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  1. Week 1 Scores

    Cathedral 31 Noblesville 7 Final
  2. To me that is why P/P's have such a distinct advantage. I can't imagine most schools A-4A have more than 1 or 2 feeder middle schools. With numbers dwindling as is, just tough seeing kids who don't get a lot of playing time in junior high want to come out for freshman year with the same kids group of kids who they all played behind, even with a potential growth spurt on the horizon. Most P/P's have 7, 8, 9 feeder schools and while there may only be 20-30 boys in an 8th grade class a large percent all play football and all get to play a fair amount. Say you have 10 kids from 5 or 6 different feeder schools all go out for freshman football at Roncalli there's going to be 3 or 4 QB's, 3-4 RB's, and so on each position. And you can only have 1 or 2 freshman QB's and while the other 2 or 3 QB's may not be as good as the other two, chances are they are still good enough athletes who all love the game and they end up playing different positions. People will say "recruiting" is why the P/P's are the way they are but it's really the depth. Schools with 1000 or less kids simply don't have the depth to compete and that's why the P/P's dominant their enrollment classes.
  3. For the safety of the kids? Absolutely. If it’s the Monday the week of the first game and I have 12 players show up for practice, it’s negligent to allow them to play a varsity game that Friday and there isn’t an opppsing coach in the country that wouldn’t understand. Common sense.
  4. Allowing a couple seniors to play a JV schedule at the possible expense of taking away a football program seems more than practical to me. The only casualties in your scenario are the few seniors + underclassmen who have zero control over the situation. I would be in favor of waiver that would allow seniors to voluntarily play at a neighboring school in a scenario where they were limited to a JV schedule but shutting down a program due to low numbers in a couple of consecutive classes would kill any chance of the program ever starting back up.
  5. Don't agree with this, as it denies kids the opportunity to play. Shouldn't punish seniors or the rest of the team by taking away football. Playing a JV schedule at least allows kids to play the game they love just so long they have the numbers and safety isn't an issue. But if you're struggling to field a varsity team week in and week out, playing a varsity schedule and/or being entitled to a playoff game should be the least of concerns for the coaches, parents, and administrators. Safety and common sense is imperative in this day and age.
  6. I would have no qualms with that.
  7. Warren Central at Center Grove

    Who is starting? Purcell or George?
  8. They do all make the playoffs though. Not trying to make light of the situation or turn this thread into a seeding/qualifying rant because there already is an ongoing thread with some good dialogue, but this is a situation where the IHSAA needs to take their head out of the sand and start applying some common sense when scenarios like these arise. I would like to see a rule implemented where if you don't start the season with X amount of players on your roster comparative to your ENROLLMENT classification (there are some teams playing up a class) you should be reprimanded to playing strictly a JV schedule.
  9. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Don't follow either nearly as much as football. Will say that there is much more parity in both those sports across the state where past results aren't quite as indicative as future results. One player can make an average to below average team good in basketball just like one dominant pitcher on a bad team could beat any team on any given night. Football is different, you get beat by 4 TDs one week you're likely looking at the same outcome in the playoffs with the all-in. I would support a qualification for basketball and baseball but don't believe it as a necessity like it is for football.
  10. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    But at least it’s discussion. Miss the gold ole days Bob. Almost wish the multiplier threads were back.
  11. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    I don't understand how a system that benefits a few (the collection of teams who just missed qualifying) should jeopardize the entire postseason. How is there no emotion in that? Let everyone in while refusing to acknowledge the regular season is backwards.
  12. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    This. I can't find another sport where a conference/division title doesn't in some way impact your postseason. You win your division in MLB and NFL, you're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. You win your division in the NBA, you get a protected seed. You win your conference tournament, you make the NCAA tournament. You win your conference in Indiana High School Football? A ping pong ball will determine your postseason opponent, with no protection I may add. It cheapens the value of a conference title. I don't oppose conferences as winning a conference title is definitely bragging rights, but how many conferences across the state have multi-competitive teams? How many conferences aren't dominated by the same 2-3 teams year in and year out? I truthfully don't know the answer to this, but I can only assume that same team(s) who constantly win their conference and aren't subsequently rewarded in the postseason don't get the full value in what a conference title should represent.
  13. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    So how does that benefit Indiana? If a 2-6 team is willing to pack it in for the last week or two what makes you think that aren't willing to pack it in after selection Sunday when staring down the barrel of Indy Chatard or Gibson Southern in round 1 of the playoffs? There's no logical reason why an all-in format should be catered to this point of view. If you can get up for an elimination game, then you can certainly get up for a 9 or 10 game regular season schedule where every game could theoretically be an elimination game. The state tournament is watered down as is. When your path gets easier to the state finals after the first or two weekends there is a problem. Can you offer any kind of support that participation would decline if they weren't entitled to a "10th" game? Are there that many kids playing football for the sole reason of getting an automatic playoff bid? If football isn't that big of a deal inside many athletic departments why would it make a difference then if you had to qualify for the postseason? These sentiments are purely emotional.
  14. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    http://gridirondigest.net/topic/58160-what-a-playoff-qualification-system-would-look-like/ Last year around playoff time I showed what a hypothetical playoff would look like in my proposed format. FWIW, Evansville Mater Dei and North Posey were both in the field and by a comfortable margin at that. Mater Dei was the #2 seed in the south and North Posey was the #8 seed. Records aren't indicative of a teams worth. There are plenty of ranking systems that rank teams on a number of criteria, not just W-L record. I don't think the IHSAA would ever resort to strictly W-L record because conferences are equally balanced.
  15. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    How can you come to that conclusion that the current format best fits Indiana? The postseason should be predicated on regular season success and should reward the best teams. Under the current format it does neither. How can you justify two 9-0 teams playing each other in the first round while two 0-9 teams play each other? The only way you can justify that is by coming out and saying the regular season is all for nothing. And it'd be true.
  16. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Then it would depend on the IHSAA proposal. In my proposed format teams are separated into North and South brackets only after the regular season has been completed and that is because North and South aren't equally represented across the board. In my format you would take the top 16 teams in 6A and 5A and then the top 32 teams in 4A-1A and once the field has been established, separate the 16 northern most teams and the 16 most southern most teams and then seed. In the scenario you proposed it would solely depend on where the ranked in regards to the top 32.
  17. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    There isn't qualification errors when ~50% of the field is admitted. You can claim that team 33 could have gotten in over 32 but that's literally life. A postseason bid should be rewarded to those who have good regular season success. There's zero advantage to being team #1 or team #64 in your given class under the current format. And again, seeding the top two teams would only re-enforce the need for a qualification system. What is the need/incentive for 50, 60 statewide blowouts for the first round of the playoffs? Just to tell kids they have the right to play a postseason game? I just can't get behind that philosophy. If you're going to seed, you're better off just seeding the entire sectional.
  18. Urban Meyer Death Watch

