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  1. They should not be in the same Sectional, and the fact they are is RIDICULOUS.
  2. Jerry Baker

    Jerry is the Pacers PA guy. The Pacers play on Friday and Saturday, so he will likely be tied up there.
  3. Westfield, New Pal, Snider, and other public schools have to play up. It's not just the PPs.
  4. Reese has over 2800 yards and 35 TDs vs 7 INT. He is the all-time leader in passing yards over Kyle Castner and now total yards at BD over Mr. Football James Banks. He was the leading rusher for the Giants in 2016. He also has done all of this in just 33.5 games. He could hit 3,000 if he can get 190 yards or more at State.
  5. I'm told the IFCA 6A coaches voted 31-1 to keep the bye the week before the State Championship Game instead of the first week of the tournament...we all know what happened there.
  6. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    BD is a complete team in all three phases. The defense is very solid. Decent size on the line and nimble, quick ends Willie Ervin, the sack leader. The linebacking core is led by IU recruit SirZion Dance. Elijah Ball is a 6'1" safety committed to Purdue. Kicking game is solid...haven't needed many field goals, but inside, I'd wager to say Isaac Torres could kick one from 45 yards if necessary. Giants don't get many touchbacks, but have speedy gunners. Hard to get return yards. The punter, Ty Nibbs, has mostly been like the "Maytag Repairman" this year. He has a good leg. Return game has produced some runbacks with Joey Person. Also, they have blocked some punts and kicks. Defense giving up about 13 ppg. As far as the Carmel game people keep pointing to, BD had four turnovers that night and left about three scores on the field. I think the Giants had over 400 yards of offense on the Carmel D that night if memory serves. Yeah, it was 28-10, but it wasn't in reality. Penn is legit, but I just don't think they've seen anything like BD. Had they played in Week 2 like the old days, I think that would help. Cory Yeoman and Mike Kirschner are good friends. There will be no score running up if the opportunity presents itself. I agree with indyyjr. BD is very well versed in limited possession games. People have been doing it all year. LN tried, LC tried, Carmel tried, Center Grove tried, etc. etc. Fact is when BD's offense is on the field, they will score at some point on you. The pressure is so great on your offense to try to score with them...and the BD defense is good enough to stop you.
  7. Congratulations on a great career, Coach Streiff.
  8. I was so glad to read that because Wes-Del won a Sectional game that it's ok that Lawrence Central is sitting home. Also, you can rest assured that all the best teams made it. Bobby Cox said so. When I read these things from Kyle Neddenriep, I read that the IHSAA has no stomach to do what's necessary to make the tournament better and has no clue about what makes it special. I mean, imagine if the NFL used this same mentality. We'll let every team play. The Browns might draw the 49ers in the first round while the Eagles and Patriots play. Those Browns fans get a first round win while one of those two great teams goes home. In the end, you get the Chiefs and the Steelers or something...which might be a great game but... Congratulations to Wes-Del and that community on winning a Sectional game. It is important, but it doesn't make it right in the whole scheme of things. I guess different aims. I'm a supporter of the IHSAA. There are some great people there. Heck, they even gave me an award. I just can't support a tournament draw that has Ben Davis playing Avon in Semi-State when they are maybe 15 minutes apart after driving an hour the week before to play FIshers in the Regional and 45 minutes a few weeks before to play Lawrence Central in the Sectional. I can't support a tournament draw that pits potentially the best two teams in a Sectional and the worst two teams in a Sectional together so that one of the struggling teams goes on to the second round to get thrashed.
  9. That would be awesome to see the game on video. (BD and Reitz)
  10. Ben Davis vs Avon

    I went in and upvoted all the posts in question. Hope you feel better now.
  11. Ben Davis vs Avon

    Why would I give you a reason if I didn't vote it down? Go ask someone who did.
  12. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Talk to Mike Kirschner. Reese knows what he's doing, and BD gives him the freedom to improvise when he sees things. Reese is not only talented, but he's smart. He's incredibly hard to fool.
  13. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    11/17 Ben Davis and Penn games have been decided by eight points or less even though BD has won 13/17 of them.
  14. Penn/Carmel

    Yeah, I get that. I wish the IHSAA would post the '96 game so I could watch it. It's the only one since 1990 that BD has been in that I haven't seen in person. I know how the story ends, though. And they have it. Warren will return just about everybody who's anybody on that team next year. Warren has the potential to be pretty dominant next year.
  15. Ben Davis vs Avon

    Let's just move on. I'm not a flamethrower here, and I don't like making enemies. A few weeks ago, someone voted down on one of my posts for the first time. I didn't think it warranted one, but everybody has an opinion. Now, I just consider it par for the course. Don't take it personally. I didn't mean to start a flame war at all.