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    An update on this topic, I recently attended an IUPUI campus visit with my son. Long story short, he loves a program they offer and wants to go to school there. While on the visit we made a quick stop by Carroll Stadium to talk with the track coach as he was wrapping up a training session. Even though he isn't actively recruiting for my son's event, he would be interested in having him join the team and could possibly offer some scholarship money if he can score points at their conference meet (his current PR would have scored points the last three years). The coach was happy to hear about my son's current GPA and goal to do well in college because he of course wants eligible athletes. It's nice how this worked out because my son's interest level in IUPUI had zero to do with sports. If he does end up getting money, it's all upside to him. If track doesn't work out, he would have gone there regardless.
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    Love you Old Time but home or away the Trojans have held up pretty well the last few years. All 678 people in St Leon somehow generate a football factory....something about the corn there.
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    I applied for one school only. It was a no brainer since I lived just a mile away. I have no desire to leave Woodlan, rather I just had a desire to coach where I live. We may not "compare" to Marion Local but I can safely say they will not have a comfortable evening. We loose some great players but so do they. All of our beef is back up front and we return 7 starters from our defense that was pretty good. Our current soph class has been 15-1 over the past 2 years. It is their turn now but over the past 3 seasons we have been 35-5 so they have some big shoes to fill.
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    This is not a post for political discussion I am just posting this to honor this incredible man and I know there are many fine coaches in our great state just like him. May he forever Rest In Peace http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/14/florida-high-school-football-coach-reportedly-shot-while-shielding-students-from-gunman.html
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    It is a grass field. Thankfully, we knew it was coming, so we were able to get everything off of ground level in the concession stand and Fieldhouse areas on the northeast corner of the stadium. Still going to be some obvious water damage, but out equipment and other items were moved up.
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    Jason Garrett left the Cowboys to coach the Saints. WOW !!
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    Well at least the tennis courts are playable. Lord, I apologize for that.
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    I believe it was Chuck Freeby that I saw suggesting Central D line start practicing their "swim moves"
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    In the weight room, I've done competitions with mental toughness as well as physical endurance--who can hold a plank the longest, who can hold a chin-up the longest, etc. You can go team-wide or player vs. player. Love the idea of having kids critique football-specific drills. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
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    That will come in handy next time they host 4 straight playoff games.
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    I'm legitimately worried for IU as well for the time Ken Johnson was an assistant under Tom Crean and the recruitment of Noah Vonleh ...... Not that I believe Crean activity participated and recruits like Zeller and Ferrell ever took money but Crean could barely control the players inside his program let alone assistant coaches and I could see some deal being struck
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    Can’t leave my brothers hanging. So here goes........ 3 2 1 ...........
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    You really are clueless and immature. I don't argue with people on this website. I state my opinions and enjoy reading their responses. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. I rarely engage in debate with you, because frankly, you're not very sharp. I believe what CG has accomplished over the past 20 years is astounding. They have built and maintained an elite program and gone toe to toe with the mega schools year after year. I just don't believe this level of success is sustainable for the extreme long term. A coaching transition could have an impact, or the numbers difference against BD, WC and C will finally overwhelm the CG program. Or others, like LC and Avon, will eclipse CG just due to the natural order of change.
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    This means a whole new crop of officials who will now begin debating whether Warsaw’s offensive line commits an illegal shift on almost every play.
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    Is it called "RICE" field because you could grow rice there?
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    Wow. Linton and South Knox right off the bat. Winner gets North Daviess in round 2. Eastern Greene gets a North Knox team they’ve already beaten twice by 19 each time. The old adage goes, “It’s tough to beat the same team three times in one season.” Somehow I don’t think that applies here. Next round though it gets interesting. Eastern has struggled with Mitchell the last four years. The T-Birds had won four straight - all of the wins were close - until this year when Mitchell beat them by 14 in Eastern’s second game of the season. Can’t say this draw really favors anyone. Top half of the bracket has an easier semifinal game, bottom half has a tougher second round matchup. Oh and Eastern beat South Knox at their place a month ago...
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    Woodlan is set to play Ohio Division VI State Champion Marion Local in week 2 of upcoming 2018 season. Marion Local has been a state finalist for past seven years, winning 6 times. Woodlan’s non conference schedule is getting quite the upgrade this year Week 1: Leo Week 2: Marion Local (OH) Week 7: Lima Central Catholic (OH) Exciting opportunities that will hopefully prepare the Warriors for another deep playoff run!
