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    Schools need to put their big boy pants on and eliminate the ability of out of season coaches to even invite players to practices when they are in another season. Problem solved!
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    Yeah, we've never had gambling on sports shows back in the good ol' days . . . Betting on high school sports will never be legalized. If you really read into this instead of jumping to your "sky is falling" rhetoric you'd realize New Jersey, the state that pushed for this, is outlawing any betting on college institutions. Still won't stop people from betting on it like they always have been, and if you think people haven't been and won't continue to bet on high school sports in this country then you're naive. Yep, you're right. We millennials fixed the 1919 World Series . . . my fellow millennials like Paul Hornung, Art Schlichter, and Pete Rose really added to the millennial gambling issue . . . and lets not even start on those millennial Supreme Court Justices that legalized this . . . I mean if that picture doesn't scream millennial . . . before you know it they're gonna make it law that we have to give participation trophies in professional sports. Can't trust any of them . . . especially Ruth . . . You can see the millennial in her eyes . . . she's probably going to post her first legally purchased gambling ticket on instagram while eating a locally grown free range chicken burrito #millennialgambling #thuglifegambling #declineofwesterncivilization
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    Neanderthal . . . I dare say my good man let us not succumb to this slander with such great haste, for you'll only prove yourself a fool by lowering yourself to the levels of your competitors. I, like my my fellow posters, are merely pointing out your tomfoolery with equally asinine statements. I am simply trying to concur with your quest. If we wish for our youths to survive this infernal world we must protect them all from these treacherous and barbaric acts of competitive sports. Unless you feel as though women should not be equally treated in this progressive society you wish to create? I say sir, no such sexism shall be overlooked by this gentlemen!!! That was a lot for this Neanderthal to get out, I about didn't make it through. You answered my initial response with a childish comment. Not sure why if you're so concerned about kids getting concussions you don't take into account that there are other sports creating more of a concussion issue. That is unless . . .
  4. 8 points
    Coaches technically get paid to coach their sport from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. There is not contractual obligation to coach a sport outside of the season to gain your stipend. The expertise they are sharing is with kids from all sports not just with football kids grades 1-7. ( I'm not talking about official off season football workouts here). Charge....because our time is worth something even if not much. I think my stipend for football comes out to less the 5 cents an hour. You all say we should be ok with that because it is the life we chose. Ok. Then you all should be ok with the products on Fridays regardless, because of what you are willing to pay. Most of you are way over served by the coaches and teachers in your community. I often wonder why in every segment of society people get paid for extra hours and doing extra things, but for some reason you all expect teachers and coaches not to get paid to do extra things outside of their contracts. Firemen get paid by the hour, Policemen get paid by the hour.... why not teachers? Are those professions eating at the public trough. I really wonder how many of you all do parts of your work for free. It's funny, you all think our jobs are easy and we are overpaid... yet teaching is one of the highest stress jobs in our country. You capitalist should take over, because there is a teacher shortage and the law of supply and demand says that salaries should go up. They aren't. By this thinking, teachers should be happy to do clubs and extra- curriculars after regular contract hours for nothing. (Betsy DeVoss)
  5. 8 points
    Who got where they are today because of the work that their teachers put in to educate them...
  6. 6 points
    Consider me "awokened" by this subject....never, ever, EVER, saw Muda post this subject before. Everybody knows I am the most "AWOKE" person on the GID...many here will vouch for me.
