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  1. CIC WEEK 8

    Wilson is one of the top athletes in the conference. Only problem is, he usually has hardly enough time to get his fingers on the laces before he has 2 or 3 defenders in his face. Not much you can do at that point but try to run for your life.
  2. I second this. A lot of people probably never watched him play, but Sammy made defenses look silly even though he was smaller than everyone else. He performed admirably against Jaylon Smith and his Luers teammates as well during Smith's senior year. I think he may have broken a few tackles against the future NFL linebacker as well.
  3. CIC Week 3

    Those are awesome numbers. That's great. Kudos to your program for getting kids to come out to play.
  4. CIC Week 3

    I'd be interested to see how many 2A teams have 50 players. I always thought around 30-40 was a great number, but then again that's coming from a guy who has followed schools in rural areas with enrollment on the smaller side of 2A participants.
  5. CIC Week 3

    Ditto to this week's predictions. I don't even feel the need to write my thoughts any more. You nailed them. Also, kudos to you for the reference at the end of the EB vs. Elwood game. The only thing I will add is, I do think McGuire is going to try to turn into the night king from GoT and chuck that rock around like he's leading the white walkers to The Wall to take over Westoros by himself after losing to Lapel last week. This one's for you.
  6. CIC Week 2

    I second this notion. Would be nice to have for basketball and football as well.....
  7. CIC Pick em - Week 1

    Anderson Prep Academy at Frankton Blackford at Jay County Eastbrook at Norwell Elwood at Indy Scecina Madison-Grant at Tipton Mississinewa at Lapel Oak Hill at Eastern (Greentown) Wes-Del at Alexandria
  8. CIC season openers

    You got that right.
  9. CIC season openers

    This reply has nothing to do with what you wrote regarding Ole Miss's first two opponents, i just wanted to applaud you on your avatar. Well done, sir.
  10. CIC Schools questioins

    Agree with this 100%. I'll never forget walking through and around those crowds getting spit on and cussed at as a high school player, lol. They were truly relentless.
  11. Snider vs Westfield

    Thank you for the recommendations!
  12. Snider vs Westfield

    I don't recall the wind really helping the kick much at all. If it's any consolation, extra points nearly went over the fence at the end of the track in the end zone. On another note, I will be attending the IU & IPFW game next Tuesday at The Coliseum, any hole in the wall restaurants in the Fort Wayne area that Snider fans or Fort Wayne residents recommend?

    Eastbrook Knox Winamac Busco Eastbrook

    You mean you're not a fan of the (281) 330-8004? I happen to like vanilla pudding, thank you very much..