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  1. Good Games in SW Indiana on Jan 12th?

    Ooh even if it was just a scrimmage - Ouch! Bloomfield's been a little down since their State Finals run in 2016. 11-14 last year and they couldn't win one of the easiest sectionals in the state.
  2. Hamilton is the punter. He punts "rugby-style" meaning he could take off and run at any time. Averages 34.3. If his punts aren't fielded they get a ton of roll when they land.
  3. I grew up in Linton, played for Linton and now I write for the Linton paper. But my daddy grew up near St. Henry and played for the Holland Dutchmen. And I spent a lot of time around Huntingburg as a kid. So I’m always gonna root for the Southridge Raiders. ‘Cept when they’re playing Linton. Go Raiders!
  4. I said the same thing myself several weeks ago - this was the matchup I wanted to see. I WILL be there too! And I’ll have a view from the sideline! Lucky bas#ard me and don’t think I don’t know it! That’s the beauty of Greene County sports. Every year it seems I get to be front and center for a State Finals. In four or five sports.
  5. Four years running now. North Vermillion the first two, Greene County the last two.
  6. Good Games in SW Indiana on Jan 12th?

    Linton plays at Bloomfield Jan 12. Not sure how good either of these teams are just yet but it’s always a good rivalry
  7. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Shooter, I don’t understand these numbers - what does it all mean?
  8. BTW Harrell’s site picked Barr-Reeve by 25, 59-34. Last year BR won 62-16
  9. I gotta tell ya I did a double take when Rehmel texted me his boxes from tonight. Linton 66 Barr-Reeve 25. I don’t know how good Barr-Reeve is or isn’t. I do know was used to seeing the Lady Miners on the other end of scores like that, even against not-very-good opponents. Not only does the future look bright, the present looks pretty good too.
  10. Agree, Eastern’s defense is much improved this year compared to years past. One other major difference - two of Hamilton’s favorite targets Ethan Helton and Jaden Evans (Joel Weimer is the third) did not play football until this year. So they also have weapons like they’ve never had before. Helton btw is a pretty good basketball player too
  11. 1. Nobody’s beating Pioneer in 1A. 2. As much as I like Southridge and want to see them win, Scecina probably beats Southridge and tops Eastbrook at Lucas Oil. 3. 75% chance a parochial wins 3A (thank you Mr. Obvious.) I do think Danville-Memorial will be a good game. 4. I want to root for Lowell here. But Dwenger beat the s#it out of a higher-rated (according to Sagarin) Angola team. 5. I’ll give you Cathedral in 5A. So I’lol give you 5 out of 6 toward your “perfect postseason” One other thing - Lutheran better not overlook Eastern Greene.
  12. Changed mind

    I was initially thinking Eastern Greene wins big over Fountain Central. Now I’m not so sure.
  13. SWIAC 2017-2018

    It is true. He’s a 6-7 foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic. I don’t know if he can play any good or not but he certainly looks capable. Long and athletic.
  14. Yeah, you’re probably right. But it ain’t bad if you ain’t used to much. And since I live in Linton...
  15. It ain’t the yeast rolls, it’s the strawberry jam that goes on ‘em!