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  1. Marian Football rumors

    Makes me think, schools trying to be professional and polite by announcing this meeting this am and it "blows up". Might have ruined a good thing for the "media". Schools might not be so willing to extend such invitations in the future.
  2. Marian Football rumors

    I COMPLETELY understand what you are saying and I don't disagree per se, but this article is SO misleading and is a PERFECT example of fake news. Hope this makes sense. Best wishes Coach Glon and the MM FB family!
  3. Easy. Ben Davis 1995. I played QB in an option attack for Lake Central and Elmer Britton. I remember going many times head to head against Kyle Moffet (if memeory serves) at $. Regular season. Nothing on line, per se. We had a 4 year series w BD. LOVED competing w them. For us we lost all 4. 93-95 all games were close. The 96 game ( my freshman year in college) BD blew the doors off LC. The 94 game at LC was probably the most “hyped” in this series. I think we were both ranked pretty high.
  4. Bro Culture Gets out of Hand

    I did see and hear that he praised God during his postgame interview. I believe he also thanked others too.
  5. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    Mediocrity BINGO. The allure of being at nd only lasts so long. Pony up ND.
  6. In....... 3............... 2.............. 1............
  7. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    You are correct. I do not care one way or another and i do not watch. I do read and watch news, so I do still "follow" them. Reality vs. perception can be a dangerous slope. Good luck. ND will reload w/ another GREAT OL coach. Like possibly this guy.....BTW...check out some of the highlights of BCs AWESOME freshman TB. Had to run behind a pretty "decent" OL. Boston College freshman running back AJ Dillon was named to the All-ACC first team today, tying Louisville quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson for the most overall votes. Dillon was the first true freshman running backnamed to the first team since T.A. McLendon of N.C. Notre Dame: Bruce Feldman tweets to expect Boston College run game coordinator / offensive line coach Justin Frye to get consideration for the recently opened Notre Dame offensive line job.
  8. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    Mark Helfrich as OC. Will the Bears be running a play every 1.5 seconds? Hope it is ok for me to comment on this.
  9. Bro Culture Gets out of Hand

    Cheap shot by 48 from the Cardinals. Then ole Keith Van Horne w a cheap shot in retaliation. Anyone else remember how big those dudes seemed THEN and now look at how big the guys are now? Bortz and VH looked like (body wise) HS All Americans of today. Also, anyone see Jimbo Covert's block on the ensuing play? LOVE that type of fb. ***UA AA Game had and OL that was reported at 6'8"- 400 lbs. and could move!
  10. Bro Culture Gets out of Hand

    Did anyone see that little dude on the right of the screen punching someones helmet????????? Have these people learned nothing? have fun. break YOUR hand and ill be fine.
  11. EACS schools to get field turf

    We at KV host an annual marching band competition (which is AWESOME btw. I live close enough, open the windows, and free, beautiful music concert)and the football field is grass. I believe Rennsy hosts some marching band invite too, and their field is grass.
  12. EACS schools to get field turf

    No. You asked a question. I answered said question. You mustve forgotten, I am NOT a proponent of turf fields. I am a natural grass guy.
  13. EACS schools to get field turf

    I could see biology, other sciences, nursing doing research/clinical type studies comparing contrasting type thing. Just off the top of my head.
  14. Zach Prairie out at KV

    I just received our school board minutes from 1/8 and there was no mention of a new hfb coach. @Coach Nowlin posted on the coaches job board, KV's release for the head football coaching position posting. This posting had a hire date of Monday, 1/8/18.