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  1. A sincere thank you to the brave men and women that have served and continue to serve. Your service and sacrifice are greatly appreciated!
  2. There have been many programs that have been on the brink of cancellation and have found a way to work hard, resurrect themselves, and be very successful. Just because a program is falling on hard times, doesn't mean you teach the kids that are coming out and fighting day in and day out, its ok to quit on them. There are many important life lessons that can be learned, even on a losing football team. Lessons like perseverance, teamwork, accountability, responsibility, and just all around respect for fellow teammates and coaches. If you're looking at the almighty win as the most important lesson learned, you're missing out and you're doing the kids you coach a disservice. Im not saying winning is not important, it is very important, but I am saying that being a part of something bigger than yourself is more important. If you continue to tirelessly teach the lessons talked about above, winning will, eventually take care of itself.
  3. I'll explain this to you when I have time. Right after my enshrinement speech in Canton.

    Im not sure about Centerville as a program, but they have a good Coach. Coached against him many times and is a quality coach and a class act.
  5. Tough being a coach these days

    I completely understand, and it is a risk-managmewnt issue. However, if you have kids that do not have the means to get to practice any other way, sometimes you take that chance. I would hate to not have the opportunity to positively impact a kids life strictly because he, nor his family could afford transportation to and from practice. And as I said, I understand the legal issue here, but I also understand changing lives and providing young men with tools to be successful in life, not just football.
  6. Tough being a coach these days

    This is not only a Coach problem, this is a society problem. I know there are many great parents that are teaching their kids to be gritty and do things the right way, but on the other hand, many are too worried about hurting people's feeling instead of teaching them the right way. If we teach our athletes anything as coaches, it should be that life is not fair and you have to persevere through tough things in life to be successful. We are are doing our kids a disservice teaching them the world revolves around them and preparing them for a warm and fuzzy real world that doesn't truly exist!
  7. Bleacher Quotes

    After the defense jumps across the LOS "He got back"
  8. Bleacher Quotes

    With a few of those pass interference calls that might have been the ref that was saying that. No sour grapes here though, great hard fought game and good luck to the Bulldogs the rest of the year, you have a really nice team. And I should say, aside from those few pass interference calls, it was a well officiated game.
  9. Bleacher Quotes

    "Block - Line" Now there's a great coaching point!
  10. Let's hear some of the great insightful quotes that you hear at any given football game on any given night. I'm partial to the "Git Eem" (Get Him) that you will hear at any football game at any level you attend.
  11. Was Coach Wimmer allowed to coach his team while the investigation was underway? If he was not, that is penalizing the football team, by not having their head coach, if they find no wrongdoing.
  12. It should be an interesting year in the ICC, for sure. Good luck tomorrow night, stay healthy and compete. IT'S ALMOST HERE!
  13. Getting to play on the varsity football field with both of my brothers. All 3 of us playing the greatest game ever created together was something special!
  14. Coach Moyers to Warren Central

    Coach West and Coach Moyers together. That sounds like trouble to me! Congratulations to both of you, two great coaches and even better guys!
  15. Phone a friend if drinking

    Not preaching to anyone. It can be used as a teachable moment to teach a kid to not make the same mistakes that you have made. I am sure everyone on here has made mistakes, the only difference is some get caught. I'm sure Coach Fine learned a life long lesson from this and will not let something like this happen again. If one kids learns a lesson from his mistake it was not wasted. Coach Fine has admitted his mistake, and is accepting responsibility, and in the end accountability for your actions is one of the most important lessons you can teach a young adult.