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    Personally, as a bro coach, I'm compensated in flying chest bumps and tweets.
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    The football coach at BD is well-compensated, but that doesn't account for everything he is responsible for. Being responsible for a program of 200+ kids, keeping them eligible, disciplined, and playing at a high level is sometimes a 24-hour job. Add in getting them to college, off-season programs, working with the community, parents, etc. THEN we get to game planning and game time.
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    Johnny football just wrapped up a solid senior season playing for his high school. Johnny may or may not know what he wants to study in college (or if he should even go to college) but there are expectations from family, friends, random middle-aged guys at the barber shop, that Johnny could play at the next level. Locally, he is seen as a true gift to any team who decides to offer him that big scholarship. During the flurry of summer prospect camps, Johnny had high hopes of playing at the next level. Besides the camps, he and his parents might have talked to “recruitment specialists” and spent money on the web based recruiting tools to ensure he gets noticed. Reality starts to set in the late fall/winter of his senior year when he sees the social media posts of the D1 commits and yet he has not received interest from any programs. Finally, the first DIII letter comes in but everyone expects Johnny to AT LEAST go DII or, if he has to, go to an NAIA school. As time slips into the following year, Johnny is now under a lot of pressure to figure out what he’s going to do. More DIII letters come in but the lack of athletic scholarship opportunity, his middle of the road grades, and the typical $30K tuition + room/board price tag (after he receives the “everyone gets this academic scholarship”), makes him realize he might not be able to afford college if he still wants to play at the next level. Should he roll the dice and walk on at a higher-level program hoping it pays off later? What if he just loves the game and the cost of college isn’t an issue? If he is focused on getting his education, why not just go to a state school and not worry about sports? I am sure many of you have seen this as either a coach or parent. I have seen this play out with local athletes in various sports, especially the ones who spent a fair amount of time playing on club teams. Deciding if college is a good choice, and if so, which school is the best fit is hard enough. Layering in the expectations of others and the hopes of the athlete to play post high school adds another layer of complexity. My current situation as a parent…my son is going to an affordable state school that has a good academic program that fits his passion. To him, his passion trumps all things athletic even though he is a very solid athlete in two sports. It is sometimes hard to reply to coaches at DII and NAIA schools who have actively recruited him with a “no thank you”, but if those schools don’t have academic programs that fit his area of interest, no amount of athletic scholarship will sway his plans. I am pleased he has a strong passion that is helping guide him. On the flip side, many thousands of kids across the country will largely make schooling decisions based on athletics. Often times I see the wheels fall off kids' education plans when the sports components don't work out.
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    He should go to school where he wants to go to school and get his officiating license while he's in school. He can work 5-6 hours on Saturday while his buddies are still in bed and make $300 per week. If he really likes it he could pick up some middle school or JV/freshmen games during the week. If that starts to work out he could also get on to a varsity crew. He'll be the envy of all his friends working fast food or retail and making half the money and working twice as much. Once he graduates, and he wants to stay involved with football he can get into coaching and become one of the most knowledgeable coaches when it comes to the rules. Or if he still wants a life outside of work, he could continue with his officiating and maybe think about working at the collegiate level. He's already got 4-5 years of experience so he's ahead of most guys that start this well into their 20s or 30s. He would start at D3/NAIA and then work his way up to D2, D1, and possibly the NFL. It's not easy to advance like that, but starting at a young age gives him a much better chance. Thanks for teeing that up for me. Good luck to all the guys going through that decision process.
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    Coach Mueller didn't get fired; the man quit.
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    What a cluster f all the way around.
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    Love the irony of the coach of a game based on violence getting fired for celebrating violence.
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    Indiana Football Coach Resigns After Posting 'Violent' Signs https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/valparaiso-high-school-football-coach-resigns-473204433.html From the http://www.nwitimes.com article linked above: Seems like the kids were "drinking the Kool Aid", as we like to say in my house, which is a good thing and necessary for a successful program (IMO). Good luck to the Valpo Football Program moving forward.
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    I had no input as to who the next HFC would be at NHHS. Coach in question certainly has credentials and undoubtedly would do a great job wherever he goes, but I am happy to see a loyal and dedicated assistant get rewarded for 13 years of dedicated and passionate work at NHHS. Jimmy Linn is as good a person you will come across, and I wish him and the Bulldogs nothing but the best! Both of these men are going to mold players through the game of football. I have no doubt about that! Go 'Dogs! Coach Rowland
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    Always found Ron to be a true professional and advocate of high school sports. He will be missed!
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    These are programs, in my view, that made conscious decisions to significantly elevate their respective competitive profiles through investing in improved coaching, facilities, feeder program development, and community outreach. All 3 have enjoyed recent success and are built for longer term growth and stability. All have also benefited from a weakening of their core competitors. MC has risen amongst a crumbling Duneland Conference backdrop. Westfield's rise has coincided with a weakening Zionsville program, as well as a few down years from HSE and Fishers. New Prairie has bludgeoned its way to dominance and earned itself a promotion to the big school division in the NIC. Question - could Warsaw make a conscious decision and set a goal to compete at the highest level of 6A, and what measures would need to be put into place to achieve that objective?
