocket... The guy screams about being patriotic but won't give a military discount... Diesels is good (on the square in Danville), Franks Place (Italian) is good, LaRanchera (right by High School) is good, Mayberry also.... Also a pizza place right by Dairy Queen (used to be Pizza Paradise and it recently changed it's name).
  24. 1 point
    Find it odd that Garland would tell ESPN 3 hours before he was suppose to announce, even if he did think its pretty low of Paul Bicardi to worry more about his Journalism job and not let this kid tell the nation himself and take away from HIS day. He had the rest of the day to write his 330 word half- A** article over it come on man.
  25. 1 point
    Don't forget Franklin. They will be playing in the postseason as well.
  26. 1 point
    Not Game related but Evansville Fans there are some good Eats close by if you come up early. One of my Favorites is Dave's All American Pizza that is a block down the road also a nice Mexican restaurant right by the High School.
  27. 1 point
    One interesting side bar that I mentioned in another thread, two players on City's roster junior Lyric McFarrin and senior Mason Kaletha both played against Kokomo week 1 last season as members of the Chesterton Trojans at Chesterton before transferring to Michigan City, a game Chesterton won 14-7 and Lyric and Mason played really well in. Chesterton beat Munster the next week and lost their rest of their eight games. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/update-special-teams-defense-lift-trojans-over-wildkats/article_0856b1f2-f570-5a8b-9fe5-3b29336f32d4.html Lyric's case was kind of special because during the summer he was only going to be allowed to play JV becuase of his transfer but the case was taken to court and the judge ruled that he could play varsity. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/michigan-city-s-lyric-mcfarrin-receives-full-eligibility-from-laporte/article_d6f745ac-1f6e-521f-8312-5b93e023a7cb.html Lyric's dad Lawrence McFarrin was the running back on Michigan City's '95 consolidation team that lost a heartbreaker to Penn in the sectional champioship game and now serves as an Indiana State Trooper. Mason Kaletha's dad Scott is also the training officer for the Michigan City Fire Department and was a great running back in his playing days at Elston.
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    One decision on that play summarizes the Fox era
  30. 1 point
    Kinda silly playing "what ifs" . Too many factors involved. Yes Eastbrook did handle Ole Miss very decisively many many weeks ago, but means little now. The Greenwood game score was very close, but Greenwood stats were actually very impressive. Would've Eastbrook beaten Greenwood? Maybe. Generally guessing, would Eastbrook be as successful playing in 4A Class Championships? As an Eastbrook fan, I would say no. Not likely. Could even say: No Way. As good as Eastbrook is, I must show respect to the Class 4A teams. And that goes for Class 3A as well. Eastbrook is in class 2A. I'm just hoping we can beat Woodlan. I assume Woodlan has every intention of coming here Friday and beating us. And I have respect for Woodlan and I assume they could do it. Would the 1972 Miami Dolphins go undefeated today? Guessing not. Maybe fun to play "what ifs" but actually means little.
  31. 1 point
    It is always a 2-year cycle. 2017 is the 1st year of the 2017-2018 cycle. Therefore, CE's 2016 runner-up was factored into the 2015-2016 cycle & will have no impact going forward. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/Tournament Success Factor/Football Success Totals 2015-16 2016-17.pdf
  32. 1 point
    2 Point Games Carmel Ben Davis Indianapolis Cathedral Brebuf Jesuit Pioneer 3 Point Games Lowell East Central Eastbrook Indianapolis Lutheran 4 Point Games Michigan City Evansville Memorial
  33. 1 point
    Ill be rooting for Scecina in this one, and hopefully to become the 3rd consecutive 2A State Champ to come out of the ICC.
  34. 1 point
    late to the party this weekend: https://twitter.com/BarstoolBigCat/status/929796342112714752 FIRE FOX PROMOTE FANGIO THAT IS ALL
  35. 1 point
    I figure seating has to be the biggest issue here as I'm sure Lowell will travel very well to this game. USF just isn't great for high school games. A couple more sets of bleachers have been added on the visiting side, but I wouldn't count on any more in the future being added because it would take away from the view of the lake behind it that Sister Elise absolutely loves. Should be an exciting game at Zollner, hopefully the field isn't in too bad shape. Everyone should stick around for the Saint Francis playoff game on Saturday, I'll be there rooting my Cougs on!
  36. 1 point
    MC had never even won a sectional title before this season in its entire school history. It's hard to simply lay the blame at just the last coach. It seems like a major cultural issue. The max wins they had in a season was 7 and that only happened a handful of times since 1900. All the credit in the world goes to Coach Mason and staff. What an incredible job they have done, especially as quickly as it has been done.
