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    The Old Milwaukee with an "assist" is flowing freely here. Kids home. A new Pit Bull with one of them. We're tearing it up here. What are your plans this weekend? Mine are still fluid (perhaps not the best choice of words in my case).
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    Outside of 4A what class has really been affected as regards P&Ps? 1A-3A have the same teams. Frankly, 5A is simply the old 4A. Cathedral and Roncalli play in the first round of Sectional. The winner plays Columbus East (occasionally East Central or Reitz who remain in 4A). The winner of that game usually wins State. Columbus East was the better team this year and should win. The story would have been the same if they all were still in 4A. At this point, if P&Ps aren't winning it has nothing to do with the success factor. They simply are getting beat by better teams. If people want to magically attribute that to the success factor then you are simply disrespecting the quality of teams like Columbus East and Pioneer.
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    Ask Scecina about 18 plays and 10 minutes of PAIN! It' gonna be a good one no doubt and the game will be won or lost in the trenches. I put my faith in a raider o-line that has done it to Linton, Mater Dei, Providence, and Scecina.
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    A couple of takes from a fella who has lived 20 minutes from Lowell almost all 32 years of my life. Lowell obviously has a great team this year built similar to teams that have had great success in the region and beyond. They pride themselves on the fundamentals and their ability to wear teams out...few teams are as well conditioned as Lowell. That's why much of their playbook may seem vanilla but they have honed their skills in a manner that says this is what we are doing and we dare you to stop it. Lowell could be mistaken for the "cradle of running backs" as I can rattle off several gamebreakers that played tailback for the Devils. A few that come to mind. Jeff Clemens (reminds me a lot of JJ in that they are such pure athletes they simply won't be denied and help put Lowell over the top.) You add that type of discipline and mix in a few players with exceptional athletic ability and you have one tough team to stop. Scott Gray was an awesome little bowling ball to watch skate around. Brandon Grubbe was a yardage machine, kid put up stats, son. Mike Pickett was one of the first star football players I got to enjoy watching in person as a 8 year old or so when I was really starting to get into the game. MP was a beast. Ike James...my gosh what a freaking load. Tough back to stop. My senior year their vaunted #6 was Justin Henley, who was not the brightest star to ever come out of Lowell but that young man had heart. Never stopped moving his legs. Toby Goetz was around I believe as a FB blasting holes. Chuck Thompson was their QB #16 I won't forget because it was my 5th sack of the season. We lost a heartbreaker 28-22 at Fred Jones Field on a chilly October night in which the lights mysteriously went dark as we snapped the ball on a crucial 3rd and 5 a little past midfield late in the 4th. After we restarted 20 minutes later or so they had regrouped from the break much better than we did and our momentum went up in smoke. I'll never forget that! I was going to drink 20 ounces or so of cold milk out of the traveling trophy between KV and Lowell.. I can still taste the bitterness of that loss. Haha anyway back to the business at hand...somehow I like to regale unsuspecting (perhaps unwilling even) hs football fans with my own experiences. Who was your favorite #6 Lowell running back? especially all you RDP fans out there. East Central will have their hands full. I see it being a game where the little things make the difference (extra points, field position, special teams efficiency) which Lowell is always good at and I suspect the same out of such a well rounded program like the EC Trojans. Lowell has a great mexican restaurant, Mi Ranchito, if you find yourself venturing further into Lowell on Commercial AVE. I called the cable provider and pleaded to get access to the games which have been difficult for us in the region to get at times. We are forced to take in Comcast Chicago sports coverage...but it's all worked out and the DVR will be whirring away. Nothing but leftover turkey and gravy sammies with a side of High School Football for this guy. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to the GID community. Hope it's a good one for you and yours.
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    Sure because in the real world you're always on a level playing field. The success factor has achieved it's goal, at least this year. But in my opinion it's just an extension of our penalize success to be fair society. Wins and losses are not necessarily the measuring stick of high school sports, and I would think the success factor is counter productive to teaching life lessons.
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    He is NOT scheduled to do that contest.... Mark Jaynes - Play by Play Lance Scheib - Color Will Haskett - SIdeline DD is on 5A and 4A this year
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    Let's not lose sight of the fact Pioneer is one of the smaller 1A schools and are found where four cornfields meet. Its pure folly to say Pioneer would beat such and such Pioneer only wants to beat Eastern Greene in two days and that will be no easy task. They would be perfectly content being known as the worst 1A champs of all-time
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    Thanks for this. I had not been able to put my finger on why Coach Streiff decided to retire. Clearly, it's the success factor. Must have been what ran Coach Scifres off, too. It's all coming together now.
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    I respect his long and distinguished career (including the 500). And being an Indianapolis broadcaster, I would expect him to have more knowledge about those teams than ones outside the area. However, in my opinion, his state championship broadcasting has frequently been significantly slanted towards the local teams.
  12. 1 point
    It's the depth that would make it difficult for Pioneer to match up with especially the top 3A teams. Pioneer might be able to ball with the 2A schools, which they are likely gonna have to do anyway next classification, and I could see them having success close to being moved up again.
