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  1. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    East: 1. Tipton- Return 16 starters and will be a senior laden team. High expectations. 2. Cass- Very good Junior to be class lead by Eurit and Zeck. 3. Heights- Good skill kids in Webel, Knott, King and Pennington but must find a QB. Will need to replace some very good OL as well. 4. Western- lost a ton of Seniors including Knepley but still have some dudes. Will more than likely be starting a freshman QB, 5. Northwestern- Struggled last year and lost quite a bit and will have another new coach. Hrabos at Qb is solid though West: 1. WL- Loaded once again. Defense is going to be straight nasty. Must replace those big OL and QB but they’ll be fine. 2. RC- Haven’t played them in a few years so don’t know as much about them but are always good and well coached. 3. LCC- Another new coach and should be improved. Good skill kids as always in Deinhart, Schwartz and Roach. 4. TL- We get to play them this year but as of now I know nothing about them other than they will be very well coached. 5. BC- Know nothing about them. Hopefully they’re making improvements.
  2. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Tipton won the Big School 7 on 7 tournament at Center Grove. Beat Indian Creek, Western, Pike, Gibson Southern, and then Center Grove in the championship.
  3. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    He is pursuing college football. He is currently being recruited by Western Michigan, Indiana State, UIndy, several Ivy League schools and Ashland among other D2’s and NAIA’s. He was on a visit to D2 Ashland this past weekend. He is being recruited in baseball as well. He lead the HC in hitting as a sophomore and guessing he is again this year with his .512 average. Football is what he wants to do in college though. He was just at Rivals camp in Ohio and will now be in their database. Awesome kid as well.
  4. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Congrats to West Lafayette’s George Karlaftis and Tipton’s KJ Roudebush for being selected for the Prime Time 25 players for 2018 and be on the cover of the Gridiron Magazine.
  5. Oak Hill's defacto club basketball team

    I’m happy for Coach Renbarger and the whole community but I just don’t agree with homeschool kids being allowed to play. At Tipton(guessing most schools) if you are not at school the day of a game by 10 am you’re not allowed to play in the game. Oak Hill has 3 kids that attend 1 class(P.E) and then play in their games. If you aren’t going to that school full time then you shouldn’t be playing on their basketball team. Just my two cents.
  6. 2A Football

    There’s some Cass people on here that can give better insight than me but I do know they had some very talented sophomores last year. Should be pretty good this coming year and even better the following year. They went back and forth between the Mannering offense and a Shotgun spread offense in which they still ran the ball quite a bit in.
  7. 2A Football

    1. Scecina 2. Southridge 3. Tipton 4. Eastbrook 5. Renssealer 6. Linton 7. Mater Dei 8. Western Boone 9. Cass 10. Woodlan This is my best guess off what teams have coming back.
  8. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Tipton will be a serious contender in 2A. Return a ton on both sides of the ball lead by a very strong senior class.
  9. CIC Sectional Week

    Tipton was pretty dialed in last night. The defense too Alex out of everything they wanted to do. Alex loses 3 starters but should be better next year with their 2 best players returning.
  10. CIC weekly-ish thread

    You would think but strange things happen come tournament time. We got upset by MG in the Sectional Championship in 2015. Alex is every bit as good as they were that year.
  11. CIC weekly-ish thread

    Alexandria is a solid team. Seem to be playing well right now. Tipton is dealing with some injuries/sickness lately. Hopefully ready to roll on Tuesday.
  12. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Tipton will be similar to the 2013 State runner up team in that there will be a lot of Seniors and experience. The one difference is that the sophomores next year is a very talented class. 2013 didn't have much behind them. It all starts with Roudebush back at QB. He returns all his skill players outside of Burkett including big play Luke Stoker. OL should be pretty good as well with 3 full time starters and 2 others who played a ton. Offense should be even better next year. Defense still returns some very good player lead by DE's Carter and Baird, DT Brown, LB Connor, S Lillis, S Stoker, CB Flanigan. London and Edwards will be tough to replace at LB but have some kids that should be ready to step up. High expectations for this team.

    Man only if Woodlan would have hung on!

