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  1. Most usually. Hopefully I am not offending you personally.
  2. Yeah...that is basically what I said. I just deferred from the word "stupid". We all know where "Stupid" starts or ends up.....poor as a church mouse. Are you somehow constitutionally disposed to be disagreeable with me for disagreements sake?
  3. Not a gambler. Never bought a lotto. Many years ago, I represented both of the lobbyists (both, likely, retired or dead...its been 25+ years...I was just a kid then) representing the out of state companies who were bidding for the Indiana lotto in finding them locations (should they be chosen). Everything I had read was that the State Lotto was basically a tax on the poor...pretty much evidenced to me to this day when standing in line at the Village Pantry. Ironically, both of those lobbyists were hardcore Democrats (they controlled the appropriate State bodies at the time) and were friends of the poor and downtrodden...excepting when they could make 7 figures to represent the winning State Lotto company profiting on the backs of the poor and downtrodden (Hey, we all have a price, I guess....I think mine was about $8,500 on that deal...which we won). That said, having been involved in the great State money grab and the political hypocrisy, I just don't gamble. Even so, somebody wants to pay me to represent any form of legal gambling, sign me up...I will take the money...like I did years ago. There is a fool born every minute. Doesn't matter much to me whether they are rich or poor.
  4. Consider me "awokened" by this subject....never, ever, EVER, saw Muda post this subject before. Everybody knows I am the most "AWOKE" person on the GID...many here will vouch for me.
  5. i had brain a hemorrhage playing my kids in video games one night....still standing. Next day, drove them to school singing Marty Robbin's "Big Iron" Does that count? Edit...think I had a kidney stone too. Video games are just terrible.
  6. It was either Little Jimmie Dickens or Hank Snow who used to do some deejaying in Indy back some years ago. I'd prefer to talk about Midwest Racin' legends like Dick Trickle and Bob Senneker but, if you insist, we could change the subject of this thread and go into Little Jimmie Dickens. Talented man....just little.
  7. Was there a guy named Danny Day who used to race there? Day used to show up occasionally at Whitewater Valley Speedway (Fayette County....yes, IO, I crossed county lines on occasion...other than taking minors over State lines....Heck....I was a minor too back in the day). This is a racing page? Right?
  8. Yep. I'm planning on not eating or breathing........because it's safer.
  9. YES!!!! Helluva racer!!! Thanks for remembering for me, btw. "American Dream" bro'. Nobody bled out like Dusty. I am modeling my body in testament these days...and my forehead. Sadly...probably my kidneys too.
  10. Sorry man. Just not into that whole Cirque de "whatever" Frenchie types swinging from trapeze. Took a pass in Vegas.
  11. I'm dizzy when I get out of bed. One of the best short track dirt guys in the Midwest later owned that track. But for my "monkey bars" addled brain I would remember his name.....he was a helluva racer, though.
  12. Left turns only. Sometimes I will watch those commie events where they turn right.
  13. Actuallly "monkey bars" and "tag" in elementary school gave me more concussions than I ever had playing football. Maybe the best concussion I ever had was when Bobby Curry line-drived my forehead when I was pitching. Took me a couple of days to remember my name. Bobby was a mensch. Black Belt State Trooper who killed an active shooter in self defense later...after Bobby was already wounded by the dude......might have put him down hand to hand...can't remember (Thanks Bobby....long term memory being somewhat faulty.....along with the tinnitus). Great American. Nailed me right in the forehead with that line drive. Left an impression. Straightened up my thinking ever since, though. Give me your schedule!! Seriously thinking about going to the Truck Race at Eldora. Bear in mind, I was there for the Second World 100 (the late Floyd Gilbert...sadly). Also thinking about going to Bristol....these days I am making bucket lists.
  14. Guess that explains why my kids are knuckleheads.
  15. This has the start of a very enjoyable season. I am wallowing in all of the love.
  16. I don't know how this ultimately shakes out and I certainly am in no position to judge. That said, what Center Grove has been able to do under Moore is truly "herculean" (to steal your words). It really is quite unbelievable to me what this school does year in and out. Could not agree with you more. Also agree with Gamecock in that they have used some brains to get there using the Wing-T. Not to say they haven't had some "brawn" as well...they have had some dynamic players as well.
