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    Outside of 4A what class has really been affected as regards P&Ps? 1A-3A have the same teams. Frankly, 5A is simply the old 4A. Cathedral and Roncalli play in the first round of Sectional. The winner plays Columbus East (occasionally East Central or Reitz who remain in 4A). The winner of that game usually wins State. Columbus East was the better team this year and should win. The story would have been the same if they all were still in 4A. At this point, if P&Ps aren't winning it has nothing to do with the success factor. They simply are getting beat by better teams. If people want to magically attribute that to the success factor then you are simply disrespecting the quality of teams like Columbus East and Pioneer.
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    Or the “work harder” phrase the public teams were told.
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    Lowell's defense has dominated the thread up until today when the East Central offensive line seems to have taken control. Hope the game is as entertaining as the discussion has been.
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    Thanks for this. I had not been able to put my finger on why Coach Streiff decided to retire. Clearly, it's the success factor. Must have been what ran Coach Scifres off, too. It's all coming together now.
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    And also does disservice to the teams that beat P/P teams. Good luck to Pioneer ... represent 1A North!
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    No doubt he along with the success factor accounted for the 2016 election results as well. I'm sure we will all be reading Cox's "The Prince II" in 50 years.
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    Congrats to one of the best I have had the pleasure to learn from and Coach against! Enjoy my friend! Coach West WC Football
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    I do think this game and the 4A game have the potential to be the best 2 games in LOS this weekend! Good luck to both teams.
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    Why if they are all juniors will it be a long night? I’ve seen plenty of juniors whip seniors asses on the line.
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    This thread has been really quiet compared to others. Let's try to get some conversation going. I expect both teams to get after each other Friday afternoon. One recurring theme in Memorial's journey is that they have faced and stood toe to toe with some very physical football teams while coming out victorious. They heard all about how physical Gibson Southern played, they faced the leading tackler in 3A from Lawrenceburg (another physical team) and last week faced the state sack leader from Danville (again another physical team) and they have continued to do what it takes to win! They are playing with a lot of confidence on both sides of the ball. Versus Danville, the defense matched the offense's 14 points with a fumble and interception returned for touchdowns. Something this defense has done all season. After winning state titles in both girls and boys soccer, they are looking to finish off an historic fall athletic season.
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    Wrestlers are the only ones smart enough to accomplish this obviously:)
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    Almost seems a shame to play the game after that analysis.
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    My first coaching job was at E.G. in 2003 and 2004 when they began playing football at the varsity level. A mentor coach of mine, Danny Tieken, is on staff there, which is also exciting for me because he so much deserves this experience. It's awesome to see 14 years later they're playing for a title when, in year one, we had to teach what a first down was to some kids and practiced in a mowed field. There was a period during the summer when Randy Barrett, a previous superintendent there, was the only person with me on the field installing defense...ahh the memories. That community is football hungry and these kids have been raised in that environment. I don't think, based on last weeks performance, that the "gravity" of playing in the finals is an issue for their kids. Could be a factor I guess, but I don't believe it will. I've only see them play once vs Lutheran and they are one the biggest 1A teams, per position, I've ever seen and played with the poise of a more experienced squad, particularly in the last Lutheran drive. They played extremely well vs Lutheran in all phases and are well coached, without question. Honestly, I think the bigger question is how the coaches handle the gravity of coaching in the finals. People don't really discuss this at the HS level. Particularly if adversity strikes early: stick to the plan or too many adjustments too early...we've all learned that lesson the hard way. It all starts up front...I think we're going to find out how good Pioneer's front is on both sides of the ball. Going with the heart on this one...E.G. wins by 7...21-14 in a grinder. GO T-BIRDs
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    Cardinal Ritter moved to 3A based on enrollment. Their enrollment is slightly above Northwestern and Greencastle who remained in class 3A. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/021317Enrollments.pdf
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    These two programs have met on the gridiron before, but not since 1974. The Tigers lead the series 2-0, having beaten the Braves 21-14 in 1973 at Pike (where Brebeuf Jesuit played most of its home games prior to 1992, when the school finally got its own football field) and 29-6 in 1974 at Evansville's Enlow Field. Some interesting history regarding these two programs: Reitz Memorial had a 40-game unbeaten streak (35 wins, 0 losses, 5 ties) from 1934 to 1938 under head coach Don Ping. Meanwhile, Brebeuf posted a 24-game winning streak from 1965 to 1967 under head coach Jack Baker, who started the program at the school on the freshman level in 1962 before it began varsity competition two years later. This Class 3A game is the only one of the State Finals featuring private or parochial schools.