  37. 1 point
    It is time to seriously consider moving regionals and semi-states to Saturday afternoon. The advantages are many. I have suggested for years that semi-states be played on a Saturday afternoon at neutral sites (small college or large high school facilities) with two games at each location. We attended the Snider-Carmel game and could not enjoy it due to the weather. Saturday's weather was a lot nicer.
  38. 1 point
    Disagree on Georgia. They win out, including the SEC conference game, either against Bama or rematch of Auburn a 12-1 Georgia team gets in as SEC champion.
  39. 1 point
    Struggling with Bloomington South was not shocking at all. Bloomington South and Coach Moriarity have always played Cathedral very tough, he is always able to get his teams ready to play. Bloomington South with their young QB, young RB, and current O-line have been playing well the last couple of weeks. I know a lot of people predict and expect a high score flashy offense from Cathedral, but its not flashy. They basically have been coming out and using their big and strong O-line with their RB's for 4 quarters. This is what they have been doing since week 9 of the regular season. I will say one thing Bloomington South had going for them is their Defensive Secondary. They stacked the box and left DB's in 1 on 1 situations because they had a solid secondary. South took advantage of situations early. Scoring on their first drive, a bad snap to the Cathedral punter and he decided to try throwing it instead of punting giving South a short field, Broke a big run for TD right before halftime. The Irish coaching staff made adjustments and played well for the most part in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th qtrs. BTW the turf at Tech is fantastic. It was the turf that was at University of Indianapolis for the New York Giants to practice on during the Super Bowl in Indy. The Patriots practiced at the Colts facility. Tech is a beautiful place to watch a Friday night football game. There will be plenty of seating and a terrific field to play on. The success factor is 2 year cycles. This is the first of a 2 year cycle. It starts over again after next year.
  40. 1 point
    Was actually looking forward to a response from Falconsfbref, but thanks anyway. He seems to have a better grasp on the game than you do. I still think you'd be better suited to officiate flag football games. Oh, and you forgot to say "100 percent of the time."
  41. 1 point
    Here is what the sign looks like at the DQ on Franklin St. directly across the street from Ames Field. All the senior banners are still hanging from the street light polls. City never even came close to seeing something like this under the other two previous coaching regimes.
  42. 1 point
    The Star had a story today that said the Indiana Football Coaches Association ratings board votes for the award for the top senior, https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2017/10/12/ihsaa-football-how-2017-indiana-mr-football-race-shaping-up/758883001/
  43. 1 point
    I'm not so sure this is a pickem. I think The city is a favorite.
  44. 1 point
    This game is a pick 'em. This will be a much bigger challenge for Michigan City. Kokomo is not a one dimensional team like La Porte or Concord was. Well coached and disciplined. Brett Colby is very highly respected in his own right. Paul Condry from the Regional Radio Sports Network conducted an in depth pregame interview with both Michigan City defensive coordinator Roy Richards and head coach Phil Mason. Mason talked about in detail about him getting hired at Michigan City and establishing a culture of winning for the football program and the community. If you click the audio link below the Roy Richards interview is at 5:00 and the Phil Mason interview is at 17:30. https://portal.stretchinternet.com/rrsn/portal.htm?eventId=403976&streamType=audio Mason should have been brought in to City after Buzea left for Homewood-Flossmoor.
  45. 1 point
    Penalties 2016: Snider 7-40, Westfield 3-19. Not much discussion in the thread after the game. Sounds like a lot of dropped passes by Snider may have been the difference:
  46. 1 point
  47. 1 point
    Great matchup......Some teams have a great defense on paper because their offense has the ball all the time. That is not the case here.
  48. 1 point
    So what? Cathedral’s schedule has absolutely no bearing on where they are classified. Cathedral could play the Colts every week or Broad Ripple every week and it still wouldn’t change the fact that Cathedral is a 4A school playing in 5A due to the success factor. Cathedral did not accumulate the necessary points to stay in 6A. Cathedral is not the only school under this criteria either.
  49. 1 point
    Ha! Never been, but I honestly think it's the first place outside of my comfort zone (The Region) I learned about as a freshman at Purdue. Had a good friend from Peru who practically lived there. Ironically, he married a dancer from a Lafayette club. A coworker of mine who commutes from Kokomo to Fishers often brings us some dang good donuts from some place in Kokomo. Excited to see Michigan City in a Semi-State. I spent a lot of time at the school watching basketball playoffs as a kid and high schooler. I played in Ames stadium the first year it opened as a football stadium. Vaguely remember going in the early 90's when it was still an old minor league baseball stadium. Buzea showed City could be a winner in football. It's great to see it come to fruition under Phil Mason. I hope he doesn't get lured away and stays at City for the long haul.
  50. 1 point
    I really hope your not someones parent.
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