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    Guys, can you please keep this going for the rest of the day? Also, is it ok to post pics of Michael Jackson since he ended up being white at the end of his life?
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    When my older daughter was about 10, she looked at me and said “Dad, you’re a football referee and a lawyer. NOBODY likes you!” Out of the mouths of babes ...
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    Modest you forgot to add modest to your resume.
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    Been involved quite a bit over the years here in this state, but I would venture to say that this upcoming SR class may be one of, if not the best collection of HS Football Talent that this state has seen, at least in my 15 years in coaching.
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    Don't post often. Haven't in 13 years but I just thought I'd stand by a friend. I have no knowledge of the EC situation I was just defending 7979's credentials.
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    Agreed, never doubted 7979 credentials, just thought his need to tell everyone how great a coach he is is a little off putting to say the least. Still don't see how any of that gives him the authority to speak on something he has no clue about except for what he's heard around the water cooler. 7979 what about your boy? I get a clinic invite but no more love, that's cold.
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    #fakenews again......your last post was 38 min ago..... No-one...I repeat...no-one takes a 38 min nap!! Come on...with 35 years coaching and all those acolades, best offensive line coach Indiana has ever had...you were out back, Z to the knee working on footwork.
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    Ha love it....Now we got "Hank".......1 post and now he is defending his buddy..... Let me tell you something....If STC had all the credentials 7979 has or accomplishments he thinks he has....I would be under my real name so STC could give him some street cred...but he is not. So until then, #fakenews. Now I must go get this oil change done in the shop....but I am telling you...7979 - Not all cracked up to be who he thinks he is.
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    7979......This is not college. The Administration just cant hand out money to coaches & teachers. There is this thing called a "contract".....Even STC knows that and I am already 3 deep..... Lysander....... Come on down...STC will meet you! My advice.....park at the school (in the back parking lot) walk through the tunnel under US 50...and boom, right there across the street from the gas station......Let me be honest Lysander......you need to be at least 10 deep before entering that place. Thursday Night is usually okay....They bring in some Natti chicks on Thursday for the STC Crew and the Coaches Show.
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    Muda is on the money here. When there is real money on the line, then it is time to get every call right. Missed calls are part of the game. Let the kids play and we can teach them the lesson that is associated with something not going their way once in a while!
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    Not everyone has the same system, but I can say that I believe that all but 1 of the DAC teams have real time sideline replay systems in place now. They have different ways of storing and distributing the video, but all of the realtime systems are obviously solid state. Some are newer than others. Some are run by a couple players who aren't dressed for the game and others are run by volunteers or members of the coaching staff. My guess is that most of the larger schools have the systems in place and more are getting them every season. Honestly, I only really know the capabilities of 1 system, but it's pretty impressive. As I said before, the replays are available within a couple seconds after the filming stops for a particular play. The video can be slowed down and zoomed. No, there isn't 10 camera angles like the NFL or college games. Here's the problem I see, there are many different systems out there and there would really be no way for an official to know how to use every one. If there were to be an occasion to use replay they would have to rely on whoever is operating the system, or one of the coaches who has an iPad or similar device to show the replay to them. If the team has 2 angles of the play they may choose to only show one angle that shows (or doesn't show) what the official needs to see. So there are hurdles of availability of the technology and honestly the integrity of the system. I would be interested to see the system tested in some sort of a pilot program. For example, if the DAC (or any other conference) wanted to try it for a season the system could be used for a single season only for conference games. Both schools would agree to meet with the officials prior to the game to disclose how many cameras they have available for replay and identify them to the officials. This way the officials know how many views they should get to see for any replay. Each team would designate their "replay representative" who would show the replays to the officials. The replay representatives would be only allowed to show the replays to the officials, but never under any circumstances advocate for any call. Any interference by the replay representative would result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Replay would only be allowed for turnovers and scoring plays. Each team is allowed a single challenge in the game. That's it. It's far from a perfect system. Sometimes the systems lock up, or a camera goes down for a few plays. You my just lose a camera for the one play you need it. How does that go over with an official who really wants to see the endzone angle you should have, but you don't because the freshman you had running the camera forgot to follow the play on a sweep? Maybe try it out for scrimmages first so officials and teams could just test out the idea first. I'm not sure we're ready for it yet, but the technology is there for a number of teams to make this work. In short, as of right now I'd be a no, but I would love to have a chance to try it out for a game or two just to see what would happen.
