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  1. Pretty simple solution. If you want to protest inequalities, do it on your own time, not your employers time. 99% of the people in this country would get fired or reprimanded for doing what these NFL players. Should have been the rule from the getgo, MLB and NBA have already had rules in place for years. And no chance the NFL will disallow the Anthem, the United States Defense Department gives the NFL wayyyy too much money for the NFL to dissolve the National Anthem. The solution they came up with is the most logical, stand or don't come out.
  2. I don't either as long as the IHSAA is consistent with their rulings. They aren't though.
  3. Are they looking in to Roman Purcell's transfer?
  4. Fake Kneeldown

    Is the current rule or the way it plays out # 1? I'd treat that situation like I'm a boxer. It's customary to come out and touch gloves before the start of the fight/round but everything is in play. When in doubt keep you guard. Purdue and Brohm have been pulling out trick plays all year and his WKU team actually ran that play in their bowl game last year (while Holt was coaching as Brohm had already left). Someone on the Arizona staff should have been shouting heads up. What is the customary approach between player/coach and referee before running a trick play that could be blow dead inadvertently? Do most coaches tell the referee's before game what they have up their sleeve and does the QB whisper to the ref right before?
  5. Big Ten Recruiting Rankings - Early Signing Update

    I like that and 1 protected cross game a year
  6. Big Ten Recruiting Rankings - Early Signing Update

    Harsh reality of playing in the B10 East.
  7. Big Ten Recruiting Rankings - Early Signing Update

    A typical IU class? Indiana has the 32nd best recruiting class in the country. When has that ever happened before. Wilson never broke 40. https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2018/all-teams/Football
  8. 2017 Hoosiers

    You are just looking to nitpick Allen. I know you don't like Allen, that's fine. But he's done everything you've bitched about or said he couldn't do in weeks. You bitched about the QB situation all year. They just signed a 4* QB who committed to IU over FSU. Now you're trying to argue it's a bad thing because we have too many. You bitched about IU having "MAC" running backs. IU just signed a 4* RB from VA, the highest recruit IU has ever signed. What do you have to say about that? IU has inked the 33rd best class nationally, that's 15 spots higher than Wilson's best class. What do you have to say for yourself? https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2018/all-teams/Football It's fine to dislike Allen, but give him credit. You are acting like a child.
  9. 2017 Hoosiers

    You have these guys for at least 3 years, they can develop you know? What's wrong with having healthy competition to push yourself? I'd rather have 3 good QBs than 1 good QB who isn't being pushed for his job, how naive is that? IU just signed a 4* RB, the highest rated recruit IU has ever signed in the modern era of recruiting sites. Weren't you just bitching about RB's? IU returns all five of their OL next year and just signed OT who chose IU over MSU, Louisville, West Virgina, Virginia Tech and Pitt.
  10. 2017 Hoosiers

    Where in ATH does that mean CB. Think he'd be a hell of a slot receiver or 3rd down back out of the backfield. Why do you think the best teams are who they are? Because they have depth at every position. In this day and age in football you aren't going to survive the season with the same 11 who started it. What is their not to like about Penix? A drop back passer who was committed to UT and then chose IU over FSU? Been drinking today? For someone who criticized the QB position up until a week ago why on earth would you disagree with this signing? If UT and Florida State wanted him, I'm sure IU could use him. Let me guess your butt hurt because you're revolutionist idea of Reese Taylor returning the triple option has gone up in flames? I think you need a clue pal.
  11. 2017 Hoosiers

    Reese Taylor wasn't recruited as a QB but as an ATH. We've been over this. Wisconsin and the other big time schools recruited him as an ATH too. There aren't many 5-9 170 lbs QBs playing D1 football. Why? The best teams do it every year. Georgia will have 3 top 10 QBs in the last 3 classes on its roster next year; Eason, Fromm, and Fields. Plus I wouldn't say IU has any "blue chips" Penix is a 4 star de-commit from Tennessee with an offer from Florida State. Tronti and Ramsey were 3* that were recruited by the "blue bloods". Great pick up for IU, don't know what there isn't to like about this signing? Add him and then 4* RB Ronnie Walker who is IU's highest rated recruit of all-time and the future, especially on the offensive side of the ball is very bright.
  12. Eastern Hancock Coach

    Agreed. Was my coach at Cathedral. Wonder if he'll take a small role at Cathedral?
  13. 2017 Hoosiers

    So if he’s such a special player, what’s to stop him from being a special CB despite being 5-9? IU ran plenty of read-option with Ramsey in at QB as Ramsey was a dual-threat at Cincy Elder. That’s why IU recruited him.
  14. 2017 Hoosiers

    What are you talking about? Most DB's are 5-9-6. Last years first and second team AA CB's Adoree Jackson- USC 5-11 Jourdan Lewis-Michigan 5-10 Tre'Davious White-LSU 5-10 Minkah Fitzpatrick-Alabama 6-1. There are a lot more 5-9 CBs than there are 5-9 QBs
  15. 2017 Hoosiers

