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  1. Congratulations to the Raiders!!! Bring the PAC home a state title!
  2. The symptoms all listed are for ALS. The symptoms for CTE are. Difficulty thinking (cognitive impairment) Impulsive behavior. Depression or apathy. Short-term memory loss. Difficulty planning and carrying out tasks (executive function) Emotional instability. Substance abuse. Suicidal thoughts or behavior.
  3. It will be very hard to get a sack on Lindauer. The kid is really quick and has an excellent pocket presence. That is one of the reasons that makes Memorial so hard to beat. You can bring your front 7 at him but he will pick you apart on bubble screens and quick slants. If you keep your linebackers back for coverage he will have well over 10 seconds to throw the ball. Danville will have to have a great defense to slow Memorial down. Not sure if they can for all 4 quarters.
  4. Alright, alright. My apologies to the Raider faithful. I certainly didn’t mean to get everyone riled up. I wish the Raiders the best of luck and will be cheering for you all.
  5. Sorry to offend you Mr. Jets. No jealousy from me at all. I am on the Raiders bus and planning on ridding it all the way to the oil can. Scecina is a very talented team but they do not do anything that the Raiders haven’t seen this year. Southridge is rolling right now and I think by the time Scecina figures out the Raiders offense it will be too late. I like the Ridge in this one. Maybe not by 4 TD but I am saying at least 2.
  6. Raiders by 4 TD's
  7. I predict a blue and white all catholic school semi state. Memorial has too many weapons to try and stop. Best of luck to the Blue and White Tigers!
  8. Congratulations Memorial. Good luck the rest of the way.
  9. The Bash 89.1 WVJC streams radio for Titan games. you can download their app.
  10. I predict that whoever wins this game wins next week also.
  11. That has not seemed to hurt your soccer programs at all.
  12. I think he was referring to actual game fields and not practice facilities.
  13. I think if we played them the week Memorial played them we could but not sure about the week Rietz played Central. In my opinion Reitz was a different team without Duhnam playing.