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  1. So, really, the "problem" as regards the overall decline statewide of Indiana HS football as you see it (and talk about interminably) IS actually a "Region" problem....yet somehow a statewide problem. Some would call that an obtuse observation as to the overall picture......even self-absorption. Some heretics might call it narrow-minded. Some might....certainly not me. Certainly not me....... They tell me that there are other parts of the State outside of the "Region".....at least, there are rumors that Indiana exists outside of the "Region"....God forbid that thought. Rumor has it that East Central HS, Evansville Memorial, Columbus East, Gibson Southern, Ft. Wayne, most all of Evansville and Central Indiana in general seem to be humming along quite swimmingly as regards HS football. They often actually block and tackle people on a football field....so I have heard. That said, I have also heard that just really, really "mean" people live in those places. I will try to forgive them. Perhaps we just need to focus on how to "fix" the "Region"....apparently....since they are the tail that wags the Indiana dog. Please tell us what we can send that way to help - coaches, new schemes, testosterone, hard-core team Moms....just let the rest of us know what ya'll need. We have them. We are all here to help....simply because we love you and support our faltering Hoosiers. Hoosiers are a loving people...we will coddle those who need coddling. Hugs for all those who need it too. We are here for you. All of us....we lose sleep every night thinking about it. Just tell us how we can help.
  2. To be honest, I think that pressure to focus on one sport comes largely from football, basketball and baseball. In the end, I think they truly compete with one another and put the pressure on kids to "choose" even though they don't share seasons. It just seems to me that many hollow statements are made about missing the days of multi-sport athletes (and the benefits of having kids play multiple sports) but, when push comes to shove, a lot of coaches don't practice what they preach. Parents fall into line because of the fear their kids will "pay" for not doing so AND because they all falsely think their kids can be a D1 players if they simply focus on that "one" sport. To an extent, I blame this on coaches for not being honest (particularly "travel" coaches, AAU etc. - but HS coaches share guilt in this). Parents share a lot of blame for their gullibility and because more than a few choose to live vicariously through their kids....along with their overblown assumption of the "specialness" (if that is a word) of their kids. I truly believe kids miss a lot of special moments by being forced into that choice. Add, that sometimes they miss discovering or growing into their "best" sport. In my own life, track paid for my college but I have just as many great memories from football and am thankful I had the chance to play both. As a middle distance runner in college, it probably would have made much more sense to run cross-country in HS but I am so happy that I played football and have never regretted it. As it turned out, it really didn't matter as to my college opportunities.
  3. I was deeply saddened to hear this. The ending of an era. Admins - perhaps not the right forum to post this. Feel free to move it.
  4. I am hoping Coach G is correct but I do share your overall concern. As to the growth of soccer and lacrosse - clearly soccer competes with football because the seasons conflict. Lacrosse, on the other hand, is a Spring sport and complements football fairly well. I know that over the last 10 years or so both Chatard and Cathedral have had kids playing both sports (and playing at an All-State level in both sports). Out East, its fairly normal for kids to play both sports. One of the additional concerns I have about football is whether coaches (in all sports) will continue to pressure kids to "pick" one sport - a long-time trend that shows no indication of changing. We like to talk about multi-sport athletes but, in reality, parents and kids are almost forced to choose "a" sport starting back in the elementary schools. As to the decline DT discusses, it would seem most of the examples he cites are found north of Central Indiana - primarily in NW Indiana (football seems alive and well in the Ft. Wayne area). Frankly, my sense is that football remains strong in Central Indiana and arguably is more popular than its ever been (even growing) in Southern Indiana. Speaking only for 3A, I think football is better overall than it has ever been. My guess is that this improvement is not somehow solely isolated to 3A.
  5. Merry Christmas

    .....and a Happy New Year!
  6. Central vs East Central

    No doubt there is some "inside" observation here...maybe it's the egg nog (whiskey laden) that results in my missing it. Perhaps one of my GS brothers can PM me to remind me of the "obvious" am missing. Regardless, Happy Holidays to St Leon (EC), Gibson Southern and ALL of Evansville!
  7. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    YES....and that is an understatement. Brookville is perhaps the most oddly insular community I have ever seen (and I grew up there) - outsiders need not apply. They don't even like people from other parts of the county. I was afraid that Kennedy would be fighting an uphill battle from the beginning regardless of his style. I had hoped he could change things there - but then, I still believe in Santa Claus. Strange little town.... East Central would totally "get" him if he were on staff there, btw. East Central is pretty much "Lowell South" (or Lowell is "East Central North") from what I can tell. Bummer to hear this. Edit - btw, he did manage to get his team to battle EC up through the 4th Quarter this year.
  8. One of the most "d!ckish" comments I have ever seen here...and I've qualified for some of them. BD93's comments as to Ralph were respectful and sensible. You're the guy who appears to wish career suicide on Ralph. If and when he moves, it sure as h@ll won't be to Tech. What IS your deal about Tech (aside from wishing career suicide on Ralph)? Tech had a pretty decent team 4-5 years ago (after funneling everybody there for football) and still couldn't beat a high end 3A team when Tech was at their apex. Tech is never going to be in the MIC unless it somehow implodes...nor should it be. Wishful thinking at best...delusion at worst. Seriously, Wimmer going from Greenwood to Fishers is somehow surprising, challenging, etc. etc. What coach with half a brain wouldn't jump all over that opportunity? Just a common sense move. Did the legislature legalize hard drugs north of Indianapolis and not tell the rest of us? Do you actually think about half the stuff you put on here?
  9. Got some really sensitive folks here. Southridge won - since they came out of the South I was cheering for them. I was and still am happy for them. BTW (not that he needs me to speak up for him), Irishman is one of the most standup guys here - think we all need to chill a bit.
  10. Wow, didn't realize it was the Mental Attitude award winner... I thought it was a very smooth weekend overall as well.
  11. I am willing to go against the odds and take the bet that the ping - pong" balls somehow find themselves with a Cathedral/Roncalli game in Round 1 of Sectional, though. Called it this year...usually easy money to make that bet.
  12. The mutual PF was a "tough" call...there might have been a few others. That one stood out...someone (from Brebeuf) might well have been ejected if they got that right. The 3A game kind of stood out to me and I thought of it immediately when I saw this thread. I thought it was a little "rough" as regards the officiating. That said, the best team won...perhaps not as easily. Takes something special to be a referee. They are truly rare people. Honestly, though...one of the calls I had the greatest objection to in the playoffs took place the week prior. One of the East Central players was ejected for a "targeting" call in Semistate -which wasn't even close to that. He couldn't play in the State Championship because of that. Again, I am sympathetic to those refereering the game...but it just seems to me you have to be 100% sure before you deny a kid the next game - particularly a State Championship game.
  13. Actually, Coach Streiff's last gig coaching, after he left North Central, (before he went back to Cathedral) was coaching the 4th grade team at St. Matthews. Since there are currently 3 NFL lineman (one a 3...maybe 4 time All-Pro) from the 2004-7 Cadet classes maybe someone needs to reach out to St. Matt's (and yet they NEVER won city during that time....lest you folks misunderstand just how tough CYO football can be). Actually CYOGuru knows...he's won a couple or so.
  14. My personal opinion is that much of the rise of Indiana HS football can be tied to the overarching influence of Peyton Manning...you guys up North and South can feel free to disagree but his influence in Central Indiana (accordant with the Colts success) was seminal in my opinion to the growth in popularity v. Basketball. Frankly, my opinion is that he provided a launching pad. How we stay in orbit is another question.