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  1. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    I understand they are land grant. But your statement that the BIG would never admit city based universities. Just having some fun. More serious...I don't believe Michigan or Northwestern are land grant. I believe just a few years ago the BIG was recruiting Notre Dame, which is also not land grant. I see the BIG more focused on the quality of the school, and take pride that many of their schools are ranked by various groups in the top 25 for US public institutions. But, you may be right in that the preference is land grant. I truly don't know and just rambling with you. Certainly, the last 4 adds with Penn State, Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers would indicate you are correct.
  2. that's about right...I believe the fall 79 or 80 season. Really like the current facility.
  3. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    would never admit city based universities....location of the Univ of Minnesota?? Ohio State?
  4. Lawrence Central Filled

    No offense to your opinion. Just not sure if I buy your logic. LC is the only school in the MIC smaller than CG. So that doesn't hold water to your theory of the other bigger schools overwhelming other. CG has held their own and in some cases had their way with larger schools for years. Not only has the football program excelled, but so have other sports. Almost every semester, CG finishes 2nd to Carmel in the overall sports category. So they are used to hanging tough. Additionally, over 40,000 people in WRT today....and with the growing home construction south in WRT and new schools being built, not seeing a decline any time soon. CG will certainly transition in leadership down the road....just like any other school. They will have no shortage of fantastic options. And their feeder system continues to deliver...not many, if any, better in the state.
  5. yes...on both sides current photo
  6. Absolutely...loved that location.
  7. Are you talking the field behind Parkview? (Thorton & Wilson Park's area) Football transitioned to the BNL campus while I was in high school (frosh year) Played all my junior high games at the field behind Parkview. That field is still used for community events. As Dante indicated, it really wasn't quite downtown....just slightly west of the old Bedford High School....very close to the Boys Club (now Teen Center). Was there a field more downtown even earlier?? I do remember my folks telling me Bedford had banned football for years following a tragic death of a player...but I cannot confirm this....anyone??
  8. Back in my day, many moons ago, Oolitic had tremendous talent. Bobby Crane had an excellent career at Ball State and Brian Nikirk played at Purdue. In those days, the middle school was located downtown at the old high school...we had a several block walk to get to and from the practice fields. Was a nice walk in cleats......
  9. has to be a great feeling as a Warren QB throwing to David Bell. That young man is outstanding. Really enjoyed watching him play hoops the other day at CG.
  10. Bill Belichick

    I was at the game at the RCA dome....Pats stopped the Colts 4 straight times...I know all were inside the 5. Willie McGinest came out with an injury that slowed the Colts getting the snap off quickly in one of those early 4 players...had to be helped off the field. When they stopped Edgerrin on 4th down, McGinest was in on the play....he sprinted down the field in celebration to almost the 50 yd line...obviously not seriously hurt. Colts fans were livid. My young son learned a ton of words that day. The game was huge for the Pats...gave them home field in the playoffs against the Colts...and that factored in greatly with the Pats beating the Colts at cold Gillette in Jan during the playoffs.
  11. Bill Belichick

    you are correct....I was a year off...my bad. Regardless, turning that program around pretty quickly and back then Brady (for good reason) wasn't near the QB has been over the past 10+ years. But the Pats D was incredible...as a Colts fan, I remember the frustration they brought to the Colts O in the playoffs. That Linebacking corp was lights out with Bruschi, Johnson, Vrabel, and McGinest. (sorry for the spelling) Rodney Harrison at safety, Ty Law at corner, etc. were physical and lights out. Tough, tough D, along with an exception special teams gang. Man, did I hate those guys....but sure as heck respect what they did.
  12. Bill Belichick

    What's impressive about Belichick is that he took a 5-11 team in 2000 under Pete Carroll, and won the SB in his first year (2001) with a back-up QB. (Brady) Check the playoff scores during that first run...they won on defense and with a clutch kicker. That defense held the "greatest show on turf" to 17 points in the SB. Brady may have won the SB MVP because of the glory given to QB's....but it was about the defense, special teams and a great head coach.
  13. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    You make some good points. It will be interesting to see if Purdue will match offers and continue major investment in the program. But you make some good points about competition in the Big 10 West. I think Purdue is on the rise and because of this, the interest in Brohm will continue to grow.
  14. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    I think the real question is how long can Purdue keep Brohm......almost Tennessee bound just a few months ago. I just can't see Petrino being in Louisville forever. Plus I think other top 15 programs will come calling.
  15. I am not saying what is going on is legit. But we have had Indiana kids play for Holy Cross. My son and I made a visit to their Worchester, Mass campus when he was going through the process. (this was about 8 years ago) Back then, they had a kids from both Perry Meridian and I believe Carmel on their roster. Perhaps the coaches now have taken Indiana off their radar screen.