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  1. Automatic First Down

    Under the NF rules, only the “roughing” fouls - passer, snapper, holder, and kicker - carry aotomatic 1st down as part of the penalty.
  2. Rankings

    Undoubtedly true. But the fundamental difference between a coaches’ vote evaluation and an observer-based system is that the latter has the better chance of accurately identifying the best crews to advance. So, while some may still perceive it as “unfair”as applied to a specific crew, many more will acknowledge that the process itself is fair, in contrast to the present system.
  3. Rankings

    I don’t know how accurate this is. But I do know that many, many officials hold this view, or at least, parts of it. Any system of promotion/compensation based on performance evaluation has to have 2characteristics in order to claim legitimacy: (1) it must be objectively fair, and (2) it must be perceived as fair by those being evaluated. We can quibble over whether the present system meets criteria#1. But there’s no question it falls short on #2.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bro_(subculture
  5. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Although he would probably be surprised to hear it, Coach Kennedy was one of my very favorites among the coaches I’ve worked for. We had our share of disagreements. But I loved working games involving his teams. Always so intense, so committed. Just like him.
  6. 40-Second Play Clock

    That’s an interesting point. The 40 second clock provides consistency ... at the expense of flexibility. I can certainly see where a consistent pace to the game would be advantageous, and I have no problem with the change from the 25 sec. clock to the 40. But I can also tell you that there were many, many occasions under the old system where I would hold the ready for play signal an abnormally long time to bleed the game clock in the second half of blowout games. Never had a single complaint from a coach over that.
  7. Ironically, Coach Jensen’s last game and my last game were ... the same game. Despite a disappointing outcome to the game, when it was over he made a point of coming across the field to shake my hand. First class all the way!
  8. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    You might feel that way. And most people might agree with you. But the only thing that matters is what Malzahn thinks. And keep in mind, he was one replay review that took a TD away from LSU on the final play of the game from being fired in 2016. I guarantee Malzahn remembers that. If he loses this weekend, after the whipping they gave Georgia earlier, it'll be a mutual parting of the ways.
  9. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    If he gets beat this weekend, 99%. If he wins this weekend, 0%.
  10. It’s not an excuse for missing a clear foul, more like a possible explanation. But sometimes this is harder to call than it looks. That’s because, depending upon where the motion man is in the formation, you never have a single official who sees both movements.
  11. If the ball was snapped without the motion man having stopped and re-set for a second, that is an illegal shift.
  12. How is their school board/administration now? There were times in the past when people in a position to know told me that certain school board members had a tendency to try to micro-manage athletic programs.
  13. The umpire might make this call. But the linesman definitely should. You can tell he knows the wide receiver is on the line of scrimmage because, if he weren’t, the linesman would be pointing “back,” signifying that the player closest to him was in the backfield. He wasn’t pointing back, so that tells the world the man closest to him was on the line. He’s got to know that the tight end - wearing an eligible number - is now “covered,” and thereby ineligible. That’s his call.
  14. That’s a bit embarrassing if no foul was called.
  15. I beg to differ. I call ‘em as I see ‘em. This is a rules issue. No ambiguity or judgment involved, if it occurred as described.