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  1. Southport @ Center Grove

    Out of sync... CG has scored 105 points the last two games and at Jeff it wasn't Jeff's D it was the sloppy field that held CG to 35! Injuries hurt but as it's been stated before, next man up. So they moved their all state center from last season back to center and play on. Not saying the injury hasn't had an effect just saying the backs aren't out of sync and with an effective passing game this season it makes CG a little harder to figure out and game plan for.
  2. Southport @ Center Grove

    Maybe they were playing at a competition. I know they won't be there this Friday because they are downtown playing at 8:15!
  3. Southport @ Center Grove

    That's funny I remember talking to you but I didn't recall you being suicidal!
  4. Southport @ Center Grove

    Just burritos?
  5. Southport @ Center Grove

    Don't allow fireworks, music, the horn, milk jugs or however you support your team to be taken away, that's what makes the atmosphere so special at HS football games... Best bang for your entertainment $$ you can find. Let's not let Friday nights become the NFL... No fun league.
  6. Southport @ Center Grove

    They let me bring the horn in at LOS two years ago for the North Central game and that thing rattled the rafters. Last year they wouldn't let me bring it in for the Whiteland game. I don't know why?lol
  7. Southport @ Center Grove

    Good luck to Southport, praying it's a safe game for all and it should be a great football game. Southport has some really good quality athletes... It's not an accident that they are 11-0. Need to get each other on the schedule in the near future!
  8. Southport @ Center Grove

    From what I've been told over the years (of breaking the rules) the only thing you can't have is your marching band. Like BD stated the best way not to hear the horn... don't let CG score! I was told we could have the fireworks, play music and use the horn. I don't blow the horn once the ref starts the play clock and I don't blow the train horn until they cross the goal line. I'm not disrespectful to the other team, just supporting the boys! Btw Panther, I hope you know I was kidding about the milk jugs. I enjoyed hearing the three shakes... South fans just supporting their team.
  9. Southport @ Center Grove

    The IHSAA doesn't prohibit the use of an air horn. I've blown the horn for the last 12 years and I've always been able to use it during the playoffs! It's an air horn, it doesn't use batteries or electricity.
  10. Southport @ Center Grove

    The fans and players like the horn but nothing compares to how annoying those stupid milk jugs with rocks in them, like they use at Bloomington South!!!
  11. Southport @ Center Grove

    Really Southern A. I wasn't talking to you and 2. It was a joke! Lighten up and if you want to come and blow the horn you can. I usually let the little kids blow it a couple of times a game!
  12. Southport @ Center Grove

    BD your a true fan of HS football because usually when a fans team gets beat you don't see them on here until the following season! You are also one of the classiest posters on the gridiron. Never really have anything controversial to say just want some good conversation back and forth. I was a little surprised by the Pike victory but as it's been stated before any given Friday night and the MIC is brutal. Like I said before kudos to the Giants, they pulled it together and had a great season.
  13. Southport @ Center Grove

    I believe there will be plenty of cow bells as well on the CG side! Woohoo lady must be a Southport thing:)
  14. Southport @ Center Grove

    That's the beauty of the tournament, you get one chance to prove which is the better team! I don't believe CG has pressure on them, they've been there and done it. I know they're enjoying the ride and they believe it's their time;) can't wait for Friday night. Should be a great atmosphere and a great HS football game! Good luck to both teams and let's pray for an injury free game! Hopefully the horn will be blown often Friday night:)
  15. Southport @ Center Grove

    BD admittedly played a huge part of CG playing a poor second half. BD really recovered well from a bad stretch of 2-3 games. I know injuries played into their struggles but they could of packed it in but their pride wouldn't allow that attitude, kudos to the senior leadership. BD is going to be really good next season!