    Ah. I thought since Coach Smith was an employee of the university Urban had a duty to monitor. Same as if there was an allegation for one of Urban's players he would have the obligation. I thought it was more or less the same reason Paterno apologists still to this day defend him, he reported what he knew to his superiors, which he was required to do.
  19. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    I think whenever that statement is made it's tongue in cheek. There certainly is some merit to that because you could have 3 or 4 of the 10 best teams in the state in one Indy sectional, but the idea isn't to protect the Indy schools, the idea is to protect the regular season. When your seeding/opponent isn't reflected in the postseason it cheapens the value of the regular season. I look at it this way. In a qualification format you could theoretically treat each regular season game as a "one final Friday night". Two 4-4 teams playing in week 9 would potentially have a much larger meaning in a qualification format than with the current all-in. In the current format, that fifth win or loss has no bearing on your postseason outlook, while a fifth win or loss could mean everything.
  20. Urban Meyer Death Watch

    Exactly. Because of his position of power, Urban under Title IX has an obligation to report any allegations of sexual assault. If Urban did report those claims he's likely in the clear as he fulfilled his obligations. Now one can argue why nothing was done to Smith in 2015 and that probably stems from Smith not being charged with a crime. The investigation that is currently taking place isn't to decide if the allegations against Smith were true or not, it's an investigation into whether or not Urban fulfilled his Title IX obligations.
  21. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Well depending on who you ask.... But in all seriousness, a 50% qualification format is only going to negatively impact a handful of teams in each class. There will be a handful of legitimate gripes from certain teams who were on the outside looking in, but that’s life. There’s a teachable moment in that scenario. One of the single biggest myths about going to a qualification system is “teams packing it in after they’ve been eliminated”. If you’re playing football for the sole reason that you’re entitled to a tenth “playoff” game, you’re playing for the wrong reason. 99% of the kids playing in Indiana will see their football playing careers end with their last high school game regardless of the outcome. If you can’t motivate yourself enough to play the remaining games of your career after being eliminated from postseason contention you have bigger issues.
  22. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Why shouldn't a postseason format benefit the best teams? That's the question nobody has answered. Can you find me another sport at any level of competition where the best regular season teams aren't the most rewarded teams when it comes to postseason admission/seeding? Why should the postseason protect the undeserving teams and hurt the teams who did the best in the regular season? That's why the regular season is all for nothing with the current all-in.
  23. Smack Talk

    Cinnamon Life. Dont @ me
  24. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    That 16 seed had to QUALIFY for the tournament. That’s the point you’re missing. That 16 seed deserved to be there based on their regular season accomplishments.
  25. Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    All those teams would have been soundly in the field and seeded near the top. My model more or less reflects Sagarin but would include out of state opponents. FWIW GS and Memorial likely would have met at the regional round. Teams in the bottom 25% aren’t just going to magically get up because they are entitled to one more week. I’ve done the research multiple times on how bottom Sagarin teams fare against top Sagarin teams in playoff match-ups and there’s just no logical reason why there should be an inclusion of the bottom half. The data overwhelmingly supports the theory that upsets just don’t happen in any kind of consistent frequency.