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    Ok guys, sorry I had to take a nap, yesterday was wild, haven't had that much fun since '06. Let's get this started. 7979, if you talk the same way you type I won't get anything out of it. But you're probably right in that you would speak over my head. It takes a special type of coach to be able to hand pick all the talent you've been able to coach from the biggest metropolitan area in the state. Hell I'm used to farm boys that are lucky if Franklin and Hanover give them a call, so you're probably right. But then again with all that talent and 1 state title? I figure a coach as illustrious as yourself would have a little more to his name? I guess your rivals were able to convince 33 scholarship offensive linemen, 29 all state linemen, 2 Mr Footballs and 5 NFL players to come to their school. Lets get into this one. If what you say is true, and I don't doubt you, then it speaks for the leadership, or I would say lack of leadership, that has been leading that team for the past five years. Now I know we've all at one time or another complained about our bosses but, a real professional would keep his issues in house. As Ironman mentioned before there were only three coaches on that staff this past season that were teachers in the building, 2 of which as Fringe would say are "Michigan Men", who I would doubt have any real concerns about the supposed lack of administrative help. What this really demonstrates is the entitlement of a guy who came from "a real high school football state" in Ohio, always thought that he was too big for some hick town Indiana team, and took every opportunity to get out. What he didn't realize is that he had one of the best administrations around to help him out, especially at the AD level. If he really wants to know what a lack of administration help looks like he should have taken it in a little more when he went to the southern tip of the county to play South Dearborn, that's lack of administrative help. I know that your boys with JR . . . "Justin Roden" and that he probably gave you the pity party story about how terrible it was at EC. What it comes down to is that he thought he made East Central football, when the truth, that hurts like you said, is that he was given the keys to a Porsche and told not to wreck it, which he almost did. I hope he gets all the administrative help at Noblesville, whose football stadium for a 6A team is embarrassing. We'll find out how much he can really "change a culture" at Noblesville because it was already created for him when he got to East Central, he tried to change it and had to go back to the way it was to get where he got. I hope they build him a new stadium, they can put a little statue in the end zone of him like Bud Kilmer. I hope they'll give him a raise for winning state, because according to you if they don't he's going to whine and feel unappreciated, poor thing. And I hope when they do they have a Macy's Day Parade down Highway 37, prop him up in a shiny convertible so he can wave to his legion of devoted followers and at the end give him the key to the city, though like ManEiaC said he probably won't be there because he'll have spent the night downtown in Indy.
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1..2..3.. a dad told me yesterday Coach leaving cause the wifey, wife, Wifeeeeee???? By The Way, Some Stats for STC: 469 Tiger BL's consumed on Friday Nights last year during season. 238 Concepts Lap Dances 8 Boxes of Cottage Chicken & 6 things of Chicken & Jo Joes (Road Trip - Connersville) 7 Pizza King "Royal Feast" (Road Trip - Rushville) 13 Rest in Peace Pours for our Homeboy Jumpin Jimmy Green.... (one pour for each game) 1 Lot Lizard (on our way to North Harrson) The Crew had a good year! Looking to increase those numbers this year. I know the crew may not be established as much as 7979, but come on....those numbers should be good for something???
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    Time will tell. Could be one of those classic lines; Not about the X's and O's but those Jimmies and Joes..... EC had a whole bunch of those Jimmies and Joes last year and sounds like many of them back I thought the pinned thread up on top was, but you may be right
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    This thread is easily the best off-season thread of the year
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    Coach Nowlin don't get your hopes up, can't see JR using the same EC offense since he had nothing really to do with it, except reap the rewards. That offense came from the OC and OL coach that some want to smack talk about.
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    I need clarity, did someone on here say there was no celebration party after the State Championship? What do you call the Fire Dept & Police escort welcoming back the team when they arrived back in St Leon or the over crowded parking lot at EC full of parents, students, fans, teachers and administrators? OHHHH wait people would not of known about any of that if they did not return with the team and stayed in Indy that night.
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    He is one of top in my opinion (can't think of anyone that is better and many others feel the same way). His credentials are true and yes both his sons are excellent football players.
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    Oh yeah that's right, I remember seeing you talk on your coaching prowess. Actually dug up a couple slides from your presentation . . .
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    Ok, now it's obvious you don't coach O Line.
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    This is classic, we're back to our old ways. Don't mess with EIAC Grid posters.
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    You sir win the Internet for the day. I ain't going to lie, I really like where this thread is headed.
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    I would buy a ticket to attend 7979's coaching clinic. I know who would be the opening speaker. This guy... https://www.determinedlook.com/
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    Unless JR talks 7979 out of retirement? STC you should get him hired down at Lawrenceburg, allow some of the mere mortal coaches in southeast Indiana to retire and go watch their 5'6" 142 pound kids play the triangle in the band on weekends.
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    I can drive! This place you say you're looking for That's a place I used to know Don't know the number of the road But I can tell you how to go James McMurtry @7979 I haven't read this entire thread, but I think you're a little blinded by your own glowing resume. Belhmer is an animal, he coaches his :p off. I'm not sure why you'd take a shot at a fellow coach that you seemingly don't even know.