    He wasn't recruited as a QB rather as an ATH. Very good chance he plays DB or WR. There aren't many 5-9 175 lb QBs playing major college football these days.
  16. 2017 Hoosiers

    Very well could happen down the line but have an extremely tough time believing a 5-9 170 lb true freshman is going to come in and start day 1 at QB
  17. 2017 Hoosiers

    I highly doubt it. Won't beat out Peyton Ramsey and then Nick Tronti redshirted last year and was Florida's Mr. Football.
  18. 2017 Hoosiers

    It's the same personnel minus Lagow and potentially Cobbs but it is a year older. The offensive line will get better. Barring injury, Coy Cronk will start close to 50 games at LT by the time he graduates. I don't know many offensive lineman in the B10 who have started that many games that haven't played in the NFL. Morgan Ellison as a 220 lb true freshman RB showed great promise last year and finished in the top 10 in the B10 in rushing yards. Nick Westbrook (who was injured this year) went over the 1000 yard mark two years ago (in Cobbs place while he was injured) is back next year. Luke Timian and Whop Phylor (true freshman) are possession receivers and Timian was third in the B10 in catches. Ramsey was more accurate and more efficient than Lagow last year and turned the ball over less. IU's offense will be fine. This years offensive "dropoff", and I would hardly argue that as they were 5th in total offense in the B10, was due to inexperience, not lack of talent. The only question mark I have is Ramsey's arm strength but he was a freshman last year playing against some of the nations best defenses. He brings an added running dimension that was non-existent with Lagow. I would be more concerned with IU's defense than anything. IU loses 9 defensive starters that was a top 25 unit nationally. IU has definitely recruited more athletes in the last two years and I think they will be fine, just inexperienced. I fully expect 6 wins from this group next year given the schedule with winnable games against Iowa at home and Minnesota on the road.
  19. 2017 Hoosiers

    Cobbs hasn't declared yet. Ramsey was more efficient and had a better completion % than Lagow. I'll give you that Lagow has a stronger arm but he was a statue in the pocket and wasn't a threat to run. The Hoosiers offense will be much more multi-dimensional next year with Ramsey back there.
  20. 2017 Hoosiers

    IU has a better incoming class (in terms of rankings) than Purdue/Nebraska/Rutgers. IU embarrassed Rutgers last year and should be able to beat them in Piscataway and IU has Purdue and Maryland at home (games they lost on the road last year by a TD or less). IU should win all three non-conference games next year plus the 3 conference games I mentioned above. That gets us to a bowl game and IU playing in the B10 East goal every year should be making a bowl. Just not much you can do playing OSU, PSU, and Mich every year. Iowa @ home and Minnesota on the road are winnable games as well. In what world is the offense completely starting from scratch? They return all 5 offensive lineman, their top 4 RB's return (Ellison, Gest, Majette, Brookins), their top 4 receivers are scheduled to be back even Cobbs if he doesn't declare + Nick Westbrook who missed all of last year is back, and Peyton Ramsey played more snaps than Lagow last year. The only players they lose are Lagow and TE Ian Thomas with the possibility of Cobbs declaring a year early.
  21. Markese Stepp

    Ok but that's not what you originally said. You said the were small and undersized. I'm telling you it was simply inexperience. IU replaced 3 senior starters (1 AA in Feeney) and started 3 SO and 2 JR. Keep throwing things out there and hope they stick, it's what you do best.
  22. Markese Stepp

    *offensive talent. Unfortunately Sudfeld, Lattimer, Coleman, Howard, Spriggs etc didn’t get to play with a defense coached by Tom Allen. There’s 3 aspects to the game of football. Doesn’t matter how good your offense is if you can’t stop anybody. And again you’re speaking out of your a**. IU is on the cusp of a top 40 recruiting class under Allen this year with the majority of the top talent being OL and a RB. They aren’t short, undersized, and undermanned, they are simply inexperienced. When you graduate 3 seniors (1 being an AA) you’re bound to have a down year in the trenches.
  23. Markese Stepp

    I remember Coleman, Howard, and Redding running behind multiple All-American’s in Dan Feeney and Jason Spriggs. IU didn’t start a single senior on the offensive line the entire year. Morgan Ellison as a true freshman showed great promise. The three RB’s you previously mentioned weren’t nearly as highly touted as Stepp coming out of high school.
  24. Peebles to Cathedral

    Not saying it is anybody's business but if he's teaching at LC he's publicly paid employee. The scenario you just cited is completely different and irrelevant to the one at hand. Coach Peebles coaching football at Cathedral (not even in season) has no conflict of interest while teaching during the day 5 minutes down the street. Obviously in your scenario the hired a long term sub because the coach left the teaching profession which is a conflict of interest. Can't work two jobs at one time can you?
  25. Peebles to Cathedral

    I've hijacked a perfectly good thread? It was fine until your borderline libelous comment, and if you notice it wasn't just me that called you out. And this really is the pot calling the kettle black. My incessant posting? You post the same 2 threads every week just to hear yourself speak. Get off your high horse.