    3 Point Game Ben vs Ben Davis 4 Point Games Pioneer vs Eastern Greene Kokomo vs Columbus East Woodlan vs Southridge 5 Point Games Lowell vs East Central Brebeuf Jesuit vs Evansville Memorial
  15. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    2 Point Games Penn @ Carmel Avon @ Ben Davis Columbus East @ Indianapolis Cathedral Brebuf Jesuit @ Mishawaka Marian Monroe Central @ Pioneer 3 Point Games Lowell @ Fort Wayne Dwenger Greenwood @ East Central Woodlan @ Eastbrook Eastern Greene @ Indianapolis Lutheran 4 Point Games Michigan City @ Kokomo Evansville Memorial @ Danville
  16. "Big" HS football players....

    Haha they owe us for all 4 Faulkner boys! Agree on WL, the most impressive looking HS OL I've seen. And them boys can move too!
  17. Dumbest post I've probably ever read here. You keep outdoing yourself. First the hospitality at the game was bad, now it's at a local restaurant. Once again the QB is the last kid you should call cocky. Kid is incredibly humble so I know you're blowing smoke there. All the rest is just made up BS as well. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8650980/59f638dabd751e0a3c919b32
  18. What in the world are you talking about? Who was cocky? A player? A fan? Coach? Pretty sure no Tipton person was "cocky" before the game. As far as the hospitality, I have talked to Webo people who enjoyed their trip to Tipton. Sorry it wasn't as pleasant for you. Also Roudebush threw for over 2,400 yards this year and just took a visit to IU Saturday. Kid can sling it. Let's take a look at Tipton's best wins compared to Webo. Tipton 38-14 over sagarin #73 Western. Tipton 17-13 over sagarin #101 Cass. Tipton 33-12 over sagarin #130 Sheridan. Webo 35-34 OT over sagarin #84 Tri-West. Webo 19-7 over sagarin #130 Sheridan. Webo 21-7 over sagarin #132 Southmont. Now all this is a moot point since Webo won but going into this game, Tipton had better wins. Thank you sir! Good luck Friday!
  19. I think the Tipton paper had him for 182 and 122. Probably depends if you give him negative rushing for the bad snaps. Is the Webo-Scecina game going to be online anywhere? I apologize if this has already been posted.
  20. Tipton's QB got cocky and got shut down easily? He's the most humble kid I've ever been around. He also had over 300 yards of offense that game and was hands down the best player on the field. Also, you clearly haven't seen WL play or even checked their scores. Whole different animal!
  21. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Regional Championships

    2 POINTS EACH Carmel @ Fort Wayne Snider Center Grove @ Avon Michigan City @ Concord Kokomo @ Zionsville Kokomo shocked me last week but Zionsville win over New Pal impressed me more. New Prairie @ Lowell Russ Radtke coaches New Prairie. Did not know that. Remember him bringing his Griffith team to Tipton in 94 for Semi state. Fort Wayne Dwenger @ Angola Evansville Central @ East Central Mishawaka Marian @ Fort Wayne Luers Indianapolis Chatard @ Danville Calling a Chatard-WL State rematch. Woodlan @ North Newton Indianapolis Scecina @ Western Boone Webo crowd will be rocking but Scecina in a close one. Indianapolis Lutheran @ Indianapolis Arlington Fountain Central @ Eastern Greene Southwood @ Monroe Central Southwood and their aerial attack are rolling. West Lafayette @ Brebuf Jesuit Computers say this will be close. I'll take WL by 3-4 TD's
  22. Man why did you have to bring that up again? Lol Without knowing a whole lot about Scecina, I expect this to be a good game. Webo brought a great crowd to Tipton so I'm going to guess playing this game at home, they will have a huge crowd.
  23. 4A schools remaining

    Kind of. I didn't know a football field shared the same name as Tipton's basketball gym. What school is it?
  24. 4A schools remaining

    The Inferno? Who is playing at Tipton's basketball gym?
  25. CIC Sectional Finals

    I watched the second half of the Western-Mississinewa game and glad I did. I'm still trying figure out how my Blue Devils held Knepley to under 100 yards. Kid is so good. The Indians have some serious weapons as well. Campbell and Skeens in particular. I thought the last drive that Western went down field(picked off) too soon. Let Knepley get out of pocket and give him run/pas option. They only needed a few more yards for FG range. Congrats to Mississinewa for hanging on and good luck next week.