  7. 6 points
    To be fair, Muda, you’re looking only at one side of the equation. You’ve provided information on the long term historical risks, but haven’t made (to my recollection) any attempt to assess the benefits of playing the game — and they are considerable. All of life is basically a risk/benefit analysis. In the last 10 yrs. or so a lot more information has surfaced to help people evaluate the risks. But that doesn’t mean the benefits are any less real. Moreover, if you want to get really detailed about it, any risk/benefit analysis should use not the absolute risk presented by the game, but rather, the “marginal” risk, i.e., the degree of risk by which football exceeds whatever activity you might undertake in place of football. For example, if you won’t let your son play football, but instead he spends his time skateboarding ... well, that’s not a risk-free activity, either. Another point that is often overlooked in this debate is that we’re not talking about the risk level from when you or I played, years ago, i.e., the “historical” risk. We’re talking about the risk going forward. Rule changes, coaching education, better equipment, development of different techniques, limitations on contact in practices, all of these things combine to make the game safer than it has ever been. Yet, the benefits remain relatively constant. Of course, at bottom, it is - and has to be - an individual choice. But for those of us who love the game - and I know you do - it’s important that all of the relevant factors be considered when making that choice. It’s illogical to make a decision based only on the historical risks, without examining either the benefits or the actual risk as it exists today.
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    The three certainties of life, death . . . taxes . . . and Muda will troll.
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  10. 6 points
    WRONG! WRONG! Now go play w/ your other fantasy island pal Muda. You two know it alls can argue over who is tattoo. Oh, and another thing @DrivenT, you do not hear 1 of us on this here board complaining about not making your supposed 6 figure salary.
  11. 6 points
    1. You can coach a kid very hard, while at the same time not name-calling, not using profanity, and not making personal attacks. 2. Kids haven't changed in the 20 years I've coached. Parents have changed.
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    Because MAJORITY feel like they are entitled to everything these days...nothing needs to be earned. Little Jimmy can’t take any type of criticism.
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    And they (you) say we millennials have no work ethic
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    You mean to tell me there are studies posted online about CTE and football Muda wasn't able to find? It's almost like those articles didn't support his conclusions . . .
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    Muda doesn't care about facts or reason. He's just here to troll.
  21. 5 points
    Actually all 246 subjects are dead, so are you saying you don’t care about the other 35? How inhumane and uncaring of you. (I can play the re-direct with a strawman argument game too.) Tragedies occur, and each and every one is sad. Here is southern Indiana we had a high school student killed when her snow sled went down the hill and out into the road. Categorizing her death as an ‘acceptable loss’ for playing in the snow would be ridiculous. The notion that football coaches, parents, and fans who love the sport are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals is a lazy stereotype. That unfortunately doesn’t sell newspapers, just like studies citing concussion statistics for soccer and playground accidents. Funny - I criticized the Neanderthal stereotype before I even read your last post. I guess it’s not an original argument.
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    I'm sorry I thought we were talking about why children shouldn't be involved in physical activities until they're adults? So nice try but you're full of
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    I really the miss the good ol days. Basketball would do some open gyms, football would lift weights a couple days a week maybe do 7 on 7 a handful of times, and kids could actually be kids and enjoy their summer and coaches were excited when the season started because it didn't start on June 1st
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    Don't shoot the messenger. I'm thinking Eric Moore hasn't changed since the day he became a football coach. But parents and their kids have....... https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/04/25/center-grove-football-coach-under-investigation-following-allegations-verbal-abuse-district-says/551807002/
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    Says a lot about the need for someone's work in the real world when they can spend hours of their day attempting to ridicule an entire profession built upon the desire to improve local communities. Folks it is not worth your time to engage DT on this topic, he needs the engagement to find value in his day, you don't.
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    I gotta call BS here. Actually when adjusted for inflation, teachers make less today then we did in the 80's. Salary schedules were decent and you could climb the salary scale by getting a masters and other further education, but because of changes in education formula's by our man Mitch, salaries and budgets at schools are not so great. Yet our government, parents and public continue to demand more of our schools and teachers. Also, Mr. T, Under Mitch there became a new evaluation system which if followed makes it very easy to get rid of a teacher who is not performing. In fact a new teacher can be let go for any reason. Before you start waxing poetic, you should first know the facts. Also, Teaching because of the laws does almost have to be a lifetime appointment in one school, because it is the rare school that will give you all of your years of experience if you move. Most schools at best will give you 7 years of experience. I guess experience in coaching and teaching doesn't matter as much as it does in all other areas of our society. Obviously anyone can coach and teach. I see it every weekend in youth sports.