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. This post is for my homeboy 7979....7979.....eighty or whatever # he may be. Fact One - We don't care about your numbers. I am sure you are responsible for all those #'s you listed by each of those topics. Reality --- you had very little to do with 4 of your players making the NFL..#fakenews Fact Two - Academic All-State....STC could care less about Academic All-State! How many Tiger BL's can you crush in a night maybe...but not Academic All-State = #whocares Fact Three - Glad you are one heck of a Coach with 35 years experience. Now that is something to note. Cause that my friend is how long STC has been crushing Tiger BL's #myage Fact Four - This topic is simple in my now blurred eyes....(10 Tiger BL's Deep) - Noblesville will not WIN - EC will - EC is EC...bash whatever you want, they get it done when it matters. I really don't care why JR left EC. There are few jobs he should have left for in the state or OH-IO for.....Noblesville was not one of them. Simple, Coach your team, worry about the things you can control, and just keep winning. Don't worry about your $$, your class schedule etc. You are a teacher....let me say that again....he was a teacher. If he wants to make big bucks...come to the shop and work with STC. We pay part time help with Tiger BL's and Free Lap Dances at Connies.
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    For the record, since 2000 if you take out EC's historically bad 2013 season where a program like Rushville beat them, only 1 conference program in the EIAC has beaten EC and that was Batesville. . . . and they did it 3 times. FC and Coach Grider beat them 3 straight times in the late 90's with their 'once-in-a-lifetime class.' That does speak volumes about Batesville and Coach Heppner's program more than anything else. Even as an FC fan, we all know EC has outgrown the conference, has tried to get out of the conference, but trying to schedule games as an 'Independent' is a struggle. No matter their conference or poor records vs teams like CE or Roncalli, they still boast an impressive resume that many, many programs would take in a heartbeat.
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    No doubt - let's hope high school football never slides that far
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    Are you serious. I know I'm a homer in this case but I don't think you can be more wrong. First lets start off from the support angle. How was there no support? East Central has the best all around athletic facilities in southeast Indiana and from what I've seen around the state would put them up against anyone. Two full length practice fields, a weight room with 10 racks and modern equipment, two gyms and a field house big enough to serve as an indoor practice field, any and all equipment you could ask for, you just signed a deal with Under Armour to get brand new uniforms and they're putting in a turf field this coming season, something I honestly thought would never happen. I can go on and on so your wrong there. What more can a coach want? To have everyone stroke him and tell him how great he was? Sorry, not sorry, East Central has an expectation of winning. As far as not having a celebration party for the team, I think you're wrong there too. The football team has been showered with awards and recognition not only from the state of Indiana but has had the same kind of recognition coming from Cincinnati. Once again what was the expectation, some grand parade through the "street" of St. Leon where we can put you on a pedestal yelling "Hip Hip Hooray"? I'll come back to it again there has been an expectation at East Central for years now of winning. East Central was a top notch, first class program before Roden and they'll continue to be one after Roden. We aren't going to treat anyone like the messiah because they won a state championship. It wasn't our first, it won't be our last. Not even sure why you would go after Coach Disbro, that man has done more with less talent than you could imagine. East Central is not a basketball school and will never be one, there has never been the talent their in a talent driven sport. He deals with one of the toughest sectionals year in and year out having to play both Bloomington and Columbus schools, and the man has been there for 20 plus years so show a little respect. But I guess you're right, Coach Disbro never had to play those juggernauts in his sectional that the EC football team has had to play in thiers the last few years like South Dearborn, Edgewood, Shelbyville, Franklin County, Seymour. And coach Disbro never had the misfortune of having to play his Sectional, Regional, and Semi State games all at home. You sound like a whiny kid who got caught doing something wrong and wants to know how you're going to punish the other kids. And I get that he just gets to be a football coach now but that's the nature of the beast at a school the size of East Central. We don't have thousands of kids and the funding to just have a guy do football. But once again, that's your job and the expectation you signed up for it, the guys who were head coaches before you had to teach, and guess what, the next coach is going to have to do the same thing. And a raise? Once again this kills me. East Central is not a rich school, the fact they have the facilities they do is impressive enough. Seeing that you're from or live in Indianapolis you should know us rednecks don't have as much green paper to wave around like you city folks do. And an intelligent person knowing that situation should ask themselves what's more important, spending money on having the capability to produce a winning team or making as much money as you can? If you're "lack of support from administration" is talking about money then you and us country people are on a different wave length when it comes to that. Once again we come back to there is an expectation. When you take the East Central job we expect you to win, we expect to compete for State Championships, and sorry we're going to expect you to teach as well. Roden did not build EC into a football powerhouse, if he can go do that at Noblesville then hopefully he'll be treated like a football god. Best of luck to him. And don't you dare go after Belhmer. That man is East Central football. He has been there literally since the beginning and his contribution to the program goes way beyond what he did or didn't do as the Head Coach. If anyone deserves a raise for what they've done in the last 5 years it's him. The fact is that Roden has been trying to leave since he got there, East Central was just some backwoods hick school and there were always greener pastures. Like I said before I wish the man all the luck at his new position, but East Central has, is and always will win championships. No man is bigger than that program.
