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  1. Congratulations Southridge Raiders on a dominating victory. Good luck at LOS next week...now, bring home the "BIG" trophy!
  2. I've been hearing all year how Lindauer was the fastest kid on team and a great runner and tonight he showed it. Didn't get to see either one due to really bad streaming but Dan Agurski from 97.7 had a great call on each run. Congrats Tigers !!
  3. Combs with a pick 6...LOS here comes the Tigers! Congrats Tigers for a tremendous effort in just about the worst playing conditions you can have in a football game.
  4. Danville jumps on 4th & 5 ...Memorial gets a fresh set of downs Danville bench gets a 15 Yd unsportsmanlike penalty. ball on 45 yd line with <5 mins to go Danville forced to use it Time outs to preserve clock. Tigers should just have to protect the ball and they can punch their ticket to LOS next week.
  5. Danville fumbles into the endzone. Touch back for Memorial, 1st down at their own 20.
  6. SemiState Scores

    Internet announcer cannot figure out Southridge's name...so far they've been Southport & Shore Ridge. Kind of ridiculous, really that he does not know their name.
  7. Yes, earlier they had a comment at bottom of screen on time of the last lightening strike. That was around 2:23pm but more since then apparently
  8. That's troubling. In what many think will be a close game, PATs could well be the difference.
  9. While reviewing Danville stats on MaxPreps, I noticed something out of sorts. MaxPreps shows Danville converting only 48 of 66 PATs on the year, or just over 70%. That is low, even for high school. Are these numbers accurate and, if so, what has been the issue?
  10. Thanks for the info Woody, much appreciated!
  11. No dog in this fight but, full disclosure, my mother was a Memorial grad so perhaps not completely un-biased on this one... For the past couple of weeks, I have read endless GID comments that "the team that is the most physical will win". Obviously there is a certain amount of "physicality" in football, as Kirk Herbstreet likes to say on College Football broadcasts, but IMO once you get to the Semi-State round, every team is physical or they wouldn't be there. Every line can bock or, conversely, fend off blocks and thus the potential game changing difference may well be in the skill positions. I just don't see one team dominating the other physically in this game. But, I've been wrong before, just ask my wife. : - ) I think the advantage in this game will be the team whose athletes are able to step up and affect the game by making plays downfield, beyond the LOS. Can Danville's LB's & DB's cover Memorial receivers long-enough for D Line to get pressure on Lindauer or will the Tigers simply dink & dunk their way down the field with their short, precise passing attack? Will the Tigers be able to do the same to the Danville skill position players? I would not be surprised at all if line play cancels each other out in this one and the skill players have to step up and put their stamp on the game. It could well come down to a punt or kick-off return that swings the game one way or the other. Best of luck to both teams for a well-played, injury free game and may all fans get to & home from the game safely. Bring it home Tigers!
  12. MD did indeed play @ Danville in 2000 Semi-State. I can tell you from that experience, you will not find a better bunch of fans & hosts. Everyone we met was a class act and went out of their way to be friendly and helpful from the ticket takers to the concessions folks. Mater Dei was fortunate to come away with the win and at the end of the game, the entire Danville team formed two lines and made an exit for the Mater Dei team. Danville held their helmets up while MD players walked by and they congratulated the entire team. I have never seen a classier display of sportsmanship on a football field and will never forget it. Best of luck to the Tigers next week. Wish I could be there but it will have to be in spirit only. Hopefully this game will be streamed online as well. Anyone with info, pls post.
  13. Regional scores

    "Finn McCool" - is there any better name in local high school sports or local high schools period than "Finn McCool". Steve Mc Queen would play this guy in the movies!
  14. Memorial D managing to get stops and force 2 TO's. If Memorial scores to start 2nd half, you can turn out the lights. Some L'burg fans in the livestream chat are already abandoning ship...play by play guys asking folks to "keep their language clean"