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  1. 12 points
    For the ones not interested in pre season polls just don’t read them until week 3.
  2. 10 points
    Good luck and good health to all teams tonight! I would much rather see some football talk and encouragement on this board rather than those who gleefully promote the destruction of the sport. If this thread stays above theirs I would be happy.
  3. 9 points
    Thank God for HS football! One of the few places our society still allows young males to receive training in how to be Man.
  4. 7 points
    This is the day that we fans have been looking for since last November! I hope the weather clears and all have a safe and exciting evening of high school football!
  5. 7 points
    Somebody thinks Monroe Central is better than Pioneer? Somebody needs drug tested.
  6. 6 points
    Good to see Hammond Noll get some votes... wait what??
  7. 5 points
  8. 5 points
    Yes... but I’m blaming soccer for this issue... Whiteland - 14 Columbus East - 7 5:23 left in the 1st half.
  9. 5 points
    I will be attending the Cracker Barrel game tonight with Kankakee Valley hosting the rival Rensselaer Bombers. I am wheelchair bound and will be in that section. This is one of my first public appearances since I almost lost my life and was paralyzed in a car accident returning from work. Feel free to say hello, my name is Matt by the way.
  10. 5 points
    I think that works for your 6A and 5A teams but how could 1A and 2A schools do this? I'm sure most of their athletes are doing baseball and track during the spring season.
  11. 4 points
    Congrats to Knox's Head Coach John Hendrix who picked up Career win number 200 Friday Night. 200-87 in now his 26th Season at the helm between Carroll (Flora), Northwestern and Knox. Big Congrats from your guys over here in Rensselaer!!
  12. 4 points
    Carmel 24, Louisville Trinity 21. Final Carmel ends Trinity's 30 game win streak.
  13. 4 points
    If you know all the answers, then why ask? You and BB should give Grover some credit. He is orders of magnitude closer to having actual insight of this program than either of you. Not saying that to sound jerkish....just a fact. Sorry....the you can count on it comment made me think of this movie classic quote......
  14. 3 points
    And I just don’t know if NP can stop Center Grove consistently. I definitely think NP can and will move the ball, but I don’t see NP’s skill position players overwhelming CG’s defense. To beat CG you need to do it at their own game and that’s with physicality at the line of scrimmage. Not that many teams have been able to do that over the years against the Trojans.
  15. 3 points
    I was disgusted with our play Friday night. We didn't hit! Martinsville smacked us in the mouth, then we mostly quit. I hope we aren't doing the pro pads only practicing. It's still blocking and tackling. We have the pieces to be solid, but, better find some meanness fast!!!
  16. 3 points
    I don't get on here much anymore, but decided to take a look at the old GID today and I'm glad I did. I was one of those lucky enough to play for Coach Adams, or Big A as we usually called him, for all 4 years of my high school career. He always made you feel good to be a lineman, "the only position in football with man in it's name." I've got so many fond memories of playing for him. He had so many great stories. One of my favorites is when he told us about his brief professional wresting career. We all loved hearing about the Dark Deacon competing in the local Kentucky pro wrestling promotion. That story earned him a new nickname among us linemen. The Deacon will always be missed by many!