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    EC has a program like a lot of "powers" do. No doubt here are a lot of in-house guys who could continue the success of the program. That said, I am, admittedly a Kennedy fan. He was WAAAAAAY better than Franklin County (Brookville) ever .deserved. Stink...just where is "Concepts"? I am due for a road trip....and deserving. Maybe I can convince Impartial Observer to go along with me.
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    LOL. . . I was thinking the same thing, Lysander. Kirk received a raw deal at FC and we settled for our hometown boy. Sometimes life isn't fair, but in a cruel twist of fate I can't imagine that Kennedy isn't licking his chops thinking about this especially since the FC fan base and their kids are patting themselves on the back for hiring the "bro coach", Coach Gilly.
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    Don't post as often as I used to...plus..its out of season but I wish Coach Roden the best. Outside of my kids having played for Chatard, I am a Southeast Indiana guy. I revel in EC showing up and kicking some backsides (and Lawrenceburg as often as not) - that part of the State gets NO (NADA) respect. Also my intention is to ramble and...okay...pontificate a bit. Firstly (not sure that is a word) my beloved Chatard played Noblesville a couple of years straight quite recently and won both years. Yes, I saw some prior post regarding Noblesville playing Carmel and Cathedral as just insurmountable foes outside of conference...but they NEVER beat little ole' 3A Chatard. Just wanted to point that out as you guys take a knee and praise hosseana's (sp?) to those schools (particularly Cathedral...what is it with some of you guys here?)....which you all most always do. As I meander, East Central never beat Chatard the last 2 years....which tells me just how tough 3A was last year (Chatard won somewhat handily over EC the last game of the regular season last year despite being a clear "also run:" in 3A). Though I don't like to get into these discussions, 3A was MUCH better than 4A last year. And.....for the record....the 3A State Championship was won when Memorial beat Gibson Southern last year. Ironically, Gibson Southern seems to be the test everyone has to cross.to win State. Sometime soon, I hope they get their their Blue Rings. Let's talk about EC going forward (don't care much about Noblesville one way or the other). I am sure there are other coaches ready to step up at EC but has anyone considered Kirk Kennedy? Yes, I know he was likely forced out by the pantywaists at Brookville (they don't like anybody outside of Brookville....generally HATE everybody outside of the town limits....including kids....but hey....they hired in town again..they are no doubt ecstatic about that). Brookville being irrelevant (as they always are excepting people who unfortunately live there), has East Central reached out at all to Kennedy? Clearly, he was too tough for the marshmallows at Brookville (I heard they left the team in droves) he would seem the perfect match at EC (tough kids). By the way...just how ironic would it be for Kennedy to be coaching against Lowell in a State game? EC and Kennedy seems to be a perfect match. Edit...I saw somewhere where my old Coach Kim Simonson was either the new principal or Superintendant at EC- if he is either can he reach out to Kennedy?
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    Easy target. I've given up on my other favorite punching bag, Lake Central. They just don't give a anymore. At least BD puts forth the effort.
  43. 2 points
    Bill Belichick could coach Ben Davis, and DT would hate the hire. The headline... "Ben Davis hires Bill Belichick to coach Giants" DT... "Well, he did lose all those Super Bowls and never succeeded won one without Tom Brady. I think Coach XYZ would have been a better hire."
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    Leroy Marsh is one of the finest men I have met in 40 years of officiating. I am very proud to call him a good friend. Fair winds, Coach.
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    Speaking only for myself ... as an official, my only goal is to get the call right. I’m willing to use any means at my disposal to get it right.
  47. 2 points
    I've been called a lot worse.
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    Congrats to West Lafayette’s George Karlaftis and Tipton’s KJ Roudebush for being selected for the Prime Time 25 players for 2018 and be on the cover of the Gridiron Magazine.
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    I should preface by saying I'm not a fan of instant replay. I think it totally screws up the flow of the game. Who's paying for the infrastructure? You're paying me 70 bucks for my time/gas on a Friday night, offer very little training with zero feedback, not to mention my cash out of pocket for licensing, study materials, gas, and time. And now you're going to spend tens of thousands to add instant replay......makes perfect sense to me. As far as the officials in the tournament, those are the officials the coaches want. That's who they voted for.
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    And that's why we have appeals processes- to fix those mistakes.
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