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  1. Lowell vs East Central!

    NICE! Im in!
  2. Lowell vs East Central!

    My son is 10, so not for a few years. I remember seeing it. We took the trolly thingy to and from the game. Cost us $2 a person round trip. cant beat it. one block walk from hotel to depot. get dropped off one block or so from GAB. The ride home was a bit adventurous. We were trying to find the trolly that took us back to where we came, but we got the scenic route.....throughout the tri-"city" area.....newport, cincy, covington.
  3. Lowell vs East Central!

    You like to roll the dice dontcha...lol GAB is a GREAT venue to see a game. My wife, son, and I went this past summer to watch the Cubs play there.
  4. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    https://www.ndinsider.com/recruiting/notre-dame-safety-commitment-paul-moala-a-big-play-big/article_6f324a3c-b9da-11e7-ada5-4f9139a95670.html Plus.....with Penn's young man committed to ND and Lowell's young man committed to IU, it is nice to see some of the state's best talent staying in state.
  5. Voice of The Raaaaaaayduhs!
  6. I am rooting for the Fighting Schneiders!
  7. I'm presuming Lowell still does 4 corners and conditioning BEFORE practice, then practice, then condition. It breeds! I'm going off my time coaching at KV w a former Lowell assistant (under Coach Kennedy) as our HFB. We did this and were trending upwards in this "breed". Coach Kilmer was also an assistant under Kennedy. Lowell Just seems to NEVER get tired. LOVE IT! I Remember one of our biggest rivals asking what we do to be fresh at the end of the game as they were tired, gassed, and winded.
  8. Penn/Carmel

    Congrats. That is a good thing for both programs and the conference all together.
  9. much better ealistic view here. dont have to build bleachers on the visitor side. see post above about gl-gl bleachers that go "x" amount of rows high. could be done if they choose. their money. do what they do. both pictures are helpful. thanks
  10. Michigan City at Kokomo

    yep. a very nice little one. Washington. great for a quick trip w the family. have visited many timses. right on the lake front.
  11. @rdpfootball the confusing little emoji thingy.....we are talking about stadiums correct? if so, think of whiting w the bleachers on just one side. the field is in place. could put very nice bleachers goal line to goal line and "X" amount of rows high. BAM, problem solved (if it were only that easy.)
  12. from the picture, looks like plenty of room, should they choose to build.
  13. Ali Frazier SLUGFEST if Lowell vs EC.