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    Don't necessarily agree that this weekend is due to the success factor. I think you are severely discrediting some of the public schools who have "gotten better and worked harder". What really has changed? LCC is usually a formidable 1A foe who played in 1A this year and just had a down year. Dwenger and Lowell are very familiar with one another and have played at the SS multiple times, Lowell was just the better team this year. To my knowledge Cathedral and Roncalli are the only p/p's playing up a class this year from their technical enrollment, Columbus East was just the better team this year. Good minds think alike, saw your post pop up as I was typing my reply and knew we would be saying the same thing.
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    BD is a complete team in all three phases. The defense is very solid. Decent size on the line and nimble, quick ends Willie Ervin, the sack leader. The linebacking core is led by IU recruit SirZion Dance. Elijah Ball is a 6'1" safety committed to Purdue. Kicking game is solid...haven't needed many field goals, but inside, I'd wager to say Isaac Torres could kick one from 45 yards if necessary. Giants don't get many touchbacks, but have speedy gunners. Hard to get return yards. The punter, Ty Nibbs, has mostly been like the "Maytag Repairman" this year. He has a good leg. Return game has produced some runbacks with Joey Person. Also, they have blocked some punts and kicks. Defense giving up about 13 ppg. As far as the Carmel game people keep pointing to, BD had four turnovers that night and left about three scores on the field. I think the Giants had over 400 yards of offense on the Carmel D that night if memory serves. Yeah, it was 28-10, but it wasn't in reality. Penn is legit, but I just don't think they've seen anything like BD. Had they played in Week 2 like the old days, I think that would help. Cory Yeoman and Mike Kirschner are good friends. There will be no score running up if the opportunity presents itself. I agree with indyyjr. BD is very well versed in limited possession games. People have been doing it all year. LN tried, LC tried, Carmel tried, Center Grove tried, etc. etc. Fact is when BD's offense is on the field, they will score at some point on you. The pressure is so great on your offense to try to score with them...and the BD defense is good enough to stop you.
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    I was so glad to read that because Wes-Del won a Sectional game that it's ok that Lawrence Central is sitting home. Also, you can rest assured that all the best teams made it. Bobby Cox said so. When I read these things from Kyle Neddenriep, I read that the IHSAA has no stomach to do what's necessary to make the tournament better and has no clue about what makes it special. I mean, imagine if the NFL used this same mentality. We'll let every team play. The Browns might draw the 49ers in the first round while the Eagles and Patriots play. Those Browns fans get a first round win while one of those two great teams goes home. In the end, you get the Chiefs and the Steelers or something...which might be a great game but... Congratulations to Wes-Del and that community on winning a Sectional game. It is important, but it doesn't make it right in the whole scheme of things. I guess different aims. I'm a supporter of the IHSAA. There are some great people there. Heck, they even gave me an award. I just can't support a tournament draw that has Ben Davis playing Avon in Semi-State when they are maybe 15 minutes apart after driving an hour the week before to play FIshers in the Regional and 45 minutes a few weeks before to play Lawrence Central in the Sectional. I can't support a tournament draw that pits potentially the best two teams in a Sectional and the worst two teams in a Sectional together so that one of the struggling teams goes on to the second round to get thrashed.