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  18. 3 points
    Some interesting developments from around The Region in Week 1 : 1. The Pete Koulianos era started at Highland this week, with the Trojans taking a 16-6 loss on the road at Hammond Morton. Early vibe out of the Trojan camp is good. Coack K seems like a guy who could be around for a long time, something HHS has not had in recent years.. The program needs stability and better numbers. Koulianos surprised many when he left Hanover Central to take the Highland job, which is a difficult uphill climb in the Northwest Crossroads. 2. Munster was without longtime coach Leroy Marsh for the first time in over 40 years on Friday night, when the Mustangs went on the road and lost to rival Lake Central. By all accounts, a very uneventful contest. Still trying to figure out why Munster placed an interim tag on new HC Jason Grunewald. Munster hosts Chesterton this week , continuing their pattern of non conference play against 6A Duneland schools. The Munster to the Duneland Conference rumors are still out there. 3. Merrillville surprised a lot of people with their win over Andrean. No doubt the MHS admin is looking for a big turnaround from 3rd year HC Brad Seiss after last years 1-9 Pirate disaster. Would not be surprised to see The Pirates in the DAC title hunt in October. The conference continues to dwindle, so a quick turnaround of fortunes would not be so shocking 4. Lowell handled Crown Point 17-7, which is no surprise. The bigger question, will CP ever get things turned around and once again become a factor in the DAC and in 6A post season play? They just don't seem to have the athletes out for football like they used to. Specialization seems to be a huge issue at CPHS, with the football program suffering heavily at the hands of the other sports, and the coaches who run those sports. The Bulldogs play 4A Highland in week 2, after playing 4A Lowell in week 1. Maybe that non conference scheduling says a little about the competitive profile of their program. 5. Expectations are very high at Hobart under first year HC Craig Osika, a former Brickie TE and All Stater. Hobart opened with a close 10-9 win over former Duneland rival Chesterton, and the Bricks travel again this week to revisit another old DAC rival, Laporte. Heard that there are talks to renew the Hobart-Merrillville series, which was once one of the great rivalries in the entire state. Sounds like Hobart is pining for the days of the old Duneland. 6. The James Broyles era got started with a thud at Kankakee Valley, as 2A rival Rensselaer came in and pounded the Kougars 34-12 in the annual Cracker Barrel Game (somebody please explain why its called the Cracker Barrel) Its been a tumultuous offseason for the KV program. Perhaps Broyles, and alum with a love for the program, can bring some stability and consistency to the program. Broyles should also look into beefing up his non con schedule, which is filled with 2A and 3A schools. 7. Darren Rodriguez continues to have difficulty getting traction with his Portage program. One step forward, one step back seems to be the mantra. The Indians were smoked by Mishawaka 35-14 in their home opener, and travel to rugged Lowell this week. Makes you wonder if this program will ever get headed back in the right direction. 8. Look out for New Prairie. The Cougars really laid the wood on rival Laporte 42-14 Friday night. Russ Radtke is now 61-14 at NP, and 351-134 in his 42st season of coaching Indiana High School Football. The Cougars step up to the big school division in the NIC this year, with some interesting matchups ahead against St Joe, Mishawaka, Penn and Elkhart Central. This program has gone big time. The Cougars should be battle tested come tournament time. With Lowell down a bit, the door could be open to a state title run in 4A. 9. Speaking of tumultuous off seasons, Valparaiso had one of their own. Things have quieted down with new HC Bill Marshall getting settled in. The Vikings took their annual loss to Penn in the opener, and now have a real challenge with a visit to Mishawaka this week. Valpo has the best uniforms in the Region, thanks to alum and mega millionaire major league pitcher Jeff Samardzija. JS is not much of a big league hurler, but he did pick out some nice threads for his beloved Viking gridmen. 10. The numbers are supposedly up at Lake Central, which is a good thing given the Indians' challenges over the past few seasons. Tony Bartolomeo took over in season last year, and the win over Munster is a good start. LC travels to Hammond Morton this week for the first ever meeting between the two schools. Would much rather see LC play a big intersectional game against an Indy school in week 2, but clearly, the program is not quite at that level. 11. Former Merrillville assistant Brian Parker won his first game at Hanover Central, but had to do a bit of scrambling just to get a game on the schedule. When Bishop Noll shut its program down for the eason, Hanover was left without a week one opponent. Clinton Prairie stepped in and filled the opening, creating an interesting intersectional week one matchup. HC prevailed 26-8, and now the Wildcats look ahead to a stern test on the road at Andrean. There has been plenty of talk about Hanover eventually moving to the Northwest Crossroads Conference. Perhaps this matchup with Andrean will be a test of their potential readiness. 12. The defacto Greater South Shore Conference championship game will be played this Friday night as Griffith travels to Whiting in a matchup of the leagues two premiere programs. The Oilers are flying high after a 54-7 thrashing of neighborhood rival Clark while Griffith is licking its wounds coming off the beating at the hands of Michigan City. Griffith won lasts years inaugural GSSC matchup 48-9 at home. Whiting will be chomping at the bit in advance of this rematch. Should be a fun evening on the shores of Lake Michigan for this one.
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    You’re an umpire. They don’t see much, anyway.
  20. 3 points
    but earlier you sayed "the numbers bear this out" until foxy questioned you on it....whats it gonna be next...the cheerleaders weren't cheering hard enough ?
  21. 3 points
    I took a quick look at opening night scores from the ‘78-‘79 season (since I happened to have them). 49 shutouts Coaching must have been incredibly bad back then too.
  22. 3 points
    https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/aug/17/democracy-prep-upsets-coronado/ From the Article: A note about the numbers- the article used the K-12 numbers for DPAC. HS enrollment is around 360 students.
