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  1. Very competitive in our youth league which consists of Sullivan, Washington, North Knox, North Central, Eastern Greene, and North Daviess.
  2. Each sectional has a rep on the ratings board. There is an at large north and an at large south rep as well. The list and the photos on the website are outdated as you have pointed out. However, each head coach knows who their ratings board member due to contact throughout the season. There is also information that the rep passes out during the sectional meetings. The IFCA has been in the process of updating the Website and modernizing it for usage with only payment of dues and submission of forms. It is a pretty involved process but will be much more streamlined when complete. I am sure that it will be updated this offseason with the correct data. The ratings board does vote for Mr. Football but it only counts as a portion of the vote.
  3. Coaching Stipend

    Yes its typically a sheet that attached to the teachers contract. So each ECA pay that is in the schedule is part of the board and ISTA local negotiations. Some small schools have it made though... Tecumseh for example gets the same amount of pays and stipends as the larger schools in their district.
  4. Coaching Stipend

    Our coaching stipends are listed in the ECA pay schedule. Boys and Girls Basketball makes the same (more than football btw) Our pays are pretty low... I made almost as much being an assistant at 5A...
  5. This pretty much sums it up boys... Maybe the best underdog story of all time? Little engine that could? He just kept chuggin' along ... chuga chuga chuga chuga ... toot toot.
  6. Any Given Friday... No certainties in life fellas...
  7. ???IFCA poll???

    The poll was released on 9/19... its also been updated on the John Harrell site
  8. AP All State Teams 2016

    Muerer was the best 1A player in the state.
  9. North Central (F-Burg) celebrates its 50th year of varsity football next season.
  10. Ritter VS. Lapel

    Shout out to #30 RB/OLB Josiah Hudson (my nephew). Go Bulldogs!
  11. Forfeit

    Had a similar situation happen to us this year. Game is a forfeit if you have a contract and the other team refuses to play. Unless both Schools agree to cancel it. In our situation, the IHSAA ruled the game a forfeit but John Harrell would not give us credit for it on his site. He does not award forfeit wins for unplayed games. Which is his policy.
  12. Martinsville Artesians

    Coached at Martinsville with Coach Siderewicz. Great family always made my wife and I feel welcome. Great memories on Friday Nights at Coach (Bill's) house after the game was done! Go Artesians!
  13. Sagamore 2016

    At one point in time... Someone rolled the dice on every current head coach in the state.
  14. Sagamore 2016