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    The complaint has been that folks don't want to see the top two teams play each other right off the bat in the sectional. So just seed the sectionals. Lots of folks around the state think there's an Indy bias so this avoids that by keeping it exclusively at the sectional portion of the tournament.
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    Why? Doesn't happen that way in the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL.Sometimes the two best teams are in the same conference or league. Just ask the Houston Rockets.
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    Can someone please explain the reluctance in Indiana to go to 8 man football in some of these rural areas? I grew up in Texas and over 250 high schools there play 6 man football. It's a lot of fun to watch and offers students the opportunity to play football that otherwise wouldn't exist. 30 states have some kind of reduced player football at the high school level......over 1500 high schools across the country. It seems to me that many states have found this option helps smaller communities continue to offer football.......I'm just curious why Indiana hasn't looked at this, or maybe they have?
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    It's a new season. Who cares about last year? I don't want teams ranked based on last year. Things change. Players graduate. New players step in to fill those roles. Preseason polls don't mean squat anyway. Heck, even the regular season polls don't matter.
  5. 2 points
    Couple of head scratchers. Columbus East finished 6 or 7th All Classes per Sagarin last year (ahead of everyone in 5A) yet they only rank 3rd in 5A in preseason. LC was very, very arguably the 2nd or 3rd best team in 6A at the end of the season and they don't even make the Top 10.
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    High school basketball absolutely does have a success factor in Indiana. Every sport with classes does. Baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, etc. The only sports that don’t are the one class sports (wrestling, track and field, etc.) because there isn’t a class to bump to.
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    nah However if anyone wants to do that sort of thing, just PM me and I will copy and paste every opening I had on the announcement tab from 2013 to 2018. Knock yourself out!! Im in game planning mode these days!! No time for any extra !!
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    I was emailing with a friend who grew up here in Indy, but has taught at a rural school for awhile. You have to understand this is the way most of the state looks at seeding. Seeding the playoffs is a bad idea. Yeah, it would start with the sectional-regional, but we all know seeding would be pushed statewide. We are constantly accused of being Indianapolis self centric. Seeding would be the icing on that cake to rural Indiana. Basically all seeding would do is force southern or northern teams in 3A-6A to run a gauntlet of Indy schools to make it to state. You may as well give up any pretense and just build a wall around Indianapolis to keep the country class outside. Heck just crown the MIC or CCC conference champ the state champ and be done with it. Both Star articles on seeding were over the top. They were obviously intended to stoke the fires. And if you read the comments section, one can see they accomplished their mission. Clearly they were hoping to fire up residents of the city and doughnut counties by being perturb that such country riff-raff were allowed into LOS. Nobody said anything when Bremen was blown out in 59-0 by Sheridan in 1988. Nothing was said when Chartard hung 35 in one quarter on Northwood in 2003. I am glad IHSAA is standing up to this seeding nonsense. The mock outage being displayed is silly. This has nothing to do with fairness or blowouts or even seeding itself. This simply has to do with one thing: the distain for any school outside the invisible doughnut county border wall daring to play in a championship game. Indy is fine with outsiders only if the teams are 1A or 2A, because in their mind 1A and 2A are the rural classification. So they look at 1A-2A just as those hicks having some intermural type pre-game festivity. But try to have anyone outside the border wall play in LOS who isn’t blessed by the city elites, and all hell breaks loose and we need to change the rules and make sure country bumpkins don’t get to LOS again.
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    BNL is going to a B and a C team this year it appears, and I for one think that is a great thing. We've done the same thing in baseball. It actually allows kids that maybe haven't played as long or would get no playing time as a Sophomore or even a Junior for that matter to actually get onto the field and play in games. They work hard in practice and I'm glad to see schools (maybe out of necessity) do this. The more kids get to play in games the more they are going to want to stick around.
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    I agree with this, however the only thing that concerns me is that it doesn't appear in anyway that East could overlook BNL, at least not from those of you who post on this forum. I think the Stars could slip up and defeat them at home if East took them for granted. So let everyone know in the program there that BNL has no chance :-) BNL plays at both Jeffersonville and New Albany, but has Seymour, FC and East at home. Also at Madison. I do like that they are playing Terre Haute South again this year as well as Martinsville and Bloomington North. It is a much better schedule for them and should prepare them much better to play East than the schedule they have had the past few years. BNL isn't deep so injuries could set them back, but they are a very good team and they believe they can beat anyone...including East. Weber has done a great job and this year the combined Middle School Program is obviously a step in the right directions. Good Luck to everyone this season, I'd love to meet some of you guys at the games this season and put a face with the name of those who post here. It always seems to be respectful banter that takes place in the HHC thread and I appreciate that. When it comes to high school sports I don't root against any team or kid, I want them all to be successful I just want our team to out execute the other team and win in the end. I hope all have great seasons.
