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  1. Dang—low blow by calling out Dugger! They can’t catch a break.
  2. I wonder what seeds all the teams would have been who made it to state? B Davis, CE, Pioneer all #1 what about Brebeuf? Penn?
  3. I’m pulling for all the Southern teams... Memorial 36-21 Brebeuf although, Brebuef is one of the underdog teams to win semi state. Not many people thought they would be here.
  4. Pioneer will be the heavy favorite, but Eastern Greene won't be a pushover. Will Eastern let the bright lights of Lucas Oil get to them? Pioneer is a seasoned veteran team with their seniors getting their 3rd trip to state in 4 years. Eastern will be one of the top, if not the best team Pioneer has faced....I'd say they are definately comparable to Carroll Flora, LCC, and Monroe Central. Pioneer 38-16 over Eastern Greene
  5. Kokomo, with a 9-4 record punches their ticket to the Class 5A state finals! This is the Cinderella story of the year and probably the most shocking team to make the state finals. They were 4-4 at one point in the season with losses to Hamilton Southeastern 2-24, McCutcheon10-26, Laf. Jef 28-48, and Harrison 7-24. Kokomo was given an 18% chance to win sectionals, Sag had them 3rd out of 4 teams, rightfully so because they lost to the two top teams. They were given 5.4% chance for regionals, 2.1% for semi state, and 0.5% to win state. Granted, 5A north is relatively weaker than normal but the feat is still amazing. The Wildkats of Kokomo then got revenge on Harrison 13-8 and McCutcheon 37-7. In the Regional finals, they upset a decent Zionsville team 33-21.At Semi-State, we seen them beat a pretty good Michigan City team 21-14. Kokomo has a 12-0 team in 2015 lost 56-20 by FW Snider, 9-0 team in 2010 and lost 14-44 to Snider again, 9-0 team in 2009 and lost to Snider 7-42,… Since Snider moved up, the Wildkats slid right in that spot. Sagarin has Col. East winning 35-24. Obviously East is the heavy favorite, but these WildKats of Kokomo are having a magical season…
  6. Evans is a 5’7 140lbs sophomore? Two time player of the year- kid must be good. I notice a few solid wrestlers on the list!
  7. If it was at southridge, I’d say the Raiders are the favorite. But a long bus ride against a very tough, and experienced Scecina team, I have the nap town team winning. Scecina 36-28 southridge
  8. I see your point but most losses were very close. And to lose a close game against several nationally ranked teams is not a loss in my eyes.
  9. Regardless if you love or hate them, you have to give them credit. They could schedule all indiana teams, weak teams, etc... and likely go undefeated or only lose a few games each year. But they don’t, they test themselves.
  10. Regional scores

    Linduaer has about 300 yards passing in the first half... Looks good. Looks very accurate. What colleges are looking at him?
  11. Prior to the season we knew Cathedral would face a tough schedule, but look how it has turned out. I would venture to say this is one of the top 15 schedules in the nation. Here are there out of state games and results… (10-2) Saint X, Kentucky- Lost 28-35- They are in 2-0 in playoffs and two games away from state title. (11-1) King, Michigan- Lost 35-38- They are 3-0 in playoffs and in final four. (11-1) Pickerington Central, Ohio- Lost 20-25- They are 3 seed and play the 5 seed rival they already beat for chance to go to final four in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division one class. (11-1) Saint X, Ohio- Lost 7-31- They are the 1 seed in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division one class and 2-0 in the payoffs. (8-3) Ryle, Kentucky- Won 24-17- Ryle lost first round in an upset. (10-2) Saint Edward, Ohio- Lost 10-38-Lost second round in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division 1 class in a mild upset. Look at the teams they’ve played in state and in the post season.. Chatard and Center Grove who are always tough. Roncalli- defending state champs. Decatur Central 10-1 impressive team, and now they face Col. East! WOW…I am not tooting their horn on purpose but dang. Does playing this type of schedule hurt them in the long run with injuries and having to battle it out against future college football players nearly every single Friday night?
  12. Pioneer 26 Monroe central 7
  13. Eastern was overlooked until their win over Linton. Fountain Central hasn’t been a force for years and have experience on their side. This will be a very close game. Eastern 32 FC 24
  14. I want to say Snider wins but their game against Northrop scares me. Carmel over Snider 23-21
  15. They have a common opponent in Col. North. CE lost 17-34 THN lost 14-38 North has played a tougher schedule and will hang with East for a bit but East will pull away. East over TH North 55-27