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    I'm a tad older than you. I have fond memories of watching Mike Pickett break the first play from scrimmage for an 80 yard TD against mighty Hobart for Lowell's first regional win under Kennedy. If you really wanted to watch an electric Lowell TB, you should have seen Matt Pernick. Everyone kind of forgets him as one of Lowell's past great backs, probably because he took the starting job right as Lowell joined the Northwest Hoosier conference for five years in the mid/late 90's and started whooping the likes of North Newton, KV, Lake Station, River Forest, and North Judson (although NJSP did win two out of the five meetings). Pernick went on to walk on at Purdue as a wide receiver and was actually in line to start Brees' Junior year, but "things happened" and he was dismissed from the team before the season started. Might be one of the best pure athletes to come out of Lowell. Personally, I'm partial to a lightly touted #6: Mike French. But that's only cause i played with the guy. Very quick back, who wasn't going to break many long runs, but could weave and cut his way through traffic for a 8-10 yard gain almost at will.
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    Snider and Penn would have been a much better game then Penn vs Carmel. Having said that, I think it would have been a 17-14 type of game. Yes, I think Snider would play Ben Davis better then Penn will just from the fact they have more speed to deal with BD athletes. It is all about matchups no matter the level of football. Certain teams matchup better against certain teams. This is all said with no disrespect toward Penn as I love what they stand for and also have tremendous respect for the Penn program.
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    Beat Woodlan?? When was this game played “for a fact”? Woodlan would stomp a mud hole in them
  16. 1 point
    P/P fans should start crying that public school should play in their own tourney.
  17. 1 point
    Why would losing to a nationally ranked team that has already destroyed everyone in the big bad Mic be embarrassing???
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    I agree...its all simply an opinion
  21. 1 point
    Your welcome. Yes, that's a fair assessment. They had tons of potential this year. Could have gone down as a Top 5 Snider team of all time. But hey, mistakes happen. Penalties happen. And upsets happen. Regarding Snider's speed, there are a few other teams in the Indy area who can simulate that. Warren Central being one of them. Ben Davis plays a caliber of schedule that prepares them for anyone. Indy is full of mega schools where talent is in abundance. Think this way. Snider + New Haven + Woodlan would be comparable to schools in Indy. Now that would be a lot of talent.
  22. 1 point
    I think Hamilton SE is a better job than Cathedral. You don't have to deal with all of the politics at Hamilton SE that you do at Cathedral.
  23. 1 point
    They had the first PAT blocked. Went for 2 on second TD and missed. Down 14-12 hit a 25 yd FG from the left hash to win 15-14 (would have been good from 28, no further, lol). Play calling on offense will be key for Woodlan. Eastbrook’s defensive scheme was asking to get beat all game and wasn’t taken advantage of. Woodlan should have won by a couple TDs last week. In tight formations Eastbrook loaded the box and left receivers one on one with no safety help, but Woodlan continued to run up the middle instead of utilizing their athletes. In the spread, Eastbrook unexplicably only had 4 guys in the box and Woodlan shredded them. Problem is they ran the spread about 20 percent of the time. Don’t want to bash the coaching too much though because they put together a fantastic defensive game plan, and the defense certainly won that game. If they can figure out the right calls on offense this week, I like Woodlan to win.
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    Methinks Woodlan is happy that Harding was (unnecessarily closed).... and that Haydock is good at recruiting Athletes out to the sticks. Luers just had a lean year on their "move-in's" only getting the star RB from Homestead and no D1 players on the roster.. Agree on the Kokomo line of thinking.
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    The 5th is a great Amendment. The 21st being my preferred one, though....5ths involved there as well. Its a great country.
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    You are making a fool out of yourself. I hope your mom takes your computer from you soon.
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    We served a lot of it last week, and boy it felt good to serve it to a few big mouth people on here lol
  28. 1 point
    Hope you're right for your sake. Crow is an awful tasting fowl. Been of a lot of eaten here recently.
  29. 1 point
    Southridge has only had 4 fumbles lost or interceptions over the 5 games of the tournament. Woodlan had that many in the last game alone.
  30. 1 point
    To be fair two of the turnovers were fumbles that were unforced. One fumble was forced by the defense and one interception that was forced by the defender when he got a hand on the ball as it arrived to the receiver. The first unforced fumble the QB dropped the ball when there was no defender within three yards. The 2nd unforced fumble the QB put the ball into the belly of his runningback and tried to pull it out. It did not come out clean and the ball was fumbled. Again no contact from the defense.
  31. 1 point
    None of the 4 turnovers were forced! They were simple fumbles by Eastbrook players!
  32. 1 point
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels to all making the trip to Indy.
  33. 1 point
    Congrats to one of the best I have had the pleasure to learn from and Coach against! Enjoy my friend! Coach West WC Football
  34. 1 point
    It think it absolutely targets successful programs. What other type of program could it target?
  35. 1 point
    Didn't see the game but, once again, how did Woodlan "dominate the line of scrimmage " AND get 4 TO's but only score 14 pts? It would seem logical that Eastbrook had at least 4 more stops than Woodlan D since 2 TD's effectively cancel each other out on overall number of possessions in game.