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    All I am reading about is the Ben Davis offense. How is their defense? Can Penn run 6 minutes off of the clock with each possession and march 75 yards? You know the old adage.... their team can't score if they don't have the ball. How are their special teams? Have they run kick offs and punts back for touchdowns this year? Have they blocked punts and extra point kicks? My heart says Penn will only lose by 10. My mind reminds me of Desmond Tardy and that freaking Warren Central game a few years back. Based on what I am reading, I should expect Penn to lose by 50. Either way, I am glad that I have one more week to watch this team play. Go Penn!
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    This Lowell defense is for real. Every team has doubted it . Lowell was going to be unable to stop 6a Portage Qb. There was no way Lowell was going to contain Griffith’s running game. New Prairie had three backs who each had One ( picture Mike Meyers here) Million yards! Well they stopped New Prairie, but they had not seen a team the size or speed of Bishop Dwenger, let alone a team that had that strength of schedule.. I think you know what happened. If not for a blatant no call on offensive pass interference, Lowell shuts out Dwenger. I know, but passes were dropped on both sides. What my point is, I don’t think EC runs on Lowell. They will gain some yards, but they will not be able to make a living. Lowell 21-7. Hope to see you all in Indy. Safe Travels
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    The intended fruits of Bobby Cox' Success Factor endeavor are in full bloom this weekend, as only one PP school will walk away with a state football championship. Make no mistake my friends, this was the intended consequence of the actions of Cox and his associates when they implemented the success factor 5 years ago. Cox' vision for parity and balance will reach its full potential when 6 public schools sweep the IHSAA state football finals, which will happen soon based on the trends we are seeing. Cathedral's Rick Streiff is the latest PP head coach to walk away from the game. You've got to wonder if these PP coaches have come to the collective conclusion that Cox and his band of administrators have conspired against them. As a long time supporter of competitive balance, its good to see new schools advancing deep in to the tournament. Kokomo is a perfect example of this. But at what cost? Are we seeing the long term decline and marginalization of our Indiana PP powers, schools that have had an historic impact on prep football here in Indiana? One clear indicator to watch closely will be the the coaching succession trends we see at the PP schools. Hall of Fame level coaches are being replaced by much younger and less experienced guys who are stepping in to programs with traditionally high expectations. It remains to be seen whether those expectations will remain high, or perhaps they may have already been diminished in some instances.
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    It appears Lysander got into the liquor cabinet early this holiday weekend. Good for you my friend.
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    The obvious choice would appear to be Memorial but Brebeuf is simply not the same team I saw earlier this year. It was a team laden with expectations preseason that seemed to be disappointing. Not the first time. After they lost to Ritter (a really good team), I was ready to put a fork in them. They played close to Culver BUT I really didn't realize, at that time, that Culver was legit (I didn't realize they were now 4A as well). Brebeuf really got my attention those last 2 games of the regular season. Frankly, when they beat West Lafayette (who I thought might be this year's Concordia), I realized all bets were off. I don't know how this goes down Friday. I think Memorial (particularly in LOS) is the favorite but anything could happen Friday.
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    Keep in mind Terry McLaurin not only have Receiving yards, but he also had rushing yards (they would line him up at RB). He was also an extremely dangerous punt return man and kickoff return man. They did use him on Defense on occasion too.