  23. 3 points
    Ohhhhh.....iiwii gonna be madddd
  24. 3 points
    Your agenda was evident from your first post and backed up with your second post on this thread. I’ve also seen your comments on multiple other threads. This thread was a positive about a kid that earned his way to start and played very well Friday night. Yet you had to bring up recruiting etc. By the way there are schools near Avon that take kids that live in the Avon area ( Covenant christian and Cardinal Ritter). let me give you some facts. There are 1300 plus students that attend Cathedral. The football roster doesn’t even account for 1/3 of that student body. I would bet you money there are double the amount of students that attend Cathedral from the HSE:/Fishers school district and don’t play football or any sport. Cathedral is a Private school (just like Brebeuf) with no feeder school. Every student that walks in the doors were recruited to attend. If they didn’t they wouldn’t survive or stay open. It is a terrific academic school in the State in Indiana and I think it’s a great thing they don’t have to shut their doors. Also Indiana has had Open Enrollment for quite some time now. Meaning students who want to attend HSE can do so. They may have to pay a tuition but that tuition I guarantee is less than the tuition would be at Cathedral even with financial aid. Now instead of moaning and groaning about players ( one of which had been mentioned above played CYO at St. Pius) whose parents decided to pay a significant amount of tuition for their kids to attend Cathedral instead of HSE. Try staying on topic. By the way when I said you were diminishing players I was talking about the HSE players.
  25. 3 points
    Just another example of the decline of the sport. Apathy on the part of spectators when they're not willing to pay a minimal amount to show support for High School Football.
  26. 3 points
    Thanks and I hope one day we can enjoy a game together. I would like to start a weekly road gathering and visit schools I've never been to before consolidation/contraction takes a big toll. It will be the Gridiron road tour. We could even have a short podcast on the school and town hosting. Sell something tasty and use the funds to donate to our wonderful site. My legs may not work but the good Lord spared my lucidity and desire to enjoy life. Just an idea. When I'm completely healed by next season I'll start a thread and announce where I'm going and go from there. It's finally here. Friday night lights baby!
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    To me that is why P/P's have such a distinct advantage. I can't imagine most schools A-4A have more than 1 or 2 feeder middle schools. With numbers dwindling as is, just tough seeing kids who don't get a lot of playing time in junior high want to come out for freshman year with the same kids group of kids who they all played behind, even with a potential growth spurt on the horizon. Most P/P's have 7, 8, 9 feeder schools and while there may only be 20-30 boys in an 8th grade class a large percent all play football and all get to play a fair amount. Say you have 10 kids from 5 or 6 different feeder schools all go out for freshman football at Roncalli there's going to be 3 or 4 QB's, 3-4 RB's, and so on each position. And you can only have 1 or 2 freshman QB's and while the other 2 or 3 QB's may not be as good as the other two, chances are they are still good enough athletes who all love the game and they end up playing different positions. People will say "recruiting" is why the P/P's are the way they are but it's really the depth. Schools with 1000 or less kids simply don't have the depth to compete and that's why the P/P's dominant their enrollment classes.
  29. 3 points
    Or....much of what was considered normal in the past, has become considered "toxic" in today's "more evolved softer and sensitive" world. Just finished lunch at work....gotta get to my "group hug" session, followed by the "everyone get's an award" event. Your "logic" DT is interesting...at best.
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  31. 3 points
    Has Wild Hogs ever participated in High School Cross Country? Own a Tool Chest? Im asking for a friend
  32. 3 points
    You would also probably find an entire wing of patients who are suffering from delirium due to the mind numbingly boring discussion of Columbus East's domination of the Hoosier Hills Conference.
  33. 3 points
    Why not use the same concept for summer that you want to apply to spring ball. Just say Football can pick two weeks on in the summer the rest is dead.
  34. 3 points
    I still agree with mo about giving the summers back to the kids. It is also too much responsibility on assistant coaches. Spring ball may not be the answer maybe a week in june after school is out .
  35. 2 points
    The first RB to 40 carries this game wins!!