  17. .........and I thought I might stir the pot with my earlier comments (though they were honestly held thoughts). Loves me some Trojans, though.
  18. There "was" a place I visited once....maybe (just once..of course) back in the day (not that terribly long ago....bear in mind...I am ancient) that seems to bear the same geography. Of course, the nice ladies there were fine upstanding citizens. No doubt attended the late Billy Graham Tent Revivals in their day. It seemed a bit more polite than I expected (having some passing aquantince with Newport, KY before it was civilized)....but are we talking the same lingo? I am all about Revivals.
  19. EC has a program like a lot of "powers" do. No doubt here are a lot of in-house guys who could continue the success of the program. That said, I am, admittedly a Kennedy fan. He was WAAAAAAY better than Franklin County (Brookville) ever .deserved. Stink...just where is "Concepts"? I am due for a road trip....and deserving. Maybe I can convince Impartial Observer to go along with me.
  20. Some 15 years ago, I buried my Dad in Brookville. I hung around town for some hours afterwards...reluctant to leave. As it turned out, I ended up at a football practice in the rain for grade school kids...it seemed fitting. I, frankly, marveled at the size and speed of many of those kids. My oldest kid was of the same age but these kids simply seemed a lot bigger....maybe as fast. In the end (today) my son's CYO team (18-20 kids...a lot less overall numbers versus what I saw that day at Brookville) generated 2 NFL players, 3-4 D1 kids. at least 1 All-American (lacrosse) and 5-6 All-State football players.(Cathedral and Chatard). Bummed me out that Brookville (Franklin County) couldn't even end up with a winning conference record with those kids.
  21. EC is literally Lowell "South".
  22. Errr...was I too harsh as regards Franklin County (Brookville)? Nope. Some things never change.
  23. Don't post as often as I used to...plus..its out of season but I wish Coach Roden the best. Outside of my kids having played for Chatard, I am a Southeast Indiana guy. I revel in EC showing up and kicking some backsides (and Lawrenceburg as often as not) - that part of the State gets NO (NADA) respect. Also my intention is to ramble and...okay...pontificate a bit. Firstly (not sure that is a word) my beloved Chatard played Noblesville a couple of years straight quite recently and won both years. Yes, I saw some prior post regarding Noblesville playing Carmel and Cathedral as just insurmountable foes outside of conference...but they NEVER beat little ole' 3A Chatard. Just wanted to point that out as you guys take a knee and praise hosseana's (sp?) to those schools (particularly Cathedral...what is it with some of you guys here?)....which you all most always do. As I meander, East Central never beat Chatard the last 2 years....which tells me just how tough 3A was last year (Chatard won somewhat handily over EC the last game of the regular season last year despite being a clear "also run:" in 3A). Though I don't like to get into these discussions, 3A was MUCH better than 4A last year. And.....for the record....the 3A State Championship was won when Memorial beat Gibson Southern last year. Ironically, Gibson Southern seems to be the test everyone has to cross.to win State. Sometime soon, I hope they get their their Blue Rings. Let's talk about EC going forward (don't care much about Noblesville one way or the other). I am sure there are other coaches ready to step up at EC but has anyone considered Kirk Kennedy? Yes, I know he was likely forced out by the pantywaists at Brookville (they don't like anybody outside of Brookville....generally HATE everybody outside of the town limits....including kids....but hey....they hired in town again..they are no doubt ecstatic about that). Brookville being irrelevant (as they always are excepting people who unfortunately live there), has East Central reached out at all to Kennedy? Clearly, he was too tough for the marshmallows at Brookville (I heard they left the team in droves) he would seem the perfect match at EC (tough kids). By the way...just how ironic would it be for Kennedy to be coaching against Lowell in a State game? EC and Kennedy seems to be a perfect match. Edit...I saw somewhere where my old Coach Kim Simonson was either the new principal or Superintendant at EC- if he is either can he reach out to Kennedy?
  24. "I pity the fool!"