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    Well said. Having been around the game for 20+ years I completely agree. I don’t claim to know anything of this situation. What I have seen change is the kids, by product of parenting, they have changed. The level of disrespect is unbelievable. I believe that the root cause is that parents teach their kids not to respect coaches from their earliest experiences. Ask someone you know how their kid is doing in bantam football or little league and 9/10 times part of their reply will include “he/she doesn’t have a very good coach” or “the coach has no idea where to play kids”. Never mind that those coaches are doing what that parent isn’t doing which is volunteering thier time. Coach Moore could very well be at fault in this situation, I don’t know. The uninformed me views this as part of a movement to blame coaches for the lack of success one’s child has in athletics. This reminds me of a conversation that I had with a lower level college coach regarding recruiting. He said that recruiting before the end of the senior year is largely a waste of time because every kid and parent thinks they are a Power 5 player until then. What I am saying is that there is a huge problem with accountability and self awareness regardless of the situation at Center Grove.
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    I went back and looked at last year and the MIC was 7-1 in the regular season against the HCC and 4-2 in the playoffs. And that includes the bottom 2 teams (LN and North Central) in the MIC going 4-0. Both of those teams lost every game in the MIC other than when they played each other. And 2 of the teams they beat finished #2/#3 in the HCC. Pike had 2 of the losses. One was by 1 point to Zionsville and the other was in the playoffs to a Fishers team they had beat 43-0 early in the season. The HCC is still really really good and can compete and beat MIC teams but overall the MIC is still a step above top to bottom.
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    Yeah...that is basically what I said. I just deferred from the word "stupid". We all know where "Stupid" starts or ends up.....poor as a church mouse. Are you somehow constitutionally disposed to be disagreeable with me for disagreements sake?
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    That is one way to avoid answering questions I posed to you about risk....try to deflect and turn the table. In a way, you are being a troll to your own thread.......nice work!!
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    For Southwood its going to be impossible for them to replicate the offensive production they had this year offensively. Blair threw for 57 touchdowns, close to 4,000 yards with only 3 picks last season. They lose their 3 best receivers in Trexler, along with Nose, and Riggle, and one of their better line players in Brandt Crabtree. Outside looking in Alex Farr on paper would be the front runner to replace Blair at quarterback. I only saw him throw during warm ups so I couldn't say how good of a passer he is, but what I do know is that he needs to gain weight and get stronger during this off-season. It will be interesting to see what kind of arm strength he has. Southwood is vastly different than most teams in 1A because their pass to run ratio can be anywhere from 70-30 to 90-10 which is the complete opposite of a lot of 1A teams. The good news for the knights is that they return four of their starting offensive lineman. #74 Miller and #67 Ortega should be their 2 best offensive and defensive linemen returning this year. I rated Miller as their best lineman because I felt his footwork was slightly better than Ortega's. Both played primarily at guard last season. This year they must must get better play from the offensive tackle position especially from a pass protection prospective. The Knights return their primary running back #5 Lloyd. #21 Simons is the best returning receiver although his opportunities were limited this past year. Defensively they should be set along the defensive front, but on the back end they have a lot of speed and experience to replace. #56 Ball is the only returning backer. #28 Sutton was a freshman last year who started at safety. Blair, Trexler, Nose played prominent roles at linebacker and defensive back. In addition they will have to replace the 2 way specialist punter/field goal kicker in Parker Mays. For Southwood a big concern from a scouting perspective will be team speed on both sides of the ball. Defensively the linebacker spot is a position of need this season. Offensively they might have to change or adjust their play call tendencies/philosophy due to inexperience at both quarterback and wide receiver. Hagerstown has a few major holes to fill, but they should be a potential threat to make a long run in the playoffs in the south region. Significant Losses from 2017: #7 Golliher at quarterback and #33 Oliver at receiver. In Hagerstown's spread offense they were two of their biggest playmakers. Defensively I felt Oliver and Golliher were one of the best if not the best safety tandems in class A football. #55 Blake Blevins was one of their best two way lineman starters. I rated him as their best defensive tackle from this past year's