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    Really? Did you not read his first response? I'm sure you meant New Haven since Harding is closed and Dwenger is more than a mile from him.
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    My understanding is that there are programs out there content with the pastures they play on...............
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    We do a couple different relays with weighted sleds, tractor tires, truck pushes...the kids love powerball
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    Good ole fashioned tug o war. Love this. I imagine some communities would not like little Susie or jimmy gettting “called out” by their peers, which is sad!
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    We do chute drills for competition with the kids. We also do some team relay drills for handoffs too. I like those ideas of having the kids call out their peers on technique, stance, etc. We do that with the chute drills and often ask "Why did Player X win that matchup even though he's smaller than Player Y?" Hearing the kids talk about things like good stances lead to being the first one off the ball or getting low and under the pads or kept the feet moving or he just had more heart are so much more effective than them listening to me saying it. I hope more folks weigh in as I'm getting some good ideas to try to make practice much more exciting for the kids.
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    I tried to make everything a competition to keep guys working hard during routine drills, just to try to keep a mental edge. Basically the same style you are mentioning. One thing I did add was having the players not in the drill "judge" the drill when technique was paramount. Racing to see who can run a slant the fastest can lead to sloppy technique, so I'd have the guys in line pick a winner based on details. You'd be amazed how easily they'd pick up on a guy with a bad stance or lazy cut. Makes the players in the drill work harder and gets the guys out of the drill working as a coach, keeping details fresh in their mind. Plus, players love busting each other on small infractions if it was going to earn someone ten push-ups for the loss.
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    C'mon man, it's 2018! Greyhounds went the way of the Panthers, many moons ago!
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    This is a no brainer I will take the only team that has a winning record. Bloomfield
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    Edge left Mitchell in 2013--this John E has been at OCHS for past 14 years.
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    February 19, 2018 | REGGIE HAYES: Jason Garrett embraces dual role of campus minister and Bishop Dwenger High School football coach High School Sports Feb 19, 2018 Reggie Hayes rhayes@news-sentinel.com Jason Garrett, newly hired Bishop Dwenger High School football coach, kneels at midfield Friday at the school's field. (Photo by Reggie Hayes of news-sentinel.com) Every Friday during high school football season, the Bishop Dwenger Saints players and coaches climb into their buses. Because their home games are at Zollner Stadium, about 2½ miles from the high school campus, every game is a road game. The bus ride is just one of the traditions new head coach Jason Garrett can close his eyes, see, hear and smell. “The men put on their helmets and leave them unstrapped,” Garrett said. “As soon as the first guy sees the lights, they start snapping it up. Whew. It still sends chills down my spine.” There’s a reason why Dwenger had only five head coaches in the previous 53 years of its program. It’s a destination job. The program has a state reputation not only for tradition, but for excellence on and off the field. Expectations are high, but shared. Times can sometimes be tough, but the Dwenger family ties are tougher. Those most loyal to the program would point to the strength of the spiritual aspect of the Catholic school’s team. Garrett, whose primary job is Dwenger campus minister, can certainly relate to the integration of faith with football. RELATED STORY: Bishop Dwenger names Jason Garrett new football coach Garrett met with the players Thursday after he was announced as the successor to the retiring Chris Svarczkopf, and he gave each player a nail. They hope to build on the school’s four state, nine semi state, 20 regional and 24 sectional titles. Video Interview: LINK https://youtu.be/L7sKHHIb-ik “I see it as being a herald of the great tradition,” Garrett said. “Not just the snapping of the helmets, but the style of play and, more importantly, who we are as men as coaches and who we are as young men, and how that is lived out on the field and off the field.” Garrett, 48, brings experience as a head coach. He has led the Dwenger baseball team to three conference titles, three sectional titles and a regional title in four years. But, more importantly, he brings the resume of someone who understands the value of faith, family, sacrifice and teamwork. FAMILY TIES Jason and Sharon Garrett met when both were students at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, even though they were raised in Fort Wayne 10 minutes from each other. They married in 1993 and their first year together Jason was resident director of a 100-plus freshmen men’s dorm at Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D. “We survived that, so everything else was going to be easy after that,” Jason Garrett said. That was indeed the start of something big. Here’s the list of Jason and Sharon’s children and their ages: Emily, 24; Dominic, 22: Louis, 20; Grace, 19; Michael, 17; Cecilia, 15; Simon, 14; Xavier, 12; Lydia, 9; Blaise, 7; and Jude, 4. “We didn’t set out with any particular goal in mind or a desire for a big family,” Garrett said. “Of our 13 children, two were miscarriages and are in heaven and we cherish their lives. With our pro-life stance, there’s value in that. We have 11 running around on earth here. “We got to three children and said, ‘We’re outnumbered. It doesn’t matter from here.’ After that, we were going for more help.” Should his wife be referred to as Saint Sharon? “She would blush,” he said. “But that’s a fact.” The size of his family is a conversation starter, even in the interview process. And it’s legitimate. How will he have time to be campus minister, father to a huge family, and coach? “Having been blessed with a large family, we’ve learned to make sacrifices together,” Garrett said. “My wife was the first one to encourage me to apply and pursue the position. My kids have been on the baseball diamond and the football field with me and the younger ones come out to practice and kind of feel a part of it.” Garrett and his family, in other words, remained connected on the field. Connections, too, helped make Garrett’s case a strong one to take over as head coach. DWENGER CONNECTIONS REVIVED Garrett played football, baseball and few other sports at Dwenger, graduating in 1988. His high school coach was Andy Johns, who ran the program from 1980 to 2001 before turning the reins over to Svarczkopf. Garret’s condensed post-high school resume: After Saint Joseph’s College, he earned a master’s degree in guidance and counseling at Northern State. He became the national director for Conquest Clubs and Programs, a leadership program for fathers and sons. He served as executive director of Redeemer Radio in its early days, worked as a pastoral associate at Saint Mary’s in Decatur and returned to Dwenger in 2012. Before his time in the Dwenger high school football program, he was in charge of the St. Charles middle school football program. When Garrett returned to Dwenger, he became the freshman football coach. His assistant was Fred Tone, the long-time principal and coach who passed away after a 2015 illness. Tone was an assistant to Johns when Garrett played at Dwenger. “Fred kind of came out of retirement and we coached together,” Garrett said. “That freshman team ended up state champions (as seniors) in 2015. That was neat in a lot of ways.” Dwenger football made a video of its traditions, with Tone explaining them, before that 2015 run. It was also a season where Ernie Bojrab filled in as interim head coach while Svarczkopf also dealt with cancer. Garrett’s role as campus minister was especially vital during that season, too. “I look back at that and say thank goodness for the traditions and the things we have here,” Garrett said. “Everything is laid out and structured, and having those guys be such a big part of everything fueled the attitude and motivation.” That 2015 season, with the illnesses of Svarczkopf and Tone, was a test for everyone and ultimately revealed the strength of the program’s cohesiveness. “When I graduated here 30 years ago, in 1988, I never would have dreamed I’d be in the same halls, and now as football coach,” Garrett said. “It’s pretty inspiring to be part of it.” EMBRACING A NEW ROLE Garrett will coach baseball this spring, then give up that position to concentrate his coaching duties fully on football year round. With his job as campus minister, his responsibilities as husband and father, and his new identity as the head football coach, Garrett’s busy life will be even busier. “When you are able to get to the point in life where what you do is more of an expression of who you are, you’ll be very happy you’re busy,” Garrett said. “Not all days will you wake up and go, ‘Yes, another long day!’ but it’s very fulfilling. Working with young men, they inspire me far, far more than I’ve ever given inspiration myself.” After receiving the go-ahead to pursue the head coaching job from his wife, Garrett spoke with Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese. He wanted to talk about the compatibility of minister and football coach. Rhoades told Garrett he felt the two roles, minister and coach, work well as complementary positions. “Chris did a great job of bringing virtue and themes of Christ-like leadership and integrating those into practice and such,” Garrett said. “So we’ll continue to build upon that. We want to focus on helping young men become great men.” Garrett vows developing quality men will remain the most important tradition of Bishop Dwenger football. This column is the commentary of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Email Reggie Hayes at rhayes@
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    Hug it out!!! I get what he meant. Although UVa and UNC (Delany's holy grail) would be welcome additions, especially for basketball, this dirt farmer is hoping for Mizzou and Kansas. BTW, the University of Wisconsin is located in downtown Madison (the Badger state's second largest city)...
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    would never admit city based universities....location of the Univ of Minnesota?? Ohio State?
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    Oregon Davis? 2007 maybe.
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    Robert Harrison started the program at Hanover Central and did a nice job.