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    There QB is above average he can definately make some plays and throw the ball well...seen games where he completes probably roughly 60-65 % of his passes for around 250 yards and a couple scores but only issues it's not a consistent play for them luckily they have 2-3 great backs who would start for most teams but if they have to rely on the pass to get them out of trouble they most definately can
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    Hawg, apologies for not being clear enough in my prior post. SR runs a variation of the Wing-T, I simply do not know what they actually call it and did not want to be impolite due to my ignorance. There are literally dozens of variations of the Wing-T, Single-Wing, Chicken Wing, and Buffalo Wild Wings out there and they all have their own nickname...hence my comment: "or whatever SR calls its offense". It goes without saying - then again, maybe it doesn't based on your reply - that for Woodlan to "get ahead by 2 scores" they would need to get a stop vs. the SR offense either by forcing a punt or a turnover. Certainly if Woodlan can once again force 4 TO's as they did against Eastbrook, they should win the game. However, on the other side of the coin, is there not a bigger concern ref Woodlan offense that despite "all those athletes" and 4 Eastbrook TO's, they only managed 2 scores last week? In what was arguably some of the worst conditions for a football game; heavy rain, strong winds, and very cold, Southridge only put the ball on the ground once last week. Put them on the comfy carpet in LOS and all bets are off for multiple TO's from SR. Not certain how well Woodlan throws the ball but IMO pass coverage is the weakest part of SR defense, as it is with majority of high school teams. MaxPrep stats show Woodlan around a 60/40 split btwn running & passing yardage and a similar 65/35 split btwn rushing & passing attempts. If you have a good QB who can put the ball where he wants it most the time, you can certainly take advantage of SR defensive backs. Curious to see that Woodlan only converted 52 of 67 PAT's which is around 80%, low even for high school. If not for the sHUGE 2 pt conversion at the end against Eatbrook, the missed PAT on the first TD would have cost them the game. If this game is close, it could come down a missed PAT. I certainly could be wrong (again!) but sticking with the Soutmont, Southport, errrr - SOUTHRIDGE - Raiders on this one... Best of luck to all teams playing in LOS this weekend for a well-played and injury free game. Hope everyone travels safely.
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    If I'm Penn, I'm loving all this talk of a blowout! I'm pulling for my neighbors to win 1 for the North, but I'm also realistic and know the likelihood of that happening is very slim. It's obvious that whoever represents the North outside of a metro Indy team year in and year out will most likely be the underdog based on the level of competition they have around them. What I find funny though is that most of the people predicting a blowout in this one are not from Ben Davis, and are most likely people with an ax to grind due to losing to the Kingsmen year in and year out (ie. SB Washington).
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    Yep you are correct! I say 35 -7 Lowell.
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    Agreed Lowells defense is a thing of beauty..who's there D.C.? Schools looking for a coach should reach out to him lol...there defense is so good that they could stop most 5A teams and contain the lower end of 6A teams and that's saying something because there is a huge jump in level of play from class to class once you get past 4A compared to comparing 1A through 3A where the elite 1A teams could compete with all of 2A and 3A vise versa with 2A and 3A.
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    They have to win first. Sheridan and LCC both won 3-4 straight titles. They surely were number one for those 3-4 years straight This game could be a real slugfest. Hamilton pounds the rock and so does Jack so that match-up could be a wash. Supporting casts will decide it
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    And for another response to this post you said Woodlan has to go up by 2 scores to beat Southridge those "Athletes" I was talking about will have no problem putting 2 scores on the board before Southridge knew what hit them...let's be honest Eastbrook was number 1 all year long and everyone had them penciled in as the state champs besides Sargin who actually picked Woodlan to win it all..and Woodlan came out on top...this Southridge team is not better than Eastbrook and Southridge and Eastbrook run similar offenses and Woodlans D had no problem with it...that came wasn't near as close as the score showed Woodlan controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and that's the most important aspect of any football game...Woodlan wins by 10-17 points
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    Rooting for Woodlan to win for our ACAC teams and NE IN. Plus we beat them finally for the conference this year and can say we beat a state championship team
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    No offense to Coach Johnson because he pretty much built the program at Pioneer. What brought Pioneer to the next level was moving their best running back from FB to QB and switching to mid line veer with QB option. In my opinion. Having a pretty solid defense doesn't hurt either.
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    I wasn't calling out Dugger. I was messing with Hick. I would never call out Dugger. Their Casey's has been a vital road trip bathroom stop for my family many times.
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    Knowing he has the ball is the easy part. Tackling him, well, therein lies the issue.
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    usually a kiss of death to the opposing teams in 1a
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    Never heard of either. Are these locations in Indiana?
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    They've held three Top-10 teams to a combined 34 points
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