team. Replacing these players will not be easy. The good news is they only had 7 seniors listed on their 52 man roster sheet from last year, so they have a lot of talent coming back. Like Southwood they return 4 of their 5 starting offensive linemen. Looking over their roster they should have good numbers and size at the line positions on both sides of the ball in 2018. #54 Golliher is one of their best two way players at offensive line and linebacker. They return possibly the best running back in class A football in #9 Mason Hicks. He reminds me a bit of Jacob Earl from North Vermillion. #17 Swimm is probably their best returning receiver, but without Oliver they will need some new faces to step up this year at that position to make up for his production. Creating separation from defensive backs will be key because I felt that was one of the things Hagertown's receivers (other than Oliver and Swimm) struggled with last season. #12 Noah Snodgrass will most likely be the starting signal caller this year as he got some playing time this past year with the varsity offense. Defensively the safety position is a major position of need coming into this season. #54 Ryan Golliher and #56 Combs will solidify the linebacker corps. Last year the tigers showed great improvement in their defense especially against the run. The play of the new quarterback, receivers, and safeties will be important to their success as a team. The Shenandoah game will be very telling for this group. The raiders are the one team on HHS's regular season schedule that has had their number in recent years.
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    I'm pretty sure they did given that Jeff's coach is coming from Bryant High in Alabama. That's one heck of a commute if they didn't.
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    So you are attempting to impart your "knowing better" on those on this forum who aren't woke yet? Sound very libertarian. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON A FOOTBALL FORUM?
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    How in the world did your brain allow you to come to this conclusion????
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    Him and Natch! Sorry @Muda69 a few of us are talking racing and a couple of us are talking Wrastlin'.....I do not see a board/thread for those. So I figured, why not here!
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    I used a laser pointer and the sun pretty accurate
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    Except for that drubbing that CE put on Cathedral last year..but...by all means... talk about games from 7-10 years ago LOL
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    Every teacher I know works all summer with many working two jobs (not counting coaching) during the school year. Most leave with debt they can not afford to pay back and anyone looking for advancement must incur more debt by going back to school to pursue a masters. Unions can't protect teachers from the accountability system related standardized testing which is a whole other animal we could tackle. Also your generalization of job security does not fit as school corporations all over the state face financial crisis and are making cut backs I enjoy your banter and stirring of the pot but your generalizations and stereotypes are way off as I assume mine would be looking from the outside at your profession. Also by your theory of advancement and chances for younger coaches to make a difference how much longer does a young coach like myself have until I need to be led out to pasture for the next young difference maker? I can tell you my intent is to make a difference for all my students for as long as God wills it. No teacher that stays in the profession is in it for the money...we do it to make a difference and make the world a better place.
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    looky at my fancy admin tools, merge city
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    Replies on topics like this are like a broken record. There’s a difference between pushing players to get better and verbally or physically abusing them. Yes, parents and student athletes have less tolerance for “tough” coaches, but they shouldn’t have to tolerate the Bobby Knight treatment. Coaches and their apologists like to immediately throw out the soft label, but there needs to be some self reflection from these jerks that think they can say and do whatever they want because they’re “tough.” I don’t think it’s fair to assume guilt. Hopefully the claims are exaggerated or not true for the sake of everyone involved. If the things he’s accused of actually took place though, get rid of him. There’s no place in coaching and certainly no place in education for people that act like that. The profession could use some addition by subtraction.
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    No wonder you haven't been sending money to get me out of jail.
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    We should ban anything that has potential for harm. Problem solved. I'm headed to the weight room to prepare some kids for this upcoming football season. Have a nice weekend everyone!!
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