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    K... can you explain what that looks like to a person 1800 miles away, who has never been to those cities, except maybe to have a meal?
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    The school in Allen county is referred to as Carroll (Ft Wayne) and the school in Carroll county is referred to as Carroll (Flora) The school is not actually located in the Fort Wayne city limits so probably why not known as Fort Wayne Carroll.
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    What did you expect? Football is king down here in the Lone Star State! Closely followed by stick ball. Below was copied & pasted from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Article applies to 6A & 5A schools only. I have no idea what our HC makes (2A school) but he is also the AD & girls softball HC. Very common down here, in 1A, 2A & some 3A schools, to have the HFC also be the AD. To the best of my limited knowledge, most HFC's do not teach any classes. Austin Lake Travis coach Hank Carter is the highest-paid coach in the state, with an annual salary of $155,156. Twenty-eight coaches earn $120,000 or more, including five whose earnings top $130,000. Read the story: It pays to be in Texas, home of the $98,668 high school football coach
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    Bravo. Wish I had more than one upvote to offer you, man.
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    That is not the same Carroll HS. I was talking about the FT Wayne school.
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    In a related story Coach Neigh whinnied '. We'd have won all those games But we just didn't have the horses."
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    Given the extraordinarily low demand for these coaching positions, Indiana salaries are likely stagnant or trending down for football coaches and assistants. I would surmise that given the coaching exodus we have seen in Indiana, where turnover is close to 50% over the past 5 years, the average salary is down. Long time head coaches-teachers have left the system and been replaced by young, inexperienced and cheap replacements. This has a downward impact on compensation, as does the relative lack of any competition for most of these positions. ADs are no longer being pushed to go out and find "program changing" coaches to elevate their football programs. Case in point. Merrillville and Lake Central in The Region. These are two of the flagship schools in NWI, and both have floundering football programs currently under the direction of inexperienced and unaccomplished Head Football coaches. Neither school would accept the mediocrity they are experiencing today 5 or ten years ago. But times have changed. The bar has been lowered. It is what it is.
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    Question,: when is a 4-8 team not a 4-8 team? Answer: NEVER You are what your record says you are. There's a reason they keep score. To say otherwise is a direct insult to every team that beat you.
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    More worrisome to Colts fans than finding a head coach should be Andrew Luck's health. According to reports he still isn't throwing footballs.
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    This has to be one of the best regionals in the south or maybe the whole state, no??
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    I see that GM Ballard has now declared, in the wake of the Josh McDaniels fiasco, that the “rivalry” between the Colts and Patriots is “back on.” Has anyone informed the Patriots that the Colts are a “rival?” Since Brady’s first start in 2001, the Patriots are 15-3 vs. the Colts with Tom Terrific at the helm. This begs the question, “does the hammer have a rivalry with the nail?”
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    I agree with everything that can be mentioned about Ron. Absolutely class, both as a Coach and AD. Our prayers to his family in this time of grief and reflection.
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    The old adage....... If they want you out, they will find anything and everything to get you to surrender. Like the article I read today said that had quotes from an actual player...... He was already getting blowback and it was only 3 weeks. Valpo knew what they were getting when they hired him. Sad to see Facebook parents....or advocate group I think is the new term can wield that much power. I wish he would of stayed instead of ringing the bell....... But if he didn't have confidence like the article indicated that he was gonna be able to run the program as he deemed fit then I guess I understand bouncing. SO they didn't like the signs......fine.....take them down, re-word them.....get them approved, whatever the case may be. Part of working with you school, but if he felt like he was getting micro managed then so be it. At least its relatively early in the off season and not in June/July. I am sure Coach Marshall will step right up . There was a reason they named him "Associate Head Coach" at the same time as Hiring Mueller as HC
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    Isn't it just as telling to quit over signs, as to have the signs cause a commotion in the first place.
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    Ron always treated our football crew well at DeKalb.
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    So obviously they said no to the DragonSlayer class
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    The SAC is a fine conference no need to stir up crap where crap doesn't need stirred up. I Thank God he wired my brain right.
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    Also, depending on which side QB is on, or pass is going, maybe get some help from wing official. I know if wing official is on line and play is on opposite side, they can possibly help out and see where the lineman is when pass is thrown.
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    You may want to travel down to hang out with Brock Spack and Illinois St to see Josh Barajas play
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    As of now, Triplett is still waiting for his first offer, but that will change any day now. The three-star prospect is in contact with multiple schools in the Midwest and is looking to get out on the road this fall. I watched him 1st hand this summer, No doubt he is D1 kid, but that article you posted stated that it was a VISIT no offer was made. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Chase-Triplett-94859/RecruitInterests
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    Colts still rightfully belong to Baltimore, where they were a legendary NFL franchise. . The fraudulent Indy version is finally getting it's comeuppance
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