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  1. Columbus north

    I might have not post the Question right but all I was try to find if their was any official news on Coach Bless from people in the know from CN, not rumors or hear say. Sorry if it seems like anything else.
  2. Columbus north

    where are you getting this Is fake new ? I get and do understand not want to spread rumors. That being said their was fight between Coach Bless and one of the coaches on his staff during the middle of the game, he was suspended for the rest of the season and I have not heard a word since if he was staying or going, My friend and I where talking about it a few weeks ago and I thought asking on here in anyone knew any thing.
  3. Columbus north

    They only reason I bring this up and ask. I have a fellow sergeant in my army res. Unit. That is friends with the assistant coach he got into his fight with and told me that he was hopeful that Bless would get fired. Of course he is biased being friends with the assistant coach.
  4. Columbus north

    it is not a rumor just ask if any one know what is going on
  5. Has any one heard anything about Coach Bless? I know from talking to a few people that live down their that they want him to go.
  6. what 3 rules would you like to see change next year. my 3 are PIF should be a spot foul and first down and not just 15 yards the max dress for the playoffs should be lifted move the start time of the games back to 730
  7. Center Grove @ Avon

    For the most part CG is always been one dimensional. AS far as Steele goes there is a running joke going around a few people I know how good is this kid going to be when he start growing fascial hair
  8. Center Grove @ Avon

    Cg may down this year and next but just what and look out when the rest of Steele's class are JR and SR
  9. Center Grove @ Avon

    not sure where you are getting CN out played CG in the send half. CG had a long scoring drive to start the half. plus had 2 more chace to score but just missed field goals. CN only score drive of the half was helped by a bad PIF call. That was the only drive they made it past midfield in the 2nd half
  10. Sectional 8

    my one question would be why would the CN kid that hit the CG QB well after the whistle on a play blow dead was not kick out. How is this any differ from the play out of bounds
  11. Sectional 8

    Truth be told I think it from a hit he took on one of the first plays of the game.
  12. Sectional 8

    The return of red on red
  13. Sectional 8

    still not sure how you get suspend but not really suspend. But that is for a different conversation. someone ask about if CG has seen WR the size of CN, I would have to say ever game they played this year has had team with big WR
  14. Sectional 8

    Is Coach Bless going to be on the sideline for the game. I have heard he was done for the year, but also have heard it was just one game
  15. First time playing FC since 1990