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  1. Graber Post Classic Review

    Definitely agree
  2. Graber Post Classic Review

    Barr-Reeve is something of an enigma to me. They play well against decent 2A teams like Linton and South Knox, yet they struggled to beat middling 1A teams Orleans and Dubois by 3 points each. Now Blackhawk is a "different animal" so to speak...as you said "loads of length and talent" (that you typically don't see at the 1A level, but that's a whole other topic.) But Blackhawk's the type of team Barr-Reeve needs to be able to beat if they're to win another state title. Perhaps the Vikings would have been just as well off staying in 2A? (tongue in cheek rhetorical question ;- )
  3. Huge win for the Lady Miners tonight. 74-63 over 2A No. 11 Covenant Christian.
  4. Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    It was a joke. The Cave brothers were notorious homers way back when.
  5. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Eastern Greene 78, North Central 36. Eastern led 27-0 11 minutes in.
  6. Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    Couldn't have been the Cave brothers then!!!
  7. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Bloomfield shot 70 percent in Saturday's 65-37 win at WRV. Turner Royal 8-8 FG, 2-2 from 3, 18 points.
  8. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Linton 64, Shakamak 27. Lakers 1-18 shooting in the first half, 5-41 for the game. Barr-Reeve 69, Eastern Greene 57. 69 must be the Vikings favorite number at least against 2A Sectional 47 SWIAC teams Eastern led 20-18 after the first quarter and trailed by just 3, 35-32 at the half. Didn't see the game of course but it sounds like it might be a step in the right direction for the Thunderbirds.
  9. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Two other areas where Joey excels: One is player development. Austin Robertson is Exhibit A here. Not to mention some of the football players who turned out to be decent basketball players. Joey is also better than most at adjusting his team's style of play to the talent he has on hand as opposed to many coaches who play the same "system" regardless. Here's an example: The last several teams have played quite a bit of 1-3-1 half court trap and pressed full court. They had the personnel and the athletes for it. Whereas the 2012-13 team sat back in a 2-3 zone most of the time and didn't press much.
  10. Taps, I'm just going by what I read in the IndyStar article LOL! That and what I know of Jerry Hoover's history. According to the article, Blackford wasn't going to hire him until they vetted him and a simple Google search turned up an endless list of Jerry Hoover stuff. Of course ringers help. And maybe that's why they hired him. But as an old guy who's been "put out to pasture" a time or two myself, I'm happy to see the old guy get another chance to do what he does. I'm still p!ssed Dos Equis put my man "The Most Interesting Man In The World" out to pasture to cater to millennials!!!
  11. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Did not know that about Shoals. I've only seen them play once in the last couple years and that was against Dugger. Linton doesn't really fit into any conference, at least none nearby. A little small, enrollment-wise for the WIC, plus Linton will never offer sports like soccer and wrestling. That and the WIC has already over-expanded IMO, what with its East and West divisions. Linton's better served as an independent in football anyway. It gives them the freedom to schedule the likes of Southridge, Monrovia and Cardinal Ritter. Not sure conference affiliation matters all that much anyway. Even if Linton did drop out of the SWIAC they'd still play most or all of those teams anyway because they always have. And it's only 7 games out of 20+. Still not a huge fan of the SWIAC though. And you're right Taps, the Blue Chip was once very good. I remember when it truly was the "Blue Chips" of smaller-school Southern Indiana basketball.
  12. Really happy for Jerry Hoover too. And kudos to Blackford for looking past his age, seeing what he's accomplished and realizing he's still capable.
  13. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Agree 100%. I remember when Linton first joined the SWIAC (I was living in Indy at the time). Our basketball teams weren't very good then. When I read about it my first thought was, SWIAC??? Is Linton de-emphasizing athletics? I get it though. A lot of people in Greene County can't let go of the rivalries and the "glory days" of the old Switz City Sectional. Which is probably a big reason why we're stuck with the Greene County Invitational today. It was a decent tourney a few years ago when some of the teams were better. Not so much now. Who locally has any interest in watching Eminence and Lighthouse Christian Academy. It's not just the SWIAC either. I've talked to several coaches in the Blue Chip who would love to get rid of Shoals and Washington Catholic.
  14. Linton at Barr Reeve

    Overhyped Miners lose clutch game again? Yeah, I’ll give you that. On this occasion. FWIW, I never thought the Miners were a Top-10 2A team to begin with. Too many questions (which were answered). For instance, coming into this season I knew the personnel they had coming in and I knew they’d likely struggle to guard (anyone good anyway). Overhyped? We all know what rankings are based on, especially early in the season. Rankings are basically worthless. But typical Miner BB stuff over the years? Can’t take ‘em serious? That’s where you and I will have to agree to disagree my friend. The 2014 team overachieved. They came within a busted inbounds play in the final seconds of repeating as regional champions. This was a ragtag bunch that didn’t even win the Greene County tourney or the SWIAC. Yet they won a sectional I didn’t figure they’d win. Beat South Knox who pounded them at Linton during the regular season. The 2015 team went back to the semistate. Beat Mater Dei by a dozen in the regional after Mater Dei beat them by 15 in the regular season. 2016, yes they laid an egg against Providence in the regional. So maybe that’s “Typical Miner BB stuff.” But they did win their fourth sectional in a row - something that had never been done before at Linton. And winning “that” sectional is in itself an accomplishment. Last year? I knew they’d struggle against Barr-Reeve in the sectional. But they did beat Terre Haute South in the Wabash Valley. Which only fueled the “hype” I guess. You’re right. Losing by 20 to #1 1A is no way to win the State. But this team is not a state title contender. Maybe they will be by March, maybe they won’t. I think not, it’s a flawed team. But do they have to win a state title to be taken seriously????