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    Don’t think he started the HC program from scratch, the other guy who left to sell insurance was the head coach before PK but can’t remember his name
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    Heritage Hills clinches share of title tonight its the Patriots league leading 15th title, If Forest Park beats Gibson Southern on Tuesday they share the title with HH, A FP loss and HH wins it outright.
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    I find this so funny. They have club sports that can't have outdoor practice on the Penn school grounds due to no space, but can gobble up space for the almighty football program.
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    Week 1 2014: We 100% were illegally shifting on the 5 or 4 shifts we did, no doubt about it. That was week 1, first time we ran it, and I believe it was called illegal motion two times, encroachment the others. Coach Stewart was right on with that. Next few days, we reached out to IFOA, we filmed our resets in practice and with our game film. We were instructed by IFOA what we were doing was illegal and were informed how to make it legal, which we did the rest of the season. I spent the next 14 weeks with my IPAD out in the pre game meeting, showing each crew the wrong way we did it and how we fixed it. We were shifting our FB/WB, and RB at the same speed as our normal snaps, which was illegal. Once we slowed the initial come up from their positions, then sprinted across the formation, it made it legal. I believe IFOA even made a weekly training video of said formation shift for their weekly video session they send out.
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    How awesome for the Colby family. Best Wishes to Austin and the Braves!!
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    Appreciate the post Hawk, but no worries, we all know what we get with DT on these threads. The Schtick is old, it’s nice to see virtually everyone tends to agree.
  41. 1 point
    I'm sure the thread started here back in November won't help his case... Nothing to see here, lol...
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    The MIC was created with one goal in mind. To become the supreme hs football conference in the midwest CA and CG will always win the All sports trophy due to their dominance in country club and girls sports. Baseball is becoming somewhat "country club" due to the high cost and outside influences that dominate high school ball players at this level I did say Big 4, not Big 5 LC, on paper, has better talent than CG. LC will produce more hi level D1 talent than will CG. If the new coach can harness the talent and build a Moeller like state championship caliber program year to year, the Bears will surpass the Trojans in The Mic pecking order
  43. 1 point
    No offense to your opinion. Just not sure if I buy your logic. LC is the only school in the MIC smaller than CG. So that doesn't hold water to your theory of the other bigger schools overwhelming other. CG has held their own and in some cases had their way with larger schools for years. Not only has the football program excelled, but so have other sports. Almost every semester, CG finishes 2nd to Carmel in the overall sports category. So they are used to hanging tough. Additionally, over 40,000 people in WRT today....and with the growing home construction south in WRT and new schools being built, not seeing a decline any time soon. CG will certainly transition in leadership down the road....just like any other school. They will have no shortage of fantastic options. And their feeder system continues to deliver...not many, if any, better in the state.
  44. 1 point
    Couldn't have found a better way to say it
  45. 1 point
    No you don't, you just think their fan base is the one most likely to respond to your posts and engage in a debate with you.
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    One fun story..... At TMT (Option) Camp at Trine....... We (KV-1, our number 1's that were at camp) were on D against Mish-1 (their number 1's that were at camp). I spoke to our HC and Bart to see if I could watch and learn from their huddle/POV. Both said sure. I was KV's OC at the time and we were implementing more flexbone into our scheme. Bart had a little wrinkle to their offense. It was a variation of a counter option. Heard the call in the huddle. Was being walked/talked through the play as it was being ran.....and I STILL had no idea who had the ball. LOL. If memory serves correctly, all of the KV D ended on one side of the field and all of the Mish O ended on the other side of the field, in the end zone. @bobref a new appreciation for you fine men was made RIGHT THEN!
  47. 1 point
    I really agree with this outlook. Biggest school in the conference, so no one will have to worry about them in the postseason, but it gives the conference another layer of depth. Over in the NECC, when Angola hired Coach Thomas, it was very similar. It made our conference better, but they are the biggest school and no one has to deal with them in the post season either.
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    I'd flip Kate Jackson and Jacqueline Smith. Agreed as regards Tanya Roberts and Beastmaster.
  49. 1 point
    Still doesn't address DT's comments. Is it "unethical" for a teacher to get extra compensation for taking on extra responsibilities that involve students? DT has insinuated this, and Muda you have aided in that insinuation I'm asking if either of you want to man up and confirm that, or if your goal is to continue to talk out of both ends of your mouth and continue your path up hypocrisy mountain. To call those who make an effort to make an impact in children's lives "unethical" is pretty bush league, even for an internet troll.
  50. 1 point
    Not so. Nor do I call others cute little nicknames. You have derailed another thread. Time to move on.
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