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  1. The Dream is Alive!

    Certainly happy for you that a bunch of 15,16,17 year old boys losing a football game brings you such joy, especially in a game where you have no dog in the fight. Congrats.
  2. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Yep. I believe it was the first year of class basketball. RebelDad was inquiring about the last 15 years and to my knowledge was the only sectional title they had in that time frame.
  3. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    They’ve won 1 back in 2013. Actually made it to the state championship but lost to Carmel. But yes the basketball program, while it’s been solid, is nowhere near as good as the football program.
  4. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    An all P/P class would have less parity than 6A.
  5. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Man you came out of nowhere and came in hot. Serious question, did Cathedral play a single game on WHMB40 before tonight? Genuinely asking. Have not seen the replay nor care to but just seems like you’re nitpicking just to nitpick.
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Great points. Kind of sums up Cathedral the last 3 years. This 2018 class without a doubt is the most talented class (in terms of D1 talent) to ever go through Cathedral but they just could never stay healthy as a group. Ekiyor’s injury had nothing to do with the final score tonight, you’re gonna struggle to beat anybody turning the ball over 5 times but you’re going to get buried by a good team like East, but it just makes you wonder what Cathedral could have accomplished playing with everyone healthy. Didn’t happen many times over the last 3 years and it’s all what-ifs and what could have been. Anyways congrats O’s, I expect them to roll next week and they will have the target on their back next year. Cathedral will definitely use this as motivation and should definitely be a wake up call that no matter how good somebody tells you you are, you have to earn it. People crowned Cathedral as 5A champions the second they bumped down.
  7. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Disagree. In this instance no, Columbus East was that good. But SOS 100% plays a part in some cases. In my opinion.
  8. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    In all fairness it was a lot of the non-Cathedral crowd predicting an Irish blowout. Anyone who has seen Cathdral play this year knows their defense has been susceptible. Combine that with a couple early turnovers that East was able to convert on and the final score is what it is.
  9. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    You had East -21 right? Haha. Well deserved, Olympian’s superior in all facets of the game.
  10. West Lafayette

    Don't know much about WL either but I'm guessing many just underestimated Brebeuf. They struggled early but played a hell of a schedule (for anybody) and were better for it. Guessing WL hadn't faced much, if any adversity all year and were shell-shocked once the Braves didn't give an inch. After a tough 2-4 start they rattled off 9 straight including a pair of back to back wins over 6A HSE and Westfield. They are my pick to win 3A from here on out.
  11. I think the biggest disconnect whenever the word "recruiting" gets thrown around is that everybody has a different perception of what actually constitutes as "recruiting". I do believe some think that P/P's offer full ride scholarships similar to how it works in college athletics. I don't know one private or parochial school that offers athletic scholarships, it just doesn't work that way. There are other forms of recruiting such as open houses, bulletins, TV ads, etc but P/P's have to advertise their school because they have no inherent feeder schools, especially a private school like Cathedral. They have to take kids from all form of demographics from all over their city because if they didn't, their doors would be closed. When you aren't guaranteed X amount of students a year you have to in other words "recruit". You can technically claim that every student attending a P/P in some form was "recruited". But the biggest advantage that Cathedral, along with other P/P's have, is that athletic success, academics, etc recruits itself. It's no different than girls from all over metropolitan Indy wanting to go to Carmel because of their swimming program. Success recruits itself in these instances.
  12. Right? Guy picking a nationally ranked top 10 team to win their state tournament is really going out on a limb. He's actually been wrong because he's predicted BD to blow through the 6A tournament and they've had to come from behind to win 2/3 games so far.
  13. Don't have a clue about what? How the IHSAA has jurisdiction over athletic transfers? You don't think Purcell transferring to Warren Central to play QB because Cathedral doesn't throw or have a D1 WR is anything but an athletic transfer? If the IHSAA deems your transfer was athletic based you aren't playing varsity for a calendar year. There's a precedent already set, many already involving Cathedral. I suggest you get a clue pal.
  14. What are you talking about? Transferring from school A to school B because school A doesn't throw the ball and school B has a D1 WR is about as clear as an athletic transfer as there can be, especially when the player in question doesn't live in the school district to which he's transferring too. That's grounds for being ineligible at the varsity level for one calendar year because the IHSAA prohibits transfers solely for athletics. A kid with D1 aspirations really can't afford to sit out his junior year can he? Warren Central also returns Jayden George next year and there is no guarantee that the player you're talking about would start even if the IHSAA rules him eligible. All I'm asking you is to think before you post, you don't do that. Even if the player you are talking about does transfer why talk about it the week before he plays in a game to go to the state title? It's not fair to the kid, it's not fair to his coaches, it's not fair to his team whom I sure all read this.
  15. The Dream is Alive!

    MC will keep their "parochial school virginity" (can we say that?) as Cathedral isn't a parochial school. Catholic? Yes, but Cathedral is privately and independently run.
  16. How realignment knocked Notre Dame off its pedestal

    Disagree on Georgia. They win out, including the SEC conference game, either against Bama or rematch of Auburn a 12-1 Georgia team gets in as SEC champion.
  17. I don’t think that’s the criteria at all. Only requirements for the award is that you must be a senior. Curious to know what players you feel were snubbed in the past?
  18. That was a question I asked in reference to Yuca’s post that’s since been edited.
  19. I figured that’s what you meant but was just making sure.
  20. All personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct personal foul? So if a player gets two roughing the passers or two face masks of the 15 yard variety it’s an automatic ejection? That doesn’t seem right.
  21. Speculating on a transfer of a 16 year old HS kid is dumb and negligent, especially when there’s no merit to it. He could potentially be ruled ineligible to play varsity next year as a transfer would clearly be for “athletic” purposes and sitting out a year could be damning to his recruitment. Cathedral also graduates a D1 RB and a D1 and AA lineman this year so wouldn’t be surprised at all if Cathedral opens up the playbook. Stop throwing out outlandish statements and hoping they stick.
  22. What do you base this off of? Even if it does happen, why bring this up at this time? There’s a time and a place for everything and this is neither the time nor place for that. I’m curious as well. What undue influences or proof do you have that Cathedral “recruits”?
  23. I’ve never once based my interest on the the local paper I follow selection of the best high school football in the state. I’m guessing it’s the same for 99.9% of the Star’s other readers. True. Always think it’s in Monroe for whatever reason.
  24. Look. There’s been 25 Mr. Football winners. By my count 13 have come from Indy or the immediate surrounding counties and 12 have come elsewhere. I understand there’s a perceived Indy media bias but can you really argue with some of the winners from Indianapolis? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Football_Award_(Indiana)
  25. Not sure the website but they are archived somewhere on here if you want to search through the GID.