  36. 1 point
    I was once told with a straight face, “We just have better coaching”. If everyone uses the same success factor, why do you think it targets private schools?
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    its the best and worst weekend of the year all at the same time........ seeing the great numbers of young men compete and the amount of community support they have behind them and watching great football for almost 10 straight hours Followed swiftly by the realization its all over till next August........... its the true definition of bitter sweet Goodluck to all the teams and young men competing this weekend lets play some football!!!
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    Cardinal Ritter moved to 3A based on enrollment. Their enrollment is slightly above Northwestern and Greencastle who remained in class 3A. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/021317Enrollments.pdf
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    Don't necessarily agree that this weekend is due to the success factor. I think you are severely discrediting some of the public schools who have "gotten better and worked harder". What really has changed? LCC is usually a formidable 1A foe who played in 1A this year and just had a down year. Dwenger and Lowell are very familiar with one another and have played at the SS multiple times, Lowell was just the better team this year. To my knowledge Cathedral and Roncalli are the only p/p's playing up a class this year from their technical enrollment, Columbus East was just the better team this year. Good minds think alike, saw your post pop up as I was typing my reply and knew we would be saying the same thing.
  41. 1 point
    Westfield, New Pal, Snider, and other public schools have to play up. It's not just the PPs.
  42. 1 point
    A vote for Dwenger Dad to sing National Anthem at State Final games. I've listened to this 2-3 times now and it is awesome IMO!
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  44. 1 point
    An ABSOLUTELY class act!! And I know we throw that term around a lot. But I personally would like to thank him for helping make me a better official in the brief times we have met, both ON and OFF the field! I hopefully I will see him soon, and I will pass along this sentiment. Thank you for your helping move HS Football in Indiana forward Rick!
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    Despite what he's on record as saying, the Commissioner would absolutely do a 180 if it turned out that there was a grassroots movement among the membership of the IHSAA toward seeding. That movement can only be led by the Indiana Football Coaches' Association. Quite simply, if the coaches want seeding, they'll get seeding. If there is no seeding, it's not the Commissioner's fault, it's the coaches. The Commissioner works for them. Not the other way around.
  46. 1 point
    Methinks panamabob jealous
  47. 1 point
    I think the only way Woodlan wins this game is if Southridge fumbles the ball to Woodlan 4 or 5 times like we did on Friday night. The ball was just rolling their way! I'm rooting for Woodlan to pull out another upset this weekend! They are a hard nosed football team! They need to play defense as well as they did against Eastbrook! I think this will be a close game! Good luck to both teams and CONGRATS on your accomplishment!!
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    Anytime you get a new coach their is going to be a transition period IU only lost 3 player (Blackmon Jr. , OG, Ananoby, and Thomas Bryant all to the NBA also were the top 3 scores from last year) IU does have seniors in Rob Johnson, Josh Newkirk, and Colin Hartman. Hartman is hurt yet again and begs the question should he really even try anymore? Johnson and Newkirk seem to be having trouble adjusting to Millers new system not a good recipe when they are also suppose to be the leaders. Juwan Morgan was injured last night again and could miss significant time, he would have made it more difficult on Howard inside defensively last night. The bright spots are Soph De'ron Davis 14 vs ISU and 17 vs Howard if he can give us 30+ min a game and stay out of foul trouble things are bright he could be 2nd team all Big10 guy. Freshman Al Durham and Josh Smith seem to be flourishing early in the Archie Miller system as said by many media guy.... they don't have Tom Crean coaching to unlearn (like Johnson and Newkirk). Another thing really hurting IU is Devonte Green lack of confidence he is in a full blown Soph Slump right now and he has the potential to be a great all around guard he he and pick it up and IU gets more contribution from Curtis Jones as well IU will be fine this year. The Howard game looked closer then it was because they honestly hit some ridiculous 3 threes late in the 2nd half the lead was as high as 18 for IU in the second half. The ISU game was a combination of many things from what I read but ISU shot 65% from three which they wont do again maybe ever in program history some you can blame of defense some you can blame on dumb luck. Think about really good 3 point teams usually hit around 40% for the game if ISU had shot that then they would have had 7 less 3's so that's minus 21 points the difference in scoring....... But thats still not an excuse despite making shots IU should have risen to the challenge Finally again transition year it happens IU has the 12th ranked recruiting class nationally for 2018 (guys Archie recruited) four 4-star and a really high 3-star and stand a real chance to sign 1 maybe 2 5-stars which (Garland or Langford might make that a top 3 class). This team has talent and they will improve trust me when I says they will win more games in Archie's first year than Tom Crean did in his first 3 years 6,10,12,
  50. 1 point
    Lord I miss those days, the entire community is better when the football team is a powerhouse. I really wish enrollment was the only issue but I think there are bigger issues then that. Bluejays always had an attitude that you'd have to kill us to beat us, but that seemed to disappear a long time ago. seems everyone is fine with losing and mediocracy these days. we got some real good kids now but they weren't trained and taught like we used to be. its a much more sensitive community then it used to be. Everybody wants a powerhouse program but very few people are willing to do the things that it takes.
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