  36. 2 points
    He did say he was sorry. He misread part of this thread
  37. 2 points
  38. 2 points
    THS > Castle Reitz > HC Central > Greenfield Central Harrison > CC North > Princeton Mater Dei > IC Bosse > North Vermillion Jasper > Memorial in the upset of the week. Jasper “uglies” the game up with their power running game, controlling the clock, and the defense does just enough to win it. Memorial will average 40 plus a game this year, but I only see a total of 21 put up by the tiggers this day. Final 24-21 Jasper
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    Article in the Bloomington Herald today where local coaches are being asked their thoughts on spring football instead of summer camp all summer. Coach Moriarity of bhss after 33 years of coaching says he is going to push for it. I would have to agree with mo. I always thought the kids need their summers to be kids. I loved having my summers and when two a days arrived better believe we were all extremely enthused to get at it. A few quotes; - “I don’t think it’s healthy right now,” Moriarity said. “I think you are putting too much responsibility on assistant coaches. If you are not careful, are your kids excited when practice starts?” - “One of the things I’m going to push for, and I’m going to start doing it right now, I’d like there to be spring practice,” Moriarity said. “Maybe a week, two max. Shut the summer down. Just weights and conditioning. The rest would be voluntary.” - “I know the chances of spring football are probably zero to none,” Moriarity said. “But I think kids would enjoy it you gave them some summer back. Probably not a ton of people that have my thoughts, but I’m telling you, we are going to have to think about changing things.” - “I’ve got great young coaches. I mean that,” Moriarity said. “But I hope 10 years from now, when I’m watching South play, they are still coaching. That’s my thing. I just worry.”
  41. 2 points
    You misread his post. 12 days total in shoulder pads and helmets. Of those 12, 5 can be competition days; not 5 competition days in addition to the 12 practices. Now, some programs do take it to an extreme, because a team can have an unlimited number of days with no pads. Our kids get the first week and change at the end of the school year off. We all get the week of the 4th of July off; by rule. We also give our kids a full week before official practices start. I do think the IHSAA will do something to further limit that. But I believe the Summer baseball team played something like 40 games this Summer. So, while one sport with 12 days does not seem like a lot, for most of us in schools that are in classes 1A-3A and even smaller 4A programs have a number of two and three sport kids, meaning they really do not have much of a Summer. Consider too that the Summer league rules for other sports do not have a moratorium over the 4th of July, so that week is taken away from a number of kids. Some programs will have coaches in those sports that will purposely schedule contests forcing kids to choose. So, the IHSAA does have some limits for football, and we add more time off for them; but the reality is that if football is not filling time slots, the other sports will fill them. In the bigger picture, it is too much; but the IHSAA only has control over one sport practicing in the Summer.
  42. 2 points
    trust me we have plenty of time away from our team in the summer Not sure what I am missing here This idea being discussed would put Indiana football backwards in my opinion. The conversation should start with Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and start restricting the amount of competition and practices THEY allow. Which if you are scoring at home: UNLIMITED for those sports
  43. 2 points
    You all may laugh, but I'm telling you...don't sleep on Seymour. It may not be this year, but they are most definitely moving in the right direction. (Keep in mind too, that I am from Brownstown and therefore despise Seymour, so giving them any praise at all is painful)
  44. 2 points
    When you spread it out over 5 to 8 weeks, it sounds like a much bigger time commitment. These kids never get a chance to get away from their coaches. Consolidate it down to one full continuous week, culminating with 7 on 7 events, etc. In spring practice states, they consolidate their offseason practices. Why not do the same here?
  45. 2 points
    I like the topic title. I maybe would have preferred "Meyer gets caught purchasing complete collection of Golden Girls at Wal-Mart" instead, but "Urban Meyer Death March" isn't bad.
  46. 2 points
    Coach Berry wont chase records, he chases wins and improvement. If that results in records so be it. look for Pioneer to work on improving from the scrimmage and try to beat Cass whether that's 45-0 or 7-6 Cass hasn't scored on Pioneer since 2014. They'll be fired up for sure Yes I understand how special Pioneer could be but it's all potential at this point. They have to have the same hunger to get it done
  47. 2 points
    Words don't impress me at all. Results do! Make it happen and don't underestimate your opponent while doing it. North Judson is a 2 win team (last year) until they prove otherwise.
  48. 2 points
    I was really disappointed when I read this post. I was hoping for some fodder or stirring of the pot with some coach, player, fan, or whatever saying "It's just Linton". Miss the drama this board had years ago. I leave with this, when I use to drive though I never agreed with the sign, "You'll like Linton". Now Stockton on the other hand, that place was awesome!
  49. 2 points
    They didn't have to adjust anything. The school system will have new policies that apply to all coaches but Coach Moore doesn't need to change because he does things the right way. Are your daytime soaps not providing you enough drama?
  50. 2 points
    That was nothing more than a witch hunt by a couple dads who weren't happy about junior's playing time. Why would that change anything with our 'camp'?
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