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    That's what I've been told. C'mon man, one can only take so much red
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    Yep. Pack up the kids and lets head to the buffet and gorge ourselves for two hours. Then wash it down with 48 ounces of fully loaded soft drinks. Just disgusting. Cant believe our society has so little self control. Take a look at many high school rosters and you will see a lot of 5-9, 265 pounders. And those are the little guys. LOL
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    I care about them. I go for all 6 games both days
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    One thing I don't get, if he passed this info "up the chain of command" in 2015, and merely "misspoke" at the Big 10 media day when asked about it, why didn't the assistant get fired until right before then. And if he did pass it up the chain of command in 2015, there is undoubtedly some sort of documentation of that fact, either an e-mail or text from Meyer, or something out of Gene Smith's office at that time launching an investigation or at least referring to Meyer's report in some way.
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    A shift? Doubtful at best. OSU is a strong brand and they'll be able to bring in another elite coach.
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    Figure the only two with football should be first . . . 1. Milan 2. Switz (Mythical Rankings) 3. South Ripley, call me a homer. 4. Shawe, should be able to recruit a couple good Madison players. 5 & 6. Tie between Southwestern and Rising Sun, too close to call. 7. JCD
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    They do not. 9-15 Limitation on Competing Against Non-IHSAA Member School No games in Association recognized sports shall be played with high schools of this state or any other state that have been suspended from Membership in the state association or suspended from participation in that sport. This rule does not prevent a member of the Association from playing high schools outside of the state, nor from playing non-high school teams and nonmember high school teams within the state, provided the following is understood: a. their liability insurance may not cover such Contests; b. the IHSAA cannot and will not sanction such games, nor will they be responsible for crowd control or any damages, liabilities or injuries growing out of or in any way connected with such events; c. that any such games shall be included in the maximum number of Contests limitation permitted by the IHSAA; d. points scored, etc. shall not be kept as part of the official records of the IHSAA; and e. there shall be no forfeiture fee if all contracts become null and void.
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    It isn't a school at all. There's a guy who played football for Dugger about 40 years ago who a few years ago started a makeshift youth league playing out of a field in Cass, a ghost town near Dugger. I think he lives in Jasonville now (not sure about that) but the guy told me the Jasonville community team has grown out of that. I interviewed him about a year-and-a-half ago. He had big ideas about putting up lights and bleachers at Hanna Field in Jasonville (site of the first Indiana High School night football game in 1929? I think) and buying all new equipment. Of course all that takes money. And he ain't got it. And then there's insurance.... As far as more HS students getting the opportunity to play football, any kid from Jasonville, Linton, Sullivan, Switz City, Faarmersburg, Sandborn or any of the surrounding communities has been free to go play football at Dugger if they so choose. I don't know if that has now changed now that Dugger has recently applied for IHSAA membership.
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    But you also have to consider those going to jail. So they gain some students from consolidation but also lose some To Marion County Jail.
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    That is pretty interesting. Most of the LC offense is returning as well as the defense. They beat Warren and Center Grove last year....however, Franklin Central, Fishers, CG, CN are all better. Only CG plays in the MIC and LC was in the top half of the conference at seasons end playing in a loaded sectional. I think LC/FW Snider would be a great matchup but to say the least these preseason rankings hold little to no value. Pike should have also received some consideration over the teams they put in the top 10.
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    Any of the top 6 in 3A could easily be the favorite to win it all. Lots of parity in those teams.
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    The installation of turf back in 2014 at LaPorte has allowed the facility to become far more useful to the the high school and the entire community. Any cost/benefit analysis on the field here would net positive. Obviously, this may not be true for every community, but for larger communities it is a great investment.
