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  1. The obvious choice would appear to be Memorial but Brebeuf is simply not the same team I saw earlier this year. It was a team laden with expectations preseason that seemed to be disappointing. Not the first time. After they lost to Ritter (a really good team), I was ready to put a fork in them. They played close to Culver BUT I really didn't realize, at that time, that Culver was legit (I didn't realize they were now 4A as well). Brebeuf really got my attention those last 2 games of the regular season. Frankly, when they beat West Lafayette (who I thought might be this year's Concordia), I realized all bets were off. I don't know how this goes down Friday. I think Memorial (particularly in LOS) is the favorite but anything could happen Friday.
  2. Lowell vs East Central!

    You beat me to that observation. I was typing it just as the first of family showed up for Thanksgiving. I don't know why the kids from St. Leon get no respect - it's not as if they haven't been knocking on the door the last 3 years. Edit - I think both of these schools are more alike than they might know. I'm a fan of both. Admittedly, I would like to see the EC kids from where I grew up win but I have a ton of respect for both. They were both my hopeful picks to show up at LOS.
  3. No doubt he along with the success factor accounted for the 2016 election results as well. I'm sure we will all be reading Cox's "The Prince II" in 50 years.
  4. Yes it is technically agnostic but it came about as an alternate "solution" for the success that P&Ps were having. Frankly, I've always looked at it as a "safety valve" versus more radical (even drastic) visions - separate tournaments, multipliers, single class bumps (which I have always said I am "good" with), etc. I have always philosophically opposed it but have, frankly, liked the result (just because I don't like how we get somewhere doesn't mean I am unhappy we arrived). It was not what the IFCA proposed but it has been tweaked in a positive way since it was initiated. But, to be clear, there would be no success factor but for the success the P&Ps were having.
  5. I've heard there is a coach up the street in North Central that has some experience.
  6. Jaylon. Good question about Franklin County - pretty certain they were equivalent to current "4A' today (as they are now).
  7. Outside of 4A what class has really been affected as regards P&Ps? 1A-3A have the same teams. Frankly, 5A is simply the old 4A. Cathedral and Roncalli play in the first round of Sectional. The winner plays Columbus East (occasionally East Central or Reitz who remain in 4A). The winner of that game usually wins State. Columbus East was the better team this year and should win. The story would have been the same if they all were still in 4A. At this point, if P&Ps aren't winning it has nothing to do with the success factor. They simply are getting beat by better teams. If people want to magically attribute that to the success factor then you are simply disrespecting the quality of teams like Columbus East and Pioneer.
  8. Smith is the smallest sized school player to win.
  9. Since I haven't seen a topic started
  10. SemiState Scores

    Someone needs to give that news to the Jesuits, though.
  11. SemiState Scores

    Catholics v. Jesuits in 3A? Think there is a difference, but then I'm a Baptist. I just refuse to dance. Edit - our Baptist Church didn't permit dancing back in the day...for any confused. Please, no one ever ask me to understand the whole Catholic/Jesuit thing.
  12. SemiState Scores

    This bad boy looks over. Wish I could have seen the video. Seems to have gone all crazy since I Iost video.
  13. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Do I have to go all Rodney King on you guys or what?
  14. SemiState Scores

    My wife is pecking on my shoulder to go out to dinner......told her she just has to wait.
  15. SemiState Scores

    Memorial scored again? Seeing it elsewhere. 21-7
  16. SemiState Scores

    Lost the game entirely online.
  17. SemiState Scores

    Crap....my visual feed has gone. Is it just me but doesn't it seem like Danville has done most everything right but is trailing? No disrespect to Memorial...just a strange game.
  18. SemiState Scores

    Maybe the most bizarre TD play I have ever seen at Danville.
  19. Lowell vs East Central!

    Yeah...8-9 houses. A Catholic church. Might be a bar or so in there. I chuckle every time I drive through given what they have accomplished over the years. My 9th grade hoops coach is the Principal there. Coach Simonson - always going to be "Coach" to me. Big influence in my life.
  20. Lowell vs East Central!

    To get some idea about East Central, I'd challenge anyone out there to check Google Earth as regards St. Leon, Indiana. That picture alone makes me a fan.
  21. If someone told me in January that Vegas was taking money to pick the Indiana 5A HS Championship pairing (which they weren't), my guess is that if I had picked this pairing, a $1.00 investment would have yielded $1,000,000.00. $999,999.99 of it being attributed to Kokomo being in the State Final. Outside of the kids and coaches at Kokomo, NOBODY saw this coming. I just can't give enough kudos to Kokomo for being at LOS. Regardless of the outcome next week, this is why we have to love our kids and coaches folks....they can be simply amazing. Congrats to Kokomo. I never ever, ever saw this coming. Incredible story.
  22. Lowell vs East Central!

    Yeah....I thought that was an unfortunate call last night. Didn't realize he was ejected (to be clear...was he ejected?). Physical game with lots of hitting so I get how the crew might have called it wrong. The officials here could tell us....no doubt it's likely unreviewable.