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    Huge cost savings for Roncalli (and I am sure most other schools). When we built the Fine Arts Center and bubble gym, we lost soccer and practice fields. We would have been forced to build a new ADA-compliant soccer complex with new bathroom building due to distance from school building. Cost was over $1.2 million plus annual maintenance. Installed turf on football field for $1 million and the field is used over 300 days per year with no water and no maintenance - band practice, baseball & softball practice in early spring, football practice & games, boys and girls soccer practice & games, boys and girls lacrosse practice & games, CYO football games, youth flag football games, rentals for home school football games, rentals for professional ultimate frisbee (Alleycats), etc. The field also survives rain games with no damage. I think Roncalli has only played on grass three times in the past four years (and East Central and Franklin Central now have turf).
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    Getting close to getting the turf done at Brownstown Central, but have already decided to move the scrimmage to JC. (Photo cred to Drew Markel)
  30. 1 point
    Getting close at Brownstown Central, but have already decided to move the scrimmage to JC. (Photo cred to Drew Markel)
  31. 1 point
    Looking forward to Eastern Hancock's match up with Fountain Central. New quality opponent for EH and on our home field !!
  32. 1 point
    You'd think that Northridge as both the 12th and 13th best team in 4A could put both those teams together and end up in the Top 5.
  33. 1 point
    Freshman teams keep class comraderie high. At the 1-4A levels especially not all players will develop at the same age. The idea is you have a core if 8+ seniors every year which have a bond and that is developed by keeping numbers high and allowing kids to develop by the time they are seniors to leaders of a program.
  34. 1 point
    I dont know where that comes from? Meyer is one of the sharpest, well spoken, most well prepared coaches I have ever seen. He represents the university with great class and dignity. OSU couldnt recruit the way it does if Meyer was a slimeball. Parents would see right thru that. He will take a short suspension and be back on the sideline when things become more meaningful.
  35. 1 point
    I once worked a pre-season scrimmage at the University of Chicago. Their coach was telling me about their brand new press box which had inexplicably been built centered on the 45 yd. line instead of the 50. When they confronted the construction manager upon realizing the problem, he asked, “can’t you just move the 50 yd. line?” The response was “yes, but we can’t move the goal posts.”
  36. 1 point
    Going ugly early.
  37. 1 point
    Why would Center Grove ever consider leaving The MIC? Its been a great home for the Trojans, and literally put CG football on the map with the other titans of big school Indiana prep football. Regardless of CGs conference affiliation, I would expect that they would do everything possible to protect their relationship with Carmel and The Copper Kettle. So bottom line, are CG athletics better served by aligning themselves, and primarily their football program with Ben Davis and Warren Central, or are they better off taking an all sports view relative to partnership with the schools of The HCC? Demographically, socioeconomically, and in terms of like size, overall enrollment, and competitive profile across all sports, The HCC is the clear long term choice for Center Grove. As time goes by, CG has less in common with its current MIC partners, and more with its potential future cohorts in The HCC.
  38. 1 point
    If Ben Davis wins State this year do they get to bump up to the MAC ?
  39. 1 point
    How do you know?
  40. 1 point
    Why not have 8-man teams instead?
  41. 1 point
    Rhino, You are totally right on this. My wife comes to all of the games (Three kids 8, 4, 10 months), team meals, and most other team functions. We are a football family, and frankly, that's the only way to make it happen. My kids sing the fight song, and love being around the boys. You guys sacrifice so much to make our dreams possible. It is important to acknowledge it, because without you guys we couldn't do it. You guys deserve more than medals for sure!!
  42. 1 point
    He's looking for someone to chest bump here. There were no millennials around to reciprocate.
  43. -1 points
    I predict contraction down to 280 schools from 320 over the next 5 years. This exercise will weed out the schools who have no business playing varsity football, and the remaining 280 will be stronger and provide a better competitive environment
  44. -1 points
    Strongly against. I prefer contraction. Offer schools an open window to contract so scheduling, classification and conference affiliation adjustments can be made. Wouldn't be surprised to see 20 to 40 schools walk thru the contraction door to football freedom.
  45. -1 points
    It's the right thing to do.
  46. -1 points
    Enjoyable? Yes As interesting? Doubtful I will admit, I do love the old school style of your beloved Pumpkinheads. Good luck in the upcoming season
  47. -1 points
    I have little to no experience with the issue in private or parochial schools, hence my qualifier. Why do you also want to throw p/p schools under the bus regarding this issue?
  48. -2 points
    Warren Central over Ben Davis for the number one spot? Sounds legit to me. The Giants are young this season after graduating 53 seniors. Warren Central is loaded on offense. Look for the